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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentBiomedical Engineering
Department Web Site http://www.bm.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Schiopu Aresteanu Roana Noemi Haim Azhari2019 Abstracts  Noninvasive Monitoring using MRI of Copper Oxide@Nanoparticles Controlled Release from@Nano Micelles Stimulated by Ultrasound@Hyperthermia
 2 Weigler Ariel Dvir Yelin2019 Abstracts  Noninvasive In-Vivo Leukocyte Microscopy in Human
 3 Barenholz Cohen Tamar Daphne Weihs2019
 Effects of Chemical and Physical Treatments on the@Mechanobiology of Cells and Tissues
 4 Merdler Uri Shulamit Levenberg2019 Abstracts  Vascularization of Engineered 3D Neural Structures
 5 Ornstein Hannah Dan Adam2019 Abstracts Theses Automatic Classification of Echocardiogram Orientation using@Neural Network Based Methods
 6 Mun Alexandra Dror Seliktar2019 Abstracts  Controlling Drug Release from Alginate Beads using@Embedded PCL Microbeads
 7 Shalev Ezra Yael Yoav Shechtman2019 Abstracts  Towards Visualization of 3D Chromosome Reconfiguration in@Live Yeast by Multicolor Point-Spread-Function@Engineering
 8 Kovac Omer Amit Meller2019 Abstracts  Nanopore Sequencing of the Cancer Biomarker MACC1
 9 Nehrer Joshua Shy Shoham

Eitan Kimmel
2019 Abstracts  Towards an Ultrasonic Retinal Prosthetic: In Vivo Ultrasonic@Retinal Stimulation
 10 Cohen Nadir Dan Adam2018 Abstracts Theses Semi-Automatic Segmentation of the LV Cavity in Contrast@Enhanced Echocardiographic Clips
 11 Kovalevsky Maya Amir Landesberg

Zaid A. Abassi
2018 Abstracts  Monitoring Cardiac Function Based on the Work Pressure Time@Integral Relationship in Rats with@Volume-Overload Induced Heart Failure
 12 Gliner Vadim Yael Yaniv2018 Abstracts Theses Mobile Application Embedded with Novel Real Time R@Peak Detector for Patients with Atrial@Fibrillation
 13 Bullkich Elad Eitan Kimmel

Saar Golan
2018 Abstracts Theses A Mechanobiological Feedback Model for Soft Tissue@Pressure Ulcers
 14 Kamoun David Yael Yaniv2018 Abstracts Theses Quantifying Mitochondrial 3D-Deformations in Cardiomyocytes@to Assess the Structural Anisotropy and Energetics@State
 15 Rosenberg Aviv Yael Yaniv2018 Abstracts Theses Non-Invasive In-Vivo Analysis of Intrinsic Clock-Like@Pacemaker Mechanisms: Decoupling Neural Input@Using Heart Rate Variability@Measurements
 16 Segal Sofia Yael Yaniv2018 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Eliminating Contraction on Preserving@Pacemaker Cell Morphology and Function@in Culture
 17 Alchanati Shira Dan Adam2018 Abstracts Theses Creating Panorama Pictures from Ultrasound Images for@Needle Localization Betweem Vertebrae
 18 Levi Moran Netanel Korin2018 Abstracts Theses Drug Carriers Functionalized with GPVI for Target Drug@Delivery
 19 Winer Matan Dvir Yelin2018 Abstracts Theses Noninvasive in Vivo Microscopy of Human Leucocytes
 20 Patkin Michelle Amit Meller2018 Abstracts  Assay Design of Single Molecule Barcoding Method for@Ultra-Fast Pathogen-Typing Using Nanopores
 21 Hazan Eilon Shy Shoham

Eitan Kimmel
2018 Abstracts Theses Functional Imaging of MRI-Guided Transcranial Ultrasonic@Neuromodulation
 22 Mayblum Tom Inbar Brosh

Shy Shoham
2017 Abstracts  Advances in Spatiotemporally-Focused Bidirectional@Multiphoton Neuronal Interfaces
 23 Cohen Noam Shy Shoham2017 Abstracts Theses Optogenetic Interfacing With Retinal Neuron Populations@using Temporal-Focusing Multiphoton Microscopy
 24 Diminsky Yaakov Amit Meller2017 Abstracts Theses Quantifying the Role of the Translation Initiation Factors@eIF4HI and eIF4HII in mRNA Unwinding and their@Relationship to Cancer Development
 25 Asaad Yathreb Noah Lotan

Daphne Weihs
2017 Abstracts  Engineered Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Assemblies@for Biomedical Applications
 26 Ben-David Yaniv Daphne Weihs2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling of Force Application Mechanisms and Morphologies@of Invasive Cancer Cells
 27 Akons Kfir Dvir Yelin2017 Abstracts Theses Image-Guided Optical Measurement of Blood Oxygen Saturation@and Hemoglobin Concentration along Capillary@Vessels
 28 Kirschner Peretz Noa Yael Yaniv2017 Abstracts Theses Designing a Culture System for Sustaining Bioelectric,@Biophysical and Bioenergetic Atrial Functions
 29 Ziv Omri Haim Azhari2017 Abstracts Theses Noninvasive Microwave Thermal Ablation Monitoring Using@X-Ray CT Image Features
 30 Bagrov Konstantin Amir Landesberg2017
 Characterization of the effects of cardiac matrix@degradation on left and right ventricle function
 31 Friman Itai Eitan Kimmel2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling Sound Sensing and Transduction in the Outer Hair@Cell in the Mammalian Hearing System
 32 Kviatkovsky Inna Dvir Yelin2017 Abstracts Theses High-Resolution Imaging of Deformed Erythrocytes in@Flow
 33 Razon Alon Haim Azhari2017 Abstracts Theses Noninvasive Monitoring of Thermal Ablation of@Needle-Type Applicators Using Ultrasonic@Imaging
 34 Grechin Sveta Dvir Yelin2017 Abstracts Theses Imaging Acoustic Vibrations in an Ear Model Using Spectrally@Encoded Interferometry
 35 Toume Samer Daphne Weihs2016 Abstracts Theses Mechanobiology of cell- substrate interactions during cell@migration and morphological changes
 36 Abu Hattum Shada Daphne Weihs

