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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentMechanical Engineering
Department Web Site meeng.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Yair Greenberg Grossman Gershon2019 Abstracts  External Phase Shifting Tuning Mechanism in a Miniature@Pulse Tube Cryocooler Using a Semi-Active@Electromagnetic Damping System
 2 Idan Shadmi Bucher Izhak2019 Abstracts  Design, Experiments and Stiffness Identification of an@Acoustically Levitated Bearing System and@a Development of a Nonlinear Amplifier@Concept
 3 Emil Bronshtein Shilo Doron

Faran Eilon
2019 Abstracts  Thermodynamics and Microstructure of Austenite-Martensite@Interfaces and Phase Transformations in Shape@Memory Alloys
 4 Hila Sarah Jacob Gat Amir2019 Abstracts  Creeping Gas Flows Through Elastic Micro-Channels
 5 Michael Yannai Hasman Erez2019 Abstracts  Spectrally Interleaved Geometric Phase Metasurfaces
 6 Neta Blum Durban David

Karp Raruch
2019 Abstracts  Assessment of Saint-Venant Principle in Biological Tissues
 7 Gil Yacobi Starosvetsky Yuli2018 Abstracts Theses Resonant Energy Transport in Coupled Granular Crystals
 8 Netanel Hassan Gat Amir2018 Abstracts Theses Dynamics and Instabilities of an Arbitrarily Clamped@Elastic Sheet in Potential Flow with Application@to Shape-Morphing Airfoils
 9 Daniel Levy Rittel Daniel

Shirizly Amnon
2018 Abstracts Theses Static and Dynamic Compressive Response of Additively@Manufactured Discrecte Patterns of Ti6Al4V
 10 Lior Debbi Tzlil Shelly2018 Abstracts  Cardiac Cell Response to Action-Potential Phase-@Dependent load
 11 Rami Awad Dayan Yehoshua

Shoham Moshe
2018 Abstracts Theses Modeling of Polymer as a Robot
 12 Omer Vertzberger Rosen Aviv2018 Abstracts Theses Development and Investigation of a Theoretical Model of@a Slung Load in a Wind Tunnel which is Attached to@a Moving Point
 13 Dekel Avraham Shilo Doron2018 Abstracts Theses Self-Propagating Miniature Device Based on Shape@Memory Alloy
 14 Hen Viner Tzlil Shelly2018
 Dynamics and Synchronization of Mechanically-Coupled Beating@Cardiomyocytes
 15 Olga Polovinets Wolf Alon

Wollstein Ronit

Fischer Anath
2018 Abstracts Theses Wrist Biomechanics During Dynamic Loading
 16 Galia Faingold Frankel Steven Howard

Tartakovsky Leonid
2018 Abstracts Theses CFD Modeling of a Direct Injection H2/DME Fueled Internal@Combustion Engine
 17 Roee Keren Or Yizhar2018 Abstracts Theses Theoretical Investigation of the Dynamics of Spring- Clutch@Mechanisms for Reducing Energy Expenditure in@Human Walking
 18 Amit Vurgaft Gat Amir2018 Abstracts  Dynamics of Liquid-Filled Column and Truss Structures
 19 Yaron Veksler Rimon Elon2018 Abstracts Theses Evasive On-Line Navigation of an Autonomous Robot in Planar@Unknown Environments
 20 Joseph Cohen Shitzer Avraham2018 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the 3 Dimensional Temperature Field Around@Cryoprobes Inserted into a Malignant Tumor
 21 Nofar Stivi Rittel Daniel

Sidess Arieh
2018 Abstracts Theses Constitutive Model For Describing the Mechanical Behavior@Of a Glassy Polymer
 22 Adi Amir Van Hout Rene2018 Abstracts Theses Design and Optimization of an Air-Conditioning System Based@on Nocturnal Radiative Cooling for Small-Scale@Data Centers: Thermal and Economic@Aspects
 23 Dan Moshe Kellner Or Yizhar2018 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the Hybrid Dynamics of a Planar Rigid Body@with Two Frictional Contacts Near an Equilibrium@State
 24 Raoof Korabi Rittel Daniel

Dorogoy Avraham
2018 Abstracts Theses Numerical Modeling of Dental Implant-Bone Interface
 25 Alexander Ferdinskoif Bucher Izhak2018 Abstracts Theses Laboratory Platform for Simulation, Validation and@Design of High-Speed Rotors
 26 Sigal Gottlieb Zacksenhouse Miriam2018 Abstracts Theses Electroencephalographic Responses during a Motor Task with@Healthy Subjects and Stroke Patients
 27 Yotam Ziser Shmuel Gal2018 Abstracts Theses Experimental Slowing of Flexural Waves in Dielectric@Elastomer Films by Voltage
 28 Avishai Dov Kligerman Yuri

Groper Morel
2018 Abstracts Theses Experimental Investigation on the Different Parameters@Affecting the Performance of a Water-Lubricated@Bearing
 29 Ilya Loiferman Suss Matthew E.2018 Abstracts Theses A Zinc-Bromine Redox Flow Battery with Fluidized Bed@Electrode
 30 Omer David Mordehai Dan2018 Abstracts Theses Strength and Ductility of Twinned Metallic Nanowires
 31 Michael Millich Drimer Nitai2018 Abstracts Theses Hydrodynamic-Structural Analysis for the Design of Flexible@Systems for Open Sea Aquaculture
 32 Leon Gorelik Mordehai Dan2018 Abstracts Theses Mechanical Properties of Thin Coatings in Molecular@Dynamics Simulations
 33 Tsah Elimelech Gat Amir2018 Abstracts Theses Experimental Study of Steady and Time Dependent Deformation@of Soft Actuator by Internal Viscous Flow
 34 Rea Yakar Zacksenhouse Miriam2018 Abstracts Theses Machine Learning for Tuning Networks of Matsuoka Oscillators@to Control Bipedal Walking
 35 Yaron Gilboa Zacksenhouse Miriam2018 Abstracts Theses Compensating Controllers for Enhancing the Robustness of@Dynamic Walking Robots
 36 Yosef Yoely Amir Oded

Hanniel Iddo
2018 Abstracts Theses Spline Based Topological Optimization with Curvature@Constraints
 37 Dvir Blumer Rittel Daniel2018 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Microstructure on the Static and Dynamic@Strenght of Transparent Magnesium@Aluminate Spinel(MgAl2O4)
 38 Jacob Kher-Alden Carmon Tal2018 Abstracts Theses Photonic Hyperfine-Structure Induced by a Lab@Levitating in Air
 39 Israel Schallheim Zacksenhouse Miriam2018 Abstracts Theses Implementation and Optimization of an Open Loop Gait@Controller on a Mono Pedal Robot
 40 Tal Yona Or Yizhar2018 Abstracts Theses Theoretical Analysis of Wheeled Three-Link Snake Robot:@Singularities of Nonholonomic Constraints and@Stick-Slip Hybrid Dynamics
 41 Guy Ben-Haim Tartakovsky Leonid2018
 HCCI Combustion in a Wankel Type Internal Combustion@Engine
 42 Alexander Roizman Levy Yeshayahou2018 Abstracts Theses Suppression of Combustion Instability in Gas Turbine@Combustion Chamber
 43 Andrey Degtyar Gendelman Oleg

Oleg Verbitsky
2018 Abstracts Theses Flexible and Adaptable Ankle Foot Orthosis for Walking@Style Correction of Post Stroke Patients
 44 Amit Prigozin Rimon Elon2018 Abstracts Theses Control of Ultra-Fast Autonomous Vehicles in Dense Urban@Areas
 45 Yael Hamrani Tzlil Shelly2017 Abstracts Theses Cardiac Cell Beating on Matrices with Different Rigidities
 46 Paz Aranyi Dayan Yehoshua

Or Yizhar
2017 Abstracts Theses Optimization of a Hybrid Robot's Weight Lifting Ability
 47 Nir Druker Sher Eran

Natan Benveniste

Goldwine Gideon
 Study of Voltage-Current Characteristics across the@Ignition Gap of Internal Combustion Engines
 48 Yuval Harduf Or Yizhar2017 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Stability Transitions in a Superparamagnetic@Microswimmer
 49 Nina Liora Breitman Starosvetsky Yuli2017 Abstracts  Nonlinear regimes of locally resonant systems
 50 Evgania Virozub Or Yizhar

Wolf Alon
2017 Abstracts Theses Dynamics and gait optimization of multi-link swimming robot@using "perfect fluid" model
 51 Doron Chachamovitz Mordehai Dan2017
 The Activation Parameters for Heterogeneous@Dislocation Nucleation in Mo Nanoparticles
 52 Ran Amiel Tartakovsky Leonid2017 Abstracts Theses Knock Phenomenon in UAV Spark-Ignition Engines and Ways@of Its Prevention
 53 Rafael Fleischman Tartakovsky Leonid2017 Abstracts Theses Nanoparticle emissions and performance of a bus retrofitted@with Diesel Particle Filter
 54 Ohad Berman Elata David2017 Abstracts Theses Process Development for a Dielectric Resonator
 55 Shachar Adar Gutman Per-Olof

Ioslovich Ilya
2017 Abstracts  USV Path Planning in Using Optimal Control in a Dynamic@Obstacle Environment
 56 Raphael Dahan Carmon Tal2017 Abstracts Theses Droplet Optomechanics and Non-Reciprocal Optics
 57 Eric Guyes Suss Matthew E.2017 Abstracts Theses Electrode Permeability Enhancement and Desalination@Performance Characterizations for Flow-Through@Electrode Capacitive Deionization
 58 Roey Getz Shmuel Gal2017 Abstracts Theses Tunable Band-Gaps in Soft Electroactive Composites
 59 Sagi Sheinkman Mordehai Dan2017 Abstracts Theses The Collective Effect of a Dislocation Network on their@Climb Rate
 60 Amit Shocron Suss Matthew E.2017 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Surface Transport On Water Desalination@By Capacitive Deionization
 61 Shoham Levy Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2017 Abstracts Theses Plastic Yield Inception of a Soft Coated Sphere@Compressed by a Rigid Flat
 62 Roy Gafter Drimer Nitai2017 Abstracts Theses Delta type VLFS for open sea
 63 Zvi Hantsis Frankel Steven Howard2017 Abstracts Theses Hybrid methods in computational fluid mechanics:@Application of hybrid RANS/LES model to internal@incompressible flow
 64 Eran Buki Katz Reuven

Zacksenhouse Miriam
2017 Abstracts Theses Monitoring and Stabilizing Arm Tremor of Parkinson Disease@Patients
 65 Liran Malachi Mirkin Leonid

Kristalny Maxim
2017 Abstracts Theses Decentralized optimal control of multiple haptic devices
 66 Ayalon Levy Bercovici Moran2017 Abstracts Theses Microfluidic chip for cell pairing toward communication@analysis at the single cell level
 67 Ariel Eric Sidorov Zacksenhouse Miriam2017 Abstracts Theses Lyapunov Based Estimation of the Basin of Attraction of@Poincare Maps with Applications to Limit Cycle@Walking
 68 Asaf Tal Katz Reuven

Klein Itzik
2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling and Evaluating Small Autonomous Underwater@Vehicle for Improving Navigation Performance
 69 Rebecca Khalandovsky Bercovici Moran2017 Abstracts Theses Highly Specific Recognition of Nucleic Acid Sequences for@Point-of-Care Diagnostics Using Selectively@Focusing Probes and Isotachophoresis
 70 Maoz Kain Rimon Elon2017 Abstracts Theses 2nd Generation Development of a Flexible Track Robot -@RoboTrek, for Autonomous Locomotion over High@Obstacles
 71 Gil Elbaz Fischer Anath2017 Abstracts Theses 3D Point Cloud Registration for Localization Using a@Deep Neural Network Auto-Encoder
 72 Leonid Fraiman Yossifon Gilad2017 Abstracts Theses Heat Transfer Enhancement in Counter-Flow-heat-Exchanger@for Use in Micro-Fabricated Joule-Thomson@Cryocooler
 73 Yoav Cohen Malka Shilo Doron2017 Abstracts Theses A fast and powerful release mechanism based on pulse@heating of shape memory wires
 74 Or Greenberg Altus Eli2017 Abstracts Theses Material Morphology Design by Utilizing the Stress-Moduli@Monotonicity
 75 Jonathan Friedman Gat Amir2017 Abstracts Theses Dynamic of a Thin Elastic Sphere Containing a Thin@Liquid Layer Immersed in an Acoustic Region
 76 Michal Markovits Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling and Computational Simulation of Atherosclerosis
 77 Eido Zelikov Kligerman Yuri2017 Abstracts Theses Model of contact and wear between high speed moving parts of@piezo-drives
 78 Meir Hai Bar-Hen Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2017 Abstracts Theses The effect of coating thickness and surface roughness on@cutting tool's wear
 79 Igor Gindin Zacksenhouse Miriam2017 Abstracts  Intermittent Strategies for Human Motor Control:@Sensitivity to Model Uncertainties
 80 Idan Har-Nes Abramovich Haim2017 Abstracts Theses Bandwidth expansion for piezoelectric energy harvesting
 81 Nadav Maccabi Elata David2017 Abstracts Theses Enhancing the Functionality of Unimorph Piazoelectric@Actuators
 82 Sagi Tzibula Rittel Daniel

