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Ph.D Theses

DepartmentAerospace Engineering
Department Web Site aerospace.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Ognev Valentin Aviv Rosen2019 Abstracts  Development of Aerodynamic Models for a Wind Turbine Rotor
 2 Shtark Tomer Pinchas Gurfil2019 Abstracts  Regional Positioning Using a Low Earth Orbit Satellite@Constellation
 3 Gov Favel Mordechay Karpel2019 Abstracts  Dynamic Response to Gust Excitation of Air Vehicles@with Very Flexible Wings
 4 Tsalik Ronny Tal Shima2019 Abstracts  Optimal Guidance and Control for Imposing Impact Angle and@Time
 5 Moshkovich Yahav Yeshayahou Levy

Eran Sher
2019 Abstracts  Study of Liquid Atomization by Homogeneous Flash@Boiling Mechanism
 6 Julius Shimon Eliahu Beni Cukurel2019 Abstracts  Conduction and Forced Convection under Periodic Forcing@Conditions
 7 Roizner Federico Mordechay Karpel2019 Abstracts  Aeroservoelastic Stability Analysis using Response-Based@Parametric Flutter Margins
 8 Komornik Sardas Daniel Alon Gany2019 Abstracts  Study of a Ducted Rocket with a Hybrid Gas Generator
 9 Sahoo Devabrata Jacob Cohen2019 Abstracts  Unsteady Supersonic Flow Over Spiked Blunt Body
 10 Solomon Yair Benveniste Natan2019 Abstracts  Combustion of Boron Based Pyrotechnic Compounds
 11 Li Jian Itzchak Frankel

Stephan Rudykh
2019 Abstracts  Instabilities and Elastic Waves in Microstructured Soft@Composites
 12 Weidenfeld Michael Avshalom Manela

Eran Arad
2018 Abstracts  Approaches for the Monitoring of Airfoil Aerodynamic@Noise
 13 Tiomkin Sonya Daniella Raveh2018 Abstracts  Membrane Wing Gust Response
 14 Friedman Aaron Joseph Yaakov Oshman

Jacob Cohen
2018 Abstracts  Reduced System Order and Sensing/Actuation Resolution for@Estimation and Control of Transition to Turbulence
 15 Galich Pavel Itzchak Frankel

Stephan Rudykh
2018 Abstracts  Manipulating Elastic Wave Propagation in Non-Linear Flexible@Materials via External Stimuli
 16 Weisbrod Gil Yoseph Ben-Asher

Ehud Kroll
2018 Abstracts  A Prescriptive Model of the Conceptual Engineering Design@Process based on Parameter Analysis and C-K Theory
 17 Kats Gershon Jerrold Greenberg2017 Abstracts  Investigation of Flame Ignition in Fuel Spray Systems
 18 Karp Michael Jacob Cohen2017 Abstracts  Transition to Turbulence in Wall-Bounded Shear Flows
 19 Kutikov Daniel Yeshayahou Levy2017 Abstracts  Enhancement of Internal Heat Transfer in Low NOx Gas@Turbine Combustion
 20 Elitzur Shani Alon Gany

Valery Rozenband
 Investigation of Aluminum-Water Reaction for Hydrogen@Production and Energy Storage
 21 Gluzman Igal Jacob Cohen

Yaakov Oshman
2017 Abstracts  Disturbance Identification in Boundary Layer Flow via@Blind Source Separation
 22 Weinberg Noam Jerrold Greenberg2017 Abstracts  Theoretical Investigation of Jet Spray Flames
 23 Hayoun Shmuel Yonatan Tal Shima2017 Abstracts  Cooperative Strategies and Capture Zones in Multi-Player@Pursuit-Evasion Games
 24 Laterza Matteo Mauricio Guelman2017 Abstracts  Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Camila@Hall Thruster Plume
 25 Levy Maital Shaul Gutman

Tal Shima
2017 Abstracts  Full-State Autopilot and Guidance for Multi-Input@Multi-Output Missile Engagements
 26 Lidor Alon Eran Sher

Daniel Weihs
2017 Abstracts  Theoretical Study of the 3-Branched Explosion Limits of a@Flammable System
 27 Mor Yoash Alon Gany2017 Abstracts  Investigation of Mechanisms for Containment and Combustion@of Liquid Oxidizer in Solid Propellant
 28 Dagan Yuval Yoram Tambour