Amit Gefen
2016 Abstracts Theses Role of Cell Mechanics in Adipogenesis and Migration
 37 Tsibulsky Yakov Amir Landesberg

Shmuel Rispler
2016 Abstracts  Non-invasive Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure by@Objective Indices of Dyspnea
 38 Elaimy Rasha Eitan Kimmel2016 Abstracts Theses Tracking the Dynamics of Membranes Subjected to Ultrasound@by Interferometric Methods
 39 Zeltser Dekel Carmel Eitan Kimmel2016 Abstracts Theses Decompression and Ultrasound Effects on Cell Membrane@and the Intramembrane Cavitation Model
 40 Massalha Sonbula Daphne Weihs2016 Abstracts  Mophology and Force Depend on Metastatic Potential@and Microenvironment Stiffness in Breast Cancer@Cells
 41 Nir Iftach Amit Meller2015 Abstracts Theses Censing Single Ubiquitin Chains Using Solid State@Nanopores
 42 Wiener Guy Daphne Weihs2015 Abstracts Theses Cellular Mechanics in the Initial Stages of 3D Cancer@Cell Invasion
 43 Braunstain Eyal Isak Gath

Moshe Gur
2015 Abstracts Theses Color Space Methods as an Aid in Face Detection
 44 Bar-Ilan Yair Dvir Yelin2015
 Spectral Imaging Using Single-Axis Dispersed Illumination
 45 Kerzhner Marina Hillel Pratt

Miriam Zacksenhouse
2015 Abstracts  Indicators of Motor Learning in EEG Signals Recorded@while Practicing Motor Task
 46 Wolfson Helen Aharon Blank2015 Abstracts Theses Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance Miniature Sensors for@Tooth Biodosimetry and Oxymetry
 47 Nissim Ronen Daphne Weihs2015 Abstracts  Three-Dimensional Structural Measurement of Invading@Metastatic Cells and their Significance to@Potential Malignancy Classification
 48 Paluch Shir Shy Shoham2015 Abstracts Theses Optical Probing of Three-Dimensional Neuronal Networks
 49 Mazzawi Nasma Eitan Kimmel2014 Abstracts Theses Bubble-Like Response of Living Cells in an Ultrasound@Field
 50 Koren Yelena Josue Sznitman2014 Abstracts Theses Motility Phenotyping of Model Organism C. Elegans Using@Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT)
 51 Weizman Anat Shulamit Levenberg2014 Abstracts  Reconstruction of a Vascular Niche to Support hESC-derived@Pancreatic Islet Differentiation and Function
 52 Schvartzer Maayan Daphne Weihs2014 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Intracellular Transport; Mechanics and@Dynamics of Breast Cancer Cells
 53 Katz-Hanani Ilana Haim Azhari

Diana Gaitini
2014 Abstracts Theses Feasibility Study of Breast Imaging by Ultrasound Using@Through Transmission Coded Signals
 54 Ilgayev Ovadia Dvir Yelin2014 Abstracts Theses Imaging of Acoustic Vibrations Using Spectrally Encoded@Interferometry
 55 Elhanan Tal Dvir Yelin2014 Abstracts Theses Measuring Blood Velocity uUing Correlative Spectrally@Encoded Flow Cytometry
 56 Zoubi Alaa Shy Shoham2014 Abstracts Theses Advances towards 3D Photo-Absorber Mediated Neural@Excitation: Optical and Acoustic Characteristics
 57 Shlomo Liron Dan Adam

Ofer Binah
2013 Abstracts Theses Detection of Viable Tissue in a Rat Model of Small@Sub-Endocardium Infarct Utilizing Speakle@Tracking Echocardiography
 58 Nataf Rebecca Dan Adam

Zvi Friedman
2013 Abstracts  Decomposing Echocardiographic Cines into Anatomical@Visual Representation and Functional Data
 59 Palkovich Zvi Moshe Gur2013 Abstracts Theses Studying Stereopsis of Human Visual Areas Using Visual@Evoked Potentials
 60 Sirota Ksenia Haim Azhari

