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M.Sc Theses

Department:Architecture and Town Planning
Department Web Site: architecture.technion.ac.il

No. Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Theses Abstract Title
0 Maya Tzunz 2018 Abstracts
Relationships Between People and Biodiversity in Public Gardens: A Case Study in Netanya
1 Hadas Ophrat 2017 Abstracts Theses The Performative Space: Art Interventions in the Urban Public Space
2 Roy Zaidenberg 2017 Abstracts
Mapping Perceptions and Attitudes of Stakeholders Towards Key Themes Raised in an Ecosystem Services Assessment: A Comparative Case Study of Two Rural Peripheries in ...
3 Ziv Waks 2017 Abstracts Theses BIM in the Building Permits Process
4 Nadav Penn 2017 Abstracts
Spatially Segmented Labor Market: Kiryat Gat's Young Adults Employmen: 15 years after Inauguration of the Intel Fab
5 Miriam Feldmann 2017 Abstracts Theses Urban Space and Jewish Law - Covered,protective Publicness: The Social and Spatial Manifestation on the Sukkah in orthodox Neighborhoods
6 Yael Dagan 2017 Abstracts Theses Creator (Expert) and Creation (Experience) Relations, A Dance-Architecture Point of View: A Reading in Bruno Taut's and Rudolf Laban's Theories, 1920s-1940s
7 Noa Prawer 2017 Abstracts Theses "You want to Maximize Your financial Gain. What about Mine?" Analysis of National Outline Plan No.38 as a Planning Deal
8 Michal Gath-Morad 2017 Abstracts Theses A Virtual City Simulation Platform to Assess the Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on Pedestrian Navigation in Urban Settings
9 Ido Schnitzer 2017 Abstracts Theses Examining the Spatial Aspects of Social Networking Sites: Study case of Facebook Events and Travel Behavior
10 Ella Segal 2017 Abstracts Theses Spatial and Socioeconomic Charateristics of Goat Herding in Mount Carmel
11 Shachar Zur 2017 Abstracts Theses Trees' Habitat in the Israeli Urban Environment
12 Adi Noy Ivanir 2017 Abstracts Theses Shlomo Aronson - Theory and Practice in Arid Landscape Architecture
13 Aviva Yasner Fuhrman 2017 Abstracts Theses Net Zero Energy Military Installations: An Israeli Air Force Base Case Study
14 Emri Brickner 2017 Abstracts Theses Evacuation in a Tsunami Prone Area: Bat-Galim; Haifa as Case Study
15 Shira Grossbard 2017 Abstracts
Methods for Evaluating the Ecological Systems in the Landscape Planning Process: Vernal Pools in Israel as a Case Study
16 Keren Sohezki 2017 Abstracts Theses "Soundform" in Design and Art: Development of a Design Process uses Digital Methods for Substation Sound for Creating a Form
17 Aviv Negbi 2017 Abstracts
Housing Cooperatives in Israel: Challenges and Opportunities
18 Katerina Rozenfeld 2017 Abstracts Theses Monitoring in the Operating Room; Task Analysis and Design Concept of Multimodal Data Displays
19 Shelly Hefetz 2017 Abstracts Theses Implementing a Community-Based Knowledge in Planning Training Programs in Israel: Current and Future Potential
20 Zohar Zafon 2017 Abstracts Theses Can assessment of visual qualities assist in appraising ecological quality of a given area? A case study in Ramat HaNadiv Park
21 Helly Hirsh 2016 Abstracts Theses Status of Disempowered Social Groups in Public Participation Processes. Case Study: Urban Regeneration in Haifa
22 Reut Yarnitsky 2016 Abstracts Theses Jerusalemite Modernism: David Anatol Brutzkus and the Creation of a Local Modern Language
23 Or Caspi 2016 Abstracts Theses Electric Bike Users in Tel Aviv-Yafo: Their Characteristics and Travel Behavior
24 Ilya Yudovski 2016 Abstracts Theses Videogames as virtual architectural space
25 Cygal Pellach 2016 Abstracts Theses Conflicts over Preservation of the Built Heritage in the State of Victoria, Australia: Analysis of the Decisions of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
26 Sharon Salkinder 2016 Abstracts Theses Integration of Archaeological Gardens into the Urban Environment - An Evaluation of the Relationship between the site and its Environment
27 Moran Aviv 2016 Abstracts Theses Gaps in Spatial Capital and Life Chances between Houseolds in Haifa Neighborhoods
28 Shay Am-Shalem 2016 Abstracts Theses Urban Intentional Communities and Correlation with Sense of Community in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods The Case of Hadar Hacarmel, Haifa
29 Zvika Kanonich 2016 Abstracts Theses Landscape Architecture as a Lever for the Wellbeing of Mental Patients in Mental Health Institutions
30 Gal Kedem Hilvert 2016 Abstracts Theses Delivery Room Design Using Cross-Functional Collaborative Prototyping
31 Ilya Maslovski 2016 Abstracts Theses Urban Utopias in the Service of the Zionist Enterprise: Urban Design of Jewish Towns during the British Mandate and the First Years of Israel's Statehood
32 Ram Eisenberg 2016 Abstracts Theses The Nature of "The Goodness Experience in Nature" A Phenomenological Inquiry Grounded in Eugene Gendlin's Ideas
33 Leyron Shachaf 2016 Abstracts Theses The Contribution of Environmental Impact Statements to Incorporation of Environmental Protection Measures in Statutory Plans: A Comparative Study of Two Planning Tracks in ...
34 Inbal Peled Missing advisors 2016 Abstracts Theses Study of the Deployable Structures Implementing Combined Simultaneous Usage of Deployment Methods
35 Chen Naor 2016 Abstracts Theses Studentification in Peripherals Communities in Israel: Socio-Spatial Relationships between College Students and Local Residents
36 Maya Weissman-Ilan 2016 Abstracts Theses The Cinematic Architect Key changes in the representation of the Architect in American narrative cinema since the beginning of the 20th century
37 Nadav Platin 2016 Abstracts Theses The Intensity of Re-urbanization Processes in Israel
38 Orwa Switat 2016 Abstracts Theses Planning among Indigenous Peoples and the Role of Civil Society; The Case of Unrecognized Villages in Negev Region in Israel
39 Tatyana Pankratov 2016 Abstracts Theses Responsive Building Facades: De-centralized control over dynamic cladding components
40 Adam Aloni 2015 Abstracts Theses Prefiguring Iqrit: A Strategic framework for Radical Planning
41 Yakir Yaniv 2015 Abstracts Theses Task Analysis and Comprehensive Design Concepts for Adapting Home Environment for Elderly People
42 Zameret Harel Kanot 2015 Abstracts Theses The Spacial Relationship between Children and their Urban Environment: Form, Expression and Mutual Construction. An Exploration Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Educationa
43 Gila Corem 2015 Abstracts Theses Support for Novice Users in Computer-Aided Design Using Natural User Interface
44 Aviva Shmila Vadai 2015 Abstracts Theses An Assessment of Public Participation and Stakeholder Involvement in Developing and Managing Biosphere Reserves in Israel Carmel and Ramat Menashe Reser
45 Olga Shain Starovoitov 2015 Abstracts Theses Immersive Freehand 3D Sketching on Air in Full Body Scale: System Development and User Studies
46 Omer Zehngut 2015 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Civil Society on Urban Planning The Case of Haifa
47 Ella Simonov 2015 Abstracts Theses Well-Being Promoting Gardens; Defining Environmental Elements for Reducing Stress and Improving Performance and Satisfaction
48 Mira Deeb 2015 Abstracts Theses A Search for Arab Architectural Modernism in Palestine Space In the 1950s and 1960s
49 Uriel Kon 2015 Abstracts Theses A Menorah Etched in the Pampas The Export of Planning Knowledge from Israel to Argentina 1963-1970: The Test Case of Las Pirquitas
50 Noga Shani 2015 Abstracts Theses The City of Safed: Between a 'Religioua Center' and 'State Periphery'
51 Bshara Rezik 2015 Abstracts Theses LightBIM - A Building Interior Lighting Analysis and Evaluation Model - A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach
52 Neta Shemer 2014 Abstracts Theses Planning Patterns of the Kibbutz in Renewal
53 Yair Mudrik 2014 Abstracts Theses Neighborhood Planning Approaches in Isreal: The Case of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
54 Atalia Namir 2014 Abstracts Theses The cCaracteristics of the Door-to-Door Journey to Work and its Effect on the dDmand for Rail Use
55 Ofer Manor 2014 Abstracts Theses Charting the Domain of Urban Design - Jerusalem as a Case Study
56 Dalia Nachman-Farchi 2014 Abstracts Theses Towards Conservation with a Lower Case c' Conservation Challenges in a Mixed City Fabric The Case Study of Ajamy; Jaffa
57 Yonni Avidan 2014 Abstracts Theses Talking-Architecture: Language, its Place and Roles in the Architectural Design Process
58 Lili Friedler 2014 Abstracts Theses Irrationality in the Public Preparedness for Earthquakes: An Empirical Analysis of the Israeli Case
59 Nitzan Kalush 2014 Abstracts Theses Novel Technologies Building Strategies Supporting Assembly and Dis Assembly in Design: Design Evaluation Model
60 Roey Ben-Yehuda 2014 Abstracts Theses The Construction of Light Rail Infrastructure and Commercial Land Uses in Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
61 Yael Dickler 2014 Abstracts Theses The Phenomenon of Adaptive Reuse Preservation of Buildings in Israel
62 Hadas Itzcovitch 2014 Abstracts Theses Guidelines for Workstation Design - Adapted for Anesthesiologists` Requierments
63 Tomer Dekel 2014 Abstracts Theses Planning, Civil Society and Human Rights: Analysis of a Non Governmental Planning Organization
64 Liran Chechick 2014 Abstracts Theses Biomimetic Paradigm for Structural Optimization Biomimetic paradigm for Structural Optimization
65 Anastasia Moscaliuc 2014