Lovinger Zev
2017 Abstracts Theses Investigationof of the Dynamic Tensile Behavior of Glassy@Polymers
 83 Omri Weiss Zussman Eyal2017
 Experimental Study of the Mechanical Properties of@Polystyrene Nanofibers
 84 Itai Sarig Starosvetsky Yuli

Gat Amir
2017 Abstracts Theses Interaction between Droplets in a Hele-Shaw cell
 85 Igor Demchenko Zacksenhouse Miriam2017 Abstracts Theses Electroencephalographic responses to disturbances and@distractors during continuous reaching movements
 86 Peter Breitman Kligerman Yuri2017 Abstracts Theses Development of clean dry biomimetic Adhesive
 87 Guy Shapira Rittel Daniel

Karp Raruch
2017 Abstracts Theses Fracture of 1045 Steel under Various Levels of Stress@Triaxiality, at Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading@A Numerical and Experimental Study
 88 Jonathan Fuchs Sher Eran

Tartakovsky Leonid
2017 Abstracts Theses Phase Change Material Engine for Micro Air Vehicle
 89 Yosi Feruz Mordehai Dan2017 Abstracts Theses The Strength of Nanoparticles with Face-Centered Cubic (FCC)@Lattice Structure under Compression in Molecular@Dynamics Simulation
 90 Ido Zaltzman Elata David2016 Abstracts Theses Self-Excited Mems Oscillators
 91 Michal Ben Sahal Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2016 Abstracts Theses Contact Mechanics of Elastomeric O-Rings with Time
 92 Ofir Chakon Or Yizhar2016 Abstracts Theses Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Twistcar@Movement Dynamics
 93 Or Felix Cesana Tartakovsky Leonid

Shapiro Michael
2016 Abstracts Theses Internal Combustion Engine with Thermochemical@Recuperation Fed by Ethanol Steam Reforming@Products
 94 Dori Nissenbaum Ben-Haim Yakov2016 Abstracts Theses Predictive Maintenance for Flight Safety Components Prone@to Severe Uncertainty through Reanalyzing the@Challenger Disaster: An Info-Gap Theory@Implementation
 95 Anatoly Parahovnik Yossifon Gilad2016 Abstracts Theses Gas to Gas Microfluidic Heat Exchanger: Axial@Conduction and Compressibility Effects
 96 Jonathan Mendelson Drimer Nitai2016 Abstracts Theses Hydro-Elastic Model for a flexible Fin
 97 Fares Marjieh Katz Reuven

Zacksenhouse Miriam
2016 Abstracts  Hand Rehabilitation Robot Based on Impedance Control
 98 Roman Kositski Mordehai Dan2016 Abstracts Theses The Strength of Nanoparticles with Body-Centered Cubic@(BCC) Lattice Structure
 99 Mark Epshtein Greenblatt David2016 Abstracts Theses Inlet Guide Vane Separation Control Using Dielectric Barrier@Discharge Plasma Actuators
 100 Adi Shiffer Starosvetsky Yuli2016 Abstracts Theses Theoretical study and characterization of the response@regimes of highly heterogeneous granular crystals
 101 Joshua Weiss Ben-Haim Yakov2016 Abstracts Theses Penetration by Projectiles of Solid Barriers with@Uncertainties
 102 Yahav Moshkovich Drimer Nitai2016 Abstracts Theses A Design Method for Planing Hulls,Considering Hydro-@Elasticity, Dynamics and Nonlinear Structural@Response
 103 Liron Reuveny Fischer Anath

Bar-Yoseph Pinhas
2016 Abstracts Theses Design of 2D Porous Micro Structures by Using@Geometric Meshing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)@and Topology Optimization
 104 Iliya Slavkin Gendelman Oleg2016 Abstracts Theses High Frequency Nonlinear Micro Mass Sensor of Enhanced@Performance and Sensitivity
 105 Yuval Shapiro Zacksenhouse Miriam2016 Abstracts Theses Dynamics and Control Aspects of Biologically Inspired@Walking Biped Robot
 106 Uri Liel Yossifon Gilad2016 Abstracts Theses Overlimiting Current in Microchannel-Nanochannel@Interface Devices
 107 Or Neuberg Drimer Nitai2016 Abstracts Theses Limit State Design of a Fast Boat Hull
 108 Alexandrina Evstrachin Zacksenhouse Miriam2016 Abstracts Theses Local Stability Analysis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems@via Saltation Matrix with Applications to Simple@Walking and Jumping Robots
 109 Dmitry Radchenko Grossman Gershon2016 Abstracts Theses Investigation of a Passive Mechanical Mechanism for Phase@Shifting of the Flow in a Pulse Tube Cryocooler
 110 Ben Farkash Bucher Izhak

Gabay Ran

Plat Harel
2016 Abstracts Theses Switching between buckling modes using dynamic excitation
 111 Samuel Kaminski Carmon Tal2016 Abstracts Theses Ripplon Laser
 112 Reut Mualem-Toledano Gutfinger Chaim2016 Abstracts Theses Design of an air filteration system for a Cleanroom
 113 Aharon Joffe Elata David2016 Abstracts Theses Parametric Amplification in Electrostatic@Resonators
 114 Sarah-Tehila Attar Carmon Tal2016 Abstracts Theses Mode Mapping in a Micro-Droplet Resonator
 115 Oded Fraid Ben-Haim Yakov2016 Abstracts Theses Dynamics of Cascading Failure from an Info-Gap Perspective
 116 Valery Davidov Ben-Haim Yakov2016 Abstracts Theses An Info-Gap Approach to Allocating Intercepting Missiles@against Attacking Rockets and Missiles
 117 Ronen Cyjon Dayan Yehoshua

Mirkin Leonid
2016 Abstracts Theses Developing Two-Chamber Reactor for Biomass Gasification
 118 Alon Tsin Aharon Bar-Gill

Gutman Shaul
2016 Abstracts Theses Fast Optimal Trajectory Shaping for TBM and LFA Interceptor@up to Hand Over
 119 Rami Ozer Altus Eli

Shirizly Amnon
2016 Abstracts Theses Geometrical optimization of a Beam by the Fully@Stress Design Approach
 120 Alex Boroda Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2016 Abstracts Theses Finite Element Modeling of Agricultural Tires
 121 Daniel Bar-David Carmon Tal2016 Abstracts Theses Fluidic vortices generated from optical vortices in a@microdroplet cavity
 122 Ofer Dagan Bercovici Moran2016 Abstracts Theses Simulation Tool Coupling Non-Linear Electrophoresis and@Reaction Kinetics for Developing and Optimizing@New Biosensing Assay
 123 Lev Misiuk Tirosh Jehuda

Zussman Eyal
 On the relationship between the impacting speed of a rigid@projectile and the penetration depth into metal@targets
 124 Tomer Ben-Yehuda Katz Reuven

Zonnenshain A.
2016 Abstracts Theses Evaluating Complicatedness in Mechanical Design
 125 Daniel Ekeltchik Elata David2015 Abstracts Theses Design of A Device for Measuring the Strength of Silicon@Micro-Beams
 126 Yativ Shechter Ben-Haim Yakov2015 Abstracts Theses Info-gap robustness analysis of the design of a heavy@weapon station with load uncertainty
 127 Dor Kopito Klar Assaf2015 Abstracts Theses An Anisotropic Hypoplastic Constitutive Model for Soft@Soils and its Use in Tunneling Problems
 128 Erel Lavi Weiss Menachem

Katz Reuven
2015 Abstracts Theses Adaptation and Extention of the Unified Model for@Fatigue of Metals
 129 Ariel Erez Gendelman Oleg2015 Abstracts Theses Dynamics of Van Der Pol Oscillator with Rotational@Energy Sink
 130 Dror Katalan Altus Eli2015 Abstracts Theses Coupled Compression-Shear Behavior of Rubber Joint
 131 Lior Lasker Or Yizhar2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Path Planning of a Planar Parallel@Manipulator with Joint Clearances
 132 Koren Shreiber Mordehai Dan2015 Abstracts Theses Modeling the Strength of Ni3Al Nanocubes Using Molecular@Dynamics Simulations
 133 Nissan Uzan Gendelman Oleg2015 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Normal Modes in Coupled Limit Cycle Oscillators@System with Time Delay
 134 Avi Weissman Altus Eli2015 Abstracts Theses Surface Damage Evolution under Combined Bending-Torsion@Fatigue Loading
 135 Yevgeni Furman Greenblatt David2015 Abstracts Theses Progress in the Development of a low-Speed Oscillatory-@Flow Wind Tunnel
 136 Ayal Zivan Abramovich Haim

Elka Arie
2015 Abstracts Theses A Method for Optimal Design and Modeling of Dynamic@Test under Given Constrains
 137 Leonid Glikin Rittel Daniel

Rubin Miles
2015 Abstracts Theses A Study on Dynamic Penetration of Layered Composite by a@Metallic Projectile
 138 Sagi Chen Mordehai Dan

Rittel Daniel
2015 Abstracts Theses The Dependence of Mechanical Properties on the Nanograins@Distribution in HCP Metals
 139 Noam Barak Bucher Izhak

Sela Naftali
2015 Abstracts Theses Investigating the Controlled Dynamics of an@Electromagnetically Damped Rotating System
 140 Guy Shalem ?2015 Abstracts Theses Four-Wave Mixing and light Scattering off Metasurfaces
 141 Anton Zak Katz Reuven

Amiram Leitner

Shirizly Amnon
2015 Abstracts Theses Effect of Laser Welding Parameters on Properties of@Maraging Steel 250 Welded Joint
 142 Elioz Samuel Altus Eli2015 Abstracts Theses Retrieving Fatigue Loading History by Fractographic Image@Analysis
 143 Yonatan Rotbaum Rittel Daniel2015 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Tensile Necking: Influence of Geometrical@Imperfections
 144 Gleb Karmi Gendelman Oleg2015 Abstracts Theses Bouncing Ball Inside the Vibrating Circular Fence@Chaotic System Analysis
 145 Maor Farid Gendelman Oleg2015 Abstracts Theses Tuned Pendulum as Nonlinear Energy Sink for@Broad Energy Range
 146 Mordechai Moravia Or Yizhar2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Foot Slippage Effects on a Simple Model of@Dynamic Legged Locomotion
 147 Matan Zehavi Yossifon Gilad2015 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Induced-Charge-Electro-Osmotic Flow around a@Microchannel Corner
 148 Merav Belenkovich Bercovici Moran2015 Abstracts Theses Accelerated Nucleic Acid Hybridization on Surface@Based Biosensors Using Isotachophoresis
 149 Nethanel Ganor Bercovici Moran2015 Abstracts Theses Diffusion Dependent Focusing Regimes in Peak Mode@Counterflow Isotachophoresis
 150 Or'el Sha'eir Ben-Haim Yakov2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Stress Concentration around a Hole with@Uncertain Shape, Based on Info-Gap Theory
 151 Eran Vertzberger Palmor Zalman2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Comparison of Dead-Time Compensators@via Unification
 152 Ido Nitsan Tzlil Shelly2015
 Mechanical Communication in Cardiac Cell Beating@on Viscoelastic Materials
 153 Shmuel Katz Givli Josef2015 Abstracts Theses The Post-Buckling Behavior of a Beam Constrained by Springy@Walls
 154 Shimrit Katz Givli Josef2015 Abstracts Theses The Spatial Organization of a Two-Component Lipid Bilayer@with Imposed Geometry
 155 Oded Salomon Wolf Alon2015 Abstracts Theses Hyper-Redundant Robotic Arm
 156 Yigal Evron Grossman Gershon

Gommed Khaled
2015 Abstracts Theses Hybrid Air Conditioning Based on Combined Closed-Cycle@Absorption Cooling System and an Open-Cycle liquid@Desiccant System
 157 Aviv Alloni Gendelman Oleg2015 Abstracts Theses Dynamics of Forced System with Vibro Impact Energy Sink
 158 Daniel Richler Rittel Daniel2015 Abstracts Theses Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Gels
 159 Nadya Ostromohov Bercovici Moran2015 Abstracts Theses High Sensitivity Sequence-Specific Detection of Nucleic@Acids Using Isotachophoresis and Peptide Nucleic@Acid Probes on a Microfluidic Chip
 160 Shlomo Geller Hanniel Iddo2015 Abstracts Theses Computing Minkowski Sums for Freeform Geometry
 161 Asaf Gross Or Yizhar2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Dynamic Jumping Motion of a Robotic Leg
 162 Dana Ben Bassat Yossifon Gilad2015 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Flow Intensity and Field Frequency@on Continuous - Flow Dielectrophoretic Trapping
 163 Lev Dunaevich Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2015 Abstracts Theses Flutter of a Cavity-Backed Plate with a Cutout
 164 Yizhak Ben-Shabat Fischer Anath2015 Abstracts Theses Adaptive Hierarchical Multi Resolution Volumetric@Geometric Modeling of Porous Micro-Structures
 165 Yitzhak Ben Meir Starosvetsky Yuli2014 Abstracts Theses Intrinsic Dynamics of Coupled Anharmonic Lattices@in the State of Sonic Vacuum
 166 Tzahi Altberg Mirkin Leonid2014 Abstracts Theses Smoothness recovery of causal interpolation kernels
 167 Matar Movshovitz Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2014 Abstracts Theses Interrupted Thread Optimal Design
 168 Gilad Ralbag Kroll Ehud2014 Abstracts Theses Design Guidelines for Rapid Prototyping Wind Tunnel Models
 169 Refael Siton Rittel Daniel2014 Abstracts Theses Application of Contact Mechanics to Load Sensing
 170 Nir Benarous Gendelman Oleg2014 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Energy Sink with Combined Nonlinearities
 171 Ifat Gertler Wolf Alon2014 Abstracts Theses A Parallel Manipulator with Haptic Surface Scanning@and Milling Device for Registration-Free@Arthroplasty
 172 Iddo Shnaps Rimon Elon2014 Abstracts Theses Online Coverage by a Tethered Autonmous Robot in@Planar Unknown Envirinments
 173 Maor Krush Altus Eli2014 Abstracts Theses Low Probability Response of Structures with Stochastic@Hetercgeneity
 174 Guy Halioua Gendelman Oleg2014 Abstracts Theses Waves of Collapse in Nondegenerate Chain Arrays
 175 Tomer Noam Rittel Daniel