Aharon Blank
2013 Abstracts Theses Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance Ex-situ Probe for Tooth@Biodosimetry
 61 Levy Orr Isak Gath2013 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Characterization of the Effects of Matching@Patterns on Models of Branching Processes:@Genetical Implications
 62 Goldstein Diana Daphne Weihs2013 Abstracts Theses The Distribution of Active Forces in Living Cells in vitro
 63 Tsur Limor Shy Shoham2013 Abstracts Theses System for Holographic Stimulation of the Optogenetic Probe@Channelrhodopsin II in Retinal Cells in vivo
 64 Geva Avner Eitan Kimmel2013 Abstracts Theses Swelling of Bilayer Membranes under Decompression@and Ultrasound
 65 Leibovitz Elad Moshe Gur2013 Abstracts Theses Spatial Resolution within the Fovea Using a Host of Visual@Acuity Tests
 66 Muscal Revital Daphne Weihs2013 Abstracts Theses Metastatic Cancer Cells Indent and Attempt to Invade@a Soft Substrate
 67 Marbach Daphna Amit Meller2013 Abstracts Theses A Nanopore Tool for Single-Molecule Analysis of@MicroRNA-mRNA Intercations
 68 Engel Guy Dvir Yelin2013 Abstracts Theses Miniature Probes for Spectrally Encoded Endoscopy
 69 Farkash Gil Moshe Gur2013 Abstracts Theses Neural Connectivity in the Visual System - A Study Based on@DTI and fMRI
 70 Greenblum Ayala Josue Sznitman2013 Abstracts Theses Statistical Learning Methods for Segmentation Problems in@the Model Organism C. elegans
 71 Hugeri Malka Haim Azhari2012 Abstracts Theses Feasibility Study of MRI Assessment of Tissue Mechanical@Properties Using HIFU Induced Acoustic Radiation@Force
 72 Fertman Alexander Dvir Yelin2012 Abstracts Theses Image Transmission through a Multimode Optical Fiber Using@Numerical Phase Retrieval
 73 Gargir Oren Haim Azhari2012 Abstracts Theses Application of Coded Excitations in Ultrasonic@Thermal Therapy Monitoring
 74 Yeshurun Lilach Haim Azhari2012 Abstracts Theses Ultrasonic Imaging and Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity@of a Tissue
 75 Merman Michal Dvir Yelin2012 Abstracts Theses Vibration Measurements Using Spectrally-Encoded Endoscopic@Doppler Imaging
 76 Goldman Tzvi Dan Adam2012 Abstracts Theses MRI/Ultrasound Image Registration for Analysis of Cardiac@Function
 77 Kesselman Dafna Dror Seliktar2011 Abstracts Theses Investigating the Effect of Dynamic Cellular Remodeling on@the Bulk Material Properties on Biological and@Biosynthetic Composite Scaffolds for@Tissue Engineering
 78 Shohat Yael Avraham Shitzer

David Degani
2011 Abstracts Theses Modified Wind Chill Temperature based on Estimated Human@Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients and a Whole@Body Thermoregulation Model
 79 Livne Anat Dan Adam2011 Abstracts Theses Subharmonic Imaging Using Ultrasound Contrast Agents
 80 Harpaz Shlomo Dan Adam2011 Abstracts Theses Differentiation between Benign and Malignant Lesions Using@Vibro-Acoustography
 81 Geffen Chen Eitan Kimmel2011 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Low Intensity Ultrasound on Adhesion@Molecules, Actin Monomers and Membrane@Permeability in Endothelial Cells
 82 Weiss Noam Haim Azhari2011 Abstracts Theses Thermal Monitoring of HIFU Treatment with X-Ray CT of@Fat Tissue
 83 Reichenberg Yaniv Yoram Lanir2011 Abstracts Theses Development of an Integrated Experimental system for@Real-Time Study of Blood Flow Effects on Cultured@Endothelial cells
 84 Marom Ran Dan Adam

Zvi Friedman
2011 Abstracts Theses A Feature Dependent Approach for Improving Speckle Noise@Reduction and Side Lobes Suppression in@Ultrasound Images
 85 Bord Asaf Moshe Gur2011 Abstracts Theses Automatic Segmentation of MRI Images Emphasizing Separation@of White and Gray Matter
 86 Alagem Meital Noah Lotan

Rafael Beyar
2011 Abstracts Theses Converging Technologies as the Interface between Natural@and Artificial Biosystem: Biologically Active@Implants
 87 Shafir Oded Shulamit Levenberg2011 Abstracts Theses Engineered Vascular Milieu for Pancreatic Islets Support
 88 Khoury Maria Shulamit Levenberg2011 Abstracts Theses Culturing Human and Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Using@Microfluidic Bioreactors
 89 Dahan Anat Moshe Gur

Miriam Reiner
2011 Abstracts Theses FMRI BOLD Response of the Mirror Neuron System to Recognized@and Unrecognized Gestures
 90 Matar Suhail Shy Shoham2011 Abstracts Theses Diffractive Multiphoton Neural Interface
 91 Yizraeli Maayan Lia Daphne Weihs2010 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Electric Fields on Micromechanics of Breast@Cancer Cells and Associated Fibroblasts
 92 Palevski Avital Amir Landesberg2010 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Chest Wall Dynamics during High Frequency@Oscillatory Mechanical Ventilation
 93 Harary Tamar Amir Landesberg2010 Abstracts Theses Quantification of Cross-bridge Cycling between the Different@Physicochemical Conformations by Optical Means
 94 Adler Gilad Moshe Gur2010 Abstracts Theses Attention Modulates Repetition Suppression in Object-@Selective Regions - an fMRI Study
 95 Roytberg Anat Dan Adam2010 Abstracts Theses Study of Efficient Pacing of the Myocardium Using External@High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
 96 Winkler Itai Dan Adam2010 Abstracts Theses Real Time Monitoring of Thermal Ablation with Ultrasound
 97 Vizel Eldad Yehoshua Zeevi2009 Abstracts Theses Sparse Representation and Blind Source Separation of MRI@Images
 98 Lamash Yechiel Isak Gath

Moshe Gur
2009 Abstracts Theses A Novel Feature Selection Method
 99 Glozman Tanya Haim Azhari2009 Abstracts Theses Integrated Ultrasonic Imaging Combining Computed Tomography@and Elastography
 100 Zagury Nir Dan Adam2009 Abstracts Theses Quantification of Regional Radial Myocardial Strain by@Wavelet Denoising
 101 Golan Lior Shy Shoham2009 Abstracts Theses A Holographic Method for Neuronal Dynamic Patterned@Photostimulation
 102 Ben-Lavi Azi Haim Azhari

Ora Israel
2009 Abstracts Theses Improving Gamma Camera Imaging Based Renal Function@Diagnosis by Using Temporal Data
 103 Preiss-Bloom Orahn Joseph Mizrahi

