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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentComputer Science
Department Web Site www.cs.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Brifman Alon Michael Elad2019 Abstracts  Novel Image and Video Super-Resolution Relying on@Denoising Algorithms
 2 Zarecki Jonathan Shaul Markovitch2019 Abstracts  Textual Membership Queries
 3 Harel Shahar Shaul Markovitch

Kira Radinsky
2019 Abstracts  Prototype-Based Chemical Design using Diversity-Driven@Generative Models
 4 Zur Yochai Alexander Bronstein2019 Abstracts  Differentiable Neural Architecture Search with an@Arithmetic Complexity Constraint
 5 Shoshan Eylon Kira Radinsky2019 Abstracts  Latent Entities Extraction: How to Extract Entities that@Do Not Appear in the Text?
 6 Derech Niv Ayellet Tal

Ilan Shimshoni
2019 Abstracts  Solving Archaeological Puzzles
 7 Evron Itay Daniel Soudry

Yacov Crammer
2019 Abstracts  Efficient Loss-Based Decoding on Graphs for Extreme@Classification
 8 Elizarov Avner Erez Petrank2019 Abstracts  LOFT: Lock-Free Transactional Data Structures
 9 Nezri Yuval Reuven Cohen2019 Abstracts  Cardinality Estimation In a Virtualized Network Device Using@Online Machine Learning
 10 Kreimer Alexander Ehud Rivlin

Ilan Shimshoni
2019 Abstracts  Algorithms for Visual Odometry
 11 Zohar Dor Roi Reichart2019
 Label Expansio - Integrating Prior Knowledge to Large@Label Set Tasks
 12 Devir Nurit Orna Grumberg

Shaul Markovitch
2019 Abstracts  Applying Machine Learning for Identifying Attacks@at Run-Time
 13 Eshel Yotam Shaul Markovitch2019 Abstracts  An Attention-RNN Based Approach for Named Entity@Disambiguation with Noisy Texts
 14 Minkin Marina Mark Silberstein2019 Abstracts  Improving Performance and Security of Intel SGX
 15 Rosenbaum Assaf Eli Biham

Sara Bitan
2019 Abstracts  Trusted Execution Environments
 16 Givoli Ofer Roi Reichart2019 Abstracts  Zero-Shot Semantic Parsing for Instructions
 17 Golan Izhak Ran El-Yaniv2019 Abstracts  Deep Anomaly Detection using Geometric Transformations
 18 Cohen David Mirela Ben-Chen2019 Abstracts  Generalized Volumetric Foliation from Inverted Viscous@Flow
 19 Zehavi Sa'ar Eyal Kushilevitz2018 Abstracts  On the Gap Between Deterministic Communication Complexity@and the Partition Number
 20 Saig Eden Eliyahu Ben Sasson2018 Abstracts  Modeling Collaborative Discovery
 21 Marcovitch Ori Joseph Gil2018 Abstracts  A Nano Patterns Language for Java
 22 Omari Majd Yuval Ishai2018 Abstracts  The Complexity of Identifying Cheaters
 23 Farchi Nahum Mirela Ben-Chen2018 Abstracts  Integer-Only Cross Field Computation
 24 Trostanetski Anna Orna Grumberg2018 Abstracts  Modular Demand-Driven Analysis of Semantic Difference@for Program Versions
 25 Rasin Dan Orna Grumberg

Sharon Shoham-Buchbind
2018 Abstracts  Modular Verification of Concurrent Programs via@Sequential Model Checking
 26 Tabaja Ali Reuven Cohen2018
 A Network Layer Attack for the Price of a Physical@Layer Attack in a Wireless Mesh Network with@Application to RPL
 27 Ravid Noam Benny Kimelfeld2018 Abstracts  Ranked Enumeration of Tree Decompositions
 28 Fuchs Amit Avi Mendelson2018 Abstracts  Fault-Tolerant Operanting System for Many-Core@Processors
 29 Moroshko Evgeny Reuven Cohen2018 Abstracts  Sampling-on-Demand in SDN
 30 Kiyanovski Arthur Dan Tsafrir2018 Abstracts  The Real Difference Between Emulation and Paravirtualization@of High-Throughput I/0 Devices
 31 Zarivach Igor Shlomo Moran

Yossi Shiloach
2018 Abstracts  The Cruncher: A solver for Large-Scale MIP Problems
 32 Khoury Seri Keren Censor-Hillel2018 Abstracts  New Lower Bounds for the CONGEST Model
 33 Makhoul Waseem Nader Bshouty2018 Abstracts  On Polynomial Time Constructions of Minimum Height@Decision Tree
 34 Pat Barak Joseph Gil

Yaron Kanza
2018 Abstracts  Geosocial Search: Finding Places based on Geotagged@Social-Media Posts
 35 Talmi Itamar Lihi Zelnik-Manor2018 Abstracts  Template Matching with Deformable Diversity Smiliarity
 36 Cohen Uzi Benny Kimelfeld2018 Abstracts  Query Engine System for Probabilistic Preferences
 37 Kligler Netanel Ayellet Tal2018 Abstracts  On Visibility and Image Processing
 38 Gross Amit Ran El-Yaniv2018 Abstracts  Usages of Selective Regression
 39 Duek Sarai Shaul Markovitch2018 Abstracts  Automatic Generation of Language-Independent Features@for Cross-Lingual Classification
 40 Elbaz Dan Michael Zibulevsky2018 Abstracts  Speech Signals Frequency Modulation Decoding via Deep@Neural Networks
 41 Alperovich Dalia Zohar Yakhini

Yael Mandel-Gutfreun
2018 Abstracts  Efficient Search for Optimally Enriched Combination of@Ranked Lists
 42 Carmeli Tamir Reuven Cohen2018 Abstracts  Detection of BGP Hijacking Using TTL Analysis
 43 Levy Maya Eitan Yaakobi2018
 Mutually Uncorrelated Codes for DNA Storage
 44 Kupfer Gil Dan Tsafrir

Amit Nadav
2018 Abstracts  IOMMU-Resistant DMA Attacks
 45 Nahshon Yoav Benny Kimelfeld2018 Abstracts  Relational Framework for information Extraction
 46 Dagan Yuval Yuval Filmus2018 Abstracts  Twenty Questions Game Using Restricted Sets of@Questions
 47 Malca Rivka Roi Reichart2018 Abstracts  Neural Transition Based Parsing of Web Queries: An@Entity Based Approach
 48 Asi Hilal Eitan Yaakobi2018 Abstracts  Constructions of PIR and Batch Codes for Distributed@Storage
 49 Moscovici Nurit Erez Petrank2018 Abstracts  A GPU-Friendly Skiplist Algorithm
 50 Gelbhart Roei Ran El-Yaniv2018 Abstracts  The Relationship Between Agnostic Selective Classification@Active Learning and the Disagreement Coefficient
 51 Yavneh Gili Hagit Attiya2018 Abstracts  Remote Memory References at Block Granularity
 52 Amir Michael Alfred Bruckstein2018 Abstracts  Probabilistic Pursuits on Graphs
 53 Hooker Niv Tuvi Etzion2018 Abstracts  On the Existence of the q-Fano Planes
 54 Cohen Snir Shie Mannor2018 Abstracts  Restricted Optimism
 55 Shor Tal Dan Geiger2018 Abstracts  SciLMM: Computing Heritability with Millions of@Individuals
 56 Rabinovich Dmitry Alfred Bruckstein2018 Abstracts  Gathering of Agents on a Line
 57 Mour Tamer Eyal Kushilevitz2018 Abstracts  New Efficient Constructions for Distributed Oblivious RAM
 58 Zheng Yufei Gill Barequet2018 Abstracts  Two Researches on Lattice Animals
 59 Shor Roman Eitan Yaakobi

Gala Yadgar

Assaf Schuster
2018 Abstracts  Efficiently Combining Confidentiality and@Availability in Distributed Storage Systems
 60 Sheffi Gal Erez Petrank2017 Abstracts Theses A Scalable Linearizable Multi-Index Table
 61 Breuer Ran Ron Kimmel2017 Abstracts  A Deep Learning Perspective on the Origine of Facial@Expressions
 62 Hamilis Matan Eliyahu Ben Sasson

Mark Silberstein
2017 Abstracts Theses Parallel Additive Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
 63 Costa Areej Nader Bshouty2017 Abstracts Theses Exact Learning of Juntas from Membership Queries
 64 Cohen Gal Dan Raz2017 Abstracts Theses On routing schemes that are robust to changes in@bandwidth demand
 65 Pismenny Boris Assaf Schuster

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehud
2017 Abstracts  Market Driven Queueing
 66 Maor Gal Eliyahu Ben Sasson2017 Abstracts Theses Information Theory and Privacy Related Questions in@Communication Comlexity
 67 Bernstein Ran Assaf Schuster2017 Abstracts Theses Laban Movement Analysis and LDA Distributed Monitoring
 68 Richardson Elad Ron Kimmel2017 Abstracts Theses Learning to Reconstruct Face Geometries
 69 Levy Rina Keren Censor-Hillel

Hadas Shachnai
2017 Abstracts  Fast Distributed Approximation for Max-Cut
 70 Levy Tomer Joseph Gil2017 Abstracts Theses Fajita - a Fluent API for Automatic Generation of Fluent@APIs in Java
 71 Pergament Evgenya Eliyahu Ben Sasson2017 Abstracts Theses Algebraic RAM
 72 Liss Rotem Tal Mor2017 Abstracts Theses Entanglement and Geometrical Distances in Quantum@Information and Quantum Cryptography
 73 Hazan Itay Eyal Kushilevitz2017 Abstracts Theses Two-Party Direct-Sum Questions through the Lens of@Multiparty Communication Complexity
 74 Licher Roni Roy Friedman2017 Abstracts Theses Hardening Cassandra Against Byzantine Failures
 75 Regev Tal Vadim Indelman2017 Abstracts Theses Multi- Robot Decentralized Belief Space Planning in@Unknown Environments
 76 Choukroun Yoni Ron Kimmel2017 Abstracts Theses On Elliptic Operators and Non-Rigid Shapes
 77 Mayzels Tehila Yoav Etsion2017 Abstracts Theses Software Management of Hardware Memory Versioning
 78 Koretzki Ran Assaf Schuster

Eitan Yaakobi
2017 Abstracts  Improving SSD-based Caches Lifetime with Write-Once@Memory Codes
 79 Kaplan Avi Michael Lindenbaum

Tamar Avraham
2017 Abstracts Theses Interpreting the Ratio Criterion for Matching SIFT@Descriptors
 80 Moscovici Eyal Dan Tsafrir2017 Abstracts Theses Towards Sidecore Management for Virtualized Environments
 81 Damti Yanir Shlomo Moran

Ilan Gronau

Irad Yavneh
2017 Abstracts Theses Adaptive Methods for Computing and Comparing Evolutionary@Distances
 82 Ren Yi Michael Elad2017 Abstracts Theses Example-Based Image Synthesis via Randomized Patch-Matching
 83 Haramaty Krasne Naama Eyal Kushilevitz

Yuval Ishai
2017 Abstracts Theses Low-Complexity Cryptographic Hash Functions
 84 Friedman Lior Shaul Markovitch2017 Abstracts Theses Recursive Feature Generation for Knowledge-Based@Induction
 85 Balber Michael Tomer Shlomi2017
 Constraint-Based Isotope Tracing (CBIT): Inferring Flux@Constraints from Isotopic Tracing Data
 86 Liram Matan Gala Yadgar

Assaf Schuster

Eitan Yaakobi
2017 Abstracts Theses Evaluating Zigzag Code in a Distributed Storage System
 87 Stiefel Avi Gill Barequet2016 Abstracts Theses Motion Planning in the Presence of Mobile Obstacles
 88 Moraney Jalil Dan Raz2016 Abstracts Theses Efficient Detection of Flow Anomalies with Limited@Monitoring Resources
 89 Rond Arie Michael Elad2016 Abstracts Theses Handling poisson Inverse Problems by the Plug-and-Play@Priors Scheme
 90 Djerbetian Alexandre Mirela Ben-Chen2016 Abstracts Theses Tangent Vector Fields on Triangulated Surfaces - An@Edge-Based Approach
 91 Grabovitch-Zuyev Irena Ziv Bar-Yossef

