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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentMaterials Science and Engineering
Department Web Site materials.technion.ac.il/?lang=he

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Feldman Shirel Michael Silverstein2020 Abstracts  Porous Interpenetrating Polymer Networks through@Oil-in-Water Emulsion Templating
 2 Tiurin Ortal Yair Ein-Eli2020 Abstracts  Characterization of Lif Deposited via Atomic Layer@Deposition on High-voltage LiMn1.5Nio.504@Cathode Powder
 3 Stein Tomer Yair Ein-Eli2019 Abstracts  Corrosion Resistance and Durability Enhancement of@Metal Bipolar Plates (BP) Substrates via@Metal-Nitride Coatings
 4 Hamal Ester Maytal Caspary-Toroker2019
 The Effect of Strain and Co Doping at Varying Concentration@on the Effiency of Nickel Oxyhydroxide in the@Process of Water Oxidation
 5 Ben David Roey Eugen Rabkin

Dror Cohen
2019 Abstracts Theses Kinetic Study of Isothermal and Non-Isothermal@Dehydrogenation Process of Titanium Hydride
 6 Kushnirov Meln Vladi Alejandro Sosnik2019
 Development of Polymer-Ceramic Hybrid Nanobiomaterials for@Drug Delivery Applications
 7 Zaritski Anna Alejandro Sosnik2019
 Sugar-Based Polymeric Micelles as Targeted Drug Delivery@System
 8 Onn Winestook Rachel Yachin Ivry2019 Abstracts Theses Flexible Ferroelectrics: Designing and Utilizing@Nanoscale Characterization Methods
 9 Mahroum-Waked Riham Michael Silverstein2019 Abstracts Theses Synthesis of Porous Simultaneous Interpenetrating Polymer@Networks through Emulsion Templating
 10 Holzman Itamar Yachin Ivry2019 Abstracts Theses Nb and NbN Nano-Structures for Tuneable Superconductivity
 11 Offen Inbal Yair Ein-Eli2019 Abstracts Theses The Development of Aluminum Anodes for Lithium-Ion@Batteries with High Active Material Content
 12 Hadar Mor Avner Rothschild2019 Abstracts Theses Using Underlayers to Improve Iron Oxide@Photoelectrodes for Solar Water Splitting
 13 Elbaz Yuval Maytal Caspary-Toroker2019
 Diffusion of Hydrogen Ions in Metal Oxides Phases
 14 Sheskin Ariel Yaron Amouyal2019 Abstracts Theses Defects and Interfaces in Ag-Alloyed PbTe Compounds for@Thermoelectric Applications
 15 Halabi Rawan Avner Rothschild2019 Abstracts Theses Photo-Electrochemical Water Splitting in Separate@Oxygen and Hydrogen Cells
 16 Yitzhack Neta Yair Ein-Eli2019 Abstracts Theses Electrodeposition of Aluminum from Non-Aqueous Organic@Solutions Containing Aluminum Bromide Salt
 17 Nagli Michael Maytal Caspary-Toroker2019
 Characterization of M(OH)2 (M = Ni, Fe, Co) Two-Dimensional@Materials through Computational Methods
 18 Teitz Liora Maytal Caspary-Toroker2019 Abstracts Theses Theoretical Investigation of Two-Dimensional Dielectric@Materials for MoS2-Based Field-Effect Transistors
 19 Rosen Natalie Michael Silverstein2019 Abstracts Theses Encapsulation of Hydrated Salt Phase Change Materials@within Polymer Monoliths through Emulasion -@Templating
 20 Livne Achiya Boaz Pokroy2019 Abstracts Theses Biomineralization in Fungi - Control Over@Morphology, polymorph and Templating
 21 Haimovich Karin Boaz Pokroy2019 Abstracts  Investigation of Surface Phenomena on Template Stripped@Thin Films of Gold
 22 Sverdlov Roni Alejandro Sosnik2018 Abstracts Theses Nanoparticle-in-Microparticle Drug Delivery System@of an Antiretroviral Combination
 23 Noi Imrit Alejandro Sosnik2018 Abstracts Theses Design and Synthesis of Novel Multifunctional Mucoadhesive@and Mucopenetrating Self-Assembly Nanocarriers@for Drug Delivery
 24 Essel Shai Menachem Bamberger

Alexander Katsman
2018 Abstracts Theses Thermal Stability of High Entropy Alloys
 25 Fraenkel Nethanel Moshe Eizenberg2018 Abstracts Theses Structural and Electrical Characterization of Cobalt@Thin Films for Usage as Gate Metal in Advanced@MOS Devices
 26 Mao Ting Wayne D. Kaplan2018 Abstracts Theses The Au-ZrO2 Interface: Energy and Morphology
 27 Shmueli Zachi Boaz Pokroy2018
 Effect of Surface and Heat-Treatment Atmosphere on@the Crystallization of High Purity Fused Silica@Glass
 28 Atia Liraz Menachem Bamberger2018
 The Development of Coated Welding Electrode for welding of@Super Duplex Steels
 29 Kornblum Noga Boaz Pokroy2018 Abstracts Theses Selective Metals Deposition by Atomic Layer Deposition Using@Low-Coordination Surface Sites
 30 Nouzman Yelizabetha Gitti Frey2018 Abstracts Theses Interlayers at the Organic/Metal Interface in Organic@Devices
 31 Stern Aya Michael Silverstein

Eric Assouline
2018 Abstracts Theses Elastomeric, Emulsion-templaed Polymers for the Controlled@Release of Water
 32 Malka Markovitz Dennis David Menachem Bamberger

Shaul Avraham
2018 Abstracts Theses Heat Treatments and their Influence on Mechanical Properties@and Microstructure of 3D Printed Ti-6Al-4V
 33 Horowitz Rotem Michael Silverstein2018 Abstracts Theses Porous Shape-Memory Polymers Synthesized Through Emulsion@Templating
 34 Sagi Hagit Dov Sherman