Dror Seliktar
2009 Abstracts Theses Mechanical Stimulation of Tissue Engineered Cartilage
 104 Rothstein Tamara Haim Azhari2009 Abstracts Theses Feasibility Study of Breast Tumor Detection and@Characterization Using Computerized Ultrasonic@Mammography and Contrast Materials
 105 Hanani Nitai Amir Landesberg2009 Abstracts  Effect of Pacing Lead Position on Ischemic Left-Ventricle@Functioning
 106 Speizman Shay Amir Landesberg2009 Abstracts  Exploring the Dependence of the Atrio-Ventricular Delay on@the Loading Conditions
 107 Raz Einat Yoram Lanir2009 Abstracts Theses Recruitment Viscoeleasticity of Tendons
 108 Tzaran Andrey Moshe Gur2008 Abstracts Theses Inattentional Blindness: fMRI Research
 109 Kanter Ayelet Ron Meir2008 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Synaptic Depression on Up-Down States@in Neural Networks :Dynamical Systems' Persprctive
 110 Maizlish Dov Hillel Pratt2008 Abstracts Theses Electrophysiological Correlates of Imagination Studied by@Components Decomposition and Source Estimation@Tools
 111 Rosen Alexander Eitan Kimmel

Dan Adam
2008 Abstracts Theses Micro-Bubble Based Pressure Measurements Using Ultrasound: A@Modeling and Signal Processing Study
 112 Avrahami Alon Dan Adam2008 Abstracts Theses Design of a Myocardial Pacing System Based on Focused@Ultrasound
 113 Or Meir Eitan Kimmel

Dror Seliktar
2008 Abstracts Theses Linear Mechanical Effects of Low Intensity Ultrasound@on Cells
 114 Hoogi Assaf Eitan Kimmel

Dan Adam
2008 Abstracts Theses Pressure Dependent Frequency Response of Microbubbles in@Ultrasonic Field
 115 Lempel Meytal Dan Adam

Zvi Friedman
2008 Abstracts Theses 3D Speckle Tracking in Ultrasound Data
 116 Kishon Amir Dan Adam2007 Abstracts Theses Study of the Processes Involved in Cardiac Stimulation by@Ultrasound Pulses
 117 Hendel Tal Moshe Gur2007 Abstracts Theses A Solution to the Stereo Correspondence Problem Using@Constraints Imposed by Physical Surfaces@and the Gradient Disparity Limit
 118 Rakovsky Artoum Yoram Lanir

Noah Lotan
2007 Abstracts Theses Polymeric Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications: Structure-@Function Relationship
 119 Rukinglaz Yury Eitan Kimmel2007 Abstracts Theses Cavitation in Ultrasound Field: Generation and Monitoring
 120 Suponitsky Yulianna Joseph Mizrahi2007 Abstracts Theses Effect of Fatigue of the Shank Muscles on Single-Leg-@Standing Balance
 121 Biron Galit Jean Francois Soustiel

Uri Dinnar (Deceased)
2007 Abstracts Theses Cerebral Blood Flow-Model
 122 Khamaisi Raed Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Yael Nemirovsky
2007 Abstracts Theses Microchannel Flow Device for the Study of Microcirculatory@Blood Flow
 123 Levy-Mishali Meital Shulamit Levenberg2007 Abstracts Theses Differentiation of Skeletal Muscle Cells on PLLA/PLGA@Composite Scaffolds
 124 Ne'eman Nitsa Noah Lotan

Sarit Sivan
2006 Abstracts  Biological Materials in Polymeric Matrices: Multi-@Functional Systems for Applications in Tissue@Engineering
 125 Mizrahi Natalya Eitan Kimmel2006 Abstracts  The Influence of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Angiogenic@Receptors and Endothelial Cells Proliferation and@Migration in Vitro
 126 Toledano Michal Michael Lindenbaum

Rafael Beyar
2006 Abstracts  A Learning System for Detection and Characterization@of Coronary Arteries Stenosis Using Multi-Detector@CT Imaging
 127 Langzam-Sinai Ronit Yoram Lanir

Noah Lotan

Sarit Sivan
2006 Abstracts  Neutral and Ionizable Polymeric Hydrogels in Biomedical@Engineering
 128 Mizrahi Nadav Isak Gath2006 Abstracts Theses Color-Space Classification Using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
 129 Tsitron Eve Alice Maroudas

Sarit Sivan
2006 Abstracts  Molecular Age and Turnover of Proteoglycans and@Collagen of the Human Intervertebral Disc
 130 Ziso Hadas Eitan Kimmel

Ofer Nativ
2006 Abstracts Theses Damaging Tumor Blood Vessels using Ultrasound and@Microbubbles
 131 Schmidt Orit Dror Seliktar

Joseph Mizrahi
2006 Abstracts  Hydrogel Scaffolds and Mechanical Stimulation for Cartilage@Tissue Engineering
 132 Carmeli Tomer Hillel Pratt2006 Abstracts  Using Phase Relation Analysis for Finding Physiological@Correlates of Functional Connectivity during@Memory Processes
 133 Vitek Nili Dan Adam

Rafael Beyar
2006 Abstracts  Quantifying the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of@Myocardial Strain by Ultrasound
 134 Sudakov Liby Yael Nemirovsky

Uri Dinnar (Deceased)
2006 Abstracts  Design and Methodologies of CMOS Compatible ISFFT (Ion@Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) for Brain@Monitoring in Head Injury Patients
 135 Benjamin Eran Hillel Pratt2006 Abstracts  Voice Analysis System Supporting an Electrophysiological@Study of Word Production Initiated by Visual@Stimuli
 136 Ziv-Ari Morris Dan Adam2006 Abstracts  Real-Time Control of Radio-Frequency Ablation by@Ultrasound
 137 Mouler Marie Rafael Beyar