Jewish Contribution to Architecture in Kishinev
66 Polina Tener Karake 2014 Abstracts Theses Smart Tile Systems Surfaces Based on Tile Systems without External Joints
67 Ekaterina Morozova 2014 Abstracts Theses The Role of Color in Developmental Toys
68 Omri Zilberman 2013 Abstracts Theses Sense of Community in Different Areas in the Urban Space: The Case Study of Beer-Sheba
69 Keren Stern-Ellran 2013 Abstracts Theses The Effect of the Background's Colorfulness on the Child's Behavior During Play
70 Nesma Khoury 2013 Abstracts Theses Improving Orientation and Mobility of Blind People in Public Buildings
71 Noy Lazarovich 2013 Abstracts Theses Smart Material Systems for High Performance Building Envelopes
72 Adi Har-Noy 2013 Abstracts Theses Conservation of the Railway Heritage in Israel - Case Study: The Palestin Railway Line Haifa-Kantara
73 Tamar Aharoni 2013 Abstracts Theses The Benefits of Green Roofs and the Ways to Achieve them in Israel
74 Rami Qubti 2013 Abstracts Theses Atlas of Nazareth's Private Green Spaces
75 Amit Mendelson 2013 Abstracts Theses Urban Nature Sites in Israel - History, Theory and Practice
76 Menny Izicsohn 2013 Abstracts Theses Adapting the Kindergarten Environment for Learning through Play
77 Bnaya Bauer 2013 Abstracts Theses Branching Morphologies - Cities and Corals
78 Elana Bagley 2013 Abstracts Theses Use and Activity Patterns in Public Playgrounds in the Haifa Area
79 Adi Reich Roman 2013 Abstracts Theses Examination of Appreciation and Preference of Public Space among Different Groups in Israeli Society
80 Nika Zaretsky 2013 Abstracts Theses Expansion of Coastal Cities Into the Marine Environment Incorporating Floating Platforms- Conceptual Development
81 Yair Yablovich 2013 Abstracts Theses The Gentrifiers: Developing a Research Tool to Evaluate the Intensity of Gentrification in the Case of Florentin, Tel Aviv-Yafo
82 Eri Pierre Sadai 2013 Abstracts Theses Design of a Sitting Supportive Device and Evaluation of its Effect on Muscle Activity and Mean Heart Rate Based on Two Sitting Sessions on a Long Haul Aircraft Seat
83 Jacob Molho 2013 Abstracts Theses Architectural Additions and the Process of their Integration into the Urban Fabric
84 Ran Broides 2013 Abstracts Theses National Master Plan No.38 (NMP for Seismic Strengthening of Existing Structures): Case Analysis of Financial Feasibility and the "Top Floor" Barrier in
85 Marnina Herrmann 2013 Abstracts Theses Thinking about "Design Thinking": A Comparative Study
86 Simona Or Munteanu 2012 Abstracts Theses On the Contribution of Romanian Jewish Architects to Modernism in Bucharest in the First Half of the 20th Century
87 Avi Mayer 2012 Abstracts Theses Samuel (Sam) Barkai Architecture in Tel-Aviv, 1934-1939 International Style in Tel-Aviv that was Influenced by the Architecture of Le Corbusier in Paris
88 Eran Amir 2012 Abstracts Theses A Model for Mapping Solar Radiation in Urban Environment to Support the Design Process
89 Naama Shabtai-Cyzer 2012 Abstracts Theses The "Kiron" Housing Complex, Kiryat Ono Contemporary Conservation Challenges
90 Ram Aharoni 2012 Abstracts Theses The Bubble Diagram as a Tool for the Design of Houses in Light of the Characterisation of Users' Needs
91 Raphael Matani Maya 2012 Abstracts Theses Zippori National Park - Landscape as an Intricate Narrative
92 Nir Shahar 2012 Abstracts Theses Luxury Residential Towers as Gated Communities: The Case of Tel Aviv
93 Zilla Litvak 2012 Abstracts Theses Planning for Specific Cultural Groups: The Case of Rahat and its Vicinity in the Negev Culture-Oriented Planning
94 Fanny Goldsmith 2012 Abstracts Theses Accessibility - Developing a Quantitative-Qualitative Evaluation Index Using Space Syntax
95 Barak Tepper 2012 Abstracts Theses Conservation of the 'Realm of Memory' in Zichron Ya'acov
96 Noa Hilevitz-Yosef 2012 Abstracts
Task Analysis and Design Concepts for Improved Crutches
97 Gil Nakar 2012 Abstracts Theses Study of the Impact of Digital Fabrication Technology on Forming Design Knowledge in Architectural Design of Spatial-Complex Building Envelopes
98 Carina Ben-Zvi 2012 Abstracts Theses Status and High-Rise Construction: Theoretical Analysis of Spatial Distribution
99 Oren Ben-Avraham 2012 Abstracts Theses Development of Tools for Reviewing the Green Potential of Existing Buildings, in Light of Current Environmental Standards
100 Daphna Drori 2012 Abstracts Theses A Knowledge Based Computer-Aided Design Tool for Water Efficient Design of Sustainable Green Open Spaces
101 Iris Ben-Yair 2011 Abstracts Theses Using Embodied Conversational Agents as Medication Instructors for the Elderly: Does Anthropomorphism Matter?
102 Roni Golan 2011 Abstracts Theses Real Estate Peorsonality: on the Correlation between Personality Traits and Preferences in the Housing Market
103 Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat 2011 Abstracts Theses The Architecture of the Palestinian "Refugee Camps" in the West Bank, Dheisheh Refugee Camp as a Case Study 1948-1967
104 Liyat Esakov Ben-Shitrit 2011 Abstracts Theses Aiming High, Building Low: A Tool for Evaluating the Quality of Density Demonstrated on the Florentin Neighboorhood
105 Nurit Tsafrir 2011 Abstracts Theses Kfar Shalem - A Unique Story of Demolition and Redevelopment
106 Marianna Dorfman 2011 Abstracts Theses Climatic and Energy Aspects of Hotel Design in Israel
107 Noah Balter 2011 Abstracts Theses The Development of the Structure of Urban Open Spaces - A Demonstration on Haifa's Carmel City
108 Sebastian Wallerstein 2011 Abstracts Theses Is there Gentrification-Led Displacement of Palestinian Israeli Citizens from Jaffa?
109 Shira Sprecher-Segalovitz 2011 Abstracts Theses DeathScape Muslim Cemeteries and the Evolution of Urban Landscape: Mamilla and Abed al-Nabi as Case Studies
110 Inna Kizner 2011 Abstracts Theses Opening Drinking Bottles by Elderly Persons, Analysis and Possible Design Solutions
111 Khen Frenkel 2011 Abstracts Theses Fear of Crime Among Women of Different Cultural Heritages in an Israel Urban Area
112 Ifat Finkelman 2011 Abstracts Theses An Anatomy of Space and Body The 'Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation' (EWMN) in the Context of Postwar Architectural Culture
113 Alon Lotan 2011 Abstracts Theses Perspectives of the Users Upon Computer Applications According to Their Vocational Profile
114 Ofra Sharon 2011 Abstracts Theses Transportation -Land Use Connection: The Changing Land Use Patterns along the Ayalon Freeway between the Years 1982 to 2007
115 Shira Wilkof 2011 Abstracts Theses "An Historical Opportunity": The Creation and Planning of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park; 1967-1970
116 Ruth Baum 2011 Abstracts Theses Soskin's Plan for Nahariya and the Sources of Influence on the Settlement's Planning and the Evolvement on the Open Private Space
117 Rotem Apfel 2011 Abstracts Theses Art in the Public Realm as Urban Design Implement: A Case Study of Tel-Aviv in the 80's
118 Meir Ben-Shoshan 2011 Abstracts Theses Differences in Architectural Intervention: Critical Theory in Re-Use
119 Bruce David Levin 2011 Abstracts Theses Mikveh Israel: Preserving the Landscape of a Cultural Heritage Site
120 Yardena Etgar 2011 Abstracts Theses Tel-Aviv's Balconies, a Conservation Method Case Study
