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Ph.D Theses

DepartmentBiomedical Engineering
Department Web Site http://www.bm.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Tal Gilboa Meller Amit2019
 Nanopore Tools for Precision Medicine at the Single@Molecule Level: Pathogen Classification@and Genotyping
 2 Yan Ostrovski Sznitman Josue2019
 Targeted Delivery of Inhalation Medicine using Magnetic@Particles
 3 Steve Krupa Shoham Shy2019 Abstracts  Advances in Wavefront Engineered Ultrasonic Neuromodulation
 4 Anna Faingersh Klebanov Landesberg Amir2019
 The Counterintuitive Interactions Between the Cardio and@Pulmonary Systems; Heart Failure Versus@Pneumothorax
 5 Yulia Merkher Weihs Daphne2019
 Rapid Cancer Prognosis and Diagnosis Device Based on@Mechanical Identification of Cancer Metastasis
 6 Avner Shimron Meller Amit

Shoham Shy
2019 Abstracts  Efficient Estimation of Encoding Models from Visual Cortical@Population Activity
 7 Jonathan Avesar Levenberg Shulamit

Bercovici Moran
 Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing on a Chip using@Microfluidic Nanoliter Droplet Arrays
 8 Jimy Pesin Landesberg Amir

Gath Isak
2018 Abstracts  Classification of Respiratory Pathologies by Quantifying@the Chest and Abdomen Dynamics
 9 Or Perlman Azhari Haim2018 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Multimodal Methods for Detection and@Imaging of Nanoparticles
 10 Hanan Khamis Adam Dan

Zvi Friedman
2017 Abstracts Theses New Constraint-Based Approaches for Enhancing the Accuracy@and Reliability of 2D Echocardiographic Assessment@of Left Ventricular Function
 11 Hagit Stauber Sznitman Josue

Waisman Dan Israel
2017 Abstracts Theses In vitro Microfluidic Models of Alveolar Capillary@Microcirculation
 12 Janna Tenenbaum-Katan Sznitman Josue2016 Abstracts Theses Pulmonary Alveolar Flow Physiology: From Fetal to Childhood@Airways
 13 Daria Amiad Pavlov Landesberg Amir2016 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Muscle Length and Shortening Velocity on@Cross-Bridge Dynamics; Deciphering the@Mechanisms Underlying the Regulation of@Cardiac Sarcomere Mechanics
 14 Adi Schejter Bar-Noam Shoham Shy2016 Abstracts Theses Cellular-Resolution Neurophotonic Interfaces with the@Visual System
 15 Noam Weiss Azhari Haim

Nahun Goldberg
2016 Abstracts  Non-Invasive Monitoring of Thermal Ablation Procedures@Using X-Ray CT
 16 Erez Shor Levenberg Shulamit

Shoham Shy
2016 Abstracts  Engineered Pre-Vascularized Nerve Transplant for the@Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury
 17 Philipp Hofemeier Sznitman Josue2016 Abstracts  Computational Simulations of Inhaled Aerosols in the@Pulmonary Acinar Region
 18 Amit Livneh Adam Dan

Kimmel Eitan
 Extracorporeal Acute Cardiac Pacing by High Intensity@Focused Ultrasound
 19 Avinoam Bar-Zion Adam Dan2016
 Angiogenesis Imaging Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography
 20 Ramy Fishler Sznitman Josue2015 Abstracts Theses Microfluidic Models for Studying Pulmonary Acinar Transport@Phenomena
 21 Yaron Blinder Levenberg Shulamit2015
 Flow-Induced Vascularization in 3D Engineered Tissue
 22 Maya Schnabel Lubovsky Seliktar Dror