Eran Arad
2016 Abstracts  Numerical Investigation of Flame Structure and@Stability in Gaseous and Liquid Fuel Turbulent@Combustion
 29 Kishilev Evgenia Golda Alon Gany2016 Abstracts  Investigation of Nano-Porous Silicon Based Energetic@Materials
 30 Nadler Zvi Gil Iosilevskii

Rimon Arieli
2016 Abstracts  Effects of Low-Profile Vortex Generators on a Turbulent@Boundary Layer
 31 Ben-Yaacov Ohad Pinchas Gurfil2016 Abstracts  Long Term Satellite Cluster Flight Using Differential@Drag
 32 Levy Moti Eran Sher

Yeshayahou Levy
2016 Abstracts  Spray Formation by Homogeneous Flash Boiling
 33 Sharma Akiva Marc Yeshayahou Levy2016 Abstracts  Investigation of H2O-Vitiated Combustion in a@Low-Equivalence Turbo-Jet Combustor
 34 Michaels Dan Alon Gany2015 Abstracts Theses Interior Ballistics of a Combustion Chamber Discharging a@Condensed Mass
 35 Rokita Tomer Jerrold Greenberg

Rimon Arieli

Yuval Levy
2015 Abstracts Theses Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Subsonic@Flow Field inside and near a Weapons Bay
 36 Sreekanth Ravindran Yeshayahou Levy

Jerrold Greenberg
2014 Abstracts Theses Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flame Wall-Interactions
 37 Wasserman Mark Jerrold Greenberg

Yair Moryossef
2014 Abstracts Theses Multigrid Acceleration of Turbulent Reacting Flow@Simulations
 38 Iovnovich Michael Daniella Raveh2014 Abstracts Theses A Study of the Shock-Buffet Phenomenon and Related@Unsteady Aerodynamics on 2D and 3D Wings
 39 Cohen Tal David Durban2014 Abstracts Theses Cavitation and Shocks in Porous Plasticity
 40 Enciu Jacob Aviv Rosen2014 Abstracts Theses Stability and Handling Qualities of a Helicopter Carrying@a Slung Load
 41 Mazal Leonel Pinchas Gurfil2013 Abstracts Theses Reconfigurable Orbit Design and Hierarchical Control for@Fractionated Spacecraft
 42 Saraf Shimon Alon Gany2013 Abstracts Theses Parametric Investigation of Aluminized Solid Fuel@Combustion in Ramjets and Scramjets
 43 Dobrovinsky Maya Yoseph Ben-Asher2013 Abstracts Theses Cruise Flight Throttle Optimization by Neuro-Dynamic@Programming
 44 Potyagailo Svetlana Omri Rand

Yaron Kanza
2013 Abstracts Theses Planning and Operational Algorithms for Autonomous@Helicopters
 45 Gofer Aviad Alon Gany2013 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Performance and Basic Phenomena in Air@Augmented Waterjet Propulsion
 46 Yavor Yinon Alon Gany2012 Abstracts Theses Characterization and Improvement of Aluminum Combustion@in Solid Propellants
 47 Kronhaus Igal Benveniste Natan

Mauricio Guelman

Alexander Kapulkin
2012 Abstracts Theses Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Physical@Processes in a Co-Axial Magneto-Isolated@Longitudinal Anode Hall Thruster
 48 Rahimi Shai Daniel Weihs2012 Abstracts Theses Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Magneto-@Rheological Droplet Impact on a Rigid@Surface
 49 Sigal Erez Yoseph Ben-Asher2012 Abstracts Theses Sub-Optimal Solution to a Non-Linear Missile Guidance@Problem
 50 Segal Shai Pinchas Gurfil

Avishy Carmi
2012 Abstracts Theses Vision-Based Control of Relative Spacecraft Attitude@Dynamics
 51 Weinstein Alexandra Alon Gany2012 Abstracts Theses Parametric Investigation of a Hybrid Motor Using a Paraffin-@Based Fuel
 52 Hollander Yaniv David Durban

Yoram Lanir
2011 Abstracts Theses Morphology Based Constitutive Model for the Coronary Media
 53 Shaferman Vitaly Tal Shima2011 Abstracts Theses Cooperative Tracking and Guidance for Autonomous Aerial@Vehicles
 54 Indelman Vadim Pinchas Gurfil

Ehud Rivlin

Hector Rotstein
2011 Abstracts Theses Navigation Performance Enhancement Using Online Mosaicking
 55 Stepura Gelena Alon Gany