Yaron Kanza
2016 Abstracts Theses Entity search in Facebook
 92 Yadid Shir Eran Yahav2016 Abstracts Theses Extracting Code from Programming Tutorial Videos
 93 Segall Aviv Mirela Ben-Chen2016 Abstracts Theses 2D Simulation and Mapping using the Cauchy-Green Complex@Barycentric Coordinates
 94 Abramovich Evgeny Eran Yahav2016 Abstracts Theses Static Mining of Common Concurrency Patterns
 95 Zmiry Iddo Joseph Gil2016 Abstracts Theses Lola - A Programming Language for Augmenting Programming@Languages
 96 Berkman Anat David Harel

Eran Yahav
2016 Abstracts Theses Scenario based programming for Mobile Applications
 97 Lesokhin Ilya Dan Tsafrir2016 Abstracts Theses I/O Page Faults
 98 Segev Noam Ran El-Yaniv2016 Abstracts Theses Transfer Learning using Decision Forests
 99 Abdelkader Karam Sharon Shoham-Buchbind

Orna Grumberg
2016 Abstracts Theses Automated Circular Assume-Guarantee Reasoning
 100 Timnat Erez Joseph Naor2016 Abstracts Theses The List Update Problem
 101 Hershko Nir Gershon Elber2016 Abstracts  3D Augmentations of 2D Maps
 102 Mordechai Yael Hadas Shachnai2016 Abstracts Theses Optimization and Reoptimization in Scheduling Problems
 103 Chrizman Cherkassky Nitsan Alon Itai2016 Abstracts Theses How to Construct Multilingual Domain Ontologies
 104 Geiger Omer Shaul Markovitch2016 Abstracts Theses Algorithmic Exam Generation
 105 Wagner Jonathan Andre Elad Hazan2016 Abstracts Theses Multiplicative Approximation Algorithms for@Generalized Covering and Packing Problems
 106 Briskin Gil Ehud Rivlin

Hector Rotstein
2015 Abstracts Theses Estimating Pose and Motion Using Bundle Adjustment and@Digital Elevation Model Consraints
 107 Yudin Eric Ron Kimmel

Eran Yahav
2015 Abstracts Theses Improving Facial Expression Analysis via Intrinsic@Normalization of Surfaces
 108 Labai Nadia Johann Makowsky2015 Abstracts Theses Definability and Hankel Matrices
 109 Has Green Raziel David Reuven Cohen2015 Abstracts Theses When a Router Tells Different Stories to Different@Neighbors: A New Partition Attack on Link-State@Routing Protocols
 110 Sennesh Eli Joseph Gil2015 Abstracts Theses Unstructured Jumps and Compressed Size as Defect-Prediction@Metrics
 111 Gonen Ido Roy Friedman2015 Abstracts Theses Defending against Eclipse Attacks in Unstructured Overlays
 112 Aharoni Eldar Eyal Kushilevitz2015 Abstracts Theses Direct Sum Related Problems in Communication Complexity
 113 Peterfreund Liat Michael Kaminski2015 Abstracts  Closure under Reversal of Languages over Infinite Alphabets:@A Case Study
 114 Malka Moshe Dan Tsafrir2015 Abstracts Theses Rethinking the I/O Memory Management Unit (IOMMU)
 115 Nus Alexander Dan Raz2015 Abstracts Theses Migration Plans with Minimum Overall Migration Time
 116 Ben-Yehuda Shmuel Dan Tsafrir2015 Abstracts  The nom Profit-Maximizing Operating System
 117 Rosenfeld Eitan Dan Tsafrir

Michael Factor
2015 Abstracts Theses RAIDP: Replication with Intra-Disk Parity
 118 Zilberstein Meital Eran Yahav2015 Abstracts Theses Code Similarity via Natural Language Descriptions
 119 Peleg Omer Dan Tsafrir2015 Abstracts  Utilizing the IOMMU Scalably
 120 Borodin Gregory Shaul Markovitch

Yaron Kanza
2015 Abstracts  Efficient Query Recommendation
 121 Ben Bassat Ran Hadas Shachnai2015 Abstracts Theses Parameterized Automata Constructions and Their Applications
 122 Toukan Tariq Keren Censor-Hillel2015 Abstracts Theses Fault-Tolerant Information Spreading Algorithms
 123 Kuperman Yossi Dan Tsafrir2015 Abstracts Theses vRio: Efficient Paravirtual Remote I/O
 124 Bolshinsky Ella Roy Friedman2015 Abstracts Theses Towards an Autonomous Sailing Trainer
 125 Jioussy Rami Avi Mendelson

Ran Wolff
2015 Abstracts Theses Enhancing Energy-Performance for Power Constrained SoC@Systems
 126 Elad Noa Joseph Naor2015 Abstracts Theses Online Semidefinite Programming
 127 Kantor Yoav Roy Friedman2014 Abstracts Theses Combining Erasure-Code and Replication Redundancy Schemes@for Increased Storage and Repair Efficiency in@P2P Storage Systems
 128 Hauser Nir Shmuel Roy Friedman2014 Abstracts Theses COARA: Code Offloading on Android with RMI and@Aspects
 129 Volk Ben Lee Amir Shpilka2014 Abstracts Theses On the Structure of Boolean Functions with Small Spectral@Norm
 130 Abasi Hassan Nader Bshouty2014 Abstracts Theses On r-Simple k-Path
 131 Rybnikov Denis Mirela Ben-Chen

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2014 Abstracts Theses A Semi-Automatic System for Non-Rigid Matching and@Temporally Coherent 3D Shading of Animation@Sequences
 132 Zlotnik Alexander Dan Raz2014 Abstracts Theses Efficient Use of Geographically Spread Cloud@Resources
 133 Strauss Rouven Gershon Elber2014 Abstracts Theses Geometric Multi-Covering
 134 Cherevatsky Boris Ilan Shimshoni

Ehud Rivlin
2014 Abstracts Theses Estimating Epipolar Geometry for Mobile Robots
 135 Jacobs Kayla Alon Itai

Shalom Wintner
2014 Abstracts Theses Hebrew Acronym: Identification; Expansion and Disambiguation
 136 Grinberg Maor Gershon Elber2014 Abstracts Theses Comprehensive Free Handed 3D User Interface for Geometric@Design Systems
 137 Kibar Eyal Roy Friedman2014 Abstracts Theses E-Wolf: A Distributed Online Social Network
 138 Baltaxe Michael Michael Lindenbaum2014
 Probabilistic Local Variation Segmentation
 139 Wajc David Nir Ailon

Hadas Shachnai

Joseph Naor
2014 Abstracts Theses Parameterizing P: Proximity to Easy Variants
 140 Malul Elior Joseph Gil

Opher Etzion
2014 Abstracts Theses Towards Temporal Correctness of Event Processing
 141 Goldman Yehonatan Ehud Rivlin

Ilan Shimshoni
2014 Abstracts Theses Robust Epipolar Geometry Estimation Using Noisy Pose@Priors
 142 Elenbogen Dima Ofer Strichman

Shmuel Katz
2014 Abstracts Theses Proving Mutual Termination of Programs
 143 Shapira Nitzan Mirela Ben-Chen2014 Abstracts Theses Cross-Collection Map Inference by Intrinsic Alignment@Shape Spaces
 144 Ghanayim Alaa Dan Geiger2014 Abstracts Theses Iterative Referencing for Improving the Interpretation@of DNA Sequence Data
 145 Even Karine Eran Yahav

Hana Chockler
2013 Abstracts Theses Finding Rate Numerical Stability Errors in Concurrent@Computations
 146 Raviv Netanel Eyal Kushilevitz2013 Abstracts Theses Truth Table Minimization of Computational Models
 147 Gretz Avishai Alon Itai

Shalom Wintner
2013 Abstracts Theses Syntactic Annotation of Hebrew CHILDES Corpora
 148 Fadida Hanna Alon Itai

Shalom Wintner
2013 Abstracts Theses Automatic Extraction of Subcategorization Frames for@Hebrew
 149 Gurevich Pavel Meir Orenstein

Tal Mor
2013 Abstracts Theses Experimental Quantum Key Distribution with Classical@Alice
 150 Flur Shaked Orna Grumberg2013 Abstracts Theses Weak Omega Automata
 151 Geva Amir Michael Heymann2013 Abstracts Theses Far Field Surveillance Target Classification
 152 Atia Yosi Tal Mor2013 Abstracts Theses Algorithmic Cooling of Spins by Optimal Control
 153 Zeyde Roman Irad Yavneh2013 Abstracts Theses Computational Electrokinetics
 154 Gabel Moshe Assaf Schuster

Ran Gilad-Bachrach
2013 Abstracts Theses Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Large Datacenters
 155 Druk Erez Yuval Ishai2013 Abstracts Theses Linear Time Encodable Codes and Cryptography
 156 Gotsman Ranit Yaron Kanza2013 Abstracts Theses Generating Map-based Routes from GPS Trajectories and@their Compact Representation
 157 Toledano Haggai Shaul Markovitch2013 Abstracts Theses Coverage-Driven Refinement of Conceptual Representations
 158 Naamneh Raeda Gill Barequet2013 Abstracts Theses Fair Multi-Label Reconstruction from Cross-Sections
 159 Strulovich Omer Yuval Ishai

Eyal Kushilevitz
2013 Abstracts Theses Lossy Chains and Fractional Secret Sharing
 160 Posener Eyal Assaf Schuster2013 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Memory Allocation in Cloud Computers Using@Progressive Second Price Auction
 161 Israel Assaf Dan Raz2013 Abstracts Theses Cost Aware Fault Recovery in Clouds
 162 Shragai Nadav Gershon Elber2013 Abstracts Theses Geometric Covering
 163 Beder Michael Reuven Bar-Yehuda2013 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithms for Resource Scheduling and@Allocation Problems
 164 Porat Mordechai Eliezer Kantorowitz2013 Abstracts Theses A Semantic Approach to User Interface Design
 165 Ben-Elazar Shay Zohar Yakhini2013 Abstracts Theses Computational Methods for Analyzing Gene Regulation in@Model Organisms
 166 Agbaria Sabih Joseph Gil2013 Abstracts Theses On Incomplete Bug Fixes and Programmers' Intuition on@These
 167 Haimovitch Yoav Yacov Crammer

Shie Mannor
2013 Abstracts Theses Large-Scale Semi-Supervised Sentiment Analysis
 168 Paz Ami Hagit Attiya2013 Abstracts Theses Counting-Based Impossibility Proofs for Distributed Tasks
 169 Mishne Alon Eran Yahav2013 Abstracts Theses Programming with Millions of Examples - Scalable Static@Specification Mining
 170 Pidan Dmitry Ran El-Yaniv2013 Abstracts Theses Selective Prediction with Hidden Markov Models
 171 Rappaport Assaf Dan Raz2013 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithms for Soft-Capacitated Connected@Facility Location Problems
 172 Vornovitsky Kolman Carmel Domshlak2012 Abstracts Theses Abstractions for Devising Compact Controllers for MDPs
 173 Kuperstein Michael Eran Yahav

Martin Wechev
2012 Abstracts Theses Preserving Correctness Under Relaxed Memory Models
 174 Mejer Avihai Yacov Crammer2012 Abstracts Theses Confidence Estimation in Structured Predicition
 175 Abboud Amir Assaf Schuster

Daniel Keren
2012 Abstracts Theses Monitoring General Functions in Distributed Systems with@Minimal Communication
 176 Bar Pavel Assaf Schuster2012 Abstracts Theses Resource Management in Grid Environments
 177 Regev Eyal Alfred Bruckstein