Eitan Cochavi
2014 Abstracts Theses Scaling Dynamic Failure of Blast Loaded Structures
 176 Elhanan Maguid Hasman Erez2014 Abstracts Theses Manipulation of Light by Spin-Optical Metasurfaces
 177 Ronen Lautman Greenblatt David2014 Abstracts Theses Combined Upwind/Downwind Plasma-Based Flow Control on a@Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
 178 Adi Cohen Or Yizhar2014 Abstracts Theses Modeling the Dynamics and Control of Rehabilitative@Exoskelton with Robotic Crutches
 179 Miri Benyamini Zacksenhouse Miriam2014 Abstracts Theses Optimal Feedback Control Framework for@Investigating Neural Modulation during BMI@Experiments
 180 Elad Tenenbaum Givli Josef2014 Abstracts Theses Mechanical Aspects of the Behavior of Heterogeneous@Biological Membranes
 181 Alexander Lisyansky Starosvetsky Yuli2014 Abstracts Theses Effective Particles Approximation of a Primary Pulse@Transmission in Hexagonally Packed, Damped@Granular Crystal with a Spatially@Varing Cross Section: Numerica
 182 Michael Mitnovitsky Shpitalni Moshe

Weiss Cohen Miri
2014 Abstracts Theses Operation and Control of Manufacturing Systems by Agents@with Local Intelligence
 183 Asaf Cohen Van Hout Rene2014 Abstracts Theses Measurement of the Dynamics of Fibers Settling in Near@Homogeneous, Isotropic Air Turbulence
 184 Asmik Adibekian Zussman Eyal2014 Abstracts Theses Study of the Morphological and Mechanical Properties of@S-E/B-S Fibers with Embedded Carbon Nanotubes
 185 Michael Veremkroit Gendelman Oleg2014 Abstracts Theses Analytic Exploration of Discrete Breathers in a@Forced-Damped Klein-Gordon Type Chain
 186 David Elatov Greenblatt David2014 Abstracts Theses Separation Control in a Centrifugal Fan Using@Plasma Actuator
 187 Evgeny Guller Kligerman Yuri

Varenberg Michael
 Tribology of rolling friction transmission
 188 Anton Jigalin Gurfil Pinchas2014 Abstracts Theses Vision-Based Relative State Estimation of Unknown Dynamic@Targets Using Multiple Stereo Rigs
 189 Victor Kislovsky Starosvetsky Yuli2014 Abstracts Theses Transition from Energy Localization to Energy Transport in@the System of Three Coupled Anharmonic Oscillators
 190 Tal Rubin Elata David2014 Abstracts Theses A Simple Constitutive Model for Dielectric Charging Based@on Frenkel-Poole Mechanism and a Derivation of@Maxwell Stresses
 191 Max Linshits Gat Amir2014 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Internal Viscous Flow on the Deformation-@Field, Stress-Field and Critical Buckling Load of@Micro-Needles
 192 Yury Shukhman Shapiro Michael

Tartakovsky Leonid
2014 Abstracts Theses Study of Internal Combustion Engine Sensitivity to@Environmental Conditions
 193 Alexey Tsipenyuk Kligerman Yuri

Varenberg Michael
2014 Abstracts Theses Tribology of Biomimetic Surface Microstructures
 194 Nathanael Barham Rittel Daniel

Kaplan Wayne D.
2014 Abstracts Theses Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Matrix@Nanocomposites for Potential Ballistic Armor
 195 Alexander Shapiro Greenblatt David

Grossman Gershon
2014 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Turbulent Aspects in a Pulse Tube@Cryogenic System
 196 Yuri Trakht Bucher Izhak2013 Abstracts Theses Creating Traveling Waves in Circular Structures via@Parametric Excitation
 197 Yair Adler Givli Josef2013 Abstracts Theses Lamellipodia Dynamics in Motile Cells
 198 Osher Shapira Elata David2013 Abstracts Theses Implementation of Electromagnetic Induction in Finite@Rectangular Loops for Self Alignment and@Levitation
 199 Lior Kabesa Shoham Moshe

Shvalb Nir
2013 Abstracts Theses Guide Wire Catheterization: Simulation and Actuation
 200 Uriel Hochmann Rimon Elon2013 Abstracts Theses Navigation of Locally Interacting Autonomous Agents@on 2D Y-Node Graphs
 201 Boris Rabencov Van Hout Rene2013 Abstracts Theses Experimental Investigation of Bead Dispersal in a Turbulent@Boundary Layer Using Time-Resolved Digital@Holography
 202 Hanna Shira Kotler Rittel Daniel

Lev Levin
2013 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Thermo-Mechanical Treatments on the@Dynamic Strength and Failure Properties of@Selected Aluminum Alloys
 203 Leav Oz-Ari Wolf Alon2013 Abstracts Theses Motion Planning for Hyper Redundant Snake-Like Robots
 204 Elad Domany Gendelman Oleg2013 Abstracts Theses Targeted Energy Transfer in Dynamical Systems with self-@Excitation
 205 Ariel Voronov Altus Eli2013 Abstracts Theses Generalization of Fully Stressed Design Optimization@of Beams
 206 Dan Magazinnik Bucher Izhak2013 Abstracts Theses A Study on the Dynamics of a Water-Waves Driven Energy@Harvesting System
 207 Artem Ramus Shusser Michael

Gendelman Oleg
2013 Abstracts Theses Laminar Flow in a Curved Pipe with a Sudden Expansion
 208 Jonathan Abir Altus Eli

Regelman Vadim
2013 Abstracts Theses Correlation between Optical Attenuation and Fatigue@Damage Evolution in Silver-Halide Optical@Fibers
 209 Gilad Doron Greenblatt David2013 Abstracts Theses A Reciprocating Wind Energy Generator Driven by Flow Control
 210 Jonathan Tenenbaum Shapiro Michael

Tartakovsky Leonid
2013 Abstracts Theses An Analytical Model of a Two-Phase Jet with Application to@Fuel Sprays in Internal Combustion Engines
 211 Uri Stauber Rittel Daniel

Link Nitzan
2013 Abstracts Theses Mechanical Properties of polyetherimide (ULTEM 1000R)
 212 Tal Shapira Rimon Elon2013 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the "Coin Snapping" Phenomenon in@Multi-Fingered Grasps
 213 Lior Eshbal Van Hout Rene2013 Abstracts Theses Time Resolved Measurements of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of@a Positively Buoyant Tethered Sphere in Uniform@Water Flow
 214 Alexander Bursak Rimon Elon2013 Abstracts Theses Development of the Flexible-Track Robot Robotrek@Capable of Autonomous Lucomotion
 215 Dmitry Tansky Fischer Anath2013 Abstracts Theses Data Fusion and 3D Geometric Modeling for Multi-Scale@Sensors
 216 Noam Weinberg Greenberg Jerrold2013 Abstracts Theses An Investigation of Certain Aspects of the Behavior@of Spray Flames
 217 Benny Gamus Or Yizhar2013 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Walking with Contact@Transitions
 218 Alexander Eidelman Greenblatt David2013 Abstracts Theses Development of a Reciprocal Motion Wind-Energy Generator
 219 Amit Katz Van Hout Rene

Greenblatt David
2013 Abstracts Theses Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Tethered Sphere in a Steady@Flow: Near-Wake Flow and Effect of Active Flow@Control on Sphere Dynamics
 220 Shay Cohen Grossman Gershon2013 Abstracts Theses Development of a Spherical Solar Collector with a@Stationary Reflector/Tracking Absorber for@Industrial Process Heat
 221 Ben Rivlin Elata David2012 Abstracts Theses Micromechanical Flexures: Non-Linear Springs for Enhancing@the Functionality of Electrostatic Transducers
 222 Shani Eitan Altus Eli2012 Abstracts Theses Low Probability Characteristics in Heterogeneous Mechanical@Structures
 223 Jacob Frischwasser Hasman Erez2012 Abstracts Theses Spin Degeneracy Breaking in Coupled Thermal Antenna Lattices
 224 Gal Salinas Givli Josef2012 Abstracts Theses A Novel Bi-Stable Mechanism for MEMS Applications
 225 Alexey German Palmor Zalman2012 Abstracts Theses Design and Implementation of a Novel Dead Time Compensator@(DTC) for Quadruple Tank Process with@Multiple Delays (QTPwDT)
 226 Guy Scher Halevi Yoram2012 Abstracts Theses Control of a Flexible Beam Using Infinite Dimension@Transfer Functions
 227 Sergey Nazarov Mirkin Leonid2012 Abstracts Theses Modeling, Identification and Robust Control of a@Laboratory Helicopter
 228 Yarden Ben-Zio Weber Shilo Doron2012 Abstracts Theses Real-Time Health and Stress monitoring of Composite@Materials Using Magnetostrictive Fillers
 229 Nora Nseir Zussman Eyal

Levenberg Shulamit
2012 Abstracts Theses Engineering Vascular-Like Conduit Embedded in@a Pre-Vascularized Bulk
 230 Or Samoocha Shoham Moshe2012 Abstracts Theses Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Robotic Device for@Prevention of Shunt Occlusions
 231 Michael Lerman Elata David2012
 On the Quality-Factor of Micro Resonators
 232 Eliezer Hanukah Rubin Miles

Jabareen Mahmood
2012 Abstracts Theses Development of a Higher Order Tetrahedral Cosserat Point@Element (CPE) for Nonlinear Elasticity
 233 Maxim Khokhlov Fischer Anath

Rittel Daniel
2012 Abstracts Theses Multi-Scale Stereo Photogrammetry Method for Fractographic@Analysis Using a Scanning Electron Microscope@(SEM)
 234 Kobi Edelman Gendelman Oleg2012
 Dynamics of Self-Excited Oscillators with Neutral Delay@Coupling
 235 Alexander Krakovich Van Hout Rene

Gottlieb Oded
2012 Abstracts Theses Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Heavy Tethered Sphere in@Uniform Flow: Time-Resolved Measurement of@Self-Excited Sphere Oscillations and@Wake Charecteristics
 236 Snir Goyta Greenblatt David2012 Abstracts Theses Tethered Cube Stabilization by Means of Active Flow@Control
 237 Gil Cohen Itzhak Porat

Zussman Eyal
2012 Abstracts Theses Shock Load Absorption of a Tow Cable
 238 Vadim Zolotarevskiy Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2012 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Tangential Loading on Tribological Phenomena@in Spherical Contact
 239 Alexander Treizer Greenblatt David2012 Abstracts Theses Generation of Energy by the Active Control of Flow over a@Cylindrical Pendulum
 240 Amit Weisbord Palmor Zalman2012 Abstracts Theses Predictor Based Control for Processes with Right Half@Plane Zeros
 241 Binyamin Sasson Greenblatt David2012 Abstracts Theses Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Performance Improvement@via Leading-Edge Slot Blowing
 242 Amos Ben Harav Greenblatt David2012 Abstracts Theses Optimization of a Pulsed-Plasma Controlled Vertical Axis@Wind Turbine
 243 Leonid Rapoport Rubin Miles2012 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Spherical Cavity Expansion in Elastic-plastic@Media and its Relevance to Penetration Mechanics
 244 Alon Benhaim Elata David2012 Abstracts Theses Self Aligment Using Electromagnetic Induction for Mass@Fabrication of Micro-Coils
 245 Javier Arca Van Hout Rene2012 Abstracts Theses Development of a Digital Holography System for the@Investigation of Particle-Fluid Coupling in a@Turbulent Flow
 246 Ofir Avraham Gendelman Oleg2012 Abstracts Theses Efficiency of Vibration Absorbers in Helicopter Rotor@Systems
 247 Igal Alterman Mirkin Leonid2012 Abstracts Theses Robustness to Delay Uncertainties in Sampled-data Systems
 248 Grigory Kogan Gottlieb Oded