Valery Rozenband
2011 Abstracts Theses Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Metal Hydride@Combustion
 56 Gat Amir Itzchak Frankel

Daniel Weihs
2010 Abstracts Theses Flow in Shallow Micro-Channels
 57 Elimelech Yossef Gil Iosilevskii

Rimon Arieli
2010 Abstracts Theses Flow Field about Airfoils at Reynolds Numbers between@5000 and 50000
 58 Chernov Victor Benveniste Natan2010 Abstracts Theses Rheological Properties of Metalized Gel Fuels
 59 Philip Jimmy Jacob Cohen2009 Abstracts Theses The Relationship between Streaks and Hairpin Vortices in@Subcritical Wall Bounded Shear Flows
 60 Kartvelishvili Liana Yeshayahou Levy

Hanna Garzozi
2009 Abstracts Theses Development of Optical Method for The Measurement of Blood@Flow in Pre-Capillary Tubes
 61 Cohen-Zur Abraham Alon Gany

Amnon Fruchtman
2008 Abstracts Theses Theoretical Study of the Hall Thruster and its@Operating Characteristics
 62 Dvorjetski Ariel Jerrold Greenberg2008 Abstracts Theses A Theoretical Investigation of the Behaviour of Counterflow@Spray Diffusion Flames
 63 Revivo Michael Omri Rand2008 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Soft Composite Structures
 64 Pelosi Avishag Alon Gany2008 Abstracts Theses Solid Propellant Enhancement by Liquid Oxidizer Addition
 65 Tahan Meir Yoseph Ben-Asher2008 Abstracts Theses Modeling and Analyses of Engineering Systems Integration
 66 Braun Benyamin Orit Jacob Cohen

Nitzan Resnick
2008 Abstracts Theses Initiation of Atherosclerosis - Correlating near Wall@Flow Patterns with Endothelial Activation Markers
 67 Shaviv Ilan Yaakov Oshman2008 Abstracts Theses A Stochastic Approach to Fusion of Estimation and Guidance
 68 Carmi Avishy Yaakov Oshman2008 Abstracts  Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Spacecraft Attitude@and Angular Rate Estimation from Vector@Observations
 69 Rabinovich Daniel Dan Givoli

Shmuel Vigdergauz
2008 Abstracts Theses Identification of Defects by Genetic Optimization Schemes
 70 Masri Rami David Durban2008 Abstracts Theses Cavity Expansion in an Elastoplastic Medium -@Theory and Applications
 71 Moryossef Yair Dan Givoli

Yuval Levy
2007 Abstracts Theses Unconditionally Positive Implicit Method for Two-Equation@Turbulence Models
 72 Fastovsky Dina Jacob Cohen2007 Abstracts Theses Experimental Study of Vortex Breakdown and its Control@in Swirling Flow
 73 Rubin Binyamin Mauricio Guelman2007 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Numerical Experimentation of Onboard Diagnostic@Systems for Hall Thrusters
 74 Gur Ohad Aviv Rosen2007 Abstracts Theses Propeller Optimization while Considering the Air-Vehicle@Characteristics
 75 Chen Yuheng Israel Schechter

Josef Stricker

Liviu Singher
2007 Abstracts Theses Dynamic and Kinetic Study of Laser-Induced Aerosol by@Spectrometric Methods
 76 Pisarevsky Dmitry Mauricio Guelman

Alexander Kogan
2007 Abstracts Theses Design of Low-Thurst Gravity-Assist Inter-Planetary@Trajectories
 77 Edery-Azulay Lucy Haim Abramovich2007 Abstracts Theses Integrity of Piezoelectric Patched Smart Structures
 78 Ben-Dov Guy Jacob Cohen2007 Abstracts Theses Optimal Disturbances and Secondary Instabilities in@Shear Flows
 79 Manela Avshalom Itzchak Frankel2006 Abstracts  Stability of Rarefied Gas Flows
 80 Grebshtein Michael Omri Rand2006 Abstracts  Analytical Formulation and Solutions of Anisotropic@Non-Homogeneous Beams
 81 Davidi Gal Daniel Weihs