Yaniv Altshuler
2012 Abstracts Theses Multi Agent Systems in Stochastic Dynamic Environments
 178 Gidron Elad Idit Keidar2012 Abstracts Theses Exploiting Locality and NUMA in Scalable Conncurrent@Libraries
 179 Grushko Carmi Ron Kimmel2012 Abstracts Theses Continuous Symmetries of Non-rigid Shapes
 180 Garber Dan Elad Hazan2012 Abstracts Theses Approximating Semidefinite Programs in Sublinear Time
 181 Hurwitz Daniel Alon Itai2012
 Morphological and Lexical Decomposition as a Basis for@Identifying Multiword Expressions
 182 Hartstein Itamar Shmuel Zaks

Mordohay Salom
2012 Abstracts Theses On the Complexity of the Regenerator Location@Problem - Treewidth and Other Parameters
 183 Magadla Muhammad Roy Friedman2012 Abstracts Theses Accelerating CIFS over Satellite Networks
 184 Koren Tomer Elad Hazan2012 Abstracts Theses Learning Linear Support Vector Machines in Sublinear Time
 185 Shimron Yuval Joseph Gil2012 Abstracts Theses Smaller Footprint for Java Collections
 186 Faynburd Alexandra Ran El-Yaniv2012 Abstracts Theses Autoregressive Short-Term Prediction of Turning Points@Using Support Vector Regression
 187 Raviv Ariel Shaul Markovitch2012 Abstracts Theses Concept-Based Approach to Word-Sense Disambiguation
 188 Portnoy Amit Roy Friedman2012 Abstracts Theses TrustPack: a Decentralized Trust Management Framework
 189 Kviatkovsky Igor Michael Heymann

Ehud Rivlin

Amit Adam
2012 Abstracts Theses Color Invariants for Person Re-Identification
 190 Ben-David David Assaf Schuster

Daniel Keren
2012 Abstracts Theses Violation Resolution in Distributed Stream Networks
 191 Zemach Ran Irad Yavneh2012 Abstracts Theses Algebraic Collocation Coarse Approximation (ACCA) in@Multigrid
 192 Tal Avishay Amir Shpilka2012 Abstracts Theses On The Minimal Fourier Degree of Symmetric Boolean@Functions
 193 Eisenberg Vadim Yaron Kanza2012 Abstracts Theses Programming Applications over the Semantic-Web
 194 Avraham Uri Eli Biham

Orr Dunkelman
2012 Abstracts Theses ABC - A New Framework for Symmetric Block Ciphers
 195 Levy Omer Shaul Markovitch2012 Abstracts Theses Teaching Machines to Learn by Metaphor
 196 Kraus Naama Ziv Bar-Yossef

Shaul Markovitch
2012 Abstracts Theses Context-Aware Query Suggestion
 197 Eran Haggai Erez Petrank2012 Abstracts Theses A Study of Data Structures with a Deep Heap Shape
 198 Kolan Tom Ronny Roth2011 Abstracts Theses Coding Techiques for Burst Errors
 199 Chernoy Viacheslav Shmuel Zaks

Mordohay Salom
2011 Abstracts Theses On the Performance of Dijkstra's Third Self-Stabilizing@Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion and Related@Algorithms
 200 Hashavit Anat Shaul Markovitch2011 Abstracts Theses Unbiased Rational Decision Making in Multiple-Adversary@Environments
 201 Genkin Daniel Michael Kaminski2011 Abstracts Theses Radical Lexicalization of Mildly Context-Sensitive@Languages
 202 Nudelman Ilia Reuven Cohen2011 Abstracts Theses Dependent UFP On a Shared Channel With Application to a@Network Centric Operation
 203 Vitkin Edward Tomer Shlomi2011 Abstracts Theses Functional Genomics Based Approach for Reconstruction of@Genome Scale Metabolic Network Models
 204 Kulik Ariel Hadas Shachnai2011 Abstracts Theses Submodular and Linear Maximization with Knapsack@Constraints
 205 Zinenko Dmitry Shay Kutten2011 Abstracts Theses Communication-Efficient Self-Stabilization
 206 Shulman Anna Roy Friedman2011 Abstracts Theses A Density Driven Publish Subscribe Service for Mobile Ad-Hoc@Networks
 207 Brickner Boaz Assaf Schuster

Daniel Keren
2011 Abstracts Theses Methods for Recognition by Graphical Style and Style@Synthesis Using Local Analysis
 208 Barabash Katherine Erez Petrank2011 Abstracts Theses Scalable Garbage Collection on Highly Parallel Platforms
 209 Polevoy Gleb Reuven Bar-Yehuda2011 Abstracts Theses Bandwidth Allocation in Cellular Networks with Multiple@Interferences
 210 Weissbrod Omer Dan Geiger2011 Abstracts Theses Genetic Linkage Analysis in the Presence of Germline@Mosaicism
 211 Adadi Roi Tomer Shlomi2011 Abstracts Theses Prediction of Microbial Growth Rate versus Biomass Yield by@a Metabolic Network with Kinetic Parameters
 212 Bendersky Anna Erez Petrank2011 Abstracts Theses On the Limits of Partial Compaction
 213 Shalom Israel Joseph Naor2011 Abstracts Theses Online Load-Distance Balancing
 214 Bermano Amit Chaim Craig Gotsman2011 Abstracts Theses Online Reconstruction of 3D Objects from Arbitrary Cross-@Section Data
 215 Shem-Tov Shachar Alfred Bruckstein2011 Abstracts Theses Topics in Over-Parametrization Variational Methods
 216 Yanay David Ran El-Yaniv2011 Abstracts Theses Supervised Learning of Semantic Relatedness
 217 Kutiel Gilad Dan Raz

David Brietgand
2011 Abstracts Theses Cost-Aware Live Migration of Services in the Cloud
 218 Yaniv Jonathan Joseph Naor2011 Abstracts Theses Truthful Mechanisms for Value-Based Scheduling in Cloud@Computing
 219 Roggel Neer Roy Friedman2011 Abstracts Theses Anonymous Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 220 Livne Avishay Assaf Schuster

Daniel Keren
2010 Abstracts Theses Monitoring Distributed Data Streams
 221 Nisenson Mordechai Ran El-Yaniv2010 Abstracts Theses On the Foundations of Adversarial Single-Class@Classification
 222 Albocher Dan Gershon Elber2010 Abstracts Theses Real-Time Haptic Simulation for Surgical Procedures
 223 Cohen Gil Amir Shpilka2010 Abstracts Theses On the Degree of Symmetric Functions on the Boolean@Cube
 224 Kerem Nir Alon Itai2010 Abstracts Theses Effects of Typicality on the Interpretation@of Reciprocal Expressions
 225 Ben Moshe Sagi Eldar Fischer2010 Abstracts Theses Using Property Testing for Efficient Detection of@Nearly-Sorted relations
 226 Elazar Raviv Hadas Shachnai2010 Abstracts Theses Algorithms for Two-Tier Scalable Data Upload
 227 Ben-Israel Shir Eliyahu Ben Sasson2010 Abstracts Theses Symmetry Breaking Can Dramatically Reduce the Length of@Propositional Refutations
 228 Vainsencher Daniel Alfred Bruckstein2010 Abstracts Theses 2D Digital Balls
 229 Liberman Sofia Shaul Markovitch2010 Abstracts Theses Wikipedia-Based Compact Hierarchical Semantics for@Natural Language Processing
 230 Peles David Michael Lindenbaum2010 Abstracts Theses Segmentation by Classification
 231 Meller Yael Orna Grumberg2010 Abstracts Theses Multi Valued Abstraction and Compositional Model Checking
 232 Alperin Yevgenia Shmuel Katz2010 Abstracts Theses Property Analysis and Automatic Detection of Aspect@Categories
 233 Belchich Masha Gershon Elber2010 Abstracts Theses Sketch Based Design of 2D and 3D Freeform Geometry
 234 Egozi Ofer Shaul Markovitch2010 Abstracts Theses Concept-Based Information Retrieval Using Explicit@Semantic Analysis
 235 Myaskouvskey Artiom Michael Lindenbaum2010 Abstracts Theses Using A Contrario Methology for Part-Based Object@Detection
 236 Carmi Adam Michael Kaminski

Ron Pinter
2010 Abstracts Theses Adaptive Multi-Pass Parsing
 237 Rybnikov Silvina Ilan Shimshoni

Ehud Rivlin
2010 Abstracts  Building a Non-Euclidean Roadmap from a Small Set of Images
 238 Ron-Zewi Noga Joseph Naor

Ron Aharoni
2010 Abstracts Theses Vector Representation of Graph Domination
 239 Bentov Iddo Nader Bshouty2010 Abstracts Theses On Exact Learning from Random Walk
 240 Sharov Artyom Ronny Roth2010 Abstracts Theses Coding Techniques for Multidimensional Constrained@Channels
 241 Ryabtsev Michael Ofer Strichman2009 Abstracts Theses Translation Validation: from Simulink to C
 242 Karmon Kfir Assaf Schuster2009 Abstracts Theses Enforcing a Global Resource Quota in a grid Environment
 243 Shemy Nir Roy Friedman2009 Abstracts Theses QoS Enforcement for Web Services in Dynamic Networks
 244 Giryes Raja Michael Elad

Yonina Eldar
2009 Abstracts Theses Automatic Parameter Tuning for Inverse Problems
 245 Mhameed Aezalden Dan Raz

Reuven Cohen
2009 Abstracts Theses Locally vs. Globally Optimized Flow-Based Content@Distribution to Mobile Nodes
 246 Tzur Yochay Ayellet Tal2009 Abstracts Theses Photogrammetric Texture Mapping Using Casual Images
 247 Shnaiderman Lila Oded Shmueli2009 Abstracts Theses Incermental Reclustering of Augmented XML Trees
 248 Gelles Ran Tal Mor2009 Abstracts Theses On the Security of Theoretical and Realistic Quantum@Key Distribution Schemes
 249 Devir Yohai Yuval Rabani2009 Abstracts Theses Intrinsic Regularization of Inverse Problems Involving@Non-Rigid Shapes
 250 Tal Asenath Gill Barequet2009 Abstracts Theses Algorithms for Heilbronn's Triangle Problem
 251 Shaphir Evgeny Ron Pinter

Shmuel Wimer
2009 Abstracts Theses Interconnect-Driven Cell-Based Migration of Integrated@Circuit Layout
 252 Skolozub Alexandra Ron Pinter2009 Abstracts Theses Conditional Integration of Biological Pathways
 253 Bar-Aviv Ezer Ehud Rivlin2009 Abstracts Theses Function Based Object Categorization Using Simulation@of an Agent
 254 Shragai Tali Joseph Gil2009 Abstracts Theses Empiric Evaluation of the Usability of Virtual Function@Calls within Constructors
 255 Tzemach Anna Dan Geiger2009 Abstracts Theses Preparing SNP Data For Genetic Linkage Analysis
 256 Mori Noam Roy Friedman2009 Abstracts Theses 3DLS:Density-Driven Data Location Service for Mobile@Ad-Hoc Networks
 257 Oshman Rotem Orna Grumberg2008 Abstracts Theses Bounded Model - Checking for Branching-Time@Logic
 258 Flysher Guy Reuven Bar-Yehuda2008 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithms for Partial Capacitated@Covering Problems
 259 Rosman Guy Ron Kimmel2008 Abstracts Theses Efficient Flattening in Manifold Learning and Image@Processing
 260 Orlovsky Arie Dan Raz2008 Abstracts Theses Decentralized Enforcement of Security Policies for@Distributed Computational Systems
 261 Dubov Yulia Michael Kaminski2008 Abstracts Theses Infinite Alphabet Pushdown Automata: Various Approaches and@Comparison of Their Consequences
 262 Shotland Ari Roy Friedman2008 Abstracts Theses Efficient Route Discovery in Hybrid Networks
 263 Pekelny Yuri Chaim Craig Gotsman2008 Abstracts Theses Articulated Object Reconstruction and Motion Capture from@Depth Video
 264 Yaakobi Eitan Tuvi Etzion2008 Abstracts Theses Codes for Correcting Multi-Dimensional Bursts
 265 Goldin Ishay Alfred Bruckstein2008 Abstracts Theses Vesicles and Amoebae: On Globally Constrained Shape@Deformation
 266 Mano Adi Ron Pinter2008 Abstracts Theses Building Phylogenetic Trees Based on Biochemical Pathways
 267 Mashiach Li-Tal Ziv Bar-Yossef2008 Abstracts Theses Local Approximation of PageRank and Reverse PageRank
 268 Zamir Tal Assaf Schuster