Shlomo Jersey
2012 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Orbital Stability of a Two-Field@Viscoelastic Whirling Structure Subject to@Periodic Excitation
 249 Shai Sisso Kligerman Yuri2012 Abstracts Theses Numerical Investigation of Spherical Contact Dynamics in@Viscoelastic Materials
 250 Elad Sterman-Cohen Rubin Miles2011 Abstracts Theses Modeling the Influence of Machining Copper Liners on@the Formation Process of Explosively Formed@Projectiles - EEPs
 251 Magen Schulman Greenblatt David2011 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Stall Control on a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using@Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators
 252 Ido Jacobovitz Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2011 Abstracts Theses Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) Finite Element Method-@A Natural Unified Approach to Geometrical Design@and Mechanical Analysis
 253 Baruch Madar Gendelman Oleg2011 Abstracts Theses Suitability of Continum Equations for the Description of Non@Stationary Heat Transfer in Microscopic Models of@Dielectrics
 254 Guy Arie Altus Eli2011 Abstracts Theses Surface Morphology Evolution during Fatigue Crack Initiation
 255 Koren Beiser Zacksenhouse Miriam2011 Abstracts Theses Enhanced Neural Modulations during Operation of a Brain@Machine Interfaces: Optimal Feedback Control@Approach
 256 Tal Kachman Gendelman Oleg2011 Abstracts Theses Non Stationary Heat Conduction in Disordered lattices
 257 Omer Nissenbaum Altus Eli2011 Abstracts Theses Exact Solutions of Average Buckling Loads for Stochastic@Piecewise Homogeneous Columns
 258 Idan Israel Altus Eli

Givli Josef
2011 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Thin Curved Beams with Stochastic Properties
 259 Lilach Sabban Van Hout Rene2011 Abstracts Theses Measurements of Pollen Settling in Quiescent Air and in Near@Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
 260 Eran Weisel Rittel Daniel

Shechtman Dan
2011 Abstracts Theses An Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of RS66@Magnesium Alloy
 261 Victor Bloch Rimon Elon2011 Abstracts Theses Single Motor Closed Robot Chain Robotrex - Static Analysis@and Motion Algorithms Development
 262 Ariel Shalev Gendelman Oleg2011 Abstracts Theses Vibration Absorption and Damping in a Recoiling System@Mounted on a Moving Platform
 263 Boris Murarash Varenberg Michael

Halperin Gregory
2011 Abstracts Theses Tribology of Contact Surface Patterns Evolved in Biological@Microsystems
 264 Shelly Kedem Gendelman Oleg2011 Abstracts Theses Localization in Neutral Dynamical Systems with Time-Delay
 265 Dmitry Alhazov Zussman Eyal2011 Abstracts Theses Energy Absorption Characterization of Laminated Glass@Reinforced by Electrospun Fibers with Embedded@Carbon Nanotubes
 266 Mona Mireb Wolf Alon2011 Abstracts Theses Foot Center of Pressure Manipulation during Gait
 267 Sergy Stepura Dayan Yehoshua2011 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Techniques to Improve High Weights Lifting@by Robotic Manipulators
 268 Oren Kanner Shilo Doron

Ganor Yaniv
2011 Abstracts Theses Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
 269 Ari Eichenbaum Altus Eli

Malkin Stephen
2011 Abstracts Theses Subsurface Thermal Damage for Aggressive Grinding of 17-4PH@Stainless Steel
 270 Robert Greenberg Altus Eli2011 Abstracts Theses Flexible Mast Under Stochastic Dynamic Base Excitation
 271 Lior Rodes Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2011 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Micro-@Channels for Cooling Electronic Devices
 272 Sergey Guy Shuster Gendelman Oleg2011 Abstracts Theses Design of Suspension System for an Off-Road Vehicle under@Uncertainty of the Terrain
 273 Emil Shaked Zussman Eyal2011 Abstracts Theses Reinforcement of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol):@Nanofibers vs. Bulk
 274 Yulia Goryachev Wolf Alon2011 Abstracts Theses Influence of Footwear-Generated Biomechanical Manipulations@on the Muscle Activity of the Leg
 275 Baruch Rofman Grossman Gershon2011 Abstracts Theses Investigation of a Compressible, Oscillating Flow and Heat@Transfer in a Stirling Cryocooler
 276 Mark Shamsonov Zacksenhouse Miriam

Ben-Haim Yakov
2011 Abstracts Theses Estimating Uncertain Probability Distributions Using@Info-Gap Theory
 277 Irene Gelfeld Tirosh Jehuda2010 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Autofrettage Process in@Thick-Walled Bores
 278 Alexander Belenky Rittel Daniel

Dorogoy Avraham
2010 Abstracts Theses Static and Dynamic Fracture of Transparent Nanograined@Alumina
 279 Nativ Shahak Tirosh Jehuda

Shirizly Amnon
2010 Abstracts Theses Strengthening of Light Metals with Particles for Large@Deformation
 280 Ilan Nachman Grossman Gershon2010 Abstracts Theses CFD Modeling of Pulsating Flow around a Bend with and@without Flow Straighteners as Applicable to Pulse@Tube Cryocooler
 281 Simona Nemets Zacksenhouse Miriam2010 Abstracts Theses Info-Gap Approach to Regularization
 282 Guy Blotnick Gottlieb Oded2010 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Orbital Stability of Viscoelastic@Beams
 283 Sergio Malamut Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2010 Abstracts Theses Creep of Spherical Contact under Combined Normal and@Tangential Loading
 284 Yuval Zait Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2010 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Contact Conditions and Material Properties on@the Unloading and Cyclic Loading of a Spherical@Contact
 285 Gutman Oren Palmor Zalman2010 Abstracts Theses Proportional Navigation in Target Displacement Scenarios
 286 Ory Haimovitz Oron Alexander2010 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics of a Thin Liquid Film on an Axially@Oscillating Cylindrical Surface
 287 Ouriel Barzilay Wolf Alon2010 Abstracts Theses An Adaptive Virtual Biofeedback System
 288 Nadav Eitan Altus Eli2010 Abstracts Theses Effect of Grain Morphology on Mechanical failure of Pressed@Material
 289 Dvir Leiba Itzhak Porat

Wolf Alon

Ilan Rusnak
2010 Abstracts Theses Inertial Stabilization and Control of a Payload Installed on@a Maneuvering Platform
 290 Alexander Shmukler Fischer Anath2010 Abstracts Theses Verification of 3D Freeform Parts by Feature-Based@Registration
 291 Ilia Shir Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Tartakovsky Leonid
2010 Abstracts Theses Remote Sensing of Emissions from Vehicles with Spark@Ignition Engines
 292 Meir Mergi Bucher Izhak

Rittel Daniel
2010 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Residual Stresses and Geometry Changes on@Natural Frequencies in Thermally Stressed Bimetal@Rectangular Beam
 293 Iliya Romm Greenblatt David2010 Abstracts Theses Subcritical Pipe Flow Transition Control Using Dielectric@Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators
 294 Shai Bengio Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Tartakovsky Leonid
2010 Abstracts Theses Remote Sensing of Diesel Vehicle Emissions
 295 Rina Shvartsman Gendelman Oleg2010 Abstracts Theses Non-Fourier Heat Conduction in One-@Dimensional Microscopic Models of Dielectrics
 296 Nir Shitrit Hasman Erez2010 Abstracts  Spinoptics: Optical Spin Symmetry Breaking in Plasmonic@Nanostructures
 297 Daniel Meltz Rimon Elon2010 Abstracts Theses The Problem of Interaction between Rough Surface and a@Kinematical Chain: Theory and Experiment
 298 Demitry Vilensky Halevi Yoram2010 Abstracts Theses Model Updating of Flexible Structures Using Partial Modal@Measurements
 299 Tamir Bar Gendelman Oleg2010 Abstracts Theses Bifurcations of Self-Excitation Regimes in Van der Pol@Oscillator with Nonlinear Energy Sink
 300 Oren Gal Rimon Elon

Shiller Zvi
2010 Abstracts Theses Trajectory Planning of Autonomous Vehicle in Dynamic@Environments
 301 Alexander Dubrovsky Shusser Michael

Gendelman Oleg
2010 Abstracts Theses Mass Transfer Controlled Bubble Growth in Concentrated@Polymer Solutions
 302 Yossi Abu Shilo Doron2009 Abstracts Theses Micro Mechanics of Domain Switching in BaTiO3
 303 Danila Meimukhin Gendelman Oleg2009 Abstracts Theses Response Regimes of Essentially Non Linear Oscillatory@Systems under Impact Periods Forcing
 304 Dvir Cohen Kligerman Yuri

Etsion Izhak
2009 Abstracts Theses A Model for Contact and Static Friction of Nominally Flat@and Spherical Rough Surfaces in Full Stick
 305 Shachar Tresser Itzhak Porat2009 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Mechanical Self-Balancing for Rigid Rotors
 306 Shmuel Franco Weiss Menachem2009 Abstracts Theses Adaptation of the Two-Term Fatigue Model to Various@Materials and Loading Modes
 307 Yaakov Gridish Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Micro-Channels
 308 Noam Rotman Itzhak Porat2009 Abstracts Theses The Influences of Preload on Rotating Circular Planetary@Beam and Helical Spring Dynamics
 309 Peleg Pavel Levin Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Shitzer Avraham
2009 Abstracts Theses PCM Based, Thermal Management System (TMS) of Electronic@Devices with Transient and High Heat Generation:@A Design Optimization Procedure
 310 Yoel Shapiro Wolf Alon2009 Abstracts Theses Haptic Control System for a Robotic Medical System with@Application to Surface Acquisition of a Joint for@Joint Arthroplasty
 311 Denis Lapchev Weihs Daniel2009 Abstracts Theses Low Reynolds Number Flow in Spiral Micro-Channels
 312 Zachi Katzir Rubin Miles2009 Abstracts Theses A Simple Formula for Dynamic Spherical Cavity Expansion@in Compressible Elastic-Perfectly Plastic@Material with Large Deformations
 313 Shahaf Vollach Shilo Doron2009 Abstracts Theses The Mechanical Response of Shape Memory Alloys under@a Rapid Heating Pulse
 314 Zipi Neubach Shoham Moshe2009 Abstracts Theses Ultrasound-Guided Robot for Flexible Needle Steering
 315 Ya'akov Greenberg Zussman Eyal2009 Abstracts Theses YBCO Nanofibers Synthesized By Electrospinning a Solution of@Poly(acrylic acid) and Metal Nitrates
 316 Dafna Smith Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Heat Transfer in Microchannels and Pool-Boiling in the@Presence of Degraded Surfactants
 317 Gaddiel Ouaknin Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2009 Abstracts Theses Multi Scale Computational Models for Simulating Stochastic@Collective Cells Migration during Epidermal Wound@Healing
 318 Moran Shpitzer Rittel Daniel2009 Abstracts Theses High Velocity Spherical Copper Fragment Penetration into@a Ceramic Tile
 319 Yaniv Yirmiyahu Hasman Erez2009 Abstracts Theses Excitation of a Single Hollow Waveguide Mode using@Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Subwavelength@Structures
 320 Eyal Bakalu Itzhak Porat

Bucher Izhak
2009 Abstracts Theses A Comparison Between Direct Monitoring of Vibrations in@Mechanical Systems and the Measurement of@Acoustical Noise
 321 Hay Azulay Altus Eli2009 Abstracts Theses Effect of Neighbor Morphology on Local Stresses in@Heterogeneous Materials
 322 Gabriel Verberne Halperin Gregory

Etsion Izhak
2009 Abstracts Theses Tribology of Biological Tissues
 323 Benjamin Bernstein Rotem Assa

Rubin Miles
2009 Abstracts Theses Forces and Moments Acting on the Sternum: Pre and Post@Sternotomy
 324 Maxim Kirikov Altus Eli2009 Abstracts Theses Semi-analytical Optimization for Structural Buckling
 325 Merav Senesh Wolf Alon2009 Abstracts Theses Skin Movement Artifact Modeling and Compensation in Marker-@Based Human Motion Estimation for Biomechanics@Studies
 326 Carmit Keren Zacksenhouse Miriam

Ben-Haim Yakov
2009 Abstracts Theses Info-Gap Bayesian Classification
 327 Tova Mintz Gottlieb Oded

Buks Eyal
2009 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of a Microbeam Array@Subject to Parametric Excitation
 328 Ariel Ben-Atia Altus Eli

Givli Josef
2009 Abstracts Theses Morphology Geometry and Loading Interaction in@Stochastically Heterogeneous Structures
 329 Oded Zaideman Fischer Anath2009 Abstracts Theses 3D Remeshing of Bone Micro Structures from Micro-CT/MRI@Images Using Grid-Based and Neural Network@Techniqes
 330 Alon Regev Rittel Daniel2008 Abstracts Theses A Comparison of Core and Surface Temperature of a Ductile@Polymer under High Strain Rate Loading
 331 Nethanel Ben-Hamo Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Milo Simcha
2008 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Venous Graft Wall Motions as an@Indicator of the Quality of its Distal@Anastomosis in Coronary Artery Bypass@Surgery
 332 Alexander Kleiman Gottlieb Oded2008 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Parametric Instabilities of Ships@Subject to Head Seas
 333 Oleg Elport Shapiro Michael2008 Abstracts Theses Dust Collection in the Cyclone-Type Concentrators
 334 Itai Ben-Zvi Shusser Michael