Rachman Chaim
2018 Abstracts  A Method for Stable Crack Propagation in Brittle Crystals
 35 Tsyganok Anton Avner Rothschild2018 Abstracts Theses Effect of Fe(1-x)Ni(x)OOH Overlayer on Photo-Electrochemical@Performance of Hematie (Alpha-Fe2O3) Photoandes
 36 Kozachkevichh Stanislav Boaz Pokroy2018 Abstracts Theses The Hierarchical Structure of Biogenic Calcite:@The Case of the Brittle Star Ophiocoma Wendtii
 37 Ben-Melech Stan Gabriela Maytal Caspary-Toroker2018 Abstracts Theses Lateral Interface in Two-Dimensional Transition Metal@Dichalcogenide Metal/Semiconductor@Heterostructures
 38 Safranchik Daniel Dan Shechtman2018 Abstracts Theses Development of Biodegradable Fe-Based Alloys for Medical@Applications
 39 Shapira Alon Yair Ein-Eli2018 Abstracts Theses Study and Understanding of Particularized Protective Metal@Fluorides Films Developed on High Potential Li-Ion@Battery Cathode Materials
 40 Shenhav Lihi Dov Sherman2018 Abstracts Theses Crack Propagation in Brittle Porous Media Under Compression
 41 Abu Saleh Doaa Alejandro Sosnik2017 Abstracts Theses Design of core anchored polymeric micelles as novel@nanocarriers for drug solubilization and@stabilization
 42 Avraham Liraz Michael Silverstein2017 Abstracts Theses Renewable-Resource-Based Emulsion-Templated Porous@Poly(urethane urea)S
 43 Koresh Ido Yaron Amouyal2017 Abstracts Theses Effects of Precipitation on the Thermal Conductivity of@Doped Thermoelectric Zine Oxide
 44 Bracha Avigail Boaz Pokroy2017 Abstracts Theses The Structure and Micro-Structure of Biogenic Curved@Single Crystals
 45 Weinshtok Mordechay Liora Michael Silverstein2017 Abstracts Theses Encapsulation of "Phase Change Materials" within@Polymeric Microcapsules and Monoliths
 46 Rich Benjamin Boaz Pokroy2017 Abstracts Theses A Study on the Wetting Properties of Broccoli Leaf Surfaces@and their Time Dependent Self-Healing After@Mechanical Damage
 47 Beitner Daniel Boaz Pokroy

Eric Assouline
2017 Abstracts Theses Modifying the Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Properties of@PUR Acryl Paints Substrates by ALD and SAMs
 48 Bukchin Alexandra Alejandro Sosnik2017
 Surface-modification of polymeric micelles with sugar@residues for different biomedical applications
 49 Ohana Benaddi Aurelie Michael Silverstein2017 Abstracts Theses The Influence of the Polymerization Mechanism and of the@locus of Initiation on Emulsion-Templated Porous@Polymers
 50 Bialystocki Tslil Michael Silverstein2017 Abstracts Theses Carbonate-containing Porous Poly(urethane-urea)s from@Emulsion-templating
 51 Shreiber Livne Inbar Michael Silverstein2016 Abstracts Theses Self-crosslinked, High Porosity Hydrogels through@Emulsion Templating
 52 Vainberg Uri Menachem Bamberger

Shaul Avraham
2016 Abstracts Theses Microstructure and Properties of Aged Vs Crept@Mg-Al-Zn-Sn_Nd/Ce Alloys
 53 Talal Julia Alejandro Sosnik2016 Abstracts Theses Nanoparticle-in-Nanoparticle Multimicellar Nanomaterials@for Drug Delivery via Sol-Gel Chemistry@Coupled to Spray-Drying Technology
 54 Zonensain Oren Moshe Eizenberg2016 Abstracts Theses Characterization and tuning of the effective work function@of WCxNy films for advanced MOS device@applications
 55 Raskin Maya Alejandro Sosnik2016 Abstracts Theses Polysaccharide self-assembly nano-biomaterials for the@development of innovative mucoadhesive drug@delivery systems
 56 Rodes Yael Moshe Eizenberg

Eitan Shauly
2016 Abstracts Theses Investigation and Optimization of MIM Silicon Nitride@Capacitors Embedded in Cu BEOL Technology
 57 Shasha Hila Yair Ein-Eli2016 Abstracts Theses Cathode Materials for Secondary Magnesium Batteries
 58 Yatom Natav Maytal Caspary-Toroker2016
 Photocatalysis on Nb-doped Fe2O3 surface
 59 Niv Sharon Michael Silverstein2016 Abstracts Theses Elastomeric Emulsion-Templated Polymers
 60 Ovadia Maya Michael Silverstein2015 Abstracts Theses Hydrogel-Based Porous Polymers via Emulsion Templating
 61 Dumchin Irina Avner Rothschild2015 Abstracts  Growth and Characterization of Nb Doped SrTiO3 Epilayers
 62 Ostrovsky Avshalom Ze'ev Shlomo Berger2015 Abstracts Theses A New Method of Growing Pyroelectric Mg3B7O13Cl@Nano-Crystals with Preferred Crystallographic@Orientations
 63 Graff Ayelet Yaron Amouyal2015 Abstracts Theses Effects of Lattice Defects on Thermoelectric Properties of@Calciun-Manganite Compounds for Energy Harvesting@Applications
 64 Leviatan Tomer Shlomo Berger2015 Abstracts Theses Development of an Oxide Based Electrode for Thermal@Batteries
 65 Blank Oshri Avner Rothschild2015 Abstracts Theses Cu2O Thin Film Solar Cells
 66 Gross Eran Wayne D. Kaplan2015 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Additives on Sintering and Microstructural@Evolution of SiC
 67 Glick-Carmi Rotem Boaz Pokroy2015 Abstracts  Time-Dependent Surface Tension and Wettability of Drops due@to Adsorption and Dissolution
 68 Gabay Amir Wayne D. Kaplan2015 Abstracts  The Influence of Electrical Fields on Grain Growth in@SiC
 69 Orland-Revach Timna Avner Rothschild2015 Abstracts  SrTiO3 Memory Diodes
 70 Koren )Gross( Moran Avner Rothschild2015 Abstracts  The Influence of Gold Nanoparticles on the Optical and@Photoelectrochemical Properties of Iron Oxide@(alfa-Fe203) Photoanodes for Water@Splitting
 71 Cohen Samoocha Dikla Michael Silverstein2015 Abstracts Theses Bicontinuous Hydrogel-Filled Hydrophobic Polymers@Synthesized within Polymer-Nanoparticle-Stabilized@Pickering Emulsions
 72 Bloch Leonid Boaz Pokroy2015 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Structural Aspects of Nanometric Scale@Thickness ALD Deposited Films
 73 Ophir Gal Eugen Rabkin