Talmon Yeshayahu
2015 Abstracts  Nano Scale Cell-Matrix Interactions through Amorphous@Hydrogels Polymeric Networks
 23 Lior Golan Yelin Dvir2014 Abstracts Theses Imaging of Flowing Cells Using Spectrally Encoded Confocal@Microscopy
 24 Dekel Dado Levenberg Shulamit2014 Abstracts  Cell-Scaffold Mechanical Interplay within Engineered@Tissue
 25 Yossi Tsadok Adam Dan2014 Abstracts  Cardiac Anatomy/Substrate Analysis Using Cardiac-MRI@Images and Echocardiographic Data
 26 Alexandra Berdichevski Seliktar Dror2014 Abstracts Theses Tissue Engineering Based on Injectable Intra-Arterial@Micro-Carrier Delivery System for Cardiac Muscle@Regeneration
 27 Assaf Hoogi Adam Dan2013 Abstracts Theses Quantitative Analysis of the Neovascularization within@a Vulnerable Carotid Plaque
 28 Tal Hendel Gur Moshe2013 Abstracts Theses Physiological Control of Binocular Eye Movements
 29 Yonatan Shachaf Seliktar Dror2013 Abstracts Theses Biosynthetic Materials to Regulate Metastasizing Neoplastic@Cell Migration
 30 Yulia Shandalov Levenberg Shulamit2013
 Engineering Vascularized Muscle Tissue: From 2D to 3D
 31 Hod Michael Dana Shoham Shy2012 Abstracts Theses Temporal Focusing Multiphoton Microscopy for Rapid@Volumetric Neuronal Imaging
 32 Michael Krumin Shoham Shy2012 Abstracts Theses Correlation-Distortion Based Control and Analysis of@Neural Spike Trains
 33 Naama Gal Weihs Daphne2012 Abstracts Theses Transport and Localization of Particles Internalized@in Living Cancer Cells
 34 Nairouz Farah Shoham Shy2012 Abstracts Theses Photo-Thermal Stimulation for Vision Restoration:@In-Vitro Characterization
 35 Inna Reutsky-Gefen Shoham Shy2012 Abstracts Theses Optogenetic Patterned Control of Channelrhodopsin-2@Expressing Retinal Ganglion Cells
 36 Moran Yedid Landesberg Amir2012 Abstracts Theses Theories of Muscle Contraction: The Dependence of Cross-@Bridge Kinetic Rates on the Filament Sliding@Velocity
 37 Erez Berkovich Gur Moshe

Pratt Hillel
2012 Abstracts Theses Biologically Inspired Object Recognition
 38 Natalya Mizrahi Kimmel Eitan

Weihs Daphne
2012 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Cell Mechanics
 39 Michael Lysiansky Adam Dan

Zibulevsky Michael
2012 Abstracts Theses Two Dimensional Ultrasound Speckle Tracking and Inverse@Acoustic Scattering Problem
 40 Avshalom Shenhav Landesberg Amir2011 Abstracts Theses The Performance of a Novel Physiological Assist Device that@Works in Synchrony with the Failing Heart;@Experimental Data and Analysis Based on@Cellular Control Mechanisms
 41 Gali Sela Landesberg Amir2011
 The Adaptive Control of Cardiac Energetics by the Loading@Conditions; Manifestation of Sarcomeric Control@Mechanism at the Macro Level
 42 Dotan Algranati Lanir Yoram2011 Abstracts Theses Physical Determinants of Normal and Obstructed Coronary Flow
 43 Taly Appelman Seliktar Dror