Grossman Gershon

Meital Benzion
2008 Abstracts Theses Study of Sub Critical Pure Coolant Joule-Thomson@Cryocooler Including Condensation inside the@Recuperator
 335 Itzhak Shiroky Gendelman Oleg2008 Abstracts Theses Essentially Nonlinear Vibration Absorber in Parametrically@Excited Systems
 336 Danny Raz Tirosh Jehuda2008 Abstracts Theses Hydroforming Deep Drowing with Differential Temperature
 337 Eran Ben-David Shilo Doron

Elata David

Rittel Daniel
2008 Abstracts Theses A New Instrument for Tensile Testing of Thin Free@Standing Films at High Strain Rates
 338 Rong Cui Dayan Yehoshua

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
2008 Abstracts Theses Control of the Solid Particles Circulation in a Two-chamber@Biomass Gasifier Utilizing Horizontal Steam@Injectors
 339 Shay Yulzary Halevi Yoram

Elata David
2008 Abstracts Theses The Electromechanical Response of a Double-Axis@Electrostatic Comb-Drive Actuator
 340 Yaron Ben-Shmuel Shapiro Michael2008 Abstracts Theses Modelling and Calculation of Fluid Flow and Fractional@Efficiency of a Tangential Flow Cyclone
 341 Yana Lelchouk Zacksenhouse Miriam

Shpitalni Moshe
2008 Abstracts Theses Gesture-Driven Human-Computer Interface
 342 Sergey Sobol Grossman Gershon2008 Abstracts Theses A Motion Amplification System of a Piezoelectric Element@for Compressor Actuation
 343 Jiries Salib Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2008 Abstracts Theses Elastic Plastic Contact under Normal and Tangential Loading
 344 Adi Nir Abramovich Haim2008 Abstracts Theses Design, Analysis and Experiments of a Piezoelectric Smart@Fin Actuator
 345 Ori Reiner Rimon Elon2008 Abstracts Theses Stability of Planar Spider Robots under Induced Linear@Stiffness
 346 Chen Brot Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2008 Abstracts Theses A Numerical Model for Describing Contact Mechanics in@Bio-Tribological Materials
 347 Arie Tylis Tirosh Jehuda

Shirizly Amnon
2008 Abstracts Theses Rigid Spherical Projectile Penetration into Semi Infinite@Target
 348 Niv Fruchter Altus Eli

Ishai Ori (Deceased)
2008 Abstracts Theses Interlaminar Hygrothermal Strength and Critical Time for@Cracking of Thick Graphite Phenolic Laminates@Exposed to Drying
 349 Ziv Aginsky Gottlieb Oded2008 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of Microbeams for Scanning@Probe Microscopy in a Liquid Environment
 350 Moshe Peretz Mann Rimon Elon

Shiller Zvi
2008 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Stability of Off-Road Vehicles
 351 Hadar Raz Bucher Izhak2008 Abstracts Theses Numerical Modeling of a Squeeze Film Levitated Micro-Valve
 352 Yifat Shorr Shoham Moshe2008 Abstracts Theses Robotic and Hybrid Models (Using Functional Electrical@Stimulation)for the Rehabilitation of Human Gait@Cycle
 353 David Zarrouk Altus Eli2008 Abstracts Theses Solution Convergence of the Functional Perturbation Method@for Problems of Nonhomogeneous Structures
 354 Alon Brill Rittel Daniel2008 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Dynamic Failure@of PMMA
 355 Yosef Dayan Durban David2007 Abstracts Theses Non-Linear Behavior of Magneto-Rhelogical Fluids
 356 Yoav Lengel Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Flow Regimes and Heat Transfer in Two Phase Vertical Flow@with Surfactants
 357 Yahav Morag Etsion Izhak2007 Abstracts Theses A Fractal Model for the Contact of Rough Surfaces
 358 Mark Ishay Degani David

Weihs Daniel

Milo Simcha
2007 Abstracts Theses Steady Flow in a Fully Opened Mitral Valve Shaped Orifice
 359 Anat Cohen Gottlieb Oded2007 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of a Basilar Membrane Model@Subject to a Nonlinear Feed-Forward Force
 360 Mordehai Raizner Grossman Gershon2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Flow in a Pulse Tube Cryocooler
 361 Sarig Nachum Altus Eli2007 Abstracts Theses Vibrations of Beams and Bars with Deterministic and@Stochastic Heterogeneity
 362 Andrey Malashenko Haber Shimon2007 Abstracts Theses Aerosol Generation during Recruitment of Blocked Airways in@the Lung
 363 Benyahu Hanukayev Hasman Erez2007 Abstracts Theses Infrared Radiation Absorption Manipulation by Use@of Two Dimensional Sub-wavelength Metallic@Metamaterials
 364 Sabina Mekler Zussman Eyal2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Transport Properties of Electrospun@Fibrous Bed
 365 Gilad Pagi Altus Eli2007 Abstracts Theses An Air-Polymer Analogy for Modeling Air Flow through@Rubber-Metal Interface
 366 Roman Gudin Mirkin Leonid2007 Abstracts Theses Robust Control Using Dead-Time Compensators
 367 Noga Rybko Shitzer Avraham

Degani David
2007 Abstracts Theses Experimental Simulation of a Thermally Significant Blood@Vessel in a Tissue Undergoing Freezing
 368 Yonatan Wischnitzer Shoham Moshe2007 Abstracts Theses Wire-Driven Parallel Robot: Expending the Workspace by@Permitting Collisions between Wires
 369 Gil Guttman Shpitalni Moshe2007 Abstracts Theses Creating Teams in a Network by Means of Knowledge Maps
 370 Yuri Feldman Kligerman Yuri

Etsion Izhak
2006 Abstracts  Analysis of Gas Lubrication with Textured Surfaces
 371 Gal Eshed Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Investigation and Characterization of a Novel Micro-pump SMA@Based Membrane
 372 Ronen Betman Altus Eli2006
 Dynamic Behavior of a Populated Circuit Card Assembly
 373 Doron Klepach Rubin Miles2006 Abstracts  Influence of Membrane Stresses on Postbuckling of@Rectangular Plates Using a Nonlinear Elastic@3-D Cosserat Brick Element
 374 Ruthy Kaidar Inbar Gideon (Deceased)

Shoham Moshe
2006 Abstracts  EEG Based Brain-Computer Interface for Movement Control
 375 Yaron Mischan Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Micro-Channels@Heat Sink for Cooling Electronic Devices
 376 Ilan Ziso Rittel Daniel2006 Abstracts  Dynamic Deformation and Mode II Fracture of Maraging 250@steel
 377 Ohad Snir Braun Simon

Zacksenhouse Miriam
2006 Abstracts  Acoustic Source Identification and Separation in a Riding@Vehicle by Means of Vibration Measurement at the@Sources
 378 Orly Goldan Gutman Shaul2006 Abstracts  Ballistic Target Interception Using an Agile Interceptor
 379 Dan Samak Fischer Anath

Rittel Daniel
2006 Abstracts  Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Visualization of@Fracture Surfaces
 380 Nir Dahan Hasman Erez2006 Abstracts  Space-variant Polarization Manipulation of a Thermal@Emission by a Subwavelength Grating Supporting@Surface Phonon-Polaritons
 381 Fabricio Fishkel Fischer Anath2006 Abstracts  Verification of Engineering Models Based on Bipartite@Graph Matching for Inspection Applications
 382 Erez Hanina Rittel Daniel

Zvi Rosenberg
2006 Abstracts  The Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on Adiabatic Shear@Failure of Metals
 383 Elena Novbari Gottlieb Oded

Oron Alexander
2006 Abstracts  Nonlinear Dynamics of Thin Liquid Films on an Inclined@Oscillating Plate
 384 Lev Podshivalov Fischer Anath2006 Abstracts  Modelling of Envelope Generated by Motion of 3D Volumetric@NC Tool
 385 Zaur Magalov Shitzer Avraham

Degani David
2006 Abstracts  Investigation of the Temperature Field Developed by@Simultaneously Operating Cryosurgical Probes@Embedded in a Phase-changing Medium
 386 Vitaly Leus Elata David2006 Abstracts  Modeling the Static and Dynamic Responses of Electrostatic@MEMS Switches
 387 Yuri Gorodetski Hasman Erez2006 Abstracts  Optical Properties of Polarization-Depended Geometric@Phase Elements with Partially Polarized Light
 388 Narda Weissman Grossman Gershon2006 Abstracts  Study of Regenerators for Stirling Cryogenic Cooler
 389 Yulia Merkher Etsion Izhak

Doritt Nitzan

Maroudas Alice

Sivan Sarit
2006 Abstracts  The Effect of New Lubricants on the Friction of Human@Cartilageon Cartilage
 390 Genady Beckerman Shitzer Avraham

Degani David
2006 Abstracts  Numerical Model of Solidification by an External Cryoprobe@of a Material with an Embedded Cylindrical Heat@Source
 391 Nir Albersheim Palmor Zalman2006 Abstracts  Robust Identification for Auto Tuning of Decentralized@Dead Time Compensators for Multi Variables Systems
 392 Vadim Remennik Shpitalni Moshe2006 Abstracts  Principle Production Lines in Reconfigurable Manufacturing@Systems
 393 Yaron Holdstein Fischer Anath2006 Abstracts  Reconstruction of Freeform Surface Objects Using Neural@Networks Methods
 394 Johny Saffury Altus Eli2006 Abstracts  Limit Loads of Stochastically Heterogeneous@Structures
 395 Gustavo Halperin Fischer Anath2006 Abstracts  Segmentation of Orthodontic Models and Recognition of@Free Form Features
 396 Yuli Starosvetsky Gendelman Oleg2006 Abstracts  Study and Optimization of Strongly Nonlinear Vibration@Absorber
 397 Dmitry Shneiderman Palmor Zalman2005 Abstracts  Properties of the Quadruple-Tank Process with Multiple@Dead Times and its Control via Auto-Tuned@Decentralized Dead-Time Compensator
 398 Or Yogev Rubin Miles

Bucher Izhak

Flashner Henryk
2005 Abstracts  Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Dynamic@Lateral Torsional Post-Buckling of an Elastic@Beam-Mass System Using the Theory of a@Cosserat Point
 399 Ofer Levinson Etsion Izhak

Halperin Gregory
2005 Abstracts  Experimental Investigation of Static Friction
 400 Clarice Wagner-Nachshoni Halevi Yoram2005 Abstracts  Control of Multi-Link Flexible Structure
 401 Eduard Katz Yarin Alexander

Rubin Miles
2005 Abstracts  Orientation of Small Fibers by Means of Different Flows
 402 Sharon Hornstein Gottlieb Oded2005 Abstracts  Nonlinear Dynamics, Stability and Control of The Scan@Process in Atomic Force Microscopy
 403 Alexey Shinkarenko Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2005 Abstracts  Improving Tribological Performance of Piston Rings by@Partial Surface Texturing
 404 Zeev Sobe Yarin Alexander2005 Abstracts  Elongational Behavior of Gel Fuels and Their Simulants
 405 Amiad Asias Shusser Michael

Grossman Gershon

Amiram Leitner
2005 Abstracts  Heat Pipe for Airborne Systems
 406 Raul Zimmerman Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Heat Transfer to Air-Water Annular Flow in a Horizontal@Pipe
 407 Yoel Zabar Lipson Stephen

Ribak Erez
2005 Abstracts  IR Super - Resolution in Far Field
 408 Zeev Shvets Zussman Eyal2005 Abstracts  Function-Based Assembly: An Investigation of Assembly of@MEMS-Based Rate Gyroscopes
 409 Ofer Shomer Bucher Izhak2005 Abstracts  Active Diagnostics of Rotating Structures
 410 Joseph Arbel Fischer Anath2005 Abstracts  Segmentation and Recognition of Meshes for Scanned Parts@Based on Curvature Histograms
 411 Ofir Barzelay Elata David2005 Abstracts  Double Sided Comb Drive with Latching Stator to Minimize@Activating Voltage
 412 Shai Mizrachi Rittel Daniel2005 Abstracts  Experimental Characterization of Transient Temperature@Changes during Dynamic Loading by Means of@Infrared Sensing
 413 Ronen Maimon Gottlieb Oded

Hoffman Alon
2005 Abstracts  Nonlinear Vibrations of Micro-Beams in Atomic@Force Microscopy
 414 Alon Avital Zussman Eyal2005 Abstracts  Fluidic Self Assembly of Micro-Parts
 415 Oded Glazer Ribak Erez