121 Gali Bar Abadi 2011 Abstracts Theses Open Building Approach in the Design of Residential Buildings in Israel
122 Adrian Jose Levy 2011 Abstracts Theses Information Architecture: The Architectural Contribution to Information Visualization
123 Esti Erez Eytan 2011 Abstracts Theses The Primary Care Clinic: Characterization of the Physician- Patient Interaction Space and Design Concepts for its Improvements
124 Mara Faingold 2011 Abstracts Theses Local Authorities' Attitude towards Human Care Facilities
125 Eran Siany 2011 Abstracts Theses Comparison of Rating Systems for the Assessment of Environmental Impacts of New Buildings
126 Sharon Ayalon 2011 Abstracts Theses Land Art in Israel: Three Local Artists Itzhak Danziger. Micha Ullman. Ezra Orion
127 Ayelet Carmon 2010 Abstracts Theses Underground Urban Layouts as a Generator of Development and Renewal of the City Center
128 Shlomit Bauman 2010 Abstracts Theses Relationship between Nanotechnology and Design: A Case Study Approach
129 Avital Wander 2010 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Advertisement Areas Complexity of Web Pages on their Usability
130 Doron Eshel 2010 Abstracts Theses Mental Models of Architectural Design Students - An Inter-Cultural Study
131 Malka Antonio 2010 Abstracts Theses The Role of Socio-Economic Diversity in the Spatial Distribution of Growth and Inequality: the Case of Israeli Cities
132 Eran Baider 2010 Abstracts Theses Spatial Distribution of R and D in the Business Sector in Israel Implication for Regional Policy
133 Neta Feniger 2010 Abstracts Theses Theory and Planning of the Public Open Space in Kauffmann's and Geddes' Plans for Tel Aviv
134 Amos Bar-Eli 2010 Abstracts Theses On the Non-Complete in Visionary Architecture
135 Galia Birnbaum 2010 Abstracts Theses Multi-Layer Development in Israel: Property and Planning Aspects
136 Rony Stein-Peri 2010 Abstracts Theses Design Upgrading of Gun's Handle as Factor of Accuracy and Comfort during Performing a Mission among Soldiers
137 Sharon Ben-Dalia 2010 Abstracts Theses Tel Aviv through Foreign Eyes: The City's Touristic Product and its Perception by Tourists
138 Tali Ritz 2010 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Difficulties in Opening Food Packages among Seniors
139 Yariv Sade 2010 Abstracts Theses Development of a Method for Industrial Design
140 Avital Zik 2010 Abstracts Theses Learner-Content Interaction in Online Learning: The Relationship between Activity Level and Performance
141 Tali Surasky 2010 Abstracts Theses The Role of Visual Information as the Basis for Shared Team Mental Models in Problem Solving in the Semiconductors Industry
142 Sigal Pinhasi 2010 Abstracts Theses Interrelations between Health and Environment; Recommendations for "Green Medicine"
143 Dana Katz Nahmani 2010 Abstracts Theses Ownership or Rental: An Economic Examination of the Tenure Mode in Residential Real Estate in Israel
144 Lora Yagudin 2010 Abstracts Theses Planning towards the Hosting of Olympic Games Realated Conflicts and their Management
145 Amin Sahly 2010 Abstracts Theses Urban Sprawl in Israeli Arab Towns and its Causes
146 Inbal Koren 2010 Abstracts Theses Behavioral Economics in the Housing Market: Framing, Anchoring, and the Law of Small Numbers
147 Yulia Vinnitsky 2010 Abstracts Theses The Dacha - A Place to Be Yourself
148 Galit Goldhammer 2009 Abstracts Theses Organizational Culture and Values in the Firm's Recruiting Related Communication Releases (Want Ads)
149 Amir Hefetz 2009 Abstracts Theses Outsourcing or In-House Production: An Empirical Examination of Decision Making in Local Government
150 Einat Golan-Bossel 2009 Abstracts Theses The Height Dimension in Urban Evolution: The Case of Tel Aviv
151 Iris Asaf 2009 Abstracts Theses On Un/Certainty as a Method in Architectural Digital Design
152 Efrat Fridenzon Harison 2009 Abstracts Theses Kaleidoscopic Spaces Design for Display Windows
153 Enaya Banna-Jeries 2009 Abstracts Theses Public Open Spaces in Nazareth: Behaviors and Preferences of the Population
154 Abed Alkhaleq Badran 2009 Abstracts Theses Soundscape in Architecture: Design Criteria and Precedent Analysis
155 Shirily Gilad-Ilsar 2009 Abstracts Theses Between Sustainability and Consumption: The Public Space in Israel, Sheinkin Street in Tel Aviv City as a Case Study
156 Lilia Levitski 2009 Abstracts Theses Identification of the Factors Influencing Attachment to a Neighborhood and Examining the Relative Importance of the Public Garden amongst Native Soviet Women who Reside
157 Nirit Rosenstein 2009 Abstracts Theses Urban Renewal through Clearance and Redevelopment: A Multi- Agent System Analysis
158 Ofra Yechiely 2009 Abstracts Theses The Interdisciplinary Implications of the Implementation of Five Day Scool Week, and 8 Hour Scool Day
159 Nava Kainer-Persov 2009 Abstracts Theses The Meaning of Home in Transition Process Constancy and Change in Dwelling during the Process of Urban Renewal in the Way of "Pinuy-Binuy"
160 Amit Epstein 2009 Abstracts Theses Location Choice of High-Tech Firms with Metroplitan Region
161 Dalia Kramer 2009 Abstracts Theses Between Cultural Fields: A Study of the Exhibition "White City - International Style Architecture in Israel", 1984
162 Doron Goldman 2009 Abstracts Theses Development of a Method for Improving Computer Usability for Older Population by Optic-Vocal Input Devices
163 Michael Menirom 2009 Abstracts Theses The Study of Portable Phone Keypad Suitability for Text Message Typing, and the Design Guidelines for an Improved Keypad
164 Neta Ben-Aroya 2009 Abstracts Theses The Satisfaction of ERP System Users in an Academic Organization
165 Ronen Cohen 2009 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Car Availability in Israel
166 Joseph Altalef 2009 Abstracts Theses The Dynamics of Urban Morphology in the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala
167 Ehud Carmely 2009 Abstracts Theses Environmental NGO's in Israel and Their Influence on the Planning System over Time
168 Irit Ron 2009 Abstracts Theses An Examination of the Fit between the Physical Environment of the I.D.F. Camps and Their Users
169 Zurit Armon-Zur 2009 Abstracts Theses Tunneling in Highways: A Study of Willingness to Pay for Preserving Open Space
170 Dina Raviv Schestatzky 2009 Abstracts Theses Differences in Participation in Planning Processes by Residents of Disadvantaged and Advantaged Neighborhoods
171 Noa Meiraz 2009 Abstracts Theses Industrial Design in Israel during Late 60' and Early 70' as a Part of the Israeli Cultural Development
172 Lior Vitkon 2009 Abstracts Theses A 3-D Imaging Assisted Method for Evaluating Regional and Urban Planning
173 Vladimir Lovchikov 2009 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Various Urban Typologies on Winds Conditions in Open Urban Spaces
174 Ofir Shadmi 2009 Abstracts Theses Use of Physiological Parameters Performance Evaluation in Flight Simulator
175 Michal Steinbach 2009 Abstracts Theses Developing a Game for Children Traveling in a Car, by Use of the ICDM Method
176 Silvia Sohn-Lavi 2009 Abstracts Theses The Location of Human Care Facilities and the "NIMBY" Phenomenon: Existing Knowledge and Examination of the Case of Tel Aviv
177 Arthur Goldiyuk 2009