Lior Kogut
2015 Abstracts Theses Surface Analysis of Contact Interface in RF MEMS Switches
 74 Karbian Kiperwasser Esther Menachem Bamberger2015 Abstracts Theses Plasma Treatment Casting (PTC) Process Influence@on Microstructure of Aluminium 6063
 75 Benes Dahan Dana Wayne D. Kaplan2015 Abstracts Theses Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide@Based Nanocomposites
 76 Akiva Ran Wayne D. Kaplan2014 Abstracts Theses Anisotropic Grain Boundary Mobility in Undoped and@Doped alpha-Alumina
 77 Erlich Chen Korine Menachem Bamberger2014 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Heat Treatments on Properties of Ni-rich@Nitinol Weldments
 78 Bishara Hanna Shlomo Berger2014
 Growth of Sodium Nitrite Nano-Crystals inside a Nano-Porous@Array
 79 Sakajio Michal Avner Rothschild2014 Abstracts Theses Metal Oxide Cathodes for High Temprature Electrolysis of CO2@for Solar Fuel Production
 80 Brif Anastasia Boaz Pokroy2014 Abstracts  Lattice Distortions in Semiconductor Crystals Induced by the@Incorporation of Intracrystalline Organic@Molecules
 81 Eshed Eyal Menachem Bamberger2014 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Compositional Changes on the@Amorphization Ability of Mg-Zn-Sm and@Mg-Y-La Alloys
 82 Buchbinder Lotem Gitti Frey2014 Abstracts Theses Hybrid Electrochromic Materials
 83 Kovalenko Oleg Eugen Rabkin2014 Abstracts Theses Morphology and Nano-Mechanics of Iron Particles on@Sapphire Produced by Solid State Dewetting
 84 Burshtein Guy Yeshayahu Lifshitz2014 Abstracts Theses ZnO Nanostructure Growth by Thermal CVD
 85 Altberg-Poliak Anna Wayne D. Kaplan2014 Abstracts Theses Structural and Thermodynamic Characterization of Pt-SrTiO3@Interfaces
 86 Warwar Damouny Christine Michael Silverstein2014 Abstracts Theses Hydrogel-Filled Porous Shape Memory Polymers from Long@Side-Chain Monomers via Emulsion Templating
 87 Abd El Majid Suzan Menachem Bamberger

Alexander Katsman
2013 Abstracts  Microstructural Characterization and Phase Evolution of Aged@Mg-Gd and Mg-Gd-Nd Alloys with Additions of Zn, Y@and Zr
 88 Litvak Barak Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2013 Abstracts Theses Wear Resistant TiSiN Nanostructured Multi-Layer@Coatings on WC-CO
 89 Strassberg Rotem Eugen Rabkin2013 Abstracts  Diffusion-Induced Microstructure Stabilization in@Thin Nanocrystalline Films
 90 Popilevsky Larisa Eugen Rabkin2013 Abstracts  Hyrogenation-Induced Microstructure Evolution in as-Cast@and Severly Plastically Deformed Mg-10wt%Ni Alloy
 91 Zohar-Hauber Keren Shlomo Berger2013 Abstracts Theses Pressure Sensitive Thin Composite Films
 92 Kamienchick Itai Avner Rothschild2013 Abstracts Theses Nanostructured Sn02 Gas Sensors
 93 Even-Zur Orit Eugen Rabkin

Yuval Yaish
 Growth and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Assemblies
 94 Goldberg Raya Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Shoshana Tamir
2012 Abstracts Theses Vapor Phase Synthesis of ZnO and Si Nanowires
 95 Hamer Shay Dov Sherman

Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)
2012 Abstracts Theses Residual Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Laminates with MWCNT@Toughened Thermoplastic Interleaving
 96 Ilberg Liron Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Michael Varenberg
2012 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Structure and Hydrogen Bonding of Amorphous@Carbon Films on Their Tribological Properties
 97 Younis Saeed Emil Zolotoyabko

Boaz Pokroy
2012 Abstracts Theses Atomic and Nano-Structure of Aragonitic Mollusk@Shells
 98 Levinson Tomer Wayne D. Kaplan2012 Abstracts Theses Microstructure and Properties of Green-Machined Sintered@Alumina
 99 Kadosh Tamar Wayne D. Kaplan

Yeshayahu Talmon

Yachin Cohen
2012 Abstracts Theses In-Situ Characterization of Spinel Nanoceramic Suspensions
 100 Sharlin Elad Avner Rothschild2012 Abstracts Theses Thermodynamic Stability of Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for@Water Splitting
 101 Nijikovsky Boris Wayne D. Kaplan2012 Abstracts Theses Microstructural Characterization of ZnO Films Deposited on@(111)-MgAl2O4 from Low Temperature Aqueous@Solution
 102 Tsaroom Adi Michael Silverstein2011 Abstracts Theses Core-Sheath Nanofibers from Electrospun Polymer/Metal-@Salt Solutions
 103 Shahar Zhahi Gitti Frey2011 Abstracts Theses Optoelectronic Properties of Conjugated Polymer Layered@Nanocomposites
 104 Atiya Galit Menachem Bamberger2011 Abstracts Theses Precipitation Sequence and Phase Evolution in Mg-Nd Alloy@Containing Zn and Zr
 105 Nussbaum Elad Wayne D. Kaplan2011 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Titanium on Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
 106 Rotberg Keren Wayne D. Kaplan2011 Abstracts Theses The Stability of Surface Planes in Sapphire
 107 Cohn Tammy Avner Rothschild2011 Abstracts  Pulsed Laser Deposition of Nb-doped SrTiO3 Transperent@Electrodes
 108 Kuperman-Benedik Hanna Avner Rothschild2011 Abstracts  Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of Strontium Ferrite@Thin Films
 109 Greenman Gadi Wayne D. Kaplan2011 Abstracts Theses Microstructure and Properties of TiCN CVD Coatings
 110 Rechter Roman Emil Zolotoyabko