Mirkin Leonid
2005 Abstracts  Construction of a Control Loop for an Adaptive Optical@System
 416 Yoav Shauli Shoham Moshe2005 Abstracts  Force Feedback System
 417 Saar Lampert-Tsameret Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Development of Micro Particle Image Velocimetry (Micro-PIV)@System and Investigation of the Transport@Processes in a Micro Channel
 418 Adi Ben-Ari Grossman Gershon2005 Abstracts  Investigation of Air Dehumidification Systems Based on@Solid Adsorbents
 419 Meir Brand Rubin Miles2005 Abstracts  A Simplified Constrained Theory of a Cosserat Point for@the Numerical Solution of Dynamic Problems of@Nonlinear Elastic Rods
 420 Emanuel Fainshtein Gottlieb Oded2005 Abstracts  Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of Piezoelectric Microbeams@with Application for Atomic Force Microscopy
 421 Ilya Beletsky Bar-Yoseph Pinhas2005 Abstracts  Drug Distribution Analysis for Drug Eluting Stent@Applications with an Aaxisymmetric Pplaque
 422 Avi Niv Hasman Erez2004 Abstracts  Space-Variant Polarization-state Manipulation by Use of@Subwavelength Gratings
 423 Gabriel Biener Hasman Erez2004 Abstracts  Subwavelength Polarization Gratings: Design, Realization and@Applications
 424 Arnon Hirshberg Elata David2004 Abstracts  Novel Test Devices for Measuring Mechanical Properties of@MEMS Structures
 425 Ztvi Gerstman Altus Eli2004 Abstracts  Prediction of Two Level Fatigue Life by a Micromechanic@Model
 426 Yuval Keren Shpitalni Moshe2004 Abstracts  Conversion of Variational Geometry Problems to Parametric@Geometry
 427 Daniel Klein Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Heat Transfer in Micro-Channels in the Presence of Surface@Active Agents
 428 Igor Arkhangelsky Shoham Moshe2004 Abstracts  Application of Grasp Theory to Registration of 3D Objects
 429 Eyal Elka Elata David

Abramovich Haim
2004 Abstracts  The Electromechanical Response of Multi-Layered@Piezoelectric Structures
 430 Dan Strasser Elata David2004 Abstracts  Binding Layers for Delaying Damage in Electronic Boards
 431 Matan Naftali Elata David2004 Abstracts  Towards a Linear Response of Vertical Comb-Drive@Actuators
 432 Isaac Jacob Garaway Grossman Gershon2004 Abstracts  Investigation of a Solar-Powered Desalination System@Employing Regeneration
 433 Alexander Slobodinsky Dayan Yehoshua

Shoham Moshe

Strasberg Shai
2004 Abstracts  Comparison of Adaptive Control Methods for Robots
 434 Michael Burman Shoham Moshe2003 Abstracts  Investigation of Robotic Platforms for Handling of@Microsystems
 435 Yitzchak Shpitzer Grossman Gershon

Meital Benzion
2003 Abstracts  Theoretical Study of Joule-Thomson Cryogenic Cooling@Systems Employing Gas Mixtures
 436 Erez Gilboa Yarin Alexander2003 Abstracts  Quenching of Turbolent Flames by Sprays
 437 Boris Lipshitz Fischer Anath2003 Abstracts  Discrete Curvature Estimation of Scanned Noisy Objects for@Verification of Scanned Engineering Parts@with CAD Models
 438 Arie Elka Bucher Izhak

Seter Dan
2003 Abstracts  On the Dynamics Simulation and Experiments of a Vibrating@MEMS Device
 439 Gilad Moshe Benski Zussman Eyal2003 Abstracts  Study of the Fabrication of 3D MEMS Structure Using Self-@Assembly Method
 440 Alon Tal Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Heat Reduction by Direct Pumping of Nd:YAG at 885nm@Compared to Standard Pumping at 803nm
 441 Hod Katan Zacksenhouse Miriam2003 Abstracts  Visual Tracking and Characterization of Finger@Movements
 442 Avner Flor Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Gutman Marcel
2003 Abstracts  Use of Gas as Alternative Fuel for Vehicles in Israel
 443 Meiri Dvorjetski Itzhak Porat2003 Abstracts  Design of Unidirectional Clutch
 444 Eran Guy Rimon Elon2003 Abstracts  Navigation Algorithm for Plan Spider Robot in Smooth@Intermittent-Linear Tunnel
 445 Devi Abraham Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Haber Shimon
2003 Abstracts  Steady Flow in a Heated Capillaries with a Distinct@Phase Domain
 446 Leonid Kreines Etsion Izhak

Halperin Gregory
2003 Abstracts  Fretting Wear of Thin Film Diamond Coatings
 447 Uri Burshtein Palmor Zalman

Mirkin Leonid
2003 Abstracts  Design and Autotuning of Decentralized Multivariable Dead@Time Compensators
 448 Rashed Mahameed Elata David2003 Abstracts  A Novel Thermoelastic Actuation Scheme for Micro Resonators
 449 Royi Naveh Zussman Eyal2003 Abstracts  Solder-Based Bonding for MEMS Vacuum Packaging
 450 Ran Gabai Bucher Izhak2003 Abstracts  Resonance Tracking Method - Application to a Squeeze-Film@Object Levitation Device
 451 Yoav Gabriely Rimon Elon2003 Abstracts  Covering Algorithems for Mobile Robot
 452 Victor Brizmer Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
 Analysis of Hydrodynamic Bearing with Laser Textured@Surface
 453 Ronen Paz Itzhak Porat2002 Abstracts  Micromechanical Embodiment of Vibratory Angular Rate Sensor
 454 Samy Abu-Salih Altus Eli2002 Abstracts  Mechanical Properties of Shape Memory Alloys
 455 Ze'ev Bomzon Hasman Erez2002 Abstracts  Computer Generated Subwavelength Optical Elements: Design,@Realization, and Applications
 456 Svetlana Brodetski Shapiro Michael2002
 Thermophoretic Deposition of Aerosol Particles on Surfaces
 457 Oded Wertheim Bucher Izhak2002
 Investigating the Effect of Induced Vibration Waves on the@Relative Sliding Motion of Bodies
 458 Yuval Levy Itzhak Porat2002 Abstracts  Vibrations of a Rotating Helical Spring
 459 Ben Nadler Rubin Miles2002 Abstracts  Post-Buckling Behavior of Nonlinear Elastic Beams and Truss-@Like Structures (with Beam Element) Using the@Theory of a Cosserat Point
 460 Aviram Ronen Etsion Izhak

Kligerman Yuri
2002 Abstracts  Improving Tribological Properties of Automotive Mechanical@Components by Laser Surface Treatment
 461 Dror Yitzhak Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Haber Shimon
 Particle Migration inside Lung Alveoli
 462 Paul Markovici Zacksenhouse Miriam

Shpitalni Moshe
 Real Time Recognition of Simultaneous Manipulative Hand@Movements
 463 Ofer Abraham Tirosh Jehuda2002 Abstracts  The Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on Metals Behavior
 464 Reuven Greenberg Etsion Izhak

Halperin Gregory
2002 Abstracts  Nano-Composites for Tribological Applications
 465 Alexander Volchok Etsion Izhak

Halperin Gregory
 Study of the Effect of Surface Micro-Topography on@Fretting Fatigue
 466 Nir Tzabar Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Tartakovsky Leonid
2002 Abstracts  Improvement of Internal Combustion Engine Performance by@Oxygen Enriched Air-Supply
 467 Ronny Lazarovitch Bucher Izhak

Rittel Daniel
 Crack Identipication in Metallic Objects Using Non@Destructive Electrical Method
 468 Eliyahu Eshkoli Adler Dan

Bar-Yoseph Pinhas
 Study of Round Turbulent Jet in a Crossflow
 469 Ron Bar-Or Shpitalni Moshe2001
 Design and Implementation of an Augmented Reality@Environment
 470 Loay Massalha Shitzer Avraham2001
 Solidification of a Material Contacting a Surface Cryoprobe@with an Embedded Cylindrical Heat Source
 471 Wael Salalha Zussman Eyal2001
 Assembly Process Analysis of Micro-Electro-Mechanical@Systems (MEMS)
 472 Michael Varenberg Etsion Izhak

Halperin Gregory
 Study of the Fretting Wear Mechanism
 473 Yakov Liberman Tirosh Jehuda

Zussman Eyal
 Forming Limit Diagram of Magnesium Alloys
 474 Shimon Hai Tadmor Ellad2001 Abstracts  A Computational and Theoretical Investigation of Deformation@Twinning at Aluminum Crack Tips
 475 Rami Yeger Rimon Elon2001
 Sensor Based Navigation of a Planar Three Degrees of Freedom@Robot
 476 Gabor Kosa Gottlieb Oded

Halevi Yoram
 Dynamics and Control of a Manuevering Inverted Pendulum@on an Uneven Surface
 477 Evgeni Smolyar Fischer Anath

Yarnitsky Yeshaya
 Constrained Multi-Resulution Model for Remote Design via@The Internet
 478 Hagit Saguy Rittel Daniel

Weiss Menachem
 Modeling the Fatigue Properties of WELDOX 700 Steel@Specimens Welded by GTAW Method
 479 Amit Klopstok Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Shoham Moshe
 Saw Machine for Diamond with Vertical Motion and ON/OFF@Control
 480 Hagay Bamberger Missing advisors 2000
 On Severely Vibrated Stabilizing Systems
 481 Ze'ev Fainberg Zussman Eyal2000
 Model Based Matching of Three Dimensional Surfaces
 482 Shmuel Shtanger Tirosh Jehuda

Rotberg Joseph
 Essential Improvements in Fluid Pressure Assisted Deep@Drawing Process
 483 Anna Matvienko Shapiro Michael2000
 Investigation of Thermal Properties and Fabrication Process@Of Dense Ceramic Materials by Reactive Sinthesis
 484 Amir Shapiro Missing advisors 2000
 Design and Control of a Planar Spider Robot
 485 Eyal Weiss Elias Ezra

 Development of a Pulsed Plasma Source for Chemical Waste@Decomposition
 486 Moshe David Berger Zussman Eyal2000
 Monitoring of Sheet Metal Thinning in Deep Drawing Process
 487 Dani Shavit Yarin Alexander2000
 The First Eigenfrequency of Rotating Rigid Rotor in@Electrical Motor
 488 Mordechai Abramovitz Missing advisors 2000
 ""Dynamic" Controller for An Autonomous Guided Vehicle@((Agv)
 489 Daniel Glozman Shoham Moshe

Fischer Anath
 Registration of 3-D Objects for Computer Integrated Surgery
 490 Leikin Renald Missing advisors 2000
 A Measurement System of the Exact Position@Of An Elevator Car
 491 Gilad Hakim Missing advisors 2000
 The Insulation Properties of Hollow Plastic Sheets
 492 Oved Porath Ishai Ori (Deceased)

Avrashi Jacob
 Local Internal Strengthening of Composite Mechanical Joints
 493 Jay Benjamin Harwood Missing advisors 1999
 Configuration of Two Satellite Orbits for Ground Coverage
 494 Tamar Shlasky Shpitalni Moshe1999
 Variational Based Interface for Design of Sheet Metal@Layouts Based on Freehand Sketches
 495 Ariel Manor Fischer Anath1999
 Reconstruction of 3d Models through Integration of Image@Processing Techniques in Reverse-Engineering
 496 Hod Wirzberger Missing advisors 1999
 Prevention of Particle Deposition from Duct Flows by@Means of Heating the Deposition Surface
 497 Alexander Alexeev Missing advisors 1999
 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Behavior@Of Vibrated Granular Materials
 498 Fernando Funtowicz Zussman Eyal1999
 Efficient Scanning of Freeform Surfaces Using a Laser@Stripe
 499 Patricia Ben-Horin Shoham Moshe

Grossman Gershon
 Analysis and Synthesis of An Inflatable Parallel Robot
 500 Yishai Rinat Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1999
 Spectral Finite Elements Model for the Investigation of the@Non-Linear Dynamics of Composite Laminated Plate@With Piezoelectric Layers
 501 Gil Weisbrod Rittel Daniel1999
 Dynamic Fracture of Tungsten Base Heavy Alloys
 502 Nabil Simaan Shoham Moshe1999
 Analysis and Synthesis of Parallel Robots for Medical@Applications
 503 Gilad Yossifon Yarin Alexander

Rubin Miles
 Penetration of a Rigid Projectile Into a Metal Multi-Layer@Target and Characterization of the Debris Cloud
 504 Amiel Zehavi Palmor Zalman1999
 A Simple Tuning Method of Dmc Controller for 2x2 Systems
 505 Tomer Valency Zacksenhouse Miriam1999
 Instantaneous Model Impedance Control for Robots
 506 Iris Dejmal Missing advisors 1999
 Effect of the Die Curvature on the Punch Drawing Force in@Deep Drawing Process
 507 Ronen Lalezar Altus Eli

 Micro and Macro Properties of Short Fiber Reinforced@Thermoplastics (Sfrp)
 508 Dorian Averbuh Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Shoham Moshe
 Computerized Control of Automatic Cutting Machine
 509 Pavel Gurvich Fischer Anath1998
 Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects by@Multiresolution B-Spline Surfaces
 510 Michael Vainer Shpitalni Moshe1998
 Parametrization and Approximation of Spatially Scattered@Points Set
 511 Alexander Margolis Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Shoham Moshe
 Automatic Feeding of Diamonds for Automatic Polishing@Machines
 512 Amir Or Zussman Eyal1998
 Planning and Control of Disassembly Processes
 513 Allan Kahane Palmor Zalman1998
 Multi-Rate H2 Tracking Control with Mixed Continuous -@Discrete Performance Criteria
 514 Guy Rodnay Rimon Elon1998
 Isometric Visualization of Configuration Spaces of Two@Degrees of Freedom Mechanisms
 515 Alon Davidy Elias Ezra1998
 Quenching of Hot Oxidizing Surfaces
 516 Elik Levin Lenz Ehud1998
 Navigation System for Mobile Robots
 517 Essam Totry Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Gutman Marcel
 Measurement of Particulates Emission from Diesel Engine@by Dilution Tunnel
 518 Azmon Ofri Ben-Haim Yakov