Uri Dinnar (Deceased)
2006 Abstracts  Measurement of Vascular Impedance in Coronary Circulation:@A New Approach to Assess Severity of Coronary@Artery Stenosis
 138 Zahar Yael Moshe Gur2005 Abstracts  Brain Activation during Recognition of Sparse, Camouflaged@Figures - an fMRI Study
 139 Levin Avital Amir Landesberg2005 Abstracts  Image Analysis of the Muscle Motor Motility Assay
 140 Kounin Solomon Isak Gath2005 Abstracts  Efficient Nearest Neighbor Search in Biological Strings
 141 Livnat Maya Dror Seliktar2005 Abstracts  A Novel Tissue Engineering Approach to Preventing Blood@Vessel Restenosis using Drug-Eluting Endoluminal@Coatings
 142 Sheskin Tali Noah Lotan

Orna Geyer

Sarit Sivan
2005 Abstracts  Polymeric Systems for Ocular Drug Delivery
 143 Levi Liora Dror Seliktar2005 Abstracts  Biosynthetic Hydrogel Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Made@from Fibrinogen and Polythylene Glycol
 144 Ashkenazy Yael Moshe Gur2005 Abstracts  Investigating 3D Perception with Functional MRI
 145 Harell Sharon Rafael Beyar

Moshe Porat

Luis Gruberg
2005 Abstracts  A Computerized Approach for Quantitative@Analysis of the "Myocardial Blush Grade" in@Patients Undergoing Angiography
 146 Bedrik Larissa Isak Gath

Hillel Pratt
2005 Abstracts  Classification of Acoustic Characteristics@of Speech in Hebrew and English
 147 Itzhaki Ilanit Amir Landesberg2005 Abstracts  Evaluating the effect of Non Excitatory Stimulation on@cardiac mechanics
 148 Kalfon Ziv Haim Azhari2005 Abstracts  Thermo-Graphic Imaging using Ultrasonic Tomography
 149 Zisman Dikla Dan Adam2005 Abstracts  Study of Ultrasound Hyprerthermia Therapy and its Control@by Ultrasound Imaging
 150 Eizenberg Natanel Moshe Gur2005 Abstracts  Short Term Adaptation in Single Cells in the Alert Monkey@Primary Visual Cortex
 151 Korin Netanel Uri Dinnar (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  The Motion and Deformation of Red Blood Cells in@Micro-channels - Application to Micro-Fabircated@Ektacytometry
 152 Tchaychian Oren Amir Landesberg2005 Abstracts  The Effect of the Sarcomere Shortening Velocity on the@Rate of Energy Consumption, Based on Coupling@Cross-Bridge Cycling with Calcium@Kinetics: Theoretical Analysis
 153 Gonen-Wadmany Maya Dror Seliktar

Lior Gepstein
2005 Abstracts  Mechanical Stimulation of Tissue Engineered Cardiac Muscle
 154 Granovsky Lena Isak Gath2005 Abstracts  Hierachical Clustering Methods for Biological Patterns
 155 Altman Andres Isak Gath2005 Abstracts  Characterization of Voice and Speech during Imitation@and Imposture
 156 Ben-Harim Tal Dan Adam

Amir Landesberg
2004 Abstracts  Quantification of Perfusion in an Experimental Model@Using Sub-Harmonic Contrast Doppler
 157 Cohen Shay Amir Landesberg2004 Abstracts  Simulation and Optimization of Heart Restyling
 158 Nezhinsky Alexander Moshe Gur2004 Abstracts  Modeling Temporal Properties of Neural Activity
 159 Bet Lachmy Ben Yishay Dan Adam

Moshe Horowitz
 Measurements of Acousto Optic Effect (AOE) in Tissue - A@Study of the Interaction between Ultrasonic@Pressure Field and Laser Beam in@Biological Medium
 160 Sapunar Michal Dan Adam2004 Abstracts  Study of the Controlling Parameters of Hydrostatic Pressure@Estimation Based on Nonlinear Properties of@Contrast Agent
 161 Marcus Etgar Joseph Mizrahi

Avi Wiener
2004 Abstracts  Computer Adaptive Testing of Knee Performance
 162 Levi Ifat Missing advisors 2004
 The Utility of Ergot Alkaloids for the Treatment of@Hypotension during Spinal Anesthesia
 163 Beilin-Nissan Simona Dan Adam2004 Abstracts  Study of Spatial and Frequency Compounding for Speckle@Reduction
 164 Sandhaus Haggit Hillel Pratt

Ron Meir
2003 Abstracts  Locating Activity Regions in the Brain Using Methods of@Source Separation
 165 Kochavi Eyal Haim Azhari2003 Abstracts  Real Time MRI Needle Tracking
 166 Vitenberg Lilia Amir Landesberg2003 Abstracts  The Early Detection of Myocardial Ischemia
 167 Bendalak Keren Missing advisors 2003
 Automatic Audiogram Estimation by Electrophysiological@Recordings
 168 Nahmani Shlomo Amir Landesberg2003 Abstracts  The Effect of Ejection Velocity of the Whole Heart Pressure@Generation
 169 Saar Sigal Moshe Gur2003 Abstracts  Interaction between Adjacent Neurons in the Behaving Monkey@V1
 170 Rappaport Dan Dan Adam2003 Abstracts  Myocardial Regional Tissue Strain Estimation by Local Tissue@Tracking in B-Mode Echocardiograms
 171 Margolin Raisa Dan Adam2003 Abstracts  The Study of Transient Changes of Echogenicity in@Ultrasound Images of Heated Tissue
 172 Abramovich Aviv Amir Landesberg2003 Abstracts  The Effect of Sarcomere Shortening Velocity on the Generated@Force in Cardiac Fiber
 173 Roth Navit Joseph Mizrahi2003 Abstracts  Mechanical Impedance of the Loaded Human Arm in Walking
 174 Ifrach-Wiess Hadas Dan Adam2003
 Measuring by Ultrasound Temperature Changes of Tissue@Heated by Laser
 175 Morgenshtein Arkadiy Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Yael Nemirovsky
2003 Abstracts  Design and Methodology of ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field@Effect Transistor) Microsystems for Biotelemetry
 176 Attar Ishay Yoram Palti2003 Abstracts  Characterization of the Electrical Activity of Beta Cells@Cultured on a Multi-Electrode Array and Evaluating@its Potential as a Platform for@Biosensors
 177 Katz Amir Joseph Mizrahi