Avner Rothschild
2011 Abstracts Theses Growth and Characterization of the SrTiO3 -Based Thin@Films
 111 Malka-Markovitz Alon Irena Gotman

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
2010 Abstracts Theses Calcium Phosphate Deposition on Reticulated NiTi Scaffolds
 112 Zaid Tal Yair Ein-Eli2010 Abstracts Theses Electrochemistry of Silicon at High Anodic Potentials
 113 Barzilay Maya Dan Shechtman2010 Abstracts Theses Deformation Mechanisms in B2 Structured Intermetalic@Compounds
 114 Shepelev Dmitry Menachem Bamberger

Alexander Katsman
2010 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Minor Additions on the Structure and@Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys
 115 Schwieger Jonathan Yair Ein-Eli2010 Abstracts Theses Study and Development of Copper Sulfate Based Cathode@Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
 116 Marder Rachel Rachman Chaim2010 Abstracts Theses Densification Mechanisms during Spark Plasma Sintering of@Nanocrystalline Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3)
 117 Amran Yogev Menachem Bamberger2010 Abstracts Theses Characterization and Modeling of Phase Transition Kinetics@in Austempered Ductile Iron
 118 Shacham Dganit Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2010 Abstracts Theses Effect of Filler Particles Sonication on the Mechanical@Behavior of Composite Materials
 119 Gur Ran Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2009 Abstracts Theses Processing and Properties of Nano and Sub-Micron Iron Based@Composites
 120 Gilert Roni Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2009 Abstracts Theses Bio-Functionalization of Magnetic Nanopowders Employing@Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM)
 121 Gluzer Gali Wayne D. Kaplan2009 Abstracts Theses Influence of Processing on the Microstructure and Properties@of Ni-Al2O3 Nanocomposites
 122 Sinai Ella Gitti Frey2009 Abstracts Theses Synthesis and Characterization of Color-Tunable Conjugated@Polymer Nanocomposites
 123 Klachuk Shahar Menachem Bamberger2009 Abstracts Theses Structure and Properties of 1045 Steel Surface Laser@Alloyed with 50%Wt Ni-50%Wt CrB2
 124 Gavish Inbal Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Rafael Kalish
 Nanostructuring Carbon Films Deposited by Energetic Species@Produced by a Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA)@Source
 125 Levy Rafael Eugen Rabkin2009 Abstracts Theses Liquid Metal Embrittlement of AISI 4340 Low Alloy Steel@by Ga-In Eutectics
 126 Amarilio-Burshtein Iris Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Shoshana Tamir
2009 Abstracts Theses ZnO Nanowires - Structure and Properties Dependence on@Growth Conditions
 127 Nagar Margalit Magi Yair Ein-Eli2009 Abstracts Theses Elucidating Advanced Inhibitors for Copper: K-Sorbate and@K-Phosphate as Inhibitors in Copper CMP Slurry
 128 Zaiats Gary Michael Silverstein2009 Abstracts Theses Blends of EPDM and Polybutadiene Rubbers Containing@Electrically Conductive Carbon Black
 129 Shuster Gregory Emil Zolotoyabko2009 Abstracts Theses Growth and Characterization of Barium Strontium Titanate@(BST) Thin Films
 130 Mikhaylov Natalia Dan Shechtman2009 Abstracts Theses Antimicrobial Magnesium Coatings on Stainless Steel@Implants
 131 Kobrinsky Victorya Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Yigal Komem
2008 Abstracts Theses Nanostructured ZnO Films for Gas Sensing
 132 Normatov Jenny Michael Silverstein2008 Abstracts Theses Porous Nanocomposites Synthesized within High Internal Phase@Emulsions
 133 Gandman Maria Wayne D. Kaplan2008 Abstracts Theses Microstructural Evolution of Al-Cu Intermetallic Phases in@Wire-Bonding
 134 Pavlovsky Svet Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Chemical Sensing Materials: Electrically Conductive@SEBS Copolymers Systems
 135 Shlayer Amit Rachman Chaim2008 Abstracts Theses Densification of Nanocrystalline Ceramic Powders by Spark@Plasma Sintering (SPS)
 136 Livshin Shulamit Michael Silverstein2008 Abstracts Theses High Internal Phase Emulsion Polymers Based on Monomers@with Long Side Chains: Structure and Properties
 137 Borukhin Shirly Yeshayahu Lifshitz

Rafael Kalish
2008 Abstracts Theses Radiation Induced Electron Generation and Transport in@Diamond Thin Films
 138 Lavi Oz Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)

Gitti Frey

Yair Ein-Eli
2008 Abstracts Theses Electrochromic Properties of WO3/ITO Films
 139 Kulygin Olga Michael Silverstein2008 Abstracts Theses Porous Hydrophilic Polymers Synthesized within High@Internal Phase Emulsion
 140 Markovich Miri Dov Sherman2008 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Crack Propagation along {111} Si Under Bending
 141 Barkai Gabbay Odelia Dov Sherman2008 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Crack Instabilities in Silicon Crystal under@Combined Tensile and Shear Stresses
 142 Shamir Dana Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Electrically Conductive Filled Polymers for Vibration@Damping
 143 Faingold Anna Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Hybrid Fibril/Nanoparticle Injection Molded Polymer@Composites
 144 Aharonovich Igor Yeshayahu Lifshitz2007 Abstracts Theses Growth and Structure of Silicon-based Nanowires
 145 Ortenberg Lina Dov Sherman

Yigal Komem
2007 Abstracts Theses Characterization of the Stresses in Thin Silicon Nitride@Films Deposited on GaAs Substrates
 146 Eliash Tal Eugen Rabkin2007 Abstracts Theses Correlation between Nano and Macro Mechanical Properties of@Poly Crystalline Molybdenum
 147 Gabelev Angelina Eugen Rabkin