Weller Tanchum
 Fuzzy-Logic Vibration Control for Flexible Structures
 519 Leonid Shmulian Rimon Elon1998
 Strategies for Sensory-Based Mobile Robot Navigation
 520 Doron Studny Rittel Daniel

Zussman Eyal
 Impact Disassemble of Stiff Fasteners (Screws) for@Recycling Purposes
 521 Eitan Hadar Braun Simon

Mark Darlow

Gavriely Noam

Uretzky Gideon
 The Evaluation of Performance of Implanted Prosthetic Heart@Valves Using Analysis of Acoustic Sounds from the@Chest Wall
 522 Tal Nir Halevi Yoram

Netzer Ehud
 Robust Optimal Control with Fixed Controller Structure
 523 Maor Schaal Braun Simon

Shpitalni Moshe
 Understanding and Modeling of a Scanned Graph
 524 Pavel Kagan Fischer Anath

Shpitalni Moshe
 New B-Spline Finite Element Approach for Geometric@Design and Mechnical Analysis
 525 Leonid Foigelman Shpitalni Moshe1997
 Parametrization and Approximation of a Set of Ordered@Points in a Plane and in Space
 526 Erich Andrew Wilson Adler Dan

Gal-Or Benjamin
 A Thrust Vectoring Two Spool Turbofan Jet Engine Analysis
 527 David Cohen Weiss Menachem1997
 Adapting a Combined Model for Crack Propagation Estimate@And Reconstruction of S-N Curves for Different@Surface Finish
 528 Gil Golan Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Gutman Marcel
 Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Temperature@And Stress Fields in Internal Combustion Engines
 529 Gidon Israely Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)

Zimmels Yoram (Deceased)
 Heat and Mass Transfer in Concentrated Solutions
 530 Igal Zeitoun Lenz Ehud1997
 Position Control of a Free Ranging Vehicle
 531 Sharon Peles Gutfinger Chaim1997
 Experimental Investigation of Aerosol Resuspension from@Surfaces by Turbulent Flow
 532 Nimrod Tzori Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Haber Shimon
 The Effect of Bubbles on Heat Transfer from a Wall to@Liquid
 533 Yue Hao Haber Shimon

Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)
 Reverse Roll Coating Flow and Particle Electrophoretic@Motion Normal to a Dielectric Layer
 534 Oded Orenshtein Shavit Arthur (Deceased)1997
 Condensation of Non-Azeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures Inside@A Vertical Tube
 535 Alina Bondarenko Halevi Yoram1997
 Solution of Optimal Order Reduction Equations
 536 Daniel Nachtigal Mark Darlow

Blech Joab (Deceased)
 Research of Radial Active Magnetic Bearings and@Implementation of Digital Control
 537 Eitan Konstantino Altus Eli

 Improving Fatigue Resistance by a Laser Surface Treatment
 538 Yotam Freund Ben-Haim Yakov1996
 Selectively Sensitive Identification of Connectivity@Matrices in Linear Elastic Systems
 539 Oleg Brodkin Haber Shimon1996
 Numerical Simulation for Red Blood Cells Motion in Middle@Size Vessels
 540 Ya'akov Greenberg Perl Mordechai1996
 Thermal Shock Effect on Three Dimensional Radial Internal@Surface Cracks in a Cylindrical Pressure Vessel
 541 Dan Davidian Dayan Yehoshua1996
 A Method and a System for Initiating An Automatic Alarm to@Prevent Rear-End Collisions (A.c.s).
 542 Yoav Naveh Bar-Yoseph Pinhas

Halevi Yoram
 Spectral Elements Modeling and Control of a Unicycle
 543 Shay Ginsbourg Gutfinger Chaim1996
 Liquid Mist Surface Cooling
 544 Shlomo Balaban Adler Dan1996
 Measurements of the Unsteady Flow in the Turbine Rotor@Mid-Passasge
 545 Jackey Revah Yarnitsky Yeshaya1996
 System Development for Linkage Cad/cam to Three Degrees@Of Freedom Cnc Lathe.
 546 Yossef Schneiderman Avrashi Jacob1996
 Analysis and Design of Patch Repair for Damaged Composites
 547 Yoav Peles Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)

Haber Shimon
 Development of a Domestic Heat Exchanger
 548 Alexander Ulanovski Grosberg David1996
 Planning and Control of Robotic Assembly Tasks
 549 Benjamin Ran Wolf Dan (Deceased)1996
 Total Quality Approach to Improve the Production of Heavy@Vehicles.
 550 Alon Ashkenazi Wolberg John1996
 Fast Method for Pcb Thermal Analysis
 551 Daniel Fisher Bar-Yoseph Pinhas

Gottlieb Oded
 Spectral Element Methods for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
 552 Stephen Bellomo Shitzer Avraham1996
 Model of the Thermal Behavior of Cold Stressed Fingers
 553 Andrej Patrilin Yarnitsky Yeshaya1996
 Mechanical Design for "Turn-Mill" Cnc Minisystem
 554 Alexander Vaisburd Yarnitsky Yeshaya1996
 Automatic Diamond Polishing Machine
 555 Natalya Raskin Halevi Yoram1996
 Comparative Investigation of Model Order Reduction Methods
 556 Arik Becker Yarnitsky Yeshaya1996
 Automatic Machine for Bruting Non Circular Diamonds
 557 Asif Grushkeviz Braun Simon

Mark Darlow

Zukerberger Adrian
 Dynamic Damping of Rotors Using Eddy Currents.
 558 Ariel Barel Yarnitsky Yeshaya1996
 An Automatic Diamond Bruting Machine with a Cassette
 559 Yoav Alper Eshel Reuven

Wolf Dan (Deceased)
 Theoretical Prediction Model for Volumetric Efficiency of@Variable Displacement Axile Piston Pumps
 560 Shay Levavi Cohen Jacob

Degani David
 Experimental Investigation of Vortex Breakdown of Swirling@Flow in Tubes
 561 Micha Rozenkvit Grossman Gershon1995
 Investigation & Optimization of Absorption Heat Pumps
 562 Samuel Kreitenberger Navon Uri

Gutfinger Chaim
 Thermal Study of a Printed Circuit Board Cooled by Forced@Convection
 563 Alon Stein Palmor Zalman

Halevi Yoram
 Robust Dead Time Compensator for Disturbance Absorption.
 564 Izhak Krishtul Shavit Arthur (Deceased)1995
 Neural Magnetic Stimulator
 565 Yury Kryzhanovski Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1995
 Axisymmetric Vortex Breakdown for Generalized Newtonian@Fluid Contained in a Rotating Spherical Annulus.
 566 Morel Groper Etsion Izhak1995
 A Comparison of Approximating Methods for the Evaluation@Of the Temperature Distribution in Mechanical Face@Seal
 567 Evgeny Volfson Dayan Yehoshua1995
 Control of Coal Gasification in Recirculated Fluidized Bed
 568 Rachel Kenigsbuch Blech Joab (Deceased)

Shlomo Jersey
 Dynamics and Control of a Floating Carrier
 569 Michael Engler Grossman Gershon1995
 Comparative Investigation by Simulation of Absorption Heat@Pumps in Different Cycles
 570 Avidov Neuberger Tirosh Jehuda

 A Bulging Model for Thin Walled Tubes Under Internal@Pressure and Axial Force
 571 Daniel Bricker Wolberg John1995
 Algorithms for Nonlinear Equation Solving
 572 Vladislav Brion Dayan Yehoshua

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
 Control of Catalytic Coal Gasification in Fluidized Bed@Reactor with Circulation
 573 Michael Shlafstein Fichman Matityaho

Shapiro Michael
 Experimental Investigation of Dispersion of Aerosol@Particles in Tube Flows
 574 Hanoch Shiri Grosberg David

Dayan Yehoshua
 Performence Tradeoffs in Distributed Robot Controllers
 575 Erez Fridman Yarnitsky Yeshaya1995
 Imparting Depth Sensation to Planar Polished Diamonds
 576 Guy Mendelsohn Shpitalni Moshe

Shoham Moshe
 Robot Aided Removal of Sheet Metal Products
 577 Naim Levi Rotem Assa1995
 Hip Prosthesis Implant Made of Composite Material
 578 Dror Marom Avrashi Jacob1995
 Stress Concentrations in Composite Materials.
 579 Tal Mazor Palmor Zalman

Halevi Yoram
 Tuning Decentralized Pid Controllers in Mimo@Systems
 580 Hana Katz Grossman Gershon1995
 Investigation of Solar Assisted Heat Pump
 581 Zach Glikman Itzhak Porat1995
 The Dynamics of An Axially Moving Belt
 582 David Alperowitz Perl Mordechai1995
 The Effect of Crack Length Unevenness on Stress Intensity@Factors Due to Autofrettage Un Thick-Walled@Cylinders
 583 Amir Perle Lenz Ehud1995
 A Flexible Fixture System
 584 Mirel Lotan Eshel Reuven

Timnat Yacov (Deceased)
 Development of a Computer Code for the Ballistics of Gun@Tubes.
 585 Ziv Belfer Shpitalni Moshe1995
 Parametric and Variational Design of Two Dimensional@Geometry
 586 Hanan Dayan Lifshitz Jacob1994
 Development of Thim-Walled Filamfnt-Wound Pressure Vessel
 587 Vladimir Brodsky Shoham Moshe1994
 Grasping Stability with a Multi-Fingered Hand
 588 Miri Liberman Braun Simon1994
 Identification of Dynamic Systems Using Multisin Excitation
 589 Ron Tal Grosberg David1994
 Distributed Control of Multirobot Systems
 590 Efraim Vainberg Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Dirnfeld Shraga (Deceased)
 Sintering Materials Their Effect on Polisuing of Diamonds
 591 Alexander Yakhnin Grossman Gershon1994
 Direct Contact Production of Ice in Air Conditioning Syste
 592 Alexander Kisin Altus Eli1994
 Improving Failure and Fatigue Resistance by Flexible@Coating
 593 Yuri Kligerman Mark Darlow1994
 Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Rotordynamic System
 594 Katy Zaidman Dayan Yehoshua1994
 The Use of Residence Time Distribution Techniqe in
 595 Leonid Dombrovsky Bodner Sol1994
 Bodner-Partom Constitutive and Implicit Time Integralion
 596 Ronen Ben Horin Shoham Moshe1994
 Asix Degrees of Freedom Parallel Manipulator Wuth Three
 597 Baruch Radin Grosberg David1994
 Intelligent Control for a Robot Based on Fuzzy Reasoning
 598 Irit Peled Feuer Arie

Palmor Zalman
 Internal Model Control Analysisusing Operator
 599 David Gildin Lifshitz Jacob1994
 Effect of Impact on Behavior Ofcomposites Under Cyclic Loads
 600 Nizan Salomonski Shoham Moshe

Grossman Gershon
 Robot with Flexible and Light Arm Based on Inflatable@Structure
 601 Yuval Shoshani Shpitalni Moshe

Lenz Ehud
 Nc Part Programs Simulation and Verification
 602 Ronen Benyamin Adler Dan1994
 Stator Wake Propagation Inside a Gas Turbine Rotor
 603 Ilia Roizman Yarin Alexander1994
 Description of Projectile Penetration with Small Deborah@Number
 604 Tatiana Roizman Shapiro Michael

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
 Influence of Segregation and Diffusion Processes on Heat
 605 Yossy Shachar-Schwartz Dayan Yehoshua

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
 Implemention Commercial Control Program to An
 606 Zamir Saig Yarnitsky Yeshaya1994
 Industrial Use of Diamonds.
 607 Ofer Mizrahi Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)1994
 Study of a Capillary Structuredsolar Air Heater
 608 Alona Ben-Tal Bar-Yoseph Pinhas

Flashner Henryk
 Optimal Maneuver of a Flexible Arm by Space-Time F. E. M.
 609 Eyal Vered Yarnitsky Yeshaya1994
 Automatic Sawing Machine for Diamonds
 610 Yossef Sabag Oron Alexander

Gutfinger Chaim
 Study of Stagnation Flous in Clean Rooms
 611 Yinon Shenhar Altus Eli

Frostig Yeoshua
 Behaviour of Sandwich Beam Withcomposite Skins and Soft Core
 612 Anthony Blumfield Shpitalni Moshe1993
 Generator for Adaptive Post Processor and Simulator for Cnc
 613 Igor Ravve Yarnitsky Yeshaya1993
 Analysis of Machine Tool Guideway Design for Compliter
 614 David Peled Avrashi Jacob

Frostig Yeoshua
 Bending of Sandwich Beams with Soft Core and Non-Parallel
 615 Dror Armon Ben-Haim Yakov