Michael Factor
2008 Abstracts Theses Speculative Lock Acquisition for Fault-Tolerant Distributed@Systems
 269 Gattegno Gil Ilan Shimshoni

Michael Lindenbaum
2008 Abstracts Theses Object Recognition Using Geometric Hashing Extensions
 270 Devir Zvi Michael Lindenbaum2008 Abstracts Theses Generalized Blind Sampling of Images
 271 Kermany Haim Erez Petrank2008 Abstracts Theses The Compressor: Concurrent, Incremental, and Parallel@Compaction
 272 Zarivach Evelina Joseph Gil2008 Abstracts Theses Evaluating Datalog Programs over Infinite and Founded@Databases
 273 Klinger Andrey Moshe Tennenholtz2008 Abstracts Theses Stability against Group Deviations in Non-Cooperative@Computation
 274 Massarwa Fady Chaim Craig Gotsman

Gershon Elber
2008 Abstracts Theses Papercrafts from 3D Polygonal Models
 275 Aboud Amjad Yuval Rabani2008 Abstracts Theses Correlation Clustering with Penalties and Approximating the@Recordering Buffer Management Problem
 276 Itamar Einav Alon Itai2008 Abstracts Theses Using Movie Subtitles for Creating Statistical Alignment@Models
 277 Marie Anan Carmel Domshlak

Avigdor Gal
2008 Abstracts Theses Second Line Schema Matchers
 278 Yoshpa Bennyamin Ariel Orda

Assaf Schuster
2008 Abstracts Theses Economic Aspects of QoS in Grid Computing
 279 Mansour Saeb Alon Itai

Yoad Winter
2008 Abstracts Theses Combining Character and Morpheme Based Models for Part-of-@Speech Tagging of Semitic Languages
 280 Kogan Alex Hagit Attiya2008 Abstracts Theses Efficient and Robust Local Mutual Exclusion in Mobile Ad-@Hoc Networks
 281 Ginzburg Mark Alfred Bruckstein2008 Abstracts Theses Holographic Video-Scene Watermarking in the@3D-DFT Domain
 282 Godlin Benny Ofer Strichman2008 Abstracts Theses Regression Verification: Theoretical and Implementation@Aspects
 283 Fox Roy Moshe Tennenholtz2008 Abstracts Theses Reinforcement Learning in Partially Observable Decision@Processes
 284 Raviv Dan Ron Kimmel2008 Abstracts Theses Symmetries of Non-rigid Shapes
 285 Gross Ron Michael Kaminski2008 Abstracts Theses Invariance under Stuttering in Branching-Time Temporal Logic
 286 Mazzawi Hanna Nader Bshouty2007 Abstracts Theses Learning Composed Classes with a Small Number of Mistakes
 287 Ohayon Shay Ehud Rivlin2007 Abstracts Theses A Computational Analysis of Biological Behavior:@Interactions of Gaze Control and Visual Attention
 288 Grimberg Benjamin Michael Kaminski2007 Abstracts Theses Minimal Model semantics for First-Order Ground Non-Monotonic@Modal Logic
 289 Magid Yonit Johann Makowsky2007 Abstracts Theses BSS Model of Computation over the Reals and Choice Operator
 290 Rubinstein Amir Ron Pinter

Yona Kassir
2007 Abstracts Theses Faithful Modeling of Transient Behavior in Developmental@Pathways
 291 Bisht Laurence Nader Bshouty2007 Abstracts Theses On Optimal Learning Algorithms for Multiplicity Automata
 292 Guy Ido Ziv Bar-Yossef2007 Abstracts Theses Cluster Ranking with an Application to Mining@Mailbox Networks
 293 Brickner Erez Alfred Bruckstein

Israel Wagner
2007 Abstracts Theses The Populating Problem@A Study in Multi-Nano-Robotics
 294 Goren Yaron Yuval Ishai2007 Abstracts Theses Basing Weak Public-Key Cryptography on Strong One-Way@Functions
 295 Eden Eran Zohar Yakhini2007 Abstracts Theses Discovering Motifs in Ranked Lists of DNA Sequences
 296 Shalem Iddit Irad Yavneh2007 Abstracts Theses Multilevel Two-dimensional Phase Unwrapping
 297 Shklover Gregory Assaf Schuster2007 Abstracts Theses Explicitly-Parallel Code Compilation Methods for Shared-@Context Architecture
 298 Yehezkely Omer Hadas Shachnai2007 Abstracts Theses Approximation Schemes for Packing with Item@Fragmentation
 299 Zamansky Alik Gill Barequet2007 Abstracts Theses A Framework for Surface Reconstruction of Sparsely-@Sampled Objects
 300 Mador-Haim Sela Yoad Winter2007 Abstracts Theses Natural Language Interface for Geographical Information@Systems
 301 Gershman Roman Ofer Strichman2007 Abstracts Theses Improvements of SAT Solving Techniques
 302 Osherovich Eliyahu Alfred Bruckstein2007 Abstracts Theses Ant Robotics: Covering Continuous Domains by Multi-A(ge)nt@Systems
 303 Tsitrin Yan Uzi Ornan2007 Abstracts Theses Master-Slave Dependency Model and its Application to the@Hebrew Understanding
 304 Pechuk Michael Ehud Rivlin2007 Abstracts Theses Function-based Object Recognition
 305 Datsenko Dmitry Michael Elad2007 Abstracts Theses Example-based Regularization in Inverse Problems
 306 Rozenfeld Olga Moshe Tennenholtz2007 Abstracts Theses Strong Equilibrium in Congestion Games
 307 Shaikhet Alina Gill Barequet2007 Abstracts Theses The On-Line Heilbronn's Triangle Problem in d Dimensions
 308 Subag Jacob Gershon Elber2006 Abstracts  Piecewise Developable Surface Approximation of General NURBS@Surfaces, with Global Error Bounds
 309 Lyakas Alexander Eliezer Kantorowitz2006 Abstracts  Specification-Oriented Construction of Web Information@Systems
 310 Brel Rachel Orna Grumberg2006 Abstracts  Automatic Refinement and Vacuity Detection for Symbolic@Trajectory Evaluation
 311 Zeitlin Daniel Michael Kaminski2006 Abstracts  Look-Ahead Finite-Memory Automata
 312 Estrin Yacov Shmuel Katz2006 Abstracts  Expert System On Translations among Formal Verification@Tools in VeriTech
 313 Goldman Max Shmuel Katz2006 Abstracts  Modular Verification of Aspects
 314 Kloper Dimitry Gill Barequet

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2006 Abstracts  Geometries and Topologies of Triangulations of Point Sets
 315 Katz Emilia Shmuel Katz2006 Abstracts  Verifying Scenario-Based Aspect Specifications
 316 Avni Ofir Ehud Rivlin2006 Abstracts Theses Biologically Motivated Modeling and Imitating the@Chameleon's Vision System
 317 Dotan Dolev Ron Pinter2006 Abstracts  HyperFlow: a Visual, Ontology-Based Query and Data-Flow@Language for End-User Information Analysis
 318 Dubrov Bella Yuval Ishai2006 Abstracts  On the Randomness Complexity of Efficient Sampling
 319 Feldman Ido Reuven Bar-Yehuda2006 Abstracts  A 2+Epsilon Approximation Algorithm for Convex Recoloring@of Trees
 320 Sabato Sivan Yoad Winter2006 Abstracts  The Semantics of Reciprocal Expressions in Natural@Language
 321 Krivitski Denis Assaf Schuster2006 Abstracts  A Local Facility Location Algorithm for Large-Scale@Distributed Systems
 322 Lerner Tal Moshe Gur

Ehud Rivlin
2006 Abstracts  Motion Correction in fMRI Images
 323 Yogev Sivan Shlomo Moran2006 Abstracts  Evaluation of Scoring Functions for Protein Multiple@Sequence Alignment using Structural Alignments
 324 Sela Guy Gershon Elber2006 Abstracts  Exploiting the Free-Form Deformation Function as a Geometric@Modeling Tool
 325 Feldman Roman Dov Dori2006 Abstracts  Designing Data Warehouse with Object-Process Methodology
 326 Gurevich Nela Shaul Markovitch

Ehud Rivlin
2006 Abstracts  Automatic Generation of Near Misses for Active@Learning of Visual Concepts
 327 Sharon Itai Golan Yona

Ran El-Yaniv
2006 Abstracts  Similarity Detection for Low Complexity and Remotely@Related Proteins
 328 Shraer Alexander Idit Keidar2006 Abstracts  Timeliness, Failure-Detectors and Consensus Performance
 329 Wattad Ehab Nader Bshouty2006 Abstracts Theses On Exact Learning Halfspaces with Random Consistent@Hypothesis Oracle
 330 Sidlesky Avishay Gill Barequet

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2006 Abstracts Theses Polygon Reconstruction from Line Cross-Sections
 331 Katzengold Oren Avi Mendelson

Assaf Schuster
2006 Abstracts  Effective Use of Trace Caches
 332 Censor Hillel Keren Tuvi Etzion2006 Abstracts  Constrained Codes for Two-Dimensional Channels
 333 Krisher Sharon Oded Shmueli2006 Abstracts  On XML Schema Identity Constraints
 334 Golubchyck Roman Michael Lindenbaum2006 Abstracts  Improving the Saliency Algorithm by Grouping Cues@Optimization
 335 Ratsaby Gil Tal Mor2006 Abstracts Theses Quantum Advantage, even without Entanglement
 336 Adler Amir Shaul Markovitch

Ariel Felner
2006 Abstracts  Reducing Memory Requirements for Pattern Databases
 337 Henig Asaf Dan Raz2006 Abstracts  The Transcoders' Placement Problem over Multicast Networks
 338 Naor Jonathan Gill Barequet2006 Abstracts  d-Dimensional Variants of Heilbronn's Triangle Problem
 339 Fireman Liza Erez Petrank2006 Abstracts  The Complexity of SIMD Alignment
 340 Vaxman Amir Gill Barequet2006 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Interpolation between Slices
 341 Polonsky Oleg Chaim Craig Gotsman2006 Abstracts  What's in an Image? Towards the Computation of Good Views@for Three-Dimensional Objects
 342 Golan Shimon Avigdor Gal

Ron Pinter
2006 Abstracts  Efficient Algorithms for Computing Resource Availability@in WAA Environments
 343 Sandler Roman Missing advisors 2005
 Gabor Filters Analysis for Texture Segmentation
 344 Laserson Jonathan Reuven Bar-Yehuda2005 Abstracts  Approximations Algorithms for Sorting Buffers
 345 Izmerly Oleg Tal Mor2005 Abstracts  Modern Cryptography in a Quantum World
 346 Yedidya Haggai Ron Pinter2005
 Performance Evaluation of Data Caches Organizations@for SMT Processors
 347 Ifergan Nili Orna Grumberg2005 Abstracts  Achieving High Speedups in Distributed Reachability@Analysis through Asynchronous Computation
 348 Landa Shimon Joseph Naor2005 Abstracts  Combinatorial Approximation Algorithms for the Fractional@Set-Cover Problem
 349 Matusevich Mark Dan Geiger2005 Abstracts  Off-Line Improvement of Generic Group Trackers
 350 Frank Roy Michal Penn2005 Abstracts  Revenue-Maximizing Allocations in Constrained Multi-Object@and Combinatorial Auctions
 351 Beryozkin Genady Nissim Francez2005 Abstracts  Plural Semantics for Control Sentences in LFG's "Glue"@Interface
 352 Pilosof Saar Dan Raz2005
 TCP Fairness over Wireless LAN
 353 Flaisher Alon Missing advisors 2005
 Enhanced Vacuity Detection in Linear Temporal Logic
 354 Yarom Sasson Gil Z. Ben-Shaul2005 Abstracts  D-SEDA Distributed Staged Event-Driven Architecture
 355 Harel Assaf Eliezer Kantorowitz2005 Abstracts  Estimating the Number of Faults Remaining in Software Code@Document Inspected with Iterative Code@Reviews
 356 Saba Shadi Irad Yavneh