Dov Sherman
2007 Abstracts Theses Effect of Stress and Plastic Strain on Grain Growth in Thin@Metal Films
 148 Boriskovsky Boris Yair Ein-Eli2007
 Study of Copper Localized Anodic Dissolution Mechanisms@in Acidic Solutions
 149 Gorny Anton Menachem Bamberger2007 Abstracts Theses Precipitation Hardening in Mg-Sn-Zn-Y and Mg-Sn-Zn-Sb Cast@Alloys
 150 Harosh Shlomi Menachem Bamberger2007 Abstracts Theses Phase Formation and Precipitations Hardening in Mg-Sn-Zn-Al@Alloys
 151 Bernstein Michael Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2007 Abstracts Theses Development of Bioresorbable Load Bearing Nanostructured@Ceramic-Polymer Composites for Bone Graft@Substitutes
 152 Avraham Moshe Menachem Bamberger2006 Abstracts  Structural Stability of LiCl and MgO under Load and@Temperature Conditions
 153 Graznov Polina Menachem Bamberger2006 Abstracts  Grain Refinement in Magnesium Alloys
 154 Amir Noa Michael Silverstein2006 Abstracts  Organosilicon-Polymer Hybrids: Molecular Structure and@Thermal Degradation
 155 Miller Lior Wayne D. Kaplan2006 Abstracts  Processing and Microstructure of Aluminum@Oxynitride (AlON)
 156 Buchman Eli Eugen Rabkin

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
2006 Abstracts  The Effect of Nanostructuring on Hydrogen Storage@of Mg-Based Alloys Properties
 157 Keren Ziv Rachman Chaim2006 Abstracts  Densification of Nanocrystalline Yttrium Aluminum@Garnet (YAG) Powders
 158 Shemesh Rotem Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Electrical Behavior of HIPS/LCP/CB Immiscible Blends
 159 Meltzman Hila Wayne D. Kaplan2006 Abstracts  Energy and Morphology of Solid-Solid Au-Sapphire Interfaces
 160 Karpel Adi Wayne D. Kaplan2006 Abstracts Theses Microstructural Evolution of Gold-Aluminum Wire-Bonds
 161 Larianovsky Natalya Menachem Bamberger

Dan Shechtman
2006 Abstracts  Structure and Properties of Al 7075 Prepared by@Rapid Solidification
 162 Steinberg Oren Emil Zolotoyabko2006 Abstracts  Growth and Characterization of the InP-based Multi-@Quantum Well Layers (MQW) for Optoelectronic@Applications
 163 Zilberov Alexey Menachem Bamberger2005 Abstracts  Development of Creep Resistant Mg-Ca-Zn and Mg-Ca-Zn-Si@Casting Alloys
 164 Zlotnikov Igor Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2005 Abstracts  Combustion Synthesis of Functionally Graded Composites@Reinforced by Hard Particles
 165 Daren Sagi Wayne D. Kaplan2005 Abstracts  Growth of Aligned Carbon Nano Tubes
 166 Atrash Fouad Dov Sherman2005 Abstracts  Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Low-K@Dielectric Thin Films
 167 Zehavi Assaf Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Ageing of Polymer-Epoxy-Polymer Joints
 168 Drezner Haika Shlomo Berger2005 Abstracts  Electro-Optical PLZT Thin Films Deposited on Silicon@Substrates
 169 Lev Uri Emil Zolotoyabko2005 Abstracts  Characterization of Ferroelectric Domains in Epitaxial@Films of BaTiO3 by HRSEM and HRXRD
 170 Aharon Eyal Gitti Frey2005 Abstracts  Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices
 171 Albo Asaf Gitti Frey2005 Abstracts  Novel Guest-Host Nanocomposites: Conjugated Polymer/@Inorganic Layered Compounds
 172 Shalev Olga Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2004 Abstracts  Processing and Characterization of Porous Metal-based@Structures Designed as Scaffolds for Bone@Ingrowth
 173 Ribak Eliezer Irena Gotman

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
2004 Abstracts  Coating of Graphite and Carbon-Carbon Composite via@Reaction with Cr Powder
 174 Auinat Mahmud Yair Ein-Eli2004 Abstracts  Zinc Corrosion in Alkaline Solutions - Study of@Inhibition Mechanism in the Presence of Organic@Inhibitors
 175 Cohen Shalom Menachem Bamberger2004 Abstracts  Phase Formation, Precipitation and Strengthening Mechanisms@in Mg-Zn-Sn, Mg-Zn-Sn-Ca and Mg-Zn-Sn-Si Alloys
 176 Goldstien Tal Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Structure and Properties of UV Cured Adhesive System
 177 Ashuach Yechezkel Wayne D. Kaplan2004 Abstracts  The Influence of Sintering Additives on the Microstructure@and Properties of AION
 178 Hasson Gil Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)

Moris Eisen
2004 Abstracts  Structure-Property Relationships for Polypropylene,@Catalyzed by Organo-Metallics Complexes
 179 Lumelsky Yulia Michael Silverstein2004 Abstracts  The Degradation of Novolak Containing Metal Nitrates@and the Formation of YBCO
 180 Lipp Eran Moshe Eizenberg2004 Abstracts  The Effect of Cu on the Electrical Properties of MOS@Capacitors
 181 Gordon Nahum Yair Ein-Eli

David Starosvetsky
2004 Abstracts  Silicon Texturing under Negative Potential Dissolution@(NPD) Conditions
 182 Twersky Anton Raoul Rachman Chaim2003 Abstracts  Sintering and Microstructural Evolution in the@Nanocrystalline Alumina-Glass Ceramics
 183 Pokroy Boaz Emil Zolotoyabko

Noam Adir
 Microstructure of the Strombus Decorus Persicus@Seashell
 184 Zamir Shlomit Irena Gotman

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
2003 Abstracts  Synthesis of Dense Light Weight Al3Ti/B4C Composites@by Pressure Assisted Thermal Explosion
 185 Kauffmann Yaron Rachman Chaim

Wayne D. Kaplan
2003 Abstracts  Characterization of Micro-Strains in Nano-Crystalline@Materials
 186 Be'ery Ilan Missing advisors 2003
 Investigation of Crack Propagation Dynamics in Single@Crystal Silicon
 187 Avraham Shaul Wayne D. Kaplan2003 Abstracts  Reactive Wetting and Characterization of i-3A Materials
 188 Ehre David Rachman Chaim