David Durban
2006 Abstracts  Plastic Forming Processes of Composite Materials
 82 Zakharin Boris Josef Stricker2005 Abstracts  Schlieren Systems Analysis for Investigation of Aero-@Optical Effects in Refractive Turbulent Flows
 83 Rapoport Ilia Yaakov Oshman2005 Abstracts  Optimal Filtering in the Presence of Faults: Algorithms@and performance Measures
 84 Shapira Ilana Yoseph Ben-Asher2005 Abstracts  Approximated Analytical Solution for Optimal Range Glide
 85 Svizher Alexander Jacob Cohen2005 Abstracts  Experimental Study of the Evolution of the Coherent@Structures in Wall Bounded Shear Flows Using HPIV
 86 Golovanevsky Boris Yeshayahou Levy2004 Abstracts  Interaction between Two Oscillating Streams in a Reactive@System
 87 Suponitsky Victoria Jacob Cohen

Pinhas Bar-Yoseph
2004 Abstracts  The Generation of Streaks and Hairpin Vortices from a@Localized Vortex Disturbance Embedded in@Unbounded Uniform Shear Flow
 88 Choukroun Daniel Yaakov Oshman

Haim Weiss

Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased)
2003 Abstracts  Novel Methods for Attitude Determination Using Vector@Observations
 89 Yusupov Mor Marat Alon Gany

Jerrold Greenberg
2003 Abstracts  Analysis and Solutions for Two-Phase Bubbly Nozzle Flow@and Their Application in Underwater Jet Propulsion
 90 Pevsner Pavel Tanchum Weller

Avraham Berkovits
2002 Abstracts  Damage Detection in Composites Using High Frequency Range@Vibration and Embedded Optic Fibers
 91 Arfi Patrick Yeshayahou Levy2002 Abstracts  Reduction of NOx Emissions from Gas Turbines Using Internal@Exhaust Gas Recirculation
 92 Alkahe Jonathan Omri Rand

Yaakov Oshman
2002 Abstracts  Helicopter Faults - Simulation, Detection and Identification
 93 Schneebaum Yaron Alon Gany2001 Abstracts  Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Barrel Steel@Erosion Mechanics in Hot Reactive Flows
 94 Shima Tal Josef Shinar (Deceased)2001 Abstracts  End-Game Guidance against a Highly Maneuvering Target
 95 Sella Zeev Jerrold Greenberg

Yehuda Stavsky (Deceased)
 Edge Effects in Axisymmetrically Loaded Composite Laminated@Shells of Revolution
 96 Gurfil Pinchas Mauricio Guelman

Mario Jodorkovsky
 Finite Time Stability of Proportional Navigation Guidance@Systems and Its Applications to the Design of Zero@Miss Distance Guidance
 97 Rivkin Leonid Dan Givoli2000
 Solution of Thermoviscoelastic Problems with Moving@Boundaries by Finite Elements Method
 98 Cohen Kelly Tanchum Weller

Yoseph Ben-Asher
 Active and Passive Control of Flexible Structures
 99 Shaviv Guy Arthur Grunwald1999
 Advanced Perspective Display Formats for Air Traffic Control
 100 Raveh Daniella Mordechay Karpel1999
 Integrated Aero-Structural Design of Maneuvering Flexible@Flight Vehicles
 101 Pletner Baruch Moshe Idan

Tanchum Weller
 Active Control of Sound Radiated by Vibrating Thin-Walled@Structural Elements
 102 Zilberman Gady Josef Shinar (Deceased)

Mauricio Guelman
 Solution of a Multi-Stage Game with Asymmetrical@Information Pattern for Application in@Pursuit-Evasion Problems
 103 Fisher Nahman David Durban1998
 Incremental Elastoplastic Response of Loaded Structures
 104 Chaimovitz Menachem Aviv Rosen1998
 The Influence of a Detailed Coupling Between the Rotor@And the Fuselage on Helicopter Flight Mechanics
 105 Wang Xiaojian Eliezer Spiegler

Yacov Timnat (Deceased)
 Optimal Design of Superdetonative Ram Accelerators for@Hypersonic Velocities
 106 Barkai Shirley-Miriam Omri Rand1997
 Stability and Response of a Rotor-Wing System@With Elastically Coupled Blades
 107 Ben-Arosh Rachel Alon Gany

Benveniste Natan

Eliezer Spiegler
 Theoretical Investigation of Supersonic Combustion@Of Solid Fuel in a Ramjet Engine
 108 Puyesky Igal Itzchak Frankel1997
 Unsteady Shear Flows of Suspensions
 109 Avital Gavriel Josef Rom (Deceased)

Jerrold Greenberg
 Interaction Between Detonation Waves and Shock Waves in@Hypersonic Flow of Detonative Mixtures
 110 Ehrenwald Liron Mauricio Guelman1997
 Integrated Adaptive Control for Space Robotic Systems
 111 Shusser Michael Daniel Weihs1997
 Theoretical Investigation of the Process of Explosive@Boiling in Droplets
 112 Raitses Yvgeny Mauricio Guelman

Joseph Ashkenazy
 Investigations of the Hall Thruster and Its Use for@Satellite Drag Compensation
 113 Lubarsky Evgeny Yeshayahou Levy1997
 Suppression of Oscillations in Liquid Spray Combustors
 114 Kalma Avinoam Jerrold Greenberg1997
 A Numerical Investigation of Aspects of Laminar@Spray Flame Propagation
 115 Raz Reuben Aviv Rosen1996
 Dynamics and Stabilization of a Slung Load@Carried by Two Helicopters
 116 Lipman Yeshaya Yaakov Oshman

Josef Shinar (Deceased)
 Analysis of Anti Missile Defense Scenarios by@Using a Linear Model
 117 Karp Baruch-Boris David Durban1996
 On Saint-Venant Principle in Elastostatics@And Elastodynamics
 118 Miller Scott Haim Abramovich

Yaakov Oshman
 Distributed Modal Control of Piezolaminated Anisotropic@Planar and Cylindrical Structures
 119 Hadar Ilan Yacov Timnat (Deceased)

Alon Gany
 Investigation of Droplet Combustion at Sub- and@Supercritical Conditions
 120 Doockhovny Ilja Dan Givoli1995
 Solution of Large Deformation Contact Problems of Beams by@The Finite Element Method
 121 Edelshtein Evgeny Aviv Rosen1995
 Dynamics of a System of Rods
 122 Arad Eran Micha Wolfshtein1995
 A Two-Scale Turbulence Model for Flow Near Walls
 123 Isser Aharon Aviv Rosen1995
 The Influence of Variations in the Locations of the Blades@of a Hovering Helicopter on the Aerodynamic Loads@Developed during Perturbations about@Axial Flight
 124 Libo Ilan Alon Gany1994
 Ignition of Particles with Internal Heat Sources
 125 Anidjar Fortunato Yoram Tambour

Jerrold Greenberg
 Dynamics of Polydisperse (Multisize) Fuel Sprays@In Multicomponent Reactive Flows
 126 Roshu Cornel David Durban

Avraham Berkovits
 On Some Axially Symmetric Problems with Plastic Orthotropy
 127 Seter Dan Aviv Rosen1994
 Autorotation of Systems of Bodies that Include Rotary-Wings
 128 Amitay Michael Jacob Cohen

Arnan Seginer (Deceased)
 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Stability@Of a Laminar Two-Dimensional Wall-Jet
 129 Sarig Nimrod Jerrold Greenberg1994
 Multiple Flames in Counterflow Spray Combustion
 130 Libis Natan ?1993
 Investigation of Processes in Double Chamber
 131 Katz David Shaul Gutman1993
 Guaranteed Cost Finite Time Guidanle for Pursuit
 132 Sela Naftali Aviv Rosen1993
 Influence of Hub Flexibility and Rotor Speed Variations
 133 Sabag Mattitihu Aviv Rosen

Dan Givoli
 Structural Behavior of a System of Straight Rods in Series
 134 Levitas Josef Josef Singer (Deceased)

Tanchum Weller
 Cell-to-Cell Mapping and Its Application to Structural
 135 Silverman Ido Jerrold Greenberg

Yoram Tambour
 Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Spray Flames
 136 Waldmann Jacques Shmuel Merhav (Deceased)

Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased)
 Reconstruction of Terrain Features from Sequences of 2-D Ima
 137 Albagli David Alon Gany1992
 A Study of High Speed Bubbly Flows in Vnderwater Jet Propuls
 138 Ore Emanuel David Durban1990
 139 Goshen-Meskin Drora Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased)1990
 Control Theoretic Approach to Inertial Navigation Systems
 140 Bashan Ephraim Shmuel Merhav (Deceased)1990
 Aircraft State Estimation for Navigation and Control
 141 Graber Avinoam Aviv Rosen

Arnan Seginer (Deceased)
 142 Rusak Zvi Arnan Seginer (Deceased)1989
 143 Iosilevskii Genady Aviv Rosen1989
 144 Laredo David Yeshayahou Levy1988

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