Braun Simon
 Crack Petection by Static and Dynamic Measurements
 616 Valentin Moreno Shavit Arthur (Deceased)


Gutman Marcel
 The Influence of Small Percemtage of Methamol on
 617 Amnon Shirizly Tirosh Jehuda

 Deep Drawing with Fluidized Blank Holder
 618 Tzvi Efrati Palmor Zalman

Halevi Yoram
 Auto- Tuning of Decentralized Controllers for Mimo Systems
 619 Dror Saddan Shpitalni Moshe1993
 Bending Sequence and Tool Selection for Sheet Metal Products
 620 Yoav Koster Grosberg David1993
 Design and Development of a Sensor-Based Robot System
 621 Avishay Lindenfeld Bodner Sol

Rubin Miles
 Thermodynamic Consistency of Viscoplastic Constitutive Eq.
 622 Genady Ziskind Gutfinger Chaim

Fichman Matityaho
 Effect of Re-Entrainment of Particles on Gas Filtration
 623 Ariella Richman Yarnitsky Yeshaya1993
 Automatic Diamond Polishing Machine
 624 Vitali Nisenzon Yarnitsky Yeshaya1993
 Design of Tool Management System in a Midole Range Factory
 625 Michael Rybski Shoham Moshe

Grossman Gershon
 Robot Manipulators Based on Inflatable Structures
 626 Sergio Oberlander Lenz Ehud1993
 Prograhming of a Linear Transfer System for Assembly
 627 Julia Padinker Dayan Yehoshua

Halevi Yoram
 Order Reruction of the Mathematical Model for Tomato Growth
 628 Miri Weiss-Cohen Shpitalni Moshe1993
 Shape Averaging for Industrial Design
 629 Arie Karniel Halevi Yoram1992
 Reduced Order Observers for Failure Detection
 630 Ofer Michael Etsion Izhak1992
 Investigation of Porous Mechanical Seals
 631 Favel Gov Lifshitz Jacob1992
 Low Velocity Impact of Multilayered Cfrp Beams
 632 Tamar Ostrovsky Shoham Moshe1992
 Nevral Networks for Robots Control
 633 Avi Rubinshtein Ben-Haim Yakov1992
 Interpretation of Vebration Measvrements of Unknown Forces
 634 Tal Hocherman ?1992
 Non Linear Evolution of a Class of Interfacial Instabilitie
 635 Raoul Ronen Lenz Ehud1992
 Graphical Simglation for Robots in An Assembly Cell
 636 Eli Shaky Shoham Moshe

Dayan Yehoshua
 Robot Force Control
 637 Erella Matalon Braun Simon1992
 Identification and Diagnostics of Vibrating Systems
 638 Zeev Zaidman Shoham Moshe1992
 Grasping with Multi-Fingered Hand
 639 Alon Schonberger Lifshitz Jacob1992
 Pelamination in Static & Cyclic Loading of Graphite/epoxy
 640 Hanoh Leber Lifshitz Jacob1992
 Stress Ware Loading of Solids
 641 Zahi Rom Palmor Zalman

Halevi Yoram
 Control of Non Minimum Phase Systems
 642 Gideon Aharoni Hetsroni Gad (Deceased)1992
 Temperature Distribution in A: System with High Heat Fluxes
 643 Ronit Schneor Shpitalni Moshe1992
 Comp System for Cutting and Punching of Sheet Metal Layouts
 644 Dan Shlezak Yarnitsky Yeshaya1992
 Computerized System for Rings Engraving
 645 Yuval Bauman Tirosh Jehuda

Iddan Dov
 Extrusion of Sealing Bands Made of Prous Materials Projecti
 646 Abraham Ashkenazi Altus Eli1992
 Radial Cracking of a Cylinder Due to An Internal Thermal Sh
 647 Itzhak Nativ Braun Simon

Rosenhouse Giora
 Nultichannel Measvrement of Sound Absorbtion in Tubes
 648 Roni Robinzon Halevi Yoram1992
 Control of a Flexible Robot Arm
 649 Hagit Levy Ishai Ori (Deceased)

Altus Eli
 Failvre Mechanisms and Stremgth of Composite Tubes Under
 650 Moshe Amit Etsion Izhak1992
 Sthtic Friction Coeeficient Between Smooth Surfaces
 651 Ran Peled Halevi Yoram1992
 Reduced Order Models of Dynamicsystems
 652 Daniel Zlatnik Palmor Zalman

Etsion Izhak
 A Control System for An Active Magnetic Bearing
 653 Ariel Lijtenstein Yarnitsky Yeshaya1992
 Computerized and Automatic Setting of Diamonds Into Ring
 654 Avraham Inbar Grosberg David1992
 Robotic Assembly of Flexible Materials
 655 Vedat Baruh Grosberg David1992
 Discrete Impedance Control
 656 Avraham Rozin Pessen David (Deceased)

Wolf Dan (Deceased)
 Controlled Hydrd Pneumatic Smspension for a Tracked Off
 657 Amit Elazari Ber Abraham1991
 Machinbility Decision Support System Within Tms Enuironment
 658 Yaron Efraty Gutman Shaul1991
 Estimation and Control of Missiles at High Angles of at
 659 Nathan Krasney Palmor Zalman

Halevi Yoram
 Automatic Tuning Algorithm of Decentralized Pid Controller
 660 Noam Brook Dayan Yehoshua

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
 Classification and Examination of Adaptive Control Methods
 661 Danny Yossef Wolberg John1991
 A Finite Element Program for Contact Spring Design
 662 Shai Lifshitz Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)1991
 Stability of Double Diffusive Processes in a Thermosyphon
 663 Zoheir Abbas Dayan Yehoshua1991
 Connecting Apple Ii + Computer to Control An Analog Process
 664 Josef Shraga (Deceased)

Gutman Marcel
 The Inf Luence of Methanol on the Combustion in Engines
 665 Ella Melamed Altus Eli1991
 A Micromechanical Model Fatigue for a Composite Material
 666 Amiel Herszage Altus Eli1991
 A Two Dimensional Micromechanical Model of Fatigue
 667 Ellad Boaz Tadmor Durban David1991
 Plastic Failure of Pressurized Multilayered Cylinders
 668 Agne's Cohen Halevi Yoram1991
 Reduced Order Optimal Estimators
 669 Noam Galperin Palmor Zalman

Etsion Izhak
 A Test Ris for the Development of a Closed Loop Disital
 670 Dany Farhana Lenz Ehud1991
 Location Measurement System for a Mobile Robot
 671 Abrahm Shtark Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1991
 Hybrid F.e.m. for Composite Cyldrical Shell with a Hole
 672 Eduardo Neuah Dayan Yehoshua

Shavit Arthur (Deceased)
 Partial Pyrolysis of Coal
 673 Ilan Haim Shavit Arthur (Deceased)

Grossman Gershon
 Simulation and Analysis of High Efficiency Absorption
 674 David Hassid Yarnitsky Yeshaya1991
 Versatile Automatic Assembly Work Station for Mounting
 675 Joel Ben-Yehuda Ber Abraham1991
 Development of Technology for Vacuum Brazing of Al, Honey
 676 Eran Brattmann Weill Roland (Deceased)1991
 Algorithms for-Composite Positional Tolerance Using Cmm
 677 Yitzchk Yifrach Altus Eli

Tirosh Jehuda
 Development of a Specimen for Fracture Toughhess Measurment
 678 Benjamin Shni Weill Roland (Deceased)1991
 Graphic Simulation of Robots Eerrors
 679 Gideon Even-Sturlesi Bar-Yoseph Pinhas

Solan Alexander
 Solution of Rotating Flows with Thermal Effects by the
 680 Ron Raveh Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Shpitalni Moshe
 Light Refraction & Reflaction in Various Diamond Shapes
 681 Eli Shteinshlaifer Ber Abraham1991
 Expert System for Tool Selection for Turning Operation in a
 682 Alon Peled Ber Abraham1991
 Computer Manutacturing of a 3d Bady Linking Cad Cnc
 683 Yoel Zandberg Perl Mordechai1991
 Engiveering Optimization of Linecharge Detonation
 684 Shimon Weichendler Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1991
 Asymptotic-Spectral Elements Methop for Boundary Layer Probl
 685 Dan Aharoni Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1991
 Mixed Finite Element Formulations in the Time Domain for
 686 Yeshaya Lipman ?1991
 Transmitting Mfchansim Between Two Parallel Shafts
 687 Michal Blau Palmor Zalman1991
 Automatic Tuning Dead Time Compensator
 688 Patrick Bar-Avi Itzhak Porat1991
 The Dynamics of An Axially Moving String
 689 Eric Cohen Yarnitsky Yeshaya1990
 An Automatic Computerized Decision Making for Optimizing
 690 Ishak Kohen Adler Dan1990
 Flow Visualization by Suing Phosphorescent Particles
 691 Ron S. Gutfinger Tirosh Jehuda1990
 The Evolution of Anisotropy and Rupture in Non-Linear
 692 Joseph Unger Dayan Yehoshua1990
 Dynamic and Stiffness for a Parallel Link Manipulator
 693 Yair Soffair Yarnitsky Yeshaya1990
 Electrodeposited Coatings of Alloy with Diamonds
 694 Mark Berelowitz Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1990
 Flow Between Rotating Eccentricseheres
 695 Uri Benchetrit Lenz Ehud1990
 Communication in Flexible Manufacturing System
 696 Alexander Knaani Zvirin Yoram (Deceased)1990
 Investigation of a Two Phase Natural Circulation Loop
 697 Michael Livne Lenz Ehud1990
 Navigation System for An A.g.v.
 698 Yosef Meshulam Eshel Reuven

Palmor Zalman
 Development of a Simulation System for Battle Tank Turret
 699 Aviad Shragai Ishai Ori (Deceased)1990
 Thw Effect of Interlaminar on Residual Compressive
 700 Izhak Bucher Braun Simon1990
 Validation of Measurment Results in Modal Analysis
 701 Noa Harari Palmor Zalman

Etsion Izhak
 Feasability Study of Controlledmechanical Seal
 702 Yona Amir Yarnitsky Yeshaya

Tirosh Jehuda
 Computerized Milling Machine for Manufacturing Dies for
 703 Daniel Ben-David Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1990
 Stresses in the Free Edge of Asymmetric Composite Laminates
 704 Laurent Chognowski Gutman Shaul1990
 Simulation of Dynamics and Control for Manipulators
 705 Yair Ness Weill Roland (Deceased)1990
 A Computer Vision System for An Orange Haruesting Robot
 706 Isak Lev Dayan Yehoshua

Halevi Yoram
 Adaptive Control of Robot Arm Using the Coefficient Plane
 707 Shlomo Bar Shalom Yarnitsky Yeshaya1990
 Computerized Robot for Diamond Setting
 708 Roie Chen Bodner Sol

Rubin Miles
 Second Order Effects in Elastic -Viscoplastic Materials
 709 Ilan Front Etsion Izhak1990
 The Effects of Closing Force and Surface Rgnghness on
 710 Ofer Kogel Gutman Shaul1990
 Min-Max Control Implementation for Industrial Robots
 711 Yehuda Zicherman Shavit Arthur (Deceased)

Gavriely Noam
 Lung Air Flou Induced by Body Vibrations
 712 Rami Gerar Fishman Lenz Ehud

Dayan Yehoshua
 Design and Implementation of Robot Control System
 713 Jacob Finkelstein Palmor Zalman

 Control of a Biped Robot
 714 Itzhak Bagizada Ishai Ori (Deceased)

Altus Eli
 Failure Hechanisns of Filament Winding Cohposites
 715 Forrest Knox Shavit Arthur (Deceased)1989
 Flue Gas Desulfurization Droplet Oxidation Process
 716 Ellen Tobe Shavit Arthur (Deceased)1989
 The Improvement of Peritoneal Dialysis by Applying
 717 Mario Goldfried Yarnitsky Yeshaya1989
 Computer Design of Diamond Brilliance
 718 Zeev Ritman Shavit Arthur (Deceased)1989
 Explosive Forming of Shells
 719 Ehud Netzer Itzhak Porat1989
 The Use of Coniolis Effect for Angulan Rate Heasvrement
 720 David Elata Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1989
 Discontinuous Finite Elements in Time and Space for Solvig
 721 Julio Tuch Palmor Zalman

Feuer Arie
 The Estimation of Parameters in Systems with a Time Delay
 722 Tsvika Adir Braun Simon1989
 Stractural Modifications Via Experimental Modal Analisis
 723 Roni Shlomy Braun Simon1989
 Structure Modification Via Modal Analysis
 724 Israel Berkovitz Ber Abraham1989
 Selection of An Optimal Engine Lathe in a Computerized in a
 725 Uzi Zrahia Bar-Yoseph Pinhas1989
 Time-Space Finite Element Method for Thermal Analysis of
 726 Isaac Jack Kettner Gutfinger Chaim

Degani David
 Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer to Laminar Flow in An
 727 Benjamin Prober Lifshitz Jacob1988
 Damage Tolerance of Composite Laminates Under Static Altern
 728 Mani Fischer Gutman Shaul

Degani David
 Closed Loop Control Algorithm for An Airborne Computer

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