Mizrahi Joseph
2010 Abstracts Theses The Differential Effect of Scaffold Composition and@Architecture on Chondrogenic Response to@Mechanical Stimulation
 44 Keren Shapira-Schweitzer Seliktar Dror2010 Abstracts Theses An Injectable Biomaterial for Cardiac Tissue Engineering
 45 Liat Oss-Ronen Seliktar Dror2010 Abstracts Theses Affinity-Based Drug Delivery Using Bio-Synthetic Hydrogels@Formed from PEGylated Proteins
 46 Inbal Michael Levenberg Shulamit2010 Abstracts Theses Mechanisms of Infantile Aphakic Glaucoma
 47 Offra Sarig-Nadir Seliktar Dror2010 Abstracts Theses A Hydrogel Scaffold Composed of Polyethylene Glycol and@Fibrinogen for in-vitro Peripheral Nerve@Regeneration
 48 Noa Bachner Adam Dan2010 Abstracts Theses The Regional Function of the Left Ventricle as Assessed@by Echocardiography in Health and Acute@Myocardial Infarction
 49 Ayelet Lesman Levenberg Shulamit2010 Abstracts Theses Tissue Engineering of Vascularized Cardiac Muscle from@Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 50 Gil Kovalski Azhari Haim

Israel Ora
2010 Abstracts Theses New Acquisition and Processing Techniques in Nuclear@Cardiology Imaging
 51 Andrei Yosef Seliktar Dror

Mizrahi Joseph
2010 Abstracts Theses Intrinsic Matrix Mechanical Stimulation of Mesenchymal@Cells in Tissue Engineering
 52 Maya Gonen-Wadmany Seliktar Dror2010 Abstracts Theses Tissue Engineering a Hybrid Material Scaffold for Regulating@the Functionality of Resident Cells
 53 Benjamin Kaimovitz Lanir Yoram2010 Abstracts Theses A Full 3-D Reconstruction of the Entire Porcine@Coronary Vasculature
 54 Netanel Korin Levenberg Shulamit

Dinnar Uri (Deceased)
2008 Abstracts Theses Micro-Bioreactors for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture and@Manipulation
 55 Omer Tzor Lotan Noah2007 Abstracts Theses Integrated Biochemical Systems: Spatial Arrangement and@Biochemical Function
 56 Saar Golan Dinnar Uri (Deceased)

Elata David
2007 Abstracts Theses Differentiation of Multi Species Biofluids by@Dielectrophoretic Field Flow Fractionation
 57 Eran Langzam Mizrahi Joseph

Nemirovsky Yael
2007 Abstracts Theses Electro-Mechanical Studies of Muscle Activity Enhanced by@External Stimulation
 58 Dan Rappaport Adam Dan2007 Abstracts Theses Reconstruction of the Electrical Activation Sequence in the@Left Ventricle Based on Motion Analysis Computed@from B-mode Echocardiograms@Patterns
 59 John Anthony Kennedy Azhari Haim

Israel Ora
2007 Abstracts Theses An Investigation of Methods for Data and Image Fusion in a@Hybrid PET/CT Imaging System
 60 Avishay Bransky Dinnar Uri (Deceased)

Nemirovsky Yael
2007 Abstracts Theses A Study of Erythrocytes Mechanical and Rheological@Properties, Using an Automated Rheoscope based on@a Microfabricated Flow Cell
 61 Yael Yaniv Landesberg Amir2007 Abstracts Theses Identification of the Mechanoelectric Feedback in the@Cardiac Muscle
 62 Yoav Levy Azhari Haim

Agnon Yehuda
2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of New Techniques for Ultrasonic Imaging
 63 Anat Herbet-Grinfeld Gur Moshe

Pratt Hillel
2006 Abstracts  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)and Evoked@Response Potentials: Complementary Approaches to@Study Visual Object Recognition
 64 Vladimir Litvak Pratt Hillel

Zaaroor Menashe
2006 Abstracts  Analysis of the Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation@on Functional States and Connectivity of the Human@Cerebral Cortex Using@Electroencephalography
 65 Daniel Razansky Adam Dan

Einziger Pinchas
2006 Abstracts  Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic and Electromagnetic@Power Deposition Models
 66 Sigal Ben-Zaken Cohen Kimmel Eitan

Marmur Abraham

Weintraub Zalman
2005 Abstracts  The Role of Lung Surfactant in Lung Stability and Alveolar@Functioning
 67 Dana Lorber Kimmel Eitan

Shavit Uri
2005 Abstracts  The Flow Field in a Stenosis Model of a Coronary Artery and@its Influence on the Permeability of Endothelial@Cells
 68 Carmit Levy Landesberg Amir2004 Abstracts  Regulation of Cross-Bridge Recruitment in the Cardiac@Muscle: Identification of the Cooperativity@Mechanism
 69 Emad Nimer Maroudas Alice2004 Abstracts  Solute Transport and Kinetics of Binding in Cartilage@with and without Applied Static Compression
 70 Moran Furman Gur Moshe2004 Abstracts  A Neural Model for Motion Processing in the Visual Cortex@During Pursuit Eye Movements
 71 Igor Kagan Gur Moshe2003 Abstracts  Responses of Cells in Striate Cortex of Alert Monkeys:@Neuronal Properties and Effects of Eye@Movements
 72 Shirley Steinberg-Shapira Palti Yoram2003 Abstracts  Deciphering of the Origin and Spread of the Activity that@Leads to Insulin Secretion in Islet of Langerhans
 73 Oleg Michailovich Adam Dan2003 Abstracts  A Novel Approach to 2-D Blind Deconvolution of Ultrasound@Images Using Projections into Complex Compactly@Supported Orthonormal Bases
 74 Vardit Segal Lotan Noah

Dinnar Uri (Deceased)
2002 Abstracts  Processes at the Interface between Biomaterials and@Physiological Systems
 75 Yael Petrank Beyar Rafael

Reisner Shimon
2002 Abstracts  Echocardiographic Methods for Evaluation of Left Ventricular@Function and Perfusion during Coronary@Intervention
 76 Daniel Goldberg-Zimring Azhari Haim

Ron Achiron
2002 Abstracts  Quantitative Characterization of Multiple Sclerosis@Lesions Geometry in the 3-D Space
 77 Leonid Livshits Mizrahi Joseph

Einziger Pinchas
2002 Abstracts  Skeletal Muscle Response to Externally Applied Electric@Field
 78 Barooch Berdugo Azhari Haim

Rosenhouse Judith
2001 Abstracts  Implementation of Directional Hearing Mechanisms in@Automatic Systems for Speaker Localization@and Acoustic Imaging
 79 Pablo Burstein Adam Dan2001 Abstracts  A Method of 3D Reconstruction of Flow Velocity Fields from@Color-Doppler Ultrasound
 80 Claudio Gabrie Jakobson Nemirovsky Yael

Dinnar Uri (Deceased)
2001 Abstracts  Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors in Standard CMOS for@Brain Monitoring
 81 Yoav Kimchy Pratt Hillel

Zeevi Yehoshua
 Estimation of Single Trial Evoked Potentials@by Adaptive Techniques
 82 Mark Moulin Inbar Gideon (Deceased)

Sivan Raphael (Deceased)
 Development of Closed-Loop Robust Controller for FNS@Assisted Walking of Paraplegics
 83 Sarit Sivan Lotan Noah

Beyar Rafael
 Molecular Engineering of Bioactive Materials with Defined@Specificity: Design and Synthesis of@Hemoglobin Derivatives
 84 Yair Shapira Gath Isak

 Effects of Mental Stress on Human Voice@Detecting Lies from the Speech Signal
 85 Shmuel Rispler Beyar Rafael1999
 Experimental Model of Phasic Coronary Blood Flow in Aortic@Valve Disease: Aortic Stenosis or Aortic@Regurgitation
 86 Daphna Vaserman-Palti Beyar Rafael

Kiryati Nahum

Bruckstein Alfred
 Identifying and Tracking the Guide-Wire in the Coronary@Arteries from X-Ray Images During PTCA
 87 Oron Levin Mizrahi Joseph1998
 Characterization of Force Dynamics of a Paralyzed Muscle@Activated by Electrical Stimulation
 88 Aleksandr Beylin Gur Moshe1998
 Inhibitory Mechanisms in the Primary Visual Cortex (V1) of@the Alert Monkey
 89 Orna Filo Lotan Noah1997
 Molecular Systems for Information Processing: Basic Enzymic@Systems and Biochemical Neural Networks
 90 Yizhar Lavner Gath Isak

Rosenhouse Judith
 Voice Parameters for Speaker Recognition by a Human Listener
 91 Shai Levy Adam Dan1997
 Improvement of Electrical Impedance Tomography by Using@Magnetic Field Measurements
 92 Peerly Setter Gur Moshe1997
 Binocular Depth Perception as a Multi-Channel System
 93 Vered Akri Gur Moshe1997
 A Model of Color Processing Mechanism in the Visual System
 94 Olga Denisov Azhari Haim1997
 Rapid Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tagging for Assessment@of Myocardial Geometry and Function
 95 Ofer Imanuel Lanir Yoram

Sheinman Izhak
 Stress Analysis in the Left Ventricle of the Heart
 96 Tamar Harel Gath Isak

Ben-Haim Shlomo
 Analysis of the Heart Rate Variability Signal@as a Predictor of Lethal Arrhythmias
 97 Giora Landesberg Adam Dan1996
 Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Variability as Properties@of the Cardiovascular Dynamics and Its@Baroreflex Regulation
 98 Gil Syrkin Gur Moshe1996
 Spatial Vision: Physiological Responses in the Visual@Cortex of Normal and Amblyopic Cats
 99 Chen Liu Sideman Samuel (Deceased)1995
 Speech Enhancement for Hearing in the@""Cocktail Party" Environment
 100 Arkady Glukhovsky Adam Dan

Sideman Samuel (Deceased)
 Mechanisms Regulating Intracellular Calcium Availability@and Their Effects on Alternans
 101 Orly Yadid-Pecht Gur Moshe1995
 Biologically Inspired Neural Networks for@Pattern Recognition
 102 Daniel Seltzer Ishai Gideon

Hocherman Shraga
 Control Strategies in Human Gait
 103 Amir Geva Pratt Hillel

Zeevi Yehoshua
 Spatio-Temporal Source Estimation of Human Evoked Potentials
 104 Amir Landesberg Sideman Samuel (Deceased)

Beyar Rafael
 Electro-Mechanical Coupling in the Cardiac Muscle
 105 Samuel Tuchman Lotan Noah1994
 Biochemical Systems for Molecular Logic Elements
 106 Menachem Halmann Beyar Rafael

Sideman Samuel (Deceased)
 Three Dimensional Analysis of the Heart@and the Coronary Arteries
 107 Dan Manor Beyar Rafael

Sideman Samuel (Deceased)
 Bio Electronics
 108 Maayana Herman Sideman Samuel (Deceased)

Dinnar Uri (Deceased)

Beyar Rafael
 Hemodynamics of Congenital Heart Diseases
 109 Ilia Vitsnudel Adam Dan1991
 Reconstruction of Potential Maps from Level - Crossings
 110 Sonathan Lessick Sideman Samuel (Deceased)

Beyar Rafael
 Characterisation of Regional Geometry Function of the
 111 Oscar Lichtenstein Dinnar Uri (Deceased)

Ben-Haim Shlomo
 Physics Teaching
 112 Mark Levy Mizrahi Joseph1991
 Fatigue Analysis of Human Paralyzed Skeletal Muscles Activat
 113 Israel Ziv Maroudas Alice1990
 The Changes in the Properties of the Intervertebral Disc
 114 Michael Hatwell Inbar Gideon (Deceased)1989
 Development of Closed Loop Controllers for Fns Assisted
 115 Shlomo Gilat Adam Dan1989
 Cal Electronids
 116 Hanoch Eri Ben Aim Mizrahi Joseph1989
 117 Giora Enden Dinnar Uri (Deceased)

Israeli Moshe (Deceased)
 The Solution of Three Dimensional Flow Problem in the Cv Sys

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