Emanuel Tirosh
2003 Abstracts  Usability of EMG Signals to Enhance Muscle Activity by FES@in CP Children
 178 Goldin Alexandra Moshe Gur2003 Abstracts  A Model of Invariant Object Recognition in the Visual@System
 179 Golan Saar Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

David Elata
2003 Abstracts  The Relationship between the Anatomy of the Canaliculi, the@Pressure at it's Ends and the Blood Flow through@it
 180 Chertok Beata Missing advisors 2003
 A Physiologically-Controlled Drug Delivery System:@Design and Evaluation
 181 Gabbai Ronen Dan Adam2003 Abstracts  Acoustic Parameter Estimation in Biological Tissue, and the@Analysis of Their Changes as a Result of Heating
 182 Hevel Guy Dan Adam2003 Abstracts  Improving Resolution of Ultrasound Images Using Optimization@Methods
 183 Gefen Gal Moshe Gur2002 Abstracts  Biologically Based Model of Pattern Recognition: Computation@and Simulation
 184 Langzam Eran Joseph Mizrahi2002 Abstracts  Impact Loading Attenuation in Landing from Vertical Falls
 185 Russek Dalia Joseph Mizrahi2002 Abstracts  The Relation between EMG and Kinematics in Running Fatigue
 186 Gold Tomer Noah Lotan2002
 Drug Controlled Release Devices Based on Enzymatic@Degradation of a Polymer Matrix and Diffusion:@Analytical Models
 187 Burla Elina Dan Adam2002 Abstracts  The Study of Noninvasive Pressure Estimation Using@Ultrasound Contrast Agents
 188 Eshel Hagai Yoram Lanir2002 Abstracts  Effects of Strain Level and Proteoglycan Depletion on@Preconditioning and Viscoelastic Responses@of Rat Skin
 189 Kaimovitz Benjamin Yoram Lanir2002
 Stochastic Morphometric Reconstruction of the Pig's Coronary@Tree
 190 Makienko Olga Dan Adam2002
 Improving Image Resolution by Harmonic Imaging Techniques
 191 Mualem Odelia Noah Lotan

Rafael Beyar
 Immobilized Biochemical Systems for Long Term Local Therapy
 192 Ben-Zaken Zilberstei Chaya Alice Maroudas2001
 Age-Dependent Changes Occurring in Human Articular@Cartilage and Its Components
 193 Herbet-Grinfeld Anat Moshe Gur2001
 A Dynamic Model for Ocular Dominance Columns@Development
 194 Ashour Gal Isak Gath2001
 Characterization of Speech During Imitation
 195 Berkovich Erez Isak Gath

Hillel Pratt
 EEG Analysis as a Method for Discriminating Between@Different Functional States of the Brain
 196 Elman Dmitry Joseph Mizrahi2001
 Dynamics of Running in Different Fatigue Conditions
 197 Lublinsky Svetlana Joseph Mizrahi2001
 Dynamics of Jumping in Different Frequencies
 198 Ben Zaken Yael Alice Maroudas2000
 The Influence of Growth-Factors on the Metabolism of@Chondrocytes in Human Cartilage
 199 Piva Guillermo Noah Lotan

Amir Landesberg
 Continuous Integrated System for Affinity-Ultrafiltration@Separation of Biomaterials
 200 Sverdlik Ariel Yoram Lanir2000
 Time-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Sheep Digital Tendons@Including the Effects of Preconditioning
 201 Braun Benyamin Orit Joseph Mizrahi

Alice Maroudas
 Contribution of the Collagen Network to the Load Bearing@Properties of Cartilage Tissue: Influence of Age@And Cross-Links
 202 Wolff Neomi Alice Maroudas2000
 Osmotic Pressure of Glycosaminoglycans Characteristic@Of Connective Tissues and Proteoglycans Extracted@From Human Intervertebral Discs:@Influence of Differences in Co
 203 Eviatar Tamar Missing advisors 2000
 The Production and Transport of Insulin Like Growth Factors@And Their Binding Proteins in Articular Cartilage
 204 Kuzmenko Natali Missing advisors 1999
 Particle Distribution to Capillary Branching in@Microvascular Blood Flow
 205 Rauhon Ran Dan Adam1999
 Boundary Recognition of Aortic Aneurysm in Ultrasound@Imaging
 206 Konstantino Michal Haim Azhari

Noah Lotan

 Polymeric Matrices for Controlled Drug Release Systems
 207 Kovalski Gil Haim Azhari

Rafael Beyar
 Quantitative Intravascular Ultrasonic Imaging
 208 Rosenthak Shirrie Haim Azhari1999
 Investigation of Fast-Scan Mri Sequences Using Curved@Trajectories in the Spatial-Frequency Domain
 209 Solomon Flora Missing advisors 1999
 Color Vision During Withdrawal from Drugs
 210 Ben-Kish Ruth Missing advisors 1999
 Combination of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) and Multi-@Evoked Potentials Techniques in Estimation of@Scalp Electric Fields Sources in Humans
 211 Nahamoni Pnina Missing advisors 1999
 Characterization of Evoked Potentials (Eps) Using@Classification and Clustering Algorithms
 212 Shenhav Avshalom Haim Azhari1999
 Study of Mr Imaging Artifacts of Metallic Stents
 213 Jimenez Michelle A. Missing advisors 1999
 An Analysis of Recent Models for the Deformation of@Articular Cartilage Under Unconfined Compression@And a Pilot Study of the Use of Fluores.@Tracers to Investigate...
 214 Rapps Eitan Haim Azhari1998
 Development of a Computerized Method for Automatic Analysis@Of Tagged Mri Images
 215 Steinberg-Shapira Shirley Noah Lotan1998
 Targetable Polymeric System for Controlled-Release of@Bioactive Materials
 216 Klebanov Sergey Dan Adam1998
 Reduction of Muscle Artifacts in Impedance Cardiography@By Coherence Methods
 217 Lorber Dana Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Moshe Feinsod
 Continuous Monitoring of Parameters in the Human Brain After@Traumatic Head Injury
 218 Livshits Leonid Joseph Mizrahi1997
 Dynamics of Force Recruitment of the Paralyzed Muscle@By Functional Electrical Stimulation
 219 Brion Orly Joseph Mizrahi