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
2003 Abstracts  Processing of Nanocrystalline Ceramics and the Effects of@Grain Size on Mechanical Properties
 189 Abelev Esta Eugen Rabkin

Yair Ein-Eli
2003 Abstracts  Electrochemical Behavior of Copper in Aqueuos Solutions for@Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Applications
 190 Amouyal Yaron Eugen Rabkin2003 Abstracts  The Correlation between Grain Boundary Energy,@Crystallography and Chemical Composition in the@Intermetallic Compound NiAl
 191 Joseph Shay Moshe Eizenberg2003 Abstracts  TiSiN Films Produced by CVD as Diffusion Barriers for Cu@Metallization
 192 Mashall Ido Leonid Klinger

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2003 Abstracts  Reactive Surface Modification of Nickel Alloys by Treatment@in Titanium and Nitrogen
 193 Drubetsky Marat Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Electrically Conductive Composite Materials
 194 Godley Reut Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
2003 Abstracts  Surface Modification of a Low Modulus Titanium-Niobium@Alloy for Use in Medical Implants
 195 Steinbrecher Gil Dov Sherman

Rachman Chaim
 Characterization of the Fracture Energy of Adhesive Joints
 196 Goldin Alexander Dan Shechtman2002
 Phase Characterization of Magnesium Alloys with Rare-Earths
 197 Khoptiar Yuri Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman

Leonid Klinger
2002 Abstracts  Reactive in Situ Synthesis of Layered Machinable Ti-Based@Ternary Ceramic Matrix Composites
 198 Sergienko Anatoli Michael Silverstein2002 Abstracts  Novel Polymeric Foams - Synthesis, Properties and@Applications
 199 Finkel Amir Eugen Rabkin

Menachem Bamberger
2002 Abstracts  The Effect of Exposure to Elevated Temperatures on the@Microstructure and Hardness of Die Cast Mg-Ca-Zn@Based Alloys
 200 Katz Dov Missing advisors 2002
 The Effect of Magnesium as an alloying Addition on the@Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Hot Dip@Galvanized Low Carbon Sheet Steel
 201 Brafman Rona Wayne D. Kaplan

Menachem Bamberger
2002 Abstracts  Infiltration of Mg-Alloys into a Ceramic Matrix
 202 Dubinsky Stanislav Michael Silverstein2002 Abstracts  Investigation of Ionic Polymer/Metal Salt Solutions and@Films
 203 Gutmanas Yuli Michael Shapiro2002
 Dense In-Situ AL2O3/TIB2 Composites by Thermal Explosion@(SHS) under Pressure
 204 Tsach Yarden Dan Shechtman2002 Abstracts  The Contribution of Metallic Thin Films to the Nucleation@and Growth Rate of Diamond Deposited in a HF-CVD@Reactor
 205 Aharon Oren Wayne D. Kaplan2002
 HIP Processing of Metal-Alumina Nanocomposites
 206 Zipin Hedva Shlomo Berger2001
 Stresses in Room Temperature Deposited Oxide Thin Films
 207 Najary Youval Michael Silverstein2001
 Thermal Degradation of Polyacrylonitrile Containing@Metal Salts
 208 Boni Odellia Shlomo Berger2001
 Dielectric Properties of Nanocomposite Structure
 209 Trudler Alexander Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
 Design of Nanocrystalling Cu and Ag-Cu Alloys by@Advanced Powder Metallurgy Methods
 210 Hillel Tomer Robert Armon

Joseph Yahalom
 Corrosion Behavior of Low Alloyed Steel and Stainless Steels@in Iron Bacteria Media
 211 Drezner Yariv Shlomo Berger2001
 A Study of the Microstructure, Composition and Optical@Properties of CVD ZnS
 212 Petronius Israel Menachem Bamberger2000
 The Influence of Coating Type on the Microstructure@And Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel Weld@Metal and Heat Affected Zone
 213 Fisher Ilanit Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)2000
 The Effect of Interface Characteristics on the Properties@Of Three Component Polymer Alloys
 214 Zeitouny Abraham Missing advisors 2000
 Characterization of W-Based Contacts to Gan@For High Temperature Devices
 215 Ariel Nava Moshe Eizenberg2000
 Fluorinated Amorphous Carbon as Low-K Dielectric Material@And Its Interface with Copper Metallization
 216 Shaham Dani Wayne D. Kaplan

Emil Zolotoyabko
 The Structure and Microstructure of the@Acanthocardia Tuberculata Shell
 217 Marom Hagay Missing advisors 2000
 The Dynamic Response of Alumina to High Strain Rate Loading
 218 Shenhar Anat Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)

Irena Gotman
 Growth Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Tin Coatings@For Total Joint Implants
 219 Lieberthal Michael Wayne D. Kaplan2000
 Al203 Reinforced with Sub-Micron Nickel Particles
 220 Roichman Yohai Moshe Eizenberg2000
 Cobalt-Silicide Contacts on Si1-Ycy Layers Epitaxially@Grown on Si(001)
 221 Faran Eilon Missing advisors 1999
 Solid State Displacement Reactions in the Bn-Ti@System
 222 Brosh Eli Missing advisors 1999
 Effect of Dopants on Anistropy in Grain Growth in Alumina
 223 Zoldan Janet Moshe Narkis

Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)
 Structure and Properties of Ternary Immiscible Polymer@Blends
 224 Zamir Shai Yosef Salzman

Emil Zolotoyabko
 Mocvd-Growth and Characterization of Gallium Nitride on@Silicon Substrates
 225 Avinun Michal Moshe Eizenberg

Wayne D. Kaplan
 Nucleation and Growth of Cvd Al on Different Types of@Ti/tin
 226 Miron Yonit Missing advisors 1999
 Strain Relaxation and Dopant Distribution in the Reaction@Of Co with Strained Si/si 1-X Gex/si Structures
 227 Mocqovich Miri Missing advisors 1999
 Sintering of Bimodal Zirconia Powders with a Nanometric@Component
 228 Ben-Shoushan Tamir Missing advisors 1999
 The Ballistic Failure Mechanisms and Sequence in@Confined Alumina
 229 Shilo Doron Emil Zolotoyabko1999
 Strain Analysis in Near Surface Crystalline Layers
 230 Ahilea Tammy Emil Zolotoyabko1998
 Characterization of Sio2/si Systems by Means of High@Resolution X-Ray Diffraction
 231 Visoly Iris Michael Silverstein1998
 Plasma Polymerized Films Containing Sulfur And/or Nitrogen
 232 George Levi Wayne D. Kaplan