Alla Sheffer

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2005 Abstracts  Barycentric Spherical Embeddings - Algorithms and Theory
 357 Slavkin Michael Alon Itai2005 Abstracts  Detecting Data Structures from Traces
 358 Bronstein Michael Ron Kimmel2005 Abstracts  Three-Dimensional Face Recognition
 359 Begleiter Ron Ran El-Yaniv2005 Abstracts  Can Theory Meet Practice in Sequence Prediction?
 360 Barsky Roman Israel Wagner2005 Abstracts  Electromigration-dependent Parametric Yield Estimation
 361 Eden Orit Marius Ungarish

Gershon Elber
2005 Abstracts  Simulation and Visualization of Gravity Currents
 362 Galperin Vadim Yoram Baram2005 Abstracts  In-Line Regression by Support Vectors with Application to@Head Motion Anticipation from EMG Signals
 363 Bennet Rotem Nader Bshouty2005 Abstracts  Improved Learning with Corrupt Oracles
 364 Meir Orly Ofer Strichman2005 Abstracts  A Decision Procedure for Equality Logic
 365 Korland Guy Roy Friedman2005 Abstracts  Location Awareness in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks@(or How to RLISE a TIGR?)
 366 Salman Tamer Yoram Baram

Alfred Bruckstein
2005 Abstracts  Learning Polynomial Generating Rules Using Support Vector@Machines
 367 Elster Constantine Dan Raz2005 Abstracts  Efficient Monitoring of QOS Parameters
 368 Khoury Lawrance Nader Bshouty2005 Abstracts  Learning with Errors in Answers to Membership Queries
 369 Shochot Amnon Reuven Cohen2005 Abstracts  Extending BGP to Support the Concept of "Global AS"
 370 Goryachev Alex Gill Barequet2005 Abstracts  Offset-Polygon and Annulus Placement Problems
 371 Gordon Eyal Adi Rosen2005 Abstracts  Competitive Throughput Analysis of Greedy Protocols@on Directed Acyclic Networks
 372 Shnitzer Oren Shaul Markovitch2005 Abstracts  Self-Consistent Batch Classification
 373 Dardyk Gregory Irad Yavneh2005 Abstracts  Robust Nonlinear Multigrid Methods
 374 Bar-Haim Roy Yoad Winter2005 Abstracts  Part-of-Speech Tagging for Hebrew and other@Semitic Languages
 375 Buchbinder Niv Erez Petrank2004 Abstracts  Lower and Upper Bounds on Obtaining History Independence
 376 Amit Asaf Shaul Markovitch2004 Abstracts  Learning to Cooperete with Application to Bridge@Bidding
 377 Derbeko Philip Ran El-Yaniv2004 Abstracts  Explicit Learning Curves for Transduction and Application@to Clustering and Compression Algorithms
 378 Kaplan Yaniv Hagit Attiya2004 Abstracts  Lower Bounds for Adaptive Collect and Related Objects
 379 Veksler Tatyana Nissim Francez2004 Abstracts  Automata and Type-Logical Grammars
 380 Sapir Tali Chaim Craig Gotsman

Uzi Vishkin
2004 Abstracts  Parallel Raytracing Using the XMT Paradigm
 381 Souroujon Oren Ran El-Yaniv2004 Abstracts  Iterative Double Clustering: An Information-Theoretic@Algorithm for Clustering Textual Data
 382 Lifshits Michael Ehud Rivlin2004 Abstracts  Vision-Based Navigation on Microscopic Images
 383 Altman Alon Yoad Winter2004 Abstracts  Computation and Specification of Scope Dominance with@Monotone Quantifiers in Natural Language
 384 Talmor Yoram Assaf Schuster2004 Abstracts  Higher Performance DSM by Peaking Network Utilization
 385 Polak Simon Yoram Baram2004 Abstracts  Head Motion Anticipation for Virtual-Environment@Applications Using Kinematics and EMG Energy
 386 Louidor Erez Ronny Roth2004 Abstracts  Lowest-Density MDS Codes over Super-Alphabets
 387 Gavish Moran Michael Lindenbaum2004 Abstracts  A Sequential Algorithm for Face Recognition
 388 Avidor Zvi Hagit Attiya2004 Abstracts  n-Set Consensus when Inputs are Restricted
 389 Glikson Alexander Johann Makowsky2004 Abstracts  Verification of Generally Intractable Graph Properties on@Graphs Generated by Graph Grammars
 390 Zamansky )Lifshits( Anna Nissim Francez2004 Abstracts  A 'Natural Logic' Inference System Based on the Lambek@Calculus
 391 Rokhlenko Oleg Ron Pinter2004 Abstracts  Tree-Based Comparison of Metabolic Pathways
 392 Getselevich Vladimir Dan Raz2004 Abstracts  Enabling Efficient Fast Track Services in Active Networks
 393 Luz Kobi Ran El-Yaniv

Yoram Baram
2004 Abstracts  Online Choice of Active Learning Algorithms
 394 Gutterman Zvi Irad Yavneh

Joseph Gil
2004 Abstracts  Symbolic Pre-Computation for Numerical Applications
 395 Schwartz Roy Joseph Naor2004 Abstracts  Circular Arrangements
 396 Tsirkin Michael Adi Rosen2004 Abstracts  Delivery Times in Packet Networks under Full Load
 397 Merksamer Yael Tuvi Etzion2004 Abstracts  Two Dimensional Cluster Error-Correcting Codes
 398 Bar-Or Amir Assaf Schuster2004 Abstracts  Hierarchical Decision Tree Induction for Highly Dimensional@Data in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
 399 Balter Dorit Shlomo Moran2004 Abstracts  Medical Records Confidentiality Problem
 400 Guez Dan Adi Rosen2004 Abstracts  Scheduling Time-Constrained Communication in Input@Queued Switches
 401 Tcharny Galina Roy Friedman2004 Abstracts  Fuzzy Group Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 402 Moffie Micha Gill Barequet2004 Abstracts  Counting Polyominoes in Two and Three Dimensions
 403 Gilburd Baruch Assaf Schuster2004 Abstracts  A Privacy Model and Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Data@Mining in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
 404 Yadgar Avraham Orna Grumberg

Assaf Schuster
2004 Abstracts  Solving All-SAT Problem for Reachability Analysis
 405 Shoham Buchbinder Sharon Orna Grumberg2004 Abstracts  A Game-Based Framework for CTL Counterexamples and@Abstraction-Refinement
 406 Dvorkin Alexander Dan Raz2004 Abstracts  Ensuring End-to-End Delay in the DiffServ Model
 407 Aharon Michal Michael Elad

Ron Kimmel
2004 Abstracts  Representation Analysis and Synthesis of Lip Images Using@Dimensionality Reduction
 408 Gutter Israel Uzi Ornan2004 Abstracts  Sentence Parsing in Hebrew by Semantic Features
 409 Scharf Yuval Gill Barequet2004 Abstracts  Covering Points with a Polygon
 410 Zach Idan Hagit Attiya2004 Abstracts  Fully Adaptive Shared Memory Algorithms
 411 Cohen Rami Dan Raz2004 Abstracts  Time Dependent Multi Scheduling of Multicast
 412 Skarbovsky Alina Dan Raz2004 Abstracts  Performance Evaluation and Modeling of TCP over Cellular@Wireless Links
 413 Mogilnitsky Maxim Moshe Israeli (Deceased)

Alla Sheffer
2004 Abstracts  Efficient, Low Distortion, Conformal Parameterization@of Large Meshes
 414 Kadry Wisam Ron Pinter2004 Abstracts  Simulation of Metabolic Pathways
 415 Rotstein Carmen Yoad Winter2004 Abstracts  A Semantic Framework for Total and Partial Adjectives
 416 Iosevich Vadim Assaf Schuster2004 Abstracts  Distributed Shared Memory: To Relax or not to Relax?
 417 Bekkerman Anna Joseph Gil2004 Abstracts  Conflict Resolution and Operator Priorities in Extended BNF
 418 Yakersberg Evgeny Gill Barequet2004 Abstracts  Morphing between Geometric Shapes using a Straight-Skeleton-@Based Interpolation
 419 Sasson Amir Idit Keidar2004 Abstracts  Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Denail-of-@Service Attacks on Secure Gossip-Based Multicast
 420 Keidar Sharon Orna Grumberg2003 Abstracts  Combining Symmetry Reduction and Under-Approximation for@Symbolic Model Checking
 421 Beliak Leonid Moshe Israeli (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Adaptive Calculation of Variable Coefficients Elliptic@Differential Equations via@Wavelets
 422 Wexler Ydo Dan Geiger2003 Abstracts  Finding Approximate Tandem Repeats in Genomic Sequences
 423 Brunstein Daniel Gill Barequet

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2003 Abstracts  Animating a Camera for Viewing a Planar Polygon
 424 Broom Ya'akov Dan Geiger2003 Abstracts  Bayesian Classification and Clustering via DAG Hierarchies
 425 Cohen Tzafrir Erez Petrank2003 Abstracts  Responsive Round Complexity and Concurrent Zero-Knowledge
 426 Ben-Chen Mirela Chaim Craig Gotsman2003 Abstracts  On the Optimality of Spectreal Mesh Compression
 427 Bekkerman Ron Yoad Winter

Ran El-Yaniv
2003 Abstracts  Distributional Clustering of Words for Text Categorization
 428 Szarfman Dafna Erez Petrank2003 Abstracts  Reducing Cache Conflicts via Garbage Collection
 429 Kenigsberg Avraham Ron Kimmel

Irad Yavneh
2003 Abstracts  A Multigraid Approach for Fast Geodesic Activ Contour
 430 Cohen Uriel Joseph Gil2003 Abstracts  Object Relations and Syntactic Mechanisms in Design Patterns
 431 Bar-Lev Adi Alfred Bruckstein

Gershon Elber
2003 Abstracts  virtual marionettes: a system for real-time animation@in 3D
 432 Berg Mirit Shmuel Katz2003 Abstracts  Property Transformations for Translations
 433 Kama Alon Roy Friedman2003 Abstracts  Transparent Fault-Tolerant Java Virtual Machine
 434 Panman Evgeny Dan Raz2003 Abstracts  Efficient Data Collection Algorithm
 435 Tal Ido Ronny Roth2003 Abstracts  List Decoding of Lee Metric Codes
 436 Jaeger Efrat Nissim Francez

Shalom Wintner
2003 Abstracts  Unification Grammars and Off-Line Parsability
 437 Lipson Doron Zohar Yakhini

Uri Sivan
2003 Abstracts  Optimization Problems in Design of Oligonucleotides for@Hybridization Based Methods
 438 Kraevoy Vladislav Alla Sheffer

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2003 Abstracts  Matchmaker: Constructing Constrained Texture Maps
 439 Heiman Amnon Dan Geiger

Arie Admon
2003 Abstracts  Protein Identification via Mass Spectrometry
 440 Azatchi Hezi Erez Petrank2003 Abstracts  Integrating Generations with Advanced Reference Counting@Collectors
 441 Shapiro Constantine Shmuel Katz2003 Abstracts  Object-Oriented Implementation of Reconciliations
 442 Katsman Igor Ehud Rivlin2003 Abstracts  Biologically Motivated Modeling and Simulation of Animals@Vision Activities
 443 Sifri Oren Alla Sheffer

Chaim Craig Gotsman
2003 Abstracts  Surface Meshing Using Geodesic Distances
 444 Golbandi Nadav Ami Litman2003 Abstracts  Characterization and Classification of Butterfly Like@Networks
 445 Goldin Alexander Chaim Craig Gotsman2003 Abstracts  Geometric Message-Filtering Protocols for Distributed Multi-@Agent Environments
 446 Livshitz Dmitry Alfred Bruckstein2003 Abstracts  Robotic Self Location Using Three Dimensional Fiducials@and Omnidirectional Cameras
 447 Veytsal Boris Eliezer Kantorowitz

Roy Friedman
2003 Abstracts  Model Driven Help Systems Generation
 448 Pozniansky Eliyahu Assaf Schuster2003 Abstracts  Efficient On-the-Fly Data Race Detection in Multithreaded@C++ Programs
 449 Davidov Dmitry Shaul Markovitch2003 Abstracts  Multiple-Goal Heuristic Search Algorithms
 450 Gavish Yael Erez Petrank2003 Abstracts  Cache-Conscious Garbage Collection for Servers
 451 Dekel Uri Joseph Gil2003 Abstracts  Revealing JAVA Class Structure with Concept Lattices
 452 Scalosub Gabriel Yuval Rabani2003 Abstracts  Bicriteria Approximation Tradeoff for the Node-Cost Budget@Problem
 453 Raab Roni Chaim Craig Gotsman

Alla Sheffer
2003 Abstracts  Virtual Woodwork: Making Toys from Geometric Models
 454 Owshanko Avraham Nader Bshouty2003 Abstracts  Learning Finite Automata, Using Incomplete Membership@Queries
 455 Nevo Ziv Ran El-Yaniv2002
 On Online Learning of Decision Lists
 456 Tadmor Sally Eliezer Kantorowitz

Roy Friedman
2002 Abstracts  A Framework for Interactive Information Systems
 457 Adi Liav Ron Kimmel2002
 Fast Computation of Geodesic Distances: Graphic@Applications
 458 Frank Ari Dan Geiger

Zohar Yakhini
2002 Abstracts  A New Branch and Bound Feature Selection Algorithm
 459 Elad Asi Ron Kimmel2002 Abstracts  On Surface Flattening via MDS and FMMTD
 460 Bendel Keren Reuven Bar-Yehuda2002
 Applications of the Local-Ratio Technique: A Survey
 461 Ben Avi Gilad Yoad Winter2002 Abstracts  Monotonicity Properties of Plural Quantifiers in Natural@Language
 462 Firstenberg Yosef Shmuel Katz

Oded Shmueli
 Selective Caching for Acceleration Purposes of@Intermediate Results in Object-Oriented Programs
 463 Shatil Assaf Shaul Markovitch2002
 Speedup Learning for Repair-Based Search by Identifying@Redundant Steps
 464 Hamo Yaniv Reuven Cohen2002
 Balanced Packet Discard for Improving TCP Performance in@ATM Networks
 465 Laor Dor Roy Friedman2002
 Soft Real-Time Layered Group Communication
 466 Ram Roni Dan Raz2002 Abstracts  Efficient Distribution of Email Messages
 467 Atzmon Hilla Roy Friedman2002
 Replacement Policies for Internet Wide Caching of@Distributed Objects
 468 Parham Robert Yoram Baram2002
 Solving the Dynamic Conflict between N Moving Objects@Using Neural Networks
 469 Kenigsberg Dan Eli Biham2002
 Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm and Mixed States
 470 Yaroshinsky Ran Ran El-Yaniv2002
 Smooth Online Learning of Expert Advice
 471 Katriel Irit Alon Itai2002
 Implicit Data Structures based on Local Reorganizations
 472 Ron Lior Yoram Baram2002
 A Visual Feedback System
 473 Cohen Tal Joseph Gil2002
 Self-Calibration of Metrics of Java Methods towards the@Discovery of the Common Programming Practice
 474 Fedorov Yaroslav Yoad Winter2002
 Implementing and Extending Natural Logic
 475 Tulchinsky Elena Joseph Gil2002
 Positive Semantics of Projections in Venn-Euler Diagrams
 476 Koyfman Shlomit Nissim Francez2002
 Semantic Invariance of Algorithms for Nominal Anaphora@Resolution
 477 Gleizer Vadim Assaf Schuster2002 Abstracts  Optimizing Sharing Patterns and Locality via Thread@Migration
 478 Katz Sagi Orna Grumberg2002
 Techniques for Increasing Coverage of Formal Verification
 479 Kalinovsky Vladislav Assaf Schuster

Roy Friedman
2002 Abstracts  Symphony: Managing Virtual Servers
 480 Kaplan Alexandr Ilan Shimshoni

Ehud Rivlin
2002 Abstracts  Finding Epipolar Geometry from Two Color Images
 481 Kohn Emil Assaf Schuster2002 Abstracts  A Transparent DSM System
 482 Gavinsky Dmitry Nader Bshouty2002 Abstracts  Boosting with Polynomially Bounded Distributions
 483 Hameiri Eyal Ilan Shimshoni

Michael Lindenbaum
 Estimating the Principal Curvatures and the Darboux Frame@from Real 3D Range Data and its Application to the@Recovery of Primitives
 484 Feldman Vitaly Nader Bshouty2002
 On Using Extended Statistical Queries to Avoid@Membership Queries
 485 Reger Ronit Shaul Markovitch2002 Abstracts  Learning and Exploiting Relative Weaknesses of Opponent@Agents
 486 Bortnikov Vita Hagit Attiya2001
 Adaptive Algorithms for Mutual Exclusion
 487 Livne Shlomo Shaul Markovitch

Orna Grumberg
 Machine Learning for Efficient BDD Variable Ordering@in Verification
 488 Chuzhoy Julia Yuval Rabani2001
 Hardness of Approximation and New Approximability Classes
 489 Katz Yoav Hadas Shachnai2001
 Scheduling with Batching and Incompatible Job Families
 490 Eckel Natalie Joseph Gil2001
 Empirical Study of Object-Layout Strategies and@Optimization Techniqes
 491 Epelman Boris Gershon Elber2001
 Remote Geometrical Modeling
 492 Mosin Julia Michael Kaminski2001
 Base Dependence of Extensions for Open Default Theories
 493 Moran Shiri Ami Litman2001
 Fast, Minimal, and Oblivious Routing Algorithms on the Mesh@with Bounded Queues
 494 Ekshtein Ilya Chaim Craig Gotsman2001 Abstracts  Texture Mapping Using Constrained Parametrization
 495 Kehat Zehavit Reuven Bar-Yehuda2001
 Approximating the Dense Set-Cover Problem
 496 Shakhnarovich Gregory Ran El-Yaniv

Yoram Baram
 Statistical Data Cloning for Machine Learning
 497 Almog Eli Hadas Shachnai2001
 Scheduling Accesses to Shared Memory by a Bus Arbiter:@The k-client Problem Revisited
 498 Zeev Ben Mordejai Oren Assaf Schuster2001
 Efficient Integration of On-the-fly Data Race Detection in@Distributed Shared Memory and Symmetric@Multiprocessor Environments
 499 Tayar Rafi Shimon Even (Deceased)2001
 Scanning Directed Eulerian Mazes by a Finite-State Robot
 500 Rinetskey Noam Shmuel Sagiv

Orna Grumberg
 Interprocedural Shape Analysis
 501 Tsoglin Yuri Joseph Gil2001
 JAMOOS - an Object Oriented Language for Grammars
 502 Levyatan Tzach Shaul Markovitch2001
 Anytime Search by Improving Highest-Utility Solution@Segments
 503 Halevy Shirley Ronny Roth2001
 Two-Dimensional Coding for Recording Channels
 504 Levanoni Yosseff Erez Petrank2001
 On-The-Fly Garbage Collection via Sliding Views
 505 Hermesh Barak Alfred Bruckstein2001
 Fiducials for Precise Location Estimation
 506 Kronrod Boris Chaim Craig Gotsman2001
 Topics in Compression of 3d Models
 507 Shapira Irina Hadas Shachnai2001
 Scheduling Splitting Intervals
 508 Kronrod Svetlana Roy Friedman2001
 Probablistic Scalable Application Placement in Distributed@Systems
 509 Yanovski Vladimir Alfred Bruckstein2001
 Simple Agents for Complex Tasks
 510 Sorkin Yan Joseph Gil2001
 CD-Edit- A Constraint Diagrams' Editor
 511 Leiba Lior Oded Shmueli2001
 Towards Automatic Electronic Commerce: EContracts Framework@Specification and Preliminary Implementation
 512 Bogomjakov Alexander Chaim Craig Gotsman2001
 Optimized Polygon Traversal of Progressive Meshes for@Vertex Caching
 513 Gaysinsky Alexander Hadas Shachnai2001
 Caching Integrated with Pipelined Prefetching
 514 Furman Vladimir Eli Biham2001
 Cryptanalysis of Some Modern Blockciphers
 515 Tal Dina Uzi Ornan2001
 Analysis and Use of Subcategorization of Verbs in Validation@of Hebrew Sentences
 516 Gorovoy Alexander Alon Itai

Joseph Gil
 Applying Data Compression Algorithms to Software@Engineering
 517 Levinson Dmitry Alon Itai2000
 Corpus-Based Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation
 518 Kogan Dmitry Missing advisors 2000
 Remote Reference Counting: Distributed Garbage Collection@With Low Communication and Computation Overhead
 519 Froimovich Guy Ehud Rivlin

Ilan Shimshoni
 Object Classification from Range Images
 520 Manor Shiri Roy Friedman2000
 Scalable Multicast in a Logical Hypercube
 521 Dozorets Igor Isak Gath

Hadas Shachnai
 Computer-Based Model for Speaker Recognition by a Human@Listener
 522 Zbar Yael Michael Kaminski2000
 Open Default Theories
 523 Artzi Shay Michael Kaminski2000
 Lower Bounds on the Complexity of Polynomail@Multiplication Over Finite Fields
 524 Zigelman Gil Ron Kimmel2000
 Texture Mapping by Surface Flattening Via Mds
 525 Rusakov Dmitry Shaul Markovitch

Michael Lindenbaum
 Selective Sampling for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
 526 Niv Nitzan Assaf Schuster2000
 Dynamic Adaptation of the Sharing Granularity in Dsm Systems
 527 Skoblikov Victoria Nissim Francez2000
 Feature-Based Computational Lexicon of Hebrew Vrebs
 528 Rey Guy Michael Kaminski2000
 First-Order Non-Monotonic Logic
 529 Barkol Omer Missing advisors 2000
 Tighter Lower Bounds for Nearest Neighbor Search and@Related Problems in the Cell Probe Model
 530 Chouraqui Patrick Gershon Elber2000
 Surface Reconstruction with Triangular Bezier@Patches from Range Measurements
 531 Voloshin Ariella Missing advisors 2000
 A Unified Approach to Computing Domination Sets and@Independence Sets for Intervals on a Line
 532 Vardi Gal Uzi Ornan2000
 Analysis and Generation of Hebrew Nouns with Derivational@Morphemes
 533 Segal Erel Alon Itai2000
 Hebrew Morphological Analyzer for Hebrew Undotted@Texts
 534 Lebanon Guy Alfred Bruckstein2000
 Moire Pattern Synthesis
 535 Rosenstein Dan Missing advisors 1999
 Feature Generation Using General Constructor Functions
 536 Plavnik Michael Missing advisors 1999
 Surface Design Using Global Second Order Differential@Constraints
 537 Koyfman Anatoly Missing advisors 1999
 Facilitating Generation of Help Systems
 538 Arzi Lior Eliezer Kantorowitz1999
 Probabilistic Model for Predicting the Efficiency of a Fault@Detection Process in a Software Requirement@Document
 539 Tal Arie Michael Kaminski1999
 Decidability of Inclusion for Unification Based@Automata
 540 Surazhsky Vitaly Chaim Craig Gotsman1999
 Morphing Planar Triangulations
 541 Miroshnik Yuri Missing advisors 1999
 Skew-Tolerant Clocking Techniques
 542 Estrin Arkady Missing advisors 1999
 A Comparison Between First-Order Temporal Logic and Temporal@Logic of Actions
 543 Rawitz Dror Missing advisors 1999
 Combinatorial and LP-based Methods for Designing@Approximation Algorithms
 544 Shalev Lea Missing advisors 1999
 Load Sharing in Distributed Shared Memory Systems
 545 Rubin Shai Missing advisors 1999
 Using Virtual Cache Lines for Higher Data Cache@Performance
 546 Gertelman Michael Eliezer Kantorowitz1999
 Automatic User Interface Generation from a Given Domain@Model
 547 Gorbach Alla Missing advisors 1999
 Computing in Anonymous Asynchronous Shared Memory
 548 Netzer Arnon Chaim Craig Gotsman1999
 Mosaicing Video Sequences
 549 Nossenson Ronit Missing advisors 1999
 Dynamic Maintenance of Connectivity Classes of a Graph Using@Decomposition Into 3-Components
 550 Gretskin Ilia Missing advisors 1999
 Java Interface for Irit Solid Modeler
 551 Or Sharon Missing advisors 1999
 Encapsulating Real-Time in Failure Detectors
 552 Cohen Amit Missing advisors 1999
 A Dynamic Approach for Efficient Tcp Buffer Allocation
 553 Biberstein Marina Missing advisors 1999
 Constructions and Bounds for Blot-Correcting Codes
 554 Raviv Alon Gershon Elber1999
 Three Dimensional Freeform Sculpting Via Zero Sets@Of Scalar Trivariate Functions
 555 Soldea Octavian Missing advisors 1999
 Algorithms on Continued Fractions
 556 Frenkel Oleg Missing advisors 1999
 Multicast Group Synchronization in Atm
 557 Makbily Yohai Reuven Bar-Yehuda

Chaim Craig Gotsman
 Message Filtering for Geometric Distributed Virtual@Environments
 558 Lempel Ronny Missing advisors 1999
 Finding Authoritative Sites on the Www (and Other@Hyperlinked Media) by Analyzing the Web's Link-@Structure
 559 Touma Costa Reuven Bar-Yehuda

Chaim Craig Gotsman
 Triangle Mesh Compression
 560 Orni Avigail Missing advisors 1999
 Measuring the Locality of Space-Filling Curves
 561 Ravid Alon Missing advisors 1999
 A Method for Extracting and Stating Software Requirements@That a User Interface Prototype Contains
 562 Yaniv Mira Hadas Shachnai1998
 Dynamic Schemes for Specualtive Code Execution
 563 Reisman Amit Chaim Craig Gotsman

Assaf Schuster
 Animation Using Parallel Progressive Ray-Tracing
 564 Snir Sagi Shlomo Moran1998
 A Simple and Efficient Method for Network Decomposition@And Synchronization
 565 Eckel Jacob Shmuel Katz

Joseph Gil
 A Framework for Static Checking of Design Level Traits
 566 Freund Ari Joseph Naor1998
 On-Line Assignment with Load Balancing
 567 Hornreich Harry Daniel Berry1998
 A Case Study of Software Reengineering
 568 Yatzkar Tali Ami Litman1998
 Lower Bound on the Bisection Width of the Butterfly@Network
 569 Gringauze Anna Yuval Rabani

Shay Ben David
 The Complexity of Propositional Proofs
 570 Dagan Eyal Hagit Attiya1998
 Universal Operations: Unary Versus Binary
 571 Skachek Vitaly Tuvi Etzion

Ronny Roth
 Coding for Spectral-Null Constraints
 572 Rabinovich Boris Chaim Craig Gotsman1998
 Visualization of Large Terrains in Resource-Limited@Computing Environments
 573 Bianu-Minei Inna Reuven Cohen1998
 Increasing the Performance of Tcp Over a Unidirectional@Geostationary Satellite Channel
 574 Zemlyak Boris Michael Lindenbaum

Alfred Bruckstein
 Direct Depth from Axial Camera Motion
 575 Mador Ziv Ben-Zion Chor1997
 The Probed Partial Digest Problem - Algorithms and Number@Of Solutions
 576 Drory Tal Opher Etzion1997
 Consistency Maintenance by Self Stabilization in Active@Temporal Databases
 577 Holstein Beery Joseph Gil1997
 T++ : Test Case Generator Using Code Abstraction
 578 Ishai Yuval Eyal Kushilevitz1997
 Characterizing Perfect Privacy
 579 Kazinnik Roman Gershon Elber1997
 Free-Form Surface Editing Using Multiresolution@Decomposition
 580 Talyansky Roman Tuvi Etzion

Ronny Roth
 Coding for Two-Dimensional Constraints
 581 Shpilberg Fanny Faina Daniel Berry1997
 Wd-Pic, a Wysiwyg Direct-Manipulation Pic
 582 Shoikhet Kirill Dan Geiger1997
 Optimal Triangulations Via Mininal Separators
 583 Aharoni Ehud Reuven Cohen1997
 Restricted Dynamic Steiner Trees for Scalable Multicast in@Datagram Networks
 584 Voldman Leonid Joseph Gil1997
 Using Smart Terminals to Effectively Enhance Commuication@Throughput
 585 Ruckenstein Gitit Ronny Roth1996
 Encoding for Input-Constrained Channels
 586 Moss Anna Michael Lindenbaum1996
 Quantifying the Reliability of Feature-Based Object@Recognition
 587 Farizon Boris Alon Itai1996
 Dynamic Data Management in Parallel Ray Tracing
 588 Goldin Maxim Assaf Schuster1996
 Weak Consistency Distributed Shared Memory System@Design
 589 Ben-Shahar Ohad Ehud Rivlin1996
 To Push Or Not to Push: on the Rearrangement of@Movable Objects by a Mobile Robot
 590 Sheinerman Juliana Shay Ben David1996
 Consequence Relations for Default Reasoning Without the@'and' Rule
 591 Hod Ofra Tuvi Etzion

Ronny Roth
 Constructions for Error-Correcting Codes and Covering Codes
 592 Stein Eli Reuven Cohen1996
 An Efficient Approach for Emulating a Token-Ring Lan@Over An Atm Network
 593 Eiron Nadav Shay Ben David1996
 Variants of Mistake Bound Learning Algorithms
 594 Cohen Shmuel Gershon Elber1996
 Matching of Curves in Computer Aided Geometric@Design and Computer Graphics
 595 Dubrovsky Alexander Assaf Schuster1996
 Load Balancing in Distributed Shared Memory System
 596 Bashkansky Guy Uzi Ornan1996
 Monolingual Translator Workstation
 597 Tebelev Olga Gershon Elber

 Volumetric Computer Graphics in Surgery Process Planning
 598 Givaty Galia Eyal Kushilevitz1996
 Learning Subclasses of Dnf Formulas and Disjunctions@Of Threshold Functions Using Queries
 599 Kliot Michael Ehud Rivlin

Alfred Bruckstein
 Local Multivalued Invariant Signatures and Their Usage in@Pictorial Databases
 600 Konopnicki David Oded Shmueli1996
 Information Gathering in the World-Wide Web: the W3ql Query@Language and the W3qs System
 601 Evron Ilan Reuven Cohen1996
 Reliable Signaling in Atm Networks Over Parallel Signaling@Vc Connections
 602 Barta David Joseph Gil1996
 A System for Document Reuse
 603 Miller Hillel Shmuel Katz1996
 Saving Space by Fully Exploiting Invisible Transitions
 604 Rabinovitz Ishai Shimon Even (Deceased)1996
 Random and Deterministic Approximation Algorithms for@Covering Problems.
 605 Tamir Tamar Hagit Attiya1995
 Local Labeling and Resource Allocation Using Preprocessing
 606 Holtz Karen Eliezer Kantorowitz1995
 Semrel - a Semantic Relationship Model for Object@Oriented Databases
 607 Bejerano Yigal Adrian Segall1995
 Setup and Maintenance of a Multi-Point Conversation
 608 Hod Ronen Ronny Roth1995
 Coding Methods for Imput Constraind Channels
 609 Paz Noam Oded Shmueli1995
 Ursus: An Advanced Neural Network Environment
 610 Notkin Irina Chaim Craig Gotsman1995
 Parallel Adaptive Ray Tracing
 611 Eliaz Amir Dan Geiger1995
 Handwriting Recognition Via Short Line Segments
 612 Tamir Boaz Joseph Naor1995
 K-Connected Graphp Partitions and Approximation Algorithms@For Covering Problems
 613 Kupershtok Ahron Shimon Even (Deceased)1995
 The Hypercube - Features Generalizations and Embedding Sets@Of Numbers in It
 614 Ravve Elena Johann Makowsky1995
 Model Cheking for Various Notions of Product
 615 Rappoport Rinat Hagit Attiya1995
 The Level of Handshake Required for Establishing@Connection
 616 Kariv Michael Chaim Craig Gotsman1995
 Model-Based Compression of Synthetic Animation Sequences
 617 Becker Ann Dan Geiger1995
 Optimization of Bayesian Inference and Approximation@Algorithms for the Weighted Vertex Feedback Set@Problem
 618 Zavalkovsky Artur Eliezer Kantorowitz1995
 Mys - An Object Oriented Database Management System in the@Mach Operating System Environment
 619 Shavitt Nira Avi Mendelson

 Mapping Dynamic Parallel Programs Into Parallel Systems
 620 Shirazi Asaf Amos Israel1995
 Efficient Wait-Free Implementations of Atomic Snapshot@Memories
 621 Golland Polina Michael Lindenbaum

Alfred Bruckstein
 Use of Color for Optical Flow Estimation
 622 Wasserkrug Segev Yoram Baram1995
 Neural Network Design for Classification
 623 Frances Mordechai Shay Ben David

Ami Litman
 Measuers of Complexity of Classes of Sets and Their
 624 Zimerman Offer Avi Mendelson1994
 Using "Write"Only Cache" for Improring "Cacne Based" Systems
 625 Jacovi Michal Shay Ben David1994
 Learmnning in the Limit and Non-Uniform
 626 Zosin Leonid Ben-Zion Chor1994
 Privacy of Symmetric Functions
 627 Ben-David Shoham Shmuel Katz1994
 Using Graphs to Represent Equivalence Classes of Parallel
 628 Lorenz David Shaul Markovitch1994
 Learning in Games Using Symbolic Classification
 629 Djerassi-Shintel Tal Hagit Attiya1994
 Lower Bounds for Decision Problems in Semi-Sjnchronous
 630 Ben-Dor Amir Ben-Zion Chor1994
 On the Complexity of Computing the Permanent
 631 Berkovich Zvi ?1994
 Sematic Debugging of Black Boxes
 632 Roytman Evgeny Chaim Craig Gotsman1994
 Dynamic Color Quantization of Animation Sequences
 633 Brezner Oren Shay Ben David

Nissim Francez
 Expectation Semantucs for Modal Logic
 634 Adir Allon Shmuel Katz

Nissim Francez
 Compiling Programs with Multiparty-Interactions and Teams
 635 Carmel David Shaul Markovitch1994
 Learning Models of Strategy's Strategy in Game Playing
 636 Ben-Aroya Ishai Assaf Schuster1994
 Bounds and Algorithms for Deflection Routing
 637 Brit Hagit Shlomo Moran1994
 Public Data Structures and Public Counters as a Special Case
 638 Ben Ephraim Arie Dan Geiger1994
 Pattern Recognition Using Similarity Networks
 639 Shaham Amnon Amos Israel1994
 Implementation of Multi-Writer Multi-Reader Atomic Register
 640 Katz Baruch Michael Rodeh1994
 Minimzing the Performance Degradation Due to Conditional
 641 Gershon Benjamin Michael Yoeli (Deceased)

Orna Grumberg
 Synthesis of Concurrent Systems
 642 Rosdeutscher Irit Shaul Markovitch1994
 Systematic Experimentation with Macro-Learning
 643 Abarbanel Yael Joseph Naor1994
 Algorithms for Dynamic Graphs
 644 Granot Gilad Shimon Even (Deceased)1994
 Planar Geid Drawings of Graphs with Few Bends in Eahe Edge
 645 Lempel Oded Ami Litman1994
 Dual Round Retiming
 646 Shemesh Galit Assaf Schuster1994
 Upper & Lower Bounds in Reconfigurable Networks
 647 Halevi Shai Assaf Schuster1993
 Greedy Hot-Potato Routing
 648 Fraiman Ronit Shay Ben David1993
 Complexity of Learning by Distances
 649 Aizenbud Netta Shmuel Katz

Hagit Attiya
 Self-Stabilization of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms
 650 Amir Arnon Alfred Bruckstein1993
 Depth from Structured Lisht and Axial Motion
 651 Marcus Shaul Silvian Shaul Markovitch1993
 Estimation of Lexical Relations Using Word Similarities
 652 Sharell Abraham Johann Makowsky1993
 On the Average Gomplexity of Sat for Fiat Distributions
 653 Levinger Moshe Uzi Ornan1993
 Morphological Disambiguation in Hebrew
 654 Lubitch Ronit Shlomo Moran1993
 Closed Schedvlers: Motivation Construction and Application
 655 Orenstein Tatiana Zvi Kohavi

Irith Pomeranz
 Using Partial Scan for Testing of Digital Sequential Circoir
 656 Munk Ophir Ilan Bar-on1993
 A New Parallel Factorization A= Ddtbc for Band Symmetric
 657 Finkelstein Lev Shaul Markovitch1993
 Learning to Play by Acquiring Move-Patterns
 658 Namolaru Mircea ?1993
 Compilation Techniques for Distributed Constraint Languages
 659 Shintel Noam Michael Yoeli (Deceased)1993
 Synthesis of Modular Delay-Insensitive Netwerks from Petri
 660 Sella Yaron Shaul Markovitch1993
 Learning of Resource Allocation Strategies for Game Playing
 661 Brown Yishay ?1993
 Common Sense Maps Generator
 662 Ronel Ilan ?1993
 Topolgy Design Capacity Allocation and Route Assignment
 663 Efrat Alon Alon Itai

Reuven Bar-Yehuda
 Dynamically Maintainhg the Ceter of a
 664 Navony Nechama Shlomo Moran1993
 A Verge and Randomized Complexity of Distributed Problems
 665 Kahan Ariel Oded Goldreich1993
 Zero Knowledge Proofs with Constant Number of Iterations
 666 Hasson Ruben Johann Makowsky1992
 A Comparison of Data Models Forcomplex Objects
 667 Sneh Dror Oded Goldreich1992
 The Complexity of Global Computation in the Presence of
 668 Nativ Isaac Eliezer Kantorowitz1992
 Consistent Database with Non-Serialized Queries
 669 Rachman Ophir Ben-Zion Chor1992
 Wait Free Randomized Consensus
 670 Peres Yardena Oded Shmueli1992
 Implementation of the Grid File System
 671 Zamir Elana Uzi Ornan1992
 Semantic Parser for Context Free Sentences in Hebrew
 672 Beimel Amos Ben-Zion Chor1992
 Ideal Secret Sharing Schemes
 673 Dvir Nir Shmuel Katz1992
 Freezing - Interaction Between Concurrent Distributed Algs.
 674 Collin Ze'ev Shmuel Katz

 A Self Stabilizing Distributed Solution
 675 Petrank Erez Oded Goldreich1992
 The Knowledge Complexity of Interactive Proofs
 676 Canetti Ran Oded Goldreich1992
 A Tradeoff Between Randomness and Commonication Complexity
 677 Barguri Yaniv Johann Makowsky1992
 The Hierarchy of Transitive Closure
 678 Aharonson Eran Hagit Attiya1992
 The Structure of Counting Networks
 679 Yadin Irit Shlomo Moran1992
 The Distributet Counter Problem
 680 Singer Yoram Dan Chazan1992
 Non Parametric Methods for Speech Consonants Recognition
 681 Nelson Lee-Bath Ben-Zion Chor1992
 Characterization of Distributed Interactive Tasks
 682 Pollak Avigdor Ehud Bar-on1992
 From Neural Networks to Production Rvles and Back
 683 Michaeli-Aaroni Merav Ben-Zion Chor1992
 A Generalization of Group Testing
 684 Dvir Michal Shay Ben David1992
 Incompleteness and the Theory of Computer Science
 685 Adar Michel Ehud Bar-on1991
 An Interactive Graphical Development System for Orject
 686 Grinwald Raanan Reuven Bar-Yehuda1991
 Merging Polygons with Holes
 687 Pinhasov Meir Amos Israel1991
 A Linear-Time Bounded Concurrent Time-Stamp Scheme
 688 Even Guy Oded Goldreich1991
 Construction of Small Probability Spaces
 689 Solel Nir ?1991
 Efficient Algorithms for Disjoint Paths Steiner Tree
 690 De-Lion Hana Orna Grumberg1991
 Real Time Temporal Logics
 691 Amir Yair ?1991
 Customer Scheguling Under Qveueing and Delay Constraints
 692 Resnik Ron Moshe Israeli (Deceased)

Marius Ungarish
 Nuerical Analysis of Two-Phase Rotating Flow
 693 Wintner Shalom Uzi Ornan1991
 Syntactic Analysis of Hebrew Sentences
 694 Dichterman Eli Shay Ben David1991
 Derandomizing Online Algorithms
 695 Shurek Gil Orna Grumberg1991
 Modular Computer Aided Verification of Concurrent Systems
 696 Rinoenau Yael Shlomo Moran

Amos Israel
 An Efficient Algorithm for Maximum Dyramis Flow Problem
 697 Helman Anat Moshe Israeli (Deceased)

Marius Ungarish
 Parallel Solution of An Elliptic Eguation in Twd Dimentidns
 698 Srouji Johny Daniel Berry1991
 Adaptaticn of the Unix Ditroff for Formatting Arabic Text
 699 Marelly Rami Orna Grumberg1991
 Automatic Verifier of Distributed Algorithms
 700 Sharon Miriam Alon Itai1991
 Learning Automata
 701 Sharon Oran Adrian Segall1990
 Session Management and Organization in Broadcast Networks
 702 Shani Netta Ben-Zion Chor1990
 On the Privocy Gdp in Dense Symmetric Functions
 703 Dolev Shlomo Amos Israel

Shlomo Moran
 Self Stabilization of Dynamic Systems Assuming Only Read/
 704 Erez Ruthi Daniel Berry1990
 An Interactive Iaterpretes Withgraphic Display of Program
 705 Ur Shmuel Azaria Paz1990
 Graphoids: Graph Representation and Membership Problems
 706 Calo Ariel Johann Makowsky1990
 The Expressive Power of the Transitive Closure
 707 Goldstein Lyor Uzi Ornan1990
 Generation and Analysis of the Possession Inflexion of
 708 Yona Gidon Amos Israel

Shay Ben David
 Verification of Protocols Fur Sharfd Registers Systems by G
 709 Shtapler Zeiev Orna Grumberg1990
 Automatic Verification of Distributed Algorithms
 710 Moscovici Lior Ben-Zion Chor1990
 Implementing Distributed Tasks in Presence of Failures
 711 Geva Robert Azaria Paz1990
 Representation of Irrelevance Relations by Graphs
 712 Neeman Yuval Nissim Francez1990
 Domain Archetype - a Eeasiblit Y Study
 713 Neeman Elan Adrian Segall1990
 Route Setmp and Takedown in a Funnel Network
 714 Kimmel Dan Shimon Even (Deceased)1990
 Simulation Project on Ibm/pc for Electronic Wallet
 715 Tal Ady ?1990
 Vertex Disjoint Paths in Series Paraller Graphs
 716 Amit Erela Ehud Bar-on1990
 Machine Learning Algorithm for Diagnosing Misconceptions
 717 Fogel Sergio Reuven Bar-Yehuda1990
 Ray Shooting: Searching and Counting Queries
 718 Molcho Moshe Shmuel Zaks1990
 Distributed Algorithms with a Fault Detection Ring
 719 Bezalel Iris Michael Yoeli (Deceased)1990
 Structured Design of Delay-Insensitive Controllers
 720 Lempel Mordkhai Azaria Paz1990
 Modular Lattices - An Algorithmic Approach
 721 Shany-Klein Michal Uzi Ornan1990
 Generating & Analyzing Segolatenoun Inflection in Hebrew
 722 Meir Osnat ?

 Analysis of the Performance of the Exponential Pxramid
 723 Cohen Doron Tuvi Etzion1990
 Combinatorical Designs Derived from Constant Weight Godes
 724 Yanai Shimon Daniel Berry1990
 Environment for Translating "Metafont"to"Postscrcpt"
 725 Bittan Sara Shmuel Zaks1990
 Linear Broadcast Routing
 726 Jalfon Marc Elie Amos Israel1990
 Self Stabilizing Random Algorithms on Distributed Uniform Sy
 727 Ben-Chanoch Eyal Reuven Bar-Yehuda1990
 Covering Polygons with Squares
 728 Licht Rivka Tuvi Etzion1990
 Realization of Permutations in a Shuffle-Exchange Network
 729 Goldfeld David Tuvi Etzion1989
 Eguivalence of Interconnection Netnorus
 730 Sananes Moises Eliezer Kantorowitz1989
 Dros a Distributed Replicated Data Systam
 731 Fournier Laurent ?1989
 Performance Evalualion of Priorilized Token Sing Local
 732 Cohen-Rabinovici Simona ?1989
 Parallelization Strategies in Knowledge Bases
 733 Rafaeli Raz Shay Ben David1989
 Global Time in Distributed Systems
 734 Rahat Amir Oded Shmueli1989
 Logic Programming in a Distributed Euvironment
 735 Hausman Ehud Eliezer Kantorowitz

Alon Itai
 Erd Raseb Natural Qvery Langvage
 736 Ostfeld Zvi ?1989
 Des Trees Construction:characterizations and Sequential and
 737 Shemesh Yael Nissim Francez1989
 Relation Recognizing Automatta
 738 Lavie Alon Uzi Ornan

Alon Itai
 Two Level Morphology for Hebrew
 739 Matsliach Gabriel Oded Shmueli1989
 Fitting Traditional Search Structures to New Architectures.
 740 Sideman Gil ?1989
 Evaluation of Hop by Hop Vs End to End Go Back-N Protocol
 741 Hurvitz Oren Alon Itai1989
 Janus Automata as a Model for the Intelligent Scan Problem
 742 Koren Tziporet Oded Goldreich1989
 On the Construction of Pseudo Random Block Ciphers
 743 Wolfman Tony Daniel Berry1989
 ""Flo" a Language for Typesetting Flowcharts
 744 Habusha Uri Daniel Berry1989
 Vi Iv a Ri-Directional Version of the Vi Full-Screen Edito
 745 Lesser Ofrit Raphael Rom1989
 Routing by Controlled Flooding
 746 Kushilevitz Eyal Oded Goldreich1989
 Perfect Zero-Knowledge Proofs
 747 Allon Gil Daniel Berry1989
 Towauosabi Divectional Operating System
 748 Kariv Itay ?1989
 Hierarchical Symbolic Indices in General Purpose
 749 Gafni Yael Shay Ben David1989
 Semantics for a "Knowing at Most" Operator
 750 Nathan Abraham Ran Ginosar1989
 Compilation of Fcp to Carmel and Its Performance Analysis
 751 Leyzerovitch Esther Orna Grumberg1989
 Impiementing Superimpositions for Occam
 752 Becker Zeev Daniel Berry1988
 An Adaptation of the Unix Ditroff for Rormatting Tri-Directi
 753 Abu-Hanna Ameen ?1988
 An Integrated Deep-Shallow Expert System for Multi-Leuel
 754 Reicher Iris Michael Yoeli (Deceased)1988
 Verification and Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits
 755 Fischer Daniel Shlomit Pinter1988
 Maintenance of Unreliable Distributed Systems

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