Vehicle Attached Deployable Structures
178 Rebrcca Ruth Keisar 2009 Abstracts Theses Is Social-Environmental Policy Also Profitable? An Examination Using Stock Price Behavior in Israel
179 Yael Fuhrmann-Naaman 2009 Abstracts Theses Conservation and the Construction of the National Space 1948-1967 - The Case Study of Old Acre
180 David Bornstein 2009 Abstracts Theses Factors Affecting Carpool Usage: Study Case - Technion, Israel
181 Dalia Assis 2009 Abstracts Theses The Tel-Aviv Light Rail Transit and the Price of Residential Apartments near Station Locations in the Planning Period
182 Adi Luski 2008 Abstracts Theses The Urban Image of Tel Aviv in Urban-Architectural Planning and in Israeli Cinema during the 80's and 90's
183 Oded Klimer 2008 Abstracts Theses Graphical Representations and their Accessibility to Elderly Users
184 Elina Monaker 2008 Abstracts Theses Design of Ultrasonic Scanner Table for Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer
185 Yigal Steiner 2008 Abstracts Theses Study of Do-it-Yourself Products Designed for Residential Environment in View of their User Friendliness Characteristics
186 Yoav Melter 2008 Abstracts Theses Bicycle Usage and the Built Environment: Identification and Analysis of Physical Patterns affecting Urban Bicycle Ridership - Case-Study in Nahariya
187 Tal Tsafrir 2008 Abstracts Theses Developer Obligations to Reimburse Local Planning Boards for Compensation Claims by Landowners Due to Plan Amendments
188 Dikla Yizhar 2008 Abstracts Theses Build Your Own Home Project The Built Space at a Social Cultural and Professional Turning Point
189 Noam Hassidov 2008 Abstracts Theses Align Laparoscopic Visualization Using Multi Cameras Array
190 Gali Balanga 2008 Abstracts Theses Formulation of Guidelines for Digital Camera UI Design Suitable for Older Adults
191 Orly Bardugo 2008 Abstracts Theses Planning for Pedestrians - Business Owners and Visitors's Opinions Regarding a Success or Failure of a Pedestrian Street Case Study: Nordaw, Haifa and
192 Maya Serry 2008 Abstracts Theses Planning and Designing Management Information Systems
193 Rinat Berger 2008 Abstracts Theses A Study of the Quality of Awakening and Framing a Design Concept for a Rousing Object
194 Miri Hirsh (Krupnik) 2008 Abstracts Theses Interdisciplinary Training as a Provider of an Interdisciplinary Perspective among Planning Students
195 Anat Litan Sever 2008 Abstracts Theses Reading Text in Support of Design Concept Formation
196 Tathiana Boukai 2008 Abstracts Theses Retractable Fabric Structures
197 Daria Tsoy 2008 Abstracts Theses The Roots of the Architect Shmuel Rosoff, St. Petersburg - London - Haifa
198 Tatiana Vapnik 2008 Abstracts Theses The Colourfulness of the Playground as a Diversion Factor
199 Saggit Goldshmidt 2008 Abstracts Theses Violence in School - Architectural Aspects
200 Doron Druckman 2008 Abstracts Theses Identifying the "Potential" for Public Objections to Land Use Plans as a Tool to Aid Architects and Planning Commissions
201 Maritt Sever 2008 Abstracts Theses A Seismic Architecture as an Essential Component of the Structural Integrity of Israeli Apartment Buildings in Earthquakes
202 Dana Shevah 2008 Abstracts Theses Cultural Aspects of Planning: Between Modernization and Tradition Case Study: Moshav Gadish in the Ta'anch Region
203 Erez Ofir 2008 Abstracts Theses The Study of the Seashore Diving Phase and Design of a Diving Equipment Supportive Object
204 Chen Misgav 2008 Abstracts Theses The Urban Space as Viewed by Gays and Lesbians in Tel-Aviv- Jaffa
205 Orna Margalit 2008 Abstracts Theses Assessing the Integration of Environmental Considerations in Comprehensive-National and Regional-Land Use Plans Prepared in Israel between 1990-2005
206 Naama Neeman-Mizrahi 2008 Abstracts Theses An Outline towards Conservation of Residential Urban Fabric: Western Carmel Ridgeline Axis and Hanadiv Blvd. as a Case Study As a Case Study
207 Meirav Genkin 2008 Abstracts Theses The Involvement of Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations in the Israeli Environmental Impact Statement Procedures
208 Michal Garncarz 2008 Abstracts Theses Design and Evaluation of Laboratory Data Display in Electronic Medical Record System
209 Tamar Lanir-Shatsberg 2008 Abstracts Theses Affordable Housing: Analyzing the Experience in Selected Countries and Lessons for Israel
210 Michal Daum-Cohen 2008 Abstracts Theses Structure in Architectural Design Processes and the Quality of Products: a Comparison between Novice and Advanced Students
211 Anna Sorkin 2007 Abstracts Theses Floating Modular Array of Olympic Installations and Related Functions
212 Rina Kolomisky 2007 Abstracts Theses Design of Virtual Environments: Presence, Place, Scenario
213 Lapid Somer 2007 Abstracts Theses Design and Comparative Evaluation of a Static Support for the Typing Environment
214 Carmit Pelleg 2007 Abstracts Theses An Anthropometric Fit Analysis of Hand Tools' Handles - Cross Historical Comparison
215 Yael Sivan-Geist 2007 Abstracts Theses The Role of the Different "Actors" in Urban Revitalization Process: Lev Ha'eer in Tel Aviv, Hadar Hacarmel in Haifa
216 Karmit Ohayon 2007 Abstracts Theses Majority-Minority Relations in Municipal Administration in Israel from a Cross-National Comparative Perspective - The Case of Yizrael Valley Regional Council
217 Keren Goldshmidt-Filman 2007 Abstracts Theses The New Town - Act and Propaganda New Towns in Israel, The Architectual Discourse and The Propaganda Films, 1948-1967
218 Elina Yaskovich 2007 Abstracts Theses Designing Experience in Virtual Museum
219 Yael Marom 2007 Abstracts Theses Symbol Design for Safety Signage in an Industrial Plant: The Influence of Design Genre on Risk Perception
220 Elina Shehovtsov 2007 Abstracts Theses The Design of Art Display in Cyberspace
221 Lee Ben-Efraim 2007 Abstracts Theses Characters for Plating in the Israeli Contemporary Cuisine
222 Natalia Savettchenko 2007 Abstracts Theses Digital Architecture - Virtual Architecture: Conceptual Migration
223 Sarit Goldstein 2007 Abstracts Theses The Meaning of Home and Homelessness for Homeless People in Israel who are not Street Dwellers
224 Guy Schnirman 2007 Abstracts Theses Consolidated Refineries Ltd.-Haifa-A Proposal to Transform the British Management Building into a Museum, Dedicated to the History of Oil- Refinement Industry in Eretz