Menachem Bamberger
 Influence of Ticn on the Microstructure Evolution of@Al-Mg2si Alloys
 233 Rios Pablo Michael Silverstein

Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)
 Electromagnetic Processing of Recycled Polymers
 234 Raslin Olga Shlomo Berger1997
 In Situ Stress Measurements in Al/tiw/a-Si/si(100)@System
 235 Tepper Faran Tamar Dan Shechtman1997
 Polymorphism in Metallic Multilayers
 236 Kohn Amit ?1997
 Electrolytic Deposition of Pzt {pb(Zrxti1-X)O3} Films
 237 Leiderman Marianna Abraham Rosen (Deceased)

 Sintering of Hard Metals from Submicron Wc Powders
 238 Parnis Dmitry Emil Zolotoyabko1997
 Study of Strains in Sige/si Heterostructures Grown by Ion@Beam Sputter Deposition
 239 Avrahami Ytshak Emil Zolotoyabko1997
 Characterization of Waveguide Fabrication Processes@In Linbo3
 240 Avishai Amir Menachem Bamberger1997
 The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure of Gravity@Die Cast Az91 Magnesium Alloy
 241 Cohen Izack Lev Levin1997
 Phase Formation in a Nickel Aluminum Coated Ti-Al(Fe)@Intermetallic
 242 Winer Inga Moshe Eizenberg

Shlomo Berger
 Nucleation and Growth of Cvd W
 243 Hag Yahia-Hamadan Hussain Shlomo Berger1996
 Mechanical Alloying of Cu-Si Powders.
 244 Bransky Etay Shlomo Berger1996
 A Study of Microstructure Composition and Electrical@Properties Of: Al/a-Sixn1-X/a-Si/si(100) Contacts
 245 Goren-Muginstein Ginat Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1996
 Recrystallization of Heavy Metals After Cold Deformation
 246 Olevsky Felix Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)1996
 Synthesis of in-Situ Ceramic Matrix Composites from Dense@B4c-, Bn-Ti and B4c-, Bn-Ti/ni Powder Blends
 247 Gluzman Alexander Menachem Bamberger1996
 Structure and Properties Characterization of Co2 Laser@Alloyed Carbon Steel and Iron with Crb
 248 Almaleh Sylvie Rachman Chaim1995
 Electrolytic Cr2o3 Coatings on Non-Oxide Ceramics Substrates
 249 Gafni Ziv Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1995
 Failure Mechanisms in Composites Under Ballistic Loading
 250 Fishelzon Ziva Joseph Yahalom1995
 Electrodeposition of Compositional Modulate Fe/cu Alloys
 251 Greenbaum Yitzhak Eric Moshe Eizenberg1995
 Formation of Titanium Silicide on Ion Implanted Silicon
 252 Saad Rami Moshe Eizenberg1995
 Properties of Tungsten Silicide Layers
 253 Tkach Tamara Menachem Bamberger1995
 The Role of Alloying Elements on the Phase Growth@In Ni-Base Alloys
 254 Sander Ben Zion Yigal Komem

Emil Zolotoyabko
 Investigation of Small Strains in Silicon Samples@By Means of X-Ray Combined with Ultrasonic@Excitation
 255 Savzanski Marina Shlomo Berger

Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)
 Amorphization Processes of Mechanically Alloyed Powders
 256 Ben-Haroe Itzhak Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1995
 The Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Mechanical@Properties and Microstucfure of 347 Stainless@Steel
 257 Paz Moshe Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1995
 Effects Ofnanufacturing Parameters on the Stength and@Microstructure of A_6061/sicf Metal Matrix@Composite
 258 Weiss Danny Joseph Yahalom1995
 Anodic Oxidation of Magnesium and Its Alloys
 259 Winerich Dror Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1995
 Polymer Blends Containing a Liquid Crystalline Polymer
 260 Mogilevski Margalit Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1995
 Thermoforming of Liquid Crystalline Polymersheets
 261 Gluzman Olga Rachman Chaim

David Brandon
 Grain Boundary Mobility in Alumina
 262 Katz-Demyanetz Alexander Rachman Chaim1995
 Control of Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Ceramic Oxide
 263 Hefetz Meir Rachman Chaim1995
 Fabrication and Characterization of Nanocrystalline@Oxide Ceramics by Application of Hot Isostatic@Pressing
 264 Soifer Constantin Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)1995
 Hard Metal Coatings on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene@Plastics
 265 Tokar Alexander Lev Levin1995
 Phase Transformations in An Amorphous A|-La-Ni Alloy
 266 Kovler Mark Joseph Yahalom1995
 Effect of Anodic Oxidation on the Mechanical Strength of@Alumina Membranes for X-Ray Lithography
 267 Kiri Uri Menachem Bamberger

Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)
 Investigation of the Hardening of Ni Base Alloy Ods by Y203
 268 Lev Amir Michael Silverstein

Yigal Komem
 Properties of Polyimide-Aluminium Thin Films
 269 Shlezinger Meir Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)1994
 Comparison Between Shook and Sinusoidal Fatigue
 270 Stark Gabi Rachman Chaim

 Oxide Coatings on Non-Oxide Ceramics by Electrolytic Method
 271 Chen Roni Michael Silverstein1994
 Plasma Polymerization of Hexa-Fluoro-Propylene
 272 Paransky Yevgeniy Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)1994
 Synthesis of Iron Cobact and Nickel Titanides
 273 Kaully Tamar Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1994
 Highly Felled Particulate Thermoplastic Composites
 274 Gendler Jonathan E. David Brandon1994
 Ceramic-Elastomeric Composite Based on Alumina Matrix
 275 Zilberman Meital Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1994
 Structure and Properties of 6/6.9 Copolyamide
 276 Levin Igor Rachman Chaim

David Brandon
 Structure and Properties of Alumina-Sic Nancomposites
 277 Regev Michael Shlomo Berger

Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)
 The Influenle of Thermal Prolesses on T91 to T22 Weldm
 278 Yalin Mordechay Menachem Bamberger

Abraham Rosen (Deceased)
 Determination of Creep Mechanism in X20 Crmov 12 1 Steel
 279 Sadovsky Jehiel Michael Silverstein1994
 Surface Modified Ultra High Molecular Weight P.e.
 280 Shauly Eitan Yigal Komem1993
 Electrical Activity Chemical Concentration Distribution
 281 Gur Doron Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)

 Stable and Metastable Structures in Gallium - Lanthanides
 282 Breuer Orna Michael Silverstein1993
 The Influence of Polyethylene Fiber Surface Treatment on@Fiber Properties and Composite Material@Reinforcement
 283 Gendler Zohar Menachem Bamberger

Josef Zahavi
 Excimer Laser Surface Treatment of Anodic Film on Al-2024
 284 Goldner Adi Yigal Komem1993
 Investiga of Thin Metal Films and Silicide Contacts on
 285 Chakk Juli Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)1993
 Solid State Amorphization by Mechanical
 286 Breitner Joseph Michael Silverstein1993
 High-Performance Polymer Blends for Improved Abrasion
 287 Levit Maxim Ben-Zion Weiss (Deceased)1993
 Adhesion Mechanisms Microstructure and Residual@Stresses Analysis of the Plasma Sprayed Zro2-7y2o3@Thermal Barrier Coatings
 288 Ashur Abraham Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1993
 Influene of the Microstructvre on Mechamical Properties of
 289 Yahalom Joseph Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)

Lulu Rozeanu (Deceased)
 The Influence of the Thickness of Flat Plates on Friction
 290 Wittenberg Ron Yigal Komem1993
 Metal Silicon Contacts Formed by Rapid Thermal Proce Ssing
 291 Ezer Yossef Rachman Chaim1993
 Ceramic Superconductor/metal Composites
 292 Sharon Amos ?1992
 Deposition of Alumina and Zirconia by Electrodeasition
 293 Aboud Touma Dan Shechtman1992
 Structure and Properties of Rapidly Sulidified Gold Alloy
 294 Tropp Ehud David Brandon1992
 Controlled Melt Nitridation of Al with Mg and Si Dopants
 295 Karni Nahum Menachem Bamberger

 Characterization of Zn-Al Alloy Metal Matrix Composites
 296 Kamienney Israel Joseph Yahalom1992
 Inuestigation of the Properties of Copper - Nickel
 297 Horowitz Zvi Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)

Lulu Rozeanu (Deceased)
 The Application of Ferrography for the Characterization of
 298 Cohen Eli Rachman Chaim1991
 Microstructure Properties of Composites Al2o3-Zro2 System
 299 Owusu-Boahen Kwame Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)

Menachem Bamberger
 Precipitation in Nickel Base Superalloys
 300 Farkash Mordechai David Brandon1991
 Sic Whisker - Reinforced Si3n4 with Bimodal Microstructure
 301 Newman Isaac Isaac Minkoff (Deceased)1991
 Thermomechanical Cycles in Spot Welding of Maraging Steels
 302 Koltin Ephraim Moshe Eizenberg1991
 Metallization of Cobalt and Germanium Thin Filas on Gaas
 303 Wapniarsky Shemuel Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1991
 Creep of Ti-Gal-4v at Room Temperature
 304 Zilberman Iris ?1991
 Synthesis and Coating of Ceramic Oxides by Electrodeposition
 305 Efraim Shlomo ?1991
 An Investigation of the Brass Staining Mechanism at Anneali
 306 Krisher Ehud Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1991
 Damping Properties of Metallic Materials
 307 Kaplan Wayne ?1991
 Apvanced Characterization of Galliumerich Rare Earth Alloys
 308 Zimlich Ofer ?

 Design and Inuestigation of Hydrides Forming Alloys Inthe
 309 Intrater Ron Joseph Yahalom1991
 Electrodeposition of Compositional Modulated Alloys
 310 Ocansey Paul Menachem Bamberger1990
 Solidification of Al-Si Alloy Reinforced with Sic Particles
 311 Roth Aviad Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1990
 Formation and Characterization of Superconducting Thin Films
 312 Holdengraber Yizhak Dov Katz (Deceased)

Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)
 Epoxy Resin Wigh High Content of Granular Filler:
 313 Iskevitch Eliezer Rachman Chaim1990
 Micrdstructure and Properties of Ceramic Supercoductors
 314 Mitrani Yitzchak Abraham Rosen (Deceased)

Elazar Gutmanas (Deceased)
 Design of Dispersion Strengthened Materials for Elevated Tem
 315 Mehlmann Alexander Isaac Minkoff (Deceased)

Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)
 Investigation of Hary Layers on Tetrls Formed by Co2 Laser
 316 Ariely Shmuel Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)1989
 The Effect of Titanium on the Microstructure of Nickel
 317 Breslauer Edith Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1989
 The Correlation Between Microstrocture and Mechanical Pruper
 318 Weisshaus Haya Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1989
 Carbon-Carbon Composites:mechanical Prop. Microstruc.process
 319 Sonnenreich Benjamin David Brandon1989
 Development of High Performance Sintered Reaction Bonded
 320 Burstin Noam Rachman Chaim1989
 Open Cell Structure Plastics Metals and Ceramics-Production
 321 Atzmon Ziv Lev Levin1989
 Stability of Intermediate Phases in Cm-Si System
 322 Zur Amit Isaac Minkoff (Deceased)1989
 The Microstructures of Steels and Other Alloy Fibers Produce
 323 Gabbay Rony Shraga Dirnfeld (Deceased)1989
 Copper Brittleness by Silver Alloys Braging
 324 Rosenberg Yael Arnon Siegmann (Deceased)1989
 Structure and Properties of Irradiated Fluoropolymers
 325 Alon-Domb Moshe Isaac Minkoff (Deceased)1989
 Welding of High Hardness Armour Steels
 326 Shafirstien Gal Menachem Bamberger1988
 Structure and Properties of Laser Treated Ceramic (Al203 Coa
 327 Jacobsohn Eli Abraham Rosen (Deceased)1988
 Laser Technologies for Metalisation Out of Gas Phases

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