Dan Adam
 A Biomechanical Model of Standing: Relation Between Reactive@Forces and Emg of Leg Muscles in Standing@Sway
 220 Givoni Dalia Dan Adam1997
 Quantification of the Flow Vector Distribution Using a@Transversal Doppler Ultrasound Cross-Section@Images
 221 Mimoun Yair Joseph Mizrahi1997
 Simulation of the Dynamics of a Human Amputated Forearm
 222 Wilner Shahar Moshe Gur1997
 Recognition of Rotated Patterns by the Visual System:@Experiments and Modeling
 223 Sazbon Didi Haim Azhari1997
 Three-Dimensional Spiral Ultrasonic Tomography: Application@To Female Breast Imaging
 224 Goldberg-Zimring Daniel Haim Azhari

Ron Achiron
 Automated Detection and Characterization of Multiple@Sclerosis Lesions in the Human Brain Using Mr@Image Processing
 225 Gordon Naama Rafael Beyar1997
 Estimation of Coronary Blood Flow by Thermography@In Open Chest Conditions
 226 Samish Amir Amnon Foux (Deceased)

Yoram Lanir
 Optimization of Urethral Magnetic Valve
 227 Rigler David Alice Maroudas1997
 The Effect of Dynamic and Static Compression on@The Articular Cartilage Metabolism
 228 Perelman Benjamin Haim Azhari1997
 An Investigation of Ultrasonic Impediodgraphy - Imaging@Methods
 229 Dat Daniel Rafael Beyar

Gideon Inbar (Deceased)
 Measurement of Dynamic Arterial Diameter Changes by@Electrical Impedance Method
 230 Moshe Ronen Isak Gath1996
 Automatic Classification of Phonems by Fuzzy Clustering
 231 Michlin Maria Moshe Gur

Ron Meir
 Recognition of Handwritten Digits Via Neural Networks
 232 Blizhevsky Alexander Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Haim Azhari
 Study of a Non-Invasive Method for Blood Pressure@Measurement in the Carotid Artery
 233 Stolarsky Silvia Haim Azhari1996
 Investigation of Breast Imaging Techniques Using Ultrasonic@Tomography
 234 Chayut Yehoshua Avraham Shitzer1996
 The Effect of Large Blood Vessel on the Temperature Field@Around a Surface Cryoprobe.
 235 Aviram Aviv Joseph Mizrahi1995
 Relations Between Mechainical and Myoelectric Parameters@In Paralyzed Muscle Under Electrical Stimulation
 236 Michailov Vera Uri Dinnar (Deceased)1995
 Mathematical Analysis of Oxygen Transport in@Microcirculation
 237 Amara Arye Haim Azhari1995
 A Comparison of Power Spectral Estimators for Color Doppler
 238 Uchitel Nathlia Alice Maroudas1995
 Age Related Changes in the Proteoglycans of Human Articular@Cartilage: Use of Aspartic Acid Racemization to@Study Turnover of Proteoglycans
 239 Merlis Hagit Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

 Feasibility Test of 3-D Reconstruction of Biofurcations of@Coronary Tree from Stereo Projections
 240 Zontak Alla Rafael Beyar

Samuel Sideman (Deceased)
 Dynamic Thermography: Analysis of Hand Temperature During@Exercise
 241 Feldman Alexander Rafael Beyar

Samuel Sideman (Deceased)
 Three Dimensional Mapping of Dynamic Cardiac Functional@Parameter
 242 Sivan Sarit Noah Lotan

Moshe Gur
 Biochemical-Logic Systems in Molecular Electronics:@Enzyme-Based Systems
 243 Cohen )Erlich( Shlomit Alice Maroudas1995
 The Influence of Age and Degeneration on Change in the@Osmotic Pressure of the Proteoglycans in the@Intervertebral Disc
 244 Aaron Athena Gideon Inbar (Deceased)1995
 Elobon Joint Movement Control: An Experimentaland@Theoretical Study
 245 Iskoz Anna Isak Gath1995
 Fuzzy Clustering for Characterization of Nonconvex@Patterns
 246 Seelenfreund Dan Joseph Mizrahi1995
 Force-Metabolic Relation in Skeletal Muscle Activated by Fes
 247 Sayag Moshe Joseph Mizrahi

Alice Maroudas
 A Computerzed System for Monitoring Cartilage Deformation
 248 Snir Einat Alice Maroudas1994
 Penetration of Igf1 and Its Complexesrocytes and in Cartilag
 249 Chabanski Sophie Rafael Beyar

Tlexander Taratorin
 Spectral Analysis and Filtration of Dynamic Infrared Images
 250 Halperin Orit Gideon Inbar (Deceased)1994
 Control Signal Adaptation of the Forearm Muscle Under Loads
 251 Petrank Yael Samuel Sideman (Deceased)