225 Tamar Nix 2007 Abstracts Theses Design of a Front Baby Carrier According to Biomechanical, Performance and Safty Requirements
226 Shimon Reizman 2007 Abstracts Theses Objects Location in Different Environments - Phenomena Characterization and Possible Solutions
227 Chen Hadad )Sella( 2007 Abstracts Theses Runoff as a Resource for Urban Landscape Development
228 Liat Vardi 2007 Abstracts Theses Sanctifying Space in Netivot - from the Water Tower to the Baba Sally Grave
229 Tali Rosen 2007 Abstracts Theses Combining Redesign and Instruction to Reduce Hand-tool CTD Exposure and Increase Productivity
230 Hagit Eldar 2007 Abstracts Theses Pattern of Use of Public Space By Parents of Pre-School Age Children, by Gender and Socio-Economic Status
231 Hedva Moscovich 2007 Abstracts Theses Ben-Gurion University in the Negev: Israeli Representational Architecture at it's Second Phase
232 Talila Abraham 2007 Abstracts Theses Research and Evaluation of Restroom Grabs and Support Needs for the Independent Elderly People
233 Sharon Levy 2007 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Land Use Pattern Changes along the Cross Israel Highway (during the Planning Period and the Construction of the Main Section) Case Study: The Kessem Interc
234 Irit Turbovich 2007 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Using a Wearable Scanner in Cheackout Workstations on Cumulative Trauma Disorder of the Upper Extremities
235 Pinchas Berger 2007 Abstracts Theses Travel Demand and the Value of Time - Theoratical and Empirical Issues
236 Ron Fleisher 2007 Abstracts Theses Oriental Orthodox Architecture in Israel, an Option of Otherness in Israeli Architecture
237 Sigal Rasis 2007 Abstracts Theses The Impact of the Court's Intervention on Structural Changes in Rural Local Government in Israel
238 Shira Brand 2007 Abstracts Theses Changes in the Number and Attributes of Compensation Claims for Decline in Land Values Caused by Planning
239 Orna Mart 2007 Abstracts Theses Creating a Quantitative Rule to Aid in the Decision on the Use/Non-Use of a Booster Seat for 5-9 Year Old Children in Cars
240 Eyal Lerner 2007 Abstracts Theses Study of Data Input and Display for Follow-Up of Blood Coagulation in Web-Based System for Elderly Patients
241 Yael Granot 2007 Abstracts Theses The Allocation of Areas, Number of Users and Budgets for Planning and Design of Science and Engineering Faculty Buldings. Comparative Analysis of Programs and Structures
242 Dov Barkay 2007 Abstracts Theses The Motives of National-Religious People for Choosing their Place of Residence in Religious Community Settlements In the Galilee
243 Sharon Seitelbach 2006 Abstracts
A Method for Creating Planning Specifications Based on Alexander's "Pattern Language"
244 Gregory Newmark 2006 Abstracts
The Impact of New Suburban Malls on the Sustainability of Shopping Travel
245 Zivia Kay 2006 Abstracts
Development and Design of an Occupational Therapy Model for the Improvement of Social Skills with Special Needs Population
246 Vered Solomon-Maman 2006 Abstracts
Historic Preservation According to the Israeli Planning and Building Law: International Comperative Analysis
247 Itai Horwitz 2006 Abstracts
Expressing Local Identity in the Cityscape: Older Part of Rosh Ha'ayin - a Case Study
248 Noa Gecht 2006 Abstracts
Characterizing Basic Attitudes toward Nature among Selected Groups in the Israeli Public
249 Ruth Rotenstreich 2006 Abstracts
Characterization of Digital Architecture: Concept Analysis Precedents
250 Irina Gololob 2006 Abstracts
Computerized System for Comparative Evaluation on Construction Methods and Materials
251 Nils Rabota 2006 Abstracts
Research of Solutions for the Design of a New Means of Public Transportations for Defined Areas, Suitable for Populations Having Different Disabilities
252 Yaniv Pardo 2006 Abstracts
On Production & Representation of Regionalism in the Design Competition for The Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem
253 Zvi Koren 2006 Abstracts
The Inter-Urban Space in Israel, in the Light of New Insights of Urbanity and Urban Design
254 Gilad Hazan 2006 Abstracts
Sustainable Development in Metropolitan Areas in Israel: Integrating Transportation and Land Uses
255 Liat Dankner 2006 Abstracts
The Movement Space in Tel-Aviv Everyday Urbanism, Planning and Urban Design
256 Iris Ben-Shabbat Gilboa 2006 Abstracts
Trends and Travel Characteristics at the Carmelit between the Years 1973-2001
257 Yaara Bashan-Haham 2006 Abstracts
Adapting Playground Equipment to the Needs and Behavior of Children between the Ages of 3-6
258 Meirav Snir 2006 Abstracts
The Israeli Square: An Architectural Idea, Place in Use, Imagined Space - Case Study: Magen David Square
259 Youval Tamari 2006 Abstracts
"Imagine Life without Wall" Segregation and Plannining in a Mixed City: The West Ramle Case
260 Anna Becker 2006 Abstracts
Clothing for the Operating Room Team: Task Analysis and Design Concepts
261 Efrat Ksantini-Hovev 2006 Abstracts
The Colourfulness of The Learning Environment and Its Impact on Children Learning Tasks
262 Ornit Morgenstern 2006 Abstracts
The Influence of the Transitions in Planning Thought and Paradigms on the Urban Planning and Development in Tel-Aviv
263 Mariana Ardetz 2006 Abstracts
Visitors' Attitudes towards Existing and Future Development of the Haifa Beaches
264 Yael Allweil 2006 Abstracts
Exclusion and Separation in Israeli Public Spaces, as a Means of Designing Place, Body and Identity - Case Study - The Tel Aviv Shoreline
265 Shulamit Beimel 2006 Abstracts
The Ornament on the Surface of the Contemporary Building, Herzog and de Meuron as a Case Study
266 Karin Talmor 2006 Abstracts
Evaluation of a Web-Based Public Participation System in the Planning Process - a Case Study
267 Liron Amdur 2006 Abstracts
Architectural Vision and Place Meanings at the New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv
268 Ezer Fischler 2006 Abstracts
Development of a Procedure to Identify Urbanization Effects on the Ecosystems Using Fragmentation Measures
269 Yael Cohen 2006 Abstracts
Measurement of the Effect of Public Services and Open Spaces on The Price of Houses: A Case Study of the City of Modiin, Israel
270 Irit Jacoby 2006

Economic Aspects of Energy-Conscious Building Design
271 Roni Vardi 2006 Abstracts Theses Examination of the Master Plan's Structure in Israel
272 Iris Levin-Azriel 2005 Abstracts
Identity and Place in the Production of Residential Environments: Giva'at Faradis
273 Michal Miller 2005 Abstracts
Technological Incubators in Israel: Technological Policy in an Era of Privatization
274 Arie Leibovitz 2005 Abstracts
The Technological Incubators as a Tool in Regional Development
275 Avigail Ferdman 2005 Abstracts
Modeling Joint Development of Land Use and Light Rail Transit Stations: The Study of Tel Aviv
276 Shai Jerby 2005 Abstracts
Optimal Design of a Circular Bus (Shuttle) Route
277 Eylon Ofek 2005 Abstracts
Signal Transmission in the Operating Room: Task Analysis and Design Concept of Wireless Operating Room
278 Ronit Mussel 2005 Abstracts
A Critical Survey of Current Theories and Methodologies of Digital Design
279 Iris Talmi 2005 Abstracts
The Visual Language of Product Categories in the Context of the Consumer Perception
280 Ofri Degany 2005 Abstracts
Factors of Success in the Viability of the Kibbutz: The Regional Council's Contribution to Sustaining the Kibbutz as a Unique Form of Settelment
281 Maya Ashkenazi 2005 Abstracts
Urban Sprawl in Israel: Empirical Study of the Urban Landscape
282 Muhammad Kaimari 2005 Abstracts
Place Attachment in Modern and Traditional Arab Neighborhoods in Jerusalem
283 Ehud Belferman Missing advisors 2005

On the Beautiful in Architecture
284 Tzipora Ben-Moshe Missing advisors 2005

The New Israeli Work Environment - Cbd Office Towers versus Edge City Knowledge Parks: The Case of Metro-Haifa
285 Tamar Goldberg 2005 Abstracts
A Trip in the Physical Environment vs. a Trip in the Virtual Environment as Tools for Teaching Children
286 Nina Lyszyk Missing advisors 2005

Ottoman Baths in Israel and thier Conservation
287 Ruth Schwartz 2005 Abstracts
Criteria for Evaluating Sustainable Tourism Development on the Israeli Coast
288 Ravit Richter 2005 Abstracts
Mass Media Coverage of Environmental Planning Conflicts Decoding Framing and Reframing Processes
289 Rosa Diamant 2005 Abstracts
The Kindergarten as a Part of the Child's Territorial Model in Isfiya and Kiriat Tivon
290 Mor Klap 2005 Abstracts
Retro Design: Expressions of Nostalgia in Industrial Design
291 Nadav Ratner 2005 Abstracts
Scuba Diving as a Man/Machine/Environment System: Task Analysis and Design Concept of Future Equipment
292 Idit Fattal 2005 Abstracts
Demand Characteristics For a Feeder to the Carmelit, by Paratransit Service
293 Meir Etedgi Missing advisors 2005 Abstracts
The Architectural Competitions Designed State Structure in Beginning Land
294 Caroline Hachem 2005 Abstracts
Patterns of Biological Deployment in View of their Applicability to Deployable Buildings
295 Constantinos Alkides 2005 Abstracts
Central-Local Government Relations in Land-Use Planning: A Cross-National Comparison of Planners' Views
296 Aviram Cory 2005 Abstracts
Twards a Phenomenological Analysis of the Architectural Experience, Based on Merleau-Ponty's Notion of Embodiment
297 Dan Rader 2005 Abstracts
Transport Projects Evaluation - an Alternative to "Prat" Procedure
298 Iris Diamant Elzur 2005 Abstracts
Planning for Bicycling: Planning Tools to Encourage the Use of Bicycles as an Alternative to the Use of Private Cars
299 Orit Armon 2005 Abstracts
The Impact of Sustainable-Design Plastic Product on the Environment - Case Study at Keterware Company
300 Roy Liran 2005 Abstracts
Ecological Criteria for the Evaluation and Design of Architectural Projects
301 Talia Abramovich 2005 Abstracts
The Use of "Ready Made" Objects in Design Processes
302 Dan Tatsa 2004 Abstracts
Ideas in Students' Projects in the Architectural Studio: Their Sources, Development, Roles and Assortment
303 Nizza Appelman 2004 Abstracts
Cross Border Passages as Generator for Development and the Implementation in Israel
304 Ra'anan Gabay 2004 Abstracts
Using Space Syntax to Understand Multi Layer High Density Urban Environments
305 Eyal Byran 2004 Abstracts
Ergonomic Analysis for an Ambulance Vehicle
306 Yaacov Haina 2004 Abstracts
Towards the University of the 21 Century: Issues and Design Guidelines
307 Rivka Aspler 2004 Abstracts
Consumer Behavior of Women in the Contemporary City - Natanya Case Study
308 Jenny Hirsz De Tuch 2004 Abstracts
"Neighbours Committee" in the Haifa Municipality: Building Permissions in Share Property Housing - Conflicts and Conflict Management
309 Veronik Lipkin 2004 Abstracts
Urbanism Reflected in Film Study of Urban Design Approaches through the Analysis of the City Image in Science Fiction Movies
310 Haia Harel 2004 Abstracts
Maintenance of High-Rise Residential Buildings: Alternatives for Dividing the Burden of Maintenance
311 Osnat Rosen-Kremer 2004 Abstracts
Urban Image Research: Kfar-Saba Case
312 Yael Milo-Shussman 2004 Abstracts
Computer Station for Kindergarten Children
313 Oren Shapir 2004 Abstracts
Computational Support System for Conceptual Design
314 Ilana Taler 2004 Abstracts
Planning Authorities as Stimulators of Objections to Modifications of Plans: Implementation of Section 106(B) of the Planning and Building Law
315 Alexandra Tarakonov 2004 Abstracts
Design of ATM Machine, Accessible for the Elderly Cross- Cultural Users
316 Galit Weinberg 2004 Abstracts
Day Care Centers Near Workplaces: Advantages and Disadvantages according to Parent's Perspective
317 Barak Katz 2004 Abstracts
Building an Airport on an Artificial Island in Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area - Environmental Considerations
318 Noga Naveh-Deutsch 2004 Abstracts
Interactive Computer-Human Interface Nutrition Control System for Older Adults
319 Idan Porat 2004 Abstracts
Spatial Order inside Cities - The Case of Cultural Centers in the Tel-Aviv Area
320 Chen Nir 2004 Abstracts
Vacationers' Attitudes towards Vegetation Landscapes
321 Hedva Hevrony 2004 Abstracts
Land Readjustment as a Tool for Obtaining Land and for Financing Public Services
322 Shlomit Levi-Be'eri 2004 Abstracts
Water Saving in the Israeli Urban Sector - A Comprehensive Feasibility Study
323 Leonid Boklis 2004 Abstracts
Landscape as a Mean for Renewal of Industrial Zones in Israel
324 Merav Bleiman 2004 Abstracts
Community Organization for Service Provision and its Implications for City Planning; A Case Study: The Immigrant Community in Haifa
325 Maria Smolkov 2004 Abstracts
The Role of Sketching and Visual Displays in Design Problem Solving
326 Carlos Ochoa 2004 Abstracts
Assessment of Indirect Daylighting Systems for Deep Office Spaces
327 Rachel Melamed 2004 Abstracts
Design Means to Regulate Office Workspace Privacy
328 Galit Broyer 2004 Abstracts
The Appropriateness of Buildings Over 20 Storeys High for Middle Class Residents
329 Eliav Price 2004 Abstracts
Success Factors in Planning and Construction of New Rural Settlements in the Galilee
330 Eyal Ofek 2003 Abstracts
Urban Renewal by Means of Demolition and Redevelopment
331 Ariel Dov Waterman 2003 Abstracts
Land Subdivision and Penetration of Building Types in Kfar Saba and Raanana
332 Ifat Firstenberg Missing advisors 2003

The Functioning of Neighborhood Public Parks: A Comparison with the Evaluation Method Developed for the Statutory Planstage
333 Lea Shalev 2003 Abstracts
The Integration of Foreign Migrant Workers in the Social Space: The Case Study of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
334 Eynat Bronshtein 2003 Abstracts
The Attitude of Carmel Coast Residents to Open Spaces - Nature Reserves, National Parks and Forests and Their Implications to Regional Sustainable Development
335 Zvi Elhyani 2003 Abstracts
Oscar Niemeyer and the Outset of Speculative Urbanism in Israel after 1960
336 Hana Haj Yehia 2003 Abstracts
Housing Proximity between Jews and Arabs. The Point of View of Arabs in Nazareth Illit
337 Dganit Bar-Peled 2003 Abstracts
Urban Mass Transportation System as a Generator of Urban Change
338 Ilana Shalev 2003 Abstracts
The Internet and the Elder: Designing Web Navigation
339 Miron Mendelson 2003 Abstracts
Planning for Cycling: Spatial and Traffic Planning
340 Arnon Golani Missing advisors 2003

The Effect of Transportation Control Measures (Congestion Toll and Parking Fees) in Cities on Travel Habits
341 Badria Biromi-Kandaleft Missing advisors 2003

Planning Factors Related to Arab Women's Employment in Nazareth
342 Dina Cohen Ben-Ami 2003 Abstracts
Methods of Internal Conflicts Mitigation in Planning for Withdrawal from the Golan Heights
343 Lior Datz 2003 Abstracts
Towards Architecture in the Ecological Era and Increasing Density - Development of an Integrating Model for Examination and Evaluation of the bounding Density and ...
344 Sigalit Stahy 2003 Abstracts
Municipal Boundaries Determination and Modification - Conflicts and Alternative Means to Mitigate them
345 Yael Perez 2003 Abstracts
Climate and Energy Considerations in School Building Design in the Hot-Humid Climate of Israel's Coastal-Strip
346 Eyal Sagie 2003 Abstracts
Considerations in the Design of the Physical Environment for Teamwork in Knowledge based Companies
347 Adela Rubin 2003 Abstracts
Intel in Kriat Gat - Window of Opportunity or Mirage? Revealing the Potential via an Opinion Survey
348 Ayelet Lowy 2003 Abstracts
Design of a Solution Inhaler for Asthma Patients
349 Einat Leader-Goss 2003 Abstracts
The Effect of Experience with Materials on the Thinking Process, the Shape Development and the Final Product
350 Tali Vishnia-Shabtai 2003 Abstracts
Adviser to Public Participation in Planning Role Definition
351 Ignat Feldblum 2003 Abstracts
Integrated Aerial, Marine and Land Terminal, in the Haifa Bay
352 Keren Mor 2003 Abstracts
Planning for Families Headed by Wwomen A Study of the Housing Conditions of Families Headed by Women in Israel
353 Yafit Bar-Lev 2003 Abstracts
Considertions of Seekers of New Housing in Modi'in
354 Talila Uzan 2003 Abstracts
Integration of New Residents into the Moshavim as Part of Their Community Expansion Program
355 Dalit Shach-Pinsly 2003 Abstracts
Coastal Urban Density and Visual Permeability - Analysis and Evaluation
356 Liat Kravchyk 2003 Abstracts
Lifestyle Attributes of High Tech Workers as Planning Input: A Value Stretch Analysis
357 Michal Belikoff 2003 Abstracts
Policy Evaluation of Public Services for the Bedouin Community within the Misgav Regional Council
358 Rachela Yanay 2003 Abstracts
The Role of the National Institutions of Planning in the Israeli-Arab Sector: a Case Study of Wadi Ara Region
359 Ronit Keidar Missing advisors 2003

The Evaluation of an Experimental Project for Improving Resident Participation in Planning Processes in the Community Councils in Jerusalem
360 Rafael Segal 2003 Abstracts
The Artificial Horizon
361 Farid Awad 2003 Abstracts
The Process of Change of the Arab House in the Galilee
362 Batsheva Ronen 2003 Abstracts
Ways of Informing the Public about Local Plans before Deposit
363 Eli Kobi 2003 Abstracts
A Model for Selection of Acoustic Protection Alternatives in Residential Areas
364 Shai Kaana 2002 Abstracts
Principal Conflicts in the Three Dimentional Design of High Density Habitat
365 Einat Gabriely 2002

Amendment 43 to the Israeli Planning and Building Law Evaluation of the Partial Decentralization of Authority to the Local Level
366 Orit Meretz 2002 Abstracts
Housing Updating in Multi-Family Buildings in Israel: Analysis and Evaluation
367 Tal Raviv-Kivity 2002 Abstracts
A planning process for scenic roads in israel
368 Amit Gofer 2002

The Acoustic Impact of Alternative Flight Routs on Residential Areas in the Vicinity of Airports
369 Ohad Inbar 2002

User-Interface Design of a TV Based Internet Product and Testing it on Ageing People
370 Frat Klipshtien 2002

Characterizing a Didactic Game to Provide Children with Map Reading Skills
371 Joseph Cory 2002 Abstracts
Figurative Buildings in 20th Century Architecture: Dimensions and Characteristics
372 Rakefet Ben-Arie 2002 Abstracts
The Extents of Using Marketing Approach and Tools in the Process of Housing Planning in Israel - Case Study: The Ministry of Construction and Building
373 Shlomit Dychtwald 2002 Abstracts
The Effect of Housing Extensions on the Street and the Residential Environment
374 Eran Leck 2002 Abstracts
Applying the Transit Oriented Development and Transit Communities Concepts to the Greater Beer Sheba Region: An Expert Opinion Survey
375 Eran Hemed 2002 Abstracts
Design of the Flight Control Laboratory Simulator
376 Hagay Yaron 2002

Health Tourism and Ecological Desert Tourism - Perceived Density and Willingness to Pay
377 Orly Indar Naim Missing advisors 2002

378 Einat Amoyal 2002 Abstracts
The Relationship between the Neighborhood Council and the Urban Planning Processes - Csae Studies: Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv
379 Sigal Davidi-Kunda 2002 Abstracts
The Levant Fair 1934 and the Promotion of Modern Architecture in Eretz Yisrael
380 Lilach Ginat 2002

Development Duration of a Real Estate Project and the Factors Affecting it. The Case of the Shomron District Planning and Zoning Committee
381 Daniel Kahana 2002 Abstracts
Alternative Transport Oriented Urban Development: Applying the Discrete Choice Model
382 Rachel Lotan (Uris) 2002

Urban Renaissance in Central Tel Aviv: The Case of Shenkin Street
383 Sary Tamary-Levi 2002

A Study of the Perceived Effect of the Marina on the Adjacent Urban Surroundings - The Herzliya Marina Case Study
384 Hedva Piram 2002 Abstracts
Design of User Interface for TF1 Collaborative Work System
385 Nurit Zakai 2002 Abstracts
Estimating the Socio-Economic Benefits of the Yarkon Park in Tel-Aviv
386 Tamar Yaniv 2002

Creating Communicators: Developing Productive Designer- Marketer Relationships to Generate Good Design Practice
387 Lesley Spiegel 2001

Corporate Identity Building: The State-of-the Art and an Example of an Israeli High-Tech Company
388 Nataliy Bugaisen 2001

Conventions and Personal Preferences in Graphic Architectural Representation: Historical Evolution and Transitions in the Modern Era
389 Iris Han 2001

Property Rights and the Ability to Reserve Open Spaces in Israel
390 Einat Fridberg 2001

Private Interest Vs. Public Interest in National planning - The Case of Carmel National Park
391 Sergio Bosian 2001

Design and Development of a Virtual Sight for Grenade Launcher
392 Hadas Litvak Cohen 2001

The Regulation of Dwelling Sizes as a Means of Social Exclusion: Applications and Legality
393 Yotam Barlach 2001

The Effect of Employment Site Characteristics on Commuting Mode Choice
394 Limor Chinski-Peretz 2001

Urban Corporation as an Instrument for Local Economic Development: Characteristics, Performance and Evaluation
395 Ifat Yaffe 2001

Solar Drinking Water Cooler
396 Rony Baru 2001

The Attitude of the Residents of Carmel Coast Region towards their Agricultural Landscape
397 Lilach Berger 2001

The Legend of Haifa as 'The Sleeping Beauty' - Supply and Demand of Culture and Entertainment in Haifa
398 Yool Zigelboum 2001

Art in the Service of Visual Communication Design Of Corporate Businesses: Art in Advertisement
399 Osnat Dinur 2001

New Urban Spaces - Their Role and Place in the Urban Fabric
400 Ron Dalva 2001

Design of a Non Destructive Portable Mango Maturity Tester
401 Samaher Doalee Abu-Sharkia 2001

Social Services for Arab Youth in Nazareth: Supply, Use and Preferences
402 Orlee Tal 2001

Ergonomical Analysis of Gynecological Ultrasound Workstation
403 Sagit Friedman 2001

The Physical Organization of the Boarding School and its Influence on Child Behavior and Attitude Attitude of the Children Towards the Place
404 Eitan Kafri 2001

A Learning and Experimenting System
405 Sharon Neuman 2001

Computer Environment for Children
406 Gili Levy 2001

Trends in Housing Density between 1989-1998. Case Studies: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Herzliya, Ramat Gan
407 Ori Ben-Porat 2000

User-Interface Design of a Tele-Operated Endoscopic Device
408 Noemi Bitterman Missing advisors 2000

Display of Physiological Parameters for the Surgical Team - a Comparative Study
409 Ronit Sassoon-Buras 2000

The Potential of the Investigator Procedure as a Means to Mitigate Conflicts in Planning
410 Gