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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentAgricultural Engineering
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No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Yaron Greenhut Gutman Per-Olof2009 Abstracts Theses Sensor Fusion of GPS with Omnidirectional Image Registration@for Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking
 2 Clara Shenderey Shmulevich Itzhak

Ze'ev Schmilovich
2008 Abstracts Theses Diagnosis of Fruit-Core-Seed Disease Using NIR Spectroscopy
 3 Inbal Avraham Lahav Ori2007 Abstracts Theses Development of a General Method for@Calculation and Allocation of River Strips for a@Spatial Drainage System
 4 Ilan Selig Shmulevich Itzhak2007 Abstracts Theses Steering Control and Stability Prediction of Off-road@Wheeled Vehicle
 5 Bosmat Segal Carmel Yohay2007 Abstracts Theses Ecological Aspects of the Iris bismarckiana Population in@the Iris Reserve for Development of@Reservation Management
 6 Ori Eitan Broday David2007 Abstracts Theses Testing for Association between Cancer Morbidity and@Exposure to PM10 and SO2 in the Haifa Bay Area
 7 Youri Gendel Lahav Ori2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of a Chemical-Biological Process for H2S@Removal from Biogas Emissions
 8 Michal Weiner Linker Raphael

Shaviv Abraham
2006 Abstracts  Reduction of Soil Interference in the Direct Determination@of Nitrate by ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy
 9 Nurit Hirshel Broday David2006 Abstracts  Sub-urban Variability in Particulate Matter Levels in@Haifa
 10 Kifah Khshiboun Armon Robert

Shaviv Abraham
2006 Abstracts  Transport and Survival of Protozoa Parasites in Soils@Irrigated with Effluents
 11 Asaf Borenstein Linker Raphael

Shaviv Abraham

Shmulevich Itzhak
2006 Abstracts  Direct Determination of Nitrate in Agricultural Soils Using@FTIR/ATR Spectroscopy
 12 Irit Betman Shaviv Abraham

Armon Robert
2006 Abstracts  Migration and Survival of Viruses in Effluent Irrigated@Soils
 13 Guy Bar-Yosef Shavit Uri2006 Abstracts  The Flow Field at the Vicinity of Porous Media Boundaries
 14 Ran Molho Sinai Gideon (Deceased)

Moshe Getker
2006 Abstracts  Rainfall Intensity Analysis of the Kineret Watershed
 15 Gideon Schramm Sinai Gideon (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Methods for Detection Contamination in Drinking Water@Supply Systems
 16 Matan Hadari Broday David

Zur Benjamin

Capeluto Isaac Guedi
2005 Abstracts  A Three-Dimensional Model of the Light Regime in an@Avocado Orchard
 17 Eyal Sahar Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)

Semiat Raphael

Guetta Rami
2005 Abstracts  Treated Waste Water Desalination Using Reverse Osmosis
 18 Yuval Alfiya Lahav Ori

Green Michal
2005 Abstracts  Investigation of the Clogging Mechanism, and Development of@Operation Parameters for a Passive-Aeration Novel@Biological Vertical-Bed
 19 Ravid Rosenzweig Shaviv Abraham2005 Abstracts  The Macroscopic Velocity Profile Near Permeable Interfaces:@PIV Measurements, Numerical Simulations, and an@Analytical Solution of the Laminar@Problem
 20 Yaron Franco Rubinshtain Dror

Shmulevich Itzhak
2005 Abstracts  Spatial Model for Performance Prediction of Bulldozer Blade@Interaction with Soil
 21 Alon Meizler Dosoretz Carlos2005 Abstracts  Enzymatic Polymerization of Toxic Phenolic Compounds by@Immobilized Peroxidase in Continuous Regime
 22 Yitzhak Simon Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)

Ilan Halachmi

Guetta Rami
2005 Abstracts  Characterization of the Operational Model and Optimal@Management of a Recirculation Aquaculture System@(RAS)
 23 Avi Bar Massada Carmel Yohay

Dan Yakir

Even-Tzur Gilad
2005 Abstracts  Multi-Temporal Assessment of Above-Ground Forest Biomass@Using Allometric Equations and Aerial Photographs
 24 Amitai Ze-Li Sagiv Lahav Ori

Friedler Eran
2005 Abstracts  Modification, Calibration and Verification of a Model@Depicting Hydrogen Sulfide Emission Rates in@Gravity Sewers
 25 Sivan Klas Lahav Ori

Mozes Noam
2005 Abstracts  Development of a Cost Effective and Simple Process for@Nitrate Removel from Intensive Aquaculture Systems@by Denitrification Using Intrinsic@Carbon Source
 26 Vered David-Horvitz Shmulevich Itzhak

Linker Raphael
2004 Abstracts  Internal Quality of Fruit by Mealiness Assessment
 27 Yaniv Ganor Kimmel Eitan2004 Abstracts  Analysis of Radiated Acoustic Signals from Micro-Bubbles:@Effects of Changes in Ambient Pressure
 28 Liron Stoller-Cavari Carmel Yohay2004 Abstracts  Mapping Environmental Diversity as a Surrogate for@Biodiversity at the Local Scale: Mount Carmel@as a Case Study
 29 Ran Weisman Ravina Israela2004 Abstracts  Developing of a Dynamic Model of Flows and Pollutants@Transport in the Jordan River
 30 David Nezlobin Sinai Gideon (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Percolation Clusters in Fracture Network Models in Two@Dimensions
 31 Ran Holtzman Shavit Uri2003 Abstracts  salinization Sources along the Lower Jordan River under@Draught Condotions
 32 Talia Altmann Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)

Carmel Yohay

Doytsher Yerach

Guetta Rami
2003 Abstracts  A Model for Estimating the Potential of "Energy Towers" in@A GIS Environment
 33 Sharon Moltchanov Shavit Uri

Agnon Yehuda
2003 Abstracts  Quantitative Analysis of Resuspension Phenomena Using PIV@Measurements
 34 Nachum Medlinger Gutman Per-Olof2003 Abstracts  Algorithms for Rollover Avoidance Control of Off-Road@Wheeled Vehicle
 35 Michal Segal Rosenheimer Shavit Uri

Shaviv Abraham
2003 Abstracts  Nitrogen Pollutants, Sources and Processes along the Lower@Jordan River
 36 David Sapir Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)

Guetta Rami
2003 Abstracts  Electrochemical Water Purification
 37 Amit Kenny Shaviv Abraham

Shmulevich Itzhak

Singher Liviu
2003 Abstracts  Monitoring Nitrate in Environmental Systems using FTIR@Spectroscopy and Fiberoptics
 38 Yigal Master Shaviv Abraham2002 Abstracts  Transformations and Gaseous Losses of Nitrogen from Effluent@Irrigated Soils
 39 Daniel Weintrob Shamir Uri

Singher Liviu
 Quality Assurance and Reliability in Water Distribution@Systems
 40 Ram Shadmon Amir Ilan (Deceased)2002
 Sensitivity of Agricultural Production to Water Quantities@and Prices - a Probabilistic Approach
 41 Monica Dines Kimmel Eitan2002
 The Influence of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Culttured@Endothelial Cells
 42 Tuval Bransburg Shavit Uri2002 Abstracts  Dispersion Phenomena in an Open Channel with Vegetation
 43 Eran Horesh Gutman Per-Olof

Guetta Rami
 Design of Control for Energy Tower
 44 Beni Lew Green Michal2002 Abstracts  UASB for Municipal Wastewater Treatment
 45 Gil Sagi Green Michal2001
 Goose Wastewater
 46 Tamar Oved Shaviv Abraham

 Effect of Effluent Irrigation on Ammonia Oxidising@Bacteria in Soil
 47 Rama Eilat Zur Benjamin

Avnimelech Yoram
 Dependence of Composting on Pretreatment, Temperature@and Oxygen
 48 Tal Goldrath Shaviv Abraham2001
 Nitrogen Transformations in Effluent Irrigated Soils
 49 Eyal Artzi Missing advisors 2001
 Vertical Bed with Passive Aeration for Tertiary Treatment@of Wastewater
 50 Roy Sela Avnimelech Yoram2001
 Characterization and Optimization of Composting Process
 51 Lev Boguslavsky Neumann Peter2000
 Mechanism of Cell Wall Hardening in Plants@Responding to Water Stress
 52 Amir Halachmi Amir Ilan (Deceased)2000
 Decision Support System for Calves
 53 Elazar Bamberger Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)2000
 Desalination by Changing the Internal Phase Structure of@Water
 54 Refarl Yehieli Galili Naphtali

Shmulevich Itzhak
 Integration of Input Signal in Dynamic Testing of Fruit@And Vegetables
 55 Yair Porat Avnimelech Yoram2000
 Sewage Sludge Stabilization by Co-Composting with@Municipal Solid Waste
 56 Olga Singurindi Missing advisors 1999
 The Influence of Long-Term Irrigation with Sewage Effluent@On Physical Properties of Agricultural Soil
 57 Amit Shdema Missing advisors 1999
 Sensing and Control System for Adaptive Fruit-Tree Shaker
 58 Adina Moshe Green Michal1999
 Denitrification of Greenhouse Leachates in An Upflow Sludge@Blanket (Usb)Reactor
 59 Ziva Bar-El Shoshani Missing advisors 1999
 Leaf Convective Transfer Coefficient in a Greenhouse@Crop Canopy
 60 Roi Gurka Missing advisors 1999
 Dynamics of a Flexible Tube in the Turbulent Gas Flow of a@Twin Fluid Atomizer
 61 Alex Furman Shavit Uri

Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)
 Identification of the Formation Process of Salinity Plumes@In the Coastal Plain Aquifer of Israel@And Possible Solutions
 62 Zohar Bachar Shaviv Abraham

Shavit Uri
 Device for Dynamic Monitoring of Ion Transport in Soil and@Environmental Systems
 63 Ofer Pintel Wolf Dan (Deceased)1997
 Predicting the Performance of the Armor Vehicle Track as a@Function of the Cleat Geometry
 64 Shmuel Grossman Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)

Ingman Dov
 Characteristics of Soil Moisture Meter, for Irrigation@Policy
 65 Amos Geva Manor Gedalyahu1996
 Investigation of a Free Air Jet Injected from a Nozzle@Which Moves Perpendicular to the Jet Direction
 66 Dina Rachmani Shmulevich Itzhak

 Quality Grading of Tomatoes by Mechanical Properties Using@A Neural Network System.
 67 Avital Bechar Shmulevich Itzhak

 Pollen Deposition in Electrostatic Field
 68 Alla Krasny Shmulevich Itzhak

Rosenhouse Giora
 Fruit Response to Mechanical Excitation
 69 Ioriy Ivianskiy Zur Benjamin1996
 Corn Root Architecture as Influenced by Soil Temperature
 70 Rina Lupu Shaviv Abraham1996
 Polyurethane Based Hydrophobic Membranes for Controlled@Release of Fertilizers
 71 Merav Reiss Shaviv Abraham

Shavit Uri
 Nutrient Controlled Release from Gel Based-Devices
 72 Naava Sneer Neumann Peter1996
 Mechanism Involved in the Inhibition of Leaf Growth During@Mineral Deficiency
 73 Uri Goldstein Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)1996
 Engineering Methods to Piping Prevention in Soil Embankments
 74 Ofer Dub Galili Naphtali1995
 Engineering Simulation and Analysis of Off Road Tracked@Vehicle
 75 Haviv Philossof Galili Naphtali1995
 Prediction of Seated Man Response to Whole Body Vibrations@And Off-Road Ride Quality Evaluation
 76 Raphael Linker Seginer Ido

Gutman Per-Olof
 Simultaneous Co2 Enrichment and Ventilation of Greenhouses
 77 Alexander Osetinsky Wolf Dan (Deceased)1995
 The Effect of Ballast Control on Tractor Tractive Efficiency
 78 Netanel Benichou Shmulevich Itzhak

Galili Naphtali
 Sensing and Analyzing the Acoustic Response of Fruits by@A Flexible Piezoelectric Transducer
 79 Ronen Mordechay Wolf Dan (Deceased)1995
 The Behavior of a Direct Hydraulic Combustion Engine
 80 Eli Rorberg Peleg Kalman (Deceased)1995
 Detection of Fruit Orientation on a Cup Conveyor by@Machine Vision
 81 Bnayahu Cohen Gutman Per-Olof1995
 Development of Efficient Algorithms, and Their@Implementation in a Computer Program for Robust@Control Design
 82 Smadar Raban Shaviv Abraham1995
 Release Mechnisms of Membrane Coated Fertilizers
 83 Vitaly Fastovsky Manor Gedalyahu1994
 Process of Cutting a Tree Branch by the Free Knife
 84 Shalom Sadik Arkin Hillel

Kimmel Eitan
 Models for Heat Transfer in Organs of Domestic Fowls
 85 Ofira Ayalon Avnimelech Yoram

Mordechai Shechter
 Collection & Recycling of Msw Analyses of Alternatives
 86 Vadim Mezhibovski Poreh Michael1993
 Effect of Wind on the Flow at the Entrance Region of Stacks.
 87 Jena Glasscock Hagin Josef1993
 The Control of Ammonium Oxidation by Nitrification Inhibito
 88 Israel Avnon Peleg Kalman (Deceased)1993
 Operational Simulation of Multisensor Fruif Sorting
 89 Eldad Levi Seginer Ido

Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)
 Solar Air Collector with "Smi-Fluidized Bed"
 90 Nisim Ozer Amir Ilan (Deceased)1993
 Expert System for the Selection of Greenhouse Structures
 91 David Evlagon Neumann Peter

Ravina Israela
 Effect Ofalcivm and Salinity Onthe Hydraulic Cowductivity of
 92 Yoav Livne Avnimelech Yoram1992
 Soil Oxigen Demand as Effected by Compost Manuring
 93 David Broday Kimmel Eitan1992
 Enhaced Axial Dispersion in An Elatic Vibrating Tube
 94 Margalit Keren Pua Kutiel

 Effect of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi on Growth of Pinus Halepensi
 95 Yoram Schwarz Manor Gedalyahu

 Harvesting Pollen Grains by Electrostamic Aerodynanic Technq
 96 Slexander Kossoy Sinai Gideon (Deceased)

Nave Zev (Deceased)
 Development of Rapid Gstablishment Methods and Minimum Maint
 97 Sharon Devir Zur Benjamin

 A Model Predieting Body Weight of Dairy Cous Based on
 98 Yaron Kranz Nir Dov (Deceased)

Amir Ilan (Deceased)
 An Expert System for the Selection of An Irrigation Method
 99 Ofer Chazen Shaviv Abraham

Neumann Peter
 Improving Crop Tolerahce to Salihity by Ammohivm Hitrato
 100 Michal Seri-Givol Shaviv Abraham

Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)
 Controlled Release Fertilizers Interaction with Plants & Sol
 101 Boaz Zion Galili Naphtali1990
 Analysis of Motion of Granular Material on a Screfn
 102 Oded Cohen Peleg Kalman (Deceased)1990
 Image Identification of Buds Proliferating on Plant Shoots
 103 Alon Rimer Zur Benjamin

Sinai Gideon (Deceased)
 An Algorithm for the Control of Wetting Depth in Irrigation
 104 David Rosenfeld Shmulevich Itzhak

Rosenhouse Giora
 3-D Simulat Ion of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Fruit
 105 Raya Vulkan Ravina Israela1990
 Effects of Quantity and Salinity of Irrigation Water on
 106 Ramy Guetta Zaslavsky Dan (Deceased)1989
 Design and Operation of a Solarpond on a Southly Slope
 107 Ud Musel Wolf Dan (Deceased)1989
 Wheel Traction Losses on Hard Soils
 108 Erez Eitan Amir Ilan (Deceased)1989
 Expert System to Design Irrigation Network
 109 Yuval Ben-Amitay Sinai Gideon (Deceased)1989
 Hierarchical Control Modal in Water Supply System for
 110 Yair Shneor Galili Naphtali1989
 Dynamic Simulation of High Speed Heavy Tracked Vehicle

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