Rafael Beyar
 Analysis of the Cliuical Application of 30 Inaging of the
 252 Loshakov Amir Haim Azhari1994
 A Mechanical Model for Performance Estimation of Spring@Implants ("Stents") for Opening Obstruction in the@Human Body
 253 Levin Oron Joseph Mizrahi1994
 Dynamic Parameters in Human Standing Posture
 254 Vered-Cohen Sharon Alice Maroudas1994
 Solute Transport in Cartilage with and Without Comprssion
 255 Guez Sudarsky Dina Rafael Beyar

Samuel Sideman (Deceased)
 Three Dimensional Analysis of Right Ventricular Geometry
 256 Noachas Gabriel Yoram Lanir

Alon Marmor
 Investigation of the Ventricvlar-Vascular Coupling
 257 Hoory Dan Isak Gath1994
 Detection of Eliptic Shells Using Fuzzy Clustering
 258 Segal Vardit Noah Lotan

 Dual Evzyme Multi-Laxer Bioreactors
 259 Nehamkin Sigalit Noah Lotan1993
 Molecular Bio-Electronics:enzymes and Conducting Polymers
 260 Beylin Aleksandr Moshe Gur

Dan Adam
 Solution of the Inverse Problem in Electrocardiology Using
 261 Amir-Finkelstein Maya Gideon Ishai1993
 Height and Frequency Control in Repetitive Vertical Hopping
 262 Seidel Arza Noah Lotan1993
 Integrated System for Biomaterials Seperation
 263 Filo Orna Noah Lotan

 System Engineering in Biotechnology: Reactor-Separation Unit
 264 Almon Marva Ido Perlman

 A Receptive Field Model for Motion Detection in Neurons
 265 Vaserman-Palti Daphna Rafael Beyar

Alfred Bruckstein
 Measurements of Mgcardlal Perfuslon by Imaging Technig Ues
 266 Ashkenazi Gal Noah Lotan1992
 Biochemical Tolecular Logic Systems: Structure & Function
 267 Kamin Ariela Dan Adam1992
 Global Local Model of Conditioning in the Auditory Cortex
 268 Magid Aviram Moshe Gur1992
 Spatial Trequency and Orientaion in the Uisval System
 269 Einat Ronen Dan Adam1992
 Analysis of the Heart Pacemaker Using a Model
 270 Beracha Ron Isak Gath1992
 Classification of Sleep Eeg in Normals and Sleep Disturbance
 271 Ronen Orith Dan Adam1992
 Study of Arrhythmias by a Finite Elements Modeling
 272 Popper Orna Alice Maroudas1992
 Igf1 Partition Coefficient and Metabolic Effet on Cartilage
 273 Syrkin Gil Moshe Gur1991
 Color Vision Contribution to Sputial Vision
 274 Portnoy Sigalit Noah Lotan1991
 Synergistic Phenomena in Enzymic Degradation of Biopolymers
 275 Tilbor Yaffa Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Haim Azhari
 276 Harel Tamar Simon Braun

Shlomo Ben-Haim
 Analysis of Heart Rate Uariability in Panic Disoredr Patien
 277 Caminker Rubens Rafael Beyar

Samuel Sideman (Deceased)
 Transmural Distribution of Coronary Flow in the Lv Myocardi
 278 Lavi Michal Uri Dinnar (Deceased)1991
 Modeling of Flow Mechanics Bet Ween Cerebral and Body System
 279 Zimmerman Mordechay Gideon Ishai1991
 Seating the Severe Physically Disablep
 280 Seltzer Daniel Gideon Ishai1990
 Gait Learning Procedure for a Multilink Human Body Model
 281 Manor Dan Rafael Beyar

Uri Dinnar (Deceased)
 A Model of the Coronary Circulation in the Normal and
 282 Weisman Netta Alice Maroudas1990
 The Physico Chemical Properties of Articular Cartilage
 283 Scholev Mordehai Gideon Ishai1990
 Planar Analysis of Wheelchair Dynamics
 284 Palmon Hanna Moshe Gur1990
 Chromatic Intereactions in the Ganzfeld Viewing
 285 Houshan Nawaf ?1990
 A Semiconductor Diode System for Medical Radiation Dosimetry
 286 Rambod Edmond Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Samuel Sideman (Deceased)
 Mumerical Investigation of Blood Flow in a T-Junction
 287 Akri Vered Moshe Gur1990
 Influence of Nonisoluminance Color Component on Sp Vision
 288 Malonek Dov Moshe Gur1990
 Edge Effects on Visual Mechomisms for Locol Motiom Analysis
 289 Kamon Irit Moshe Gur1990
 Temporal Responses to Ganzfeld Viewing in Amblyopes
 290 Singer Elhanan Gideon Ishai1990
 Optimal Mechanical-Impedance of Ankle Porostheses
 291 Shapira Meir Gideon Ishai

Shraga Hocherman
 Control Patterns in Postural Stability on Vibrating Platform
 292 Zeiner Norit Uri Dinnar (Deceased)

Uri Shani
 Towards the Atomatic Reconstruction of the Coronary Tree
 293 Doitsher Markus Gideon Ishai1989
 Frontal Plane Motion Control in the Locomotor System
 294 Veretnik Hana Uri Dinnar (Deceased)1989
 Analog Electrical Model for Coronary Flow
 295 Etzion Gil Amnon Foux (Deceased)1989
 Stiffness of a Healed Fractured Bone
 296 Barg Frances Gideon Ishai1989
 Multi Link Dynamic Formulations for Sagittal Plane Simulati
 297 Weill Anne Avraham Shitzer

Pinhas Bar-Yoseph
 Analysis of Temperature Field Around Multiple Cryoprobes
 298 Herman Maayana Uri Dinnar (Deceased)1988
 Analitical Model for the Cardiovascular System
 299 Raul Avrom Noah Lotan1988
 Bioreactors Under the Influence of Chemical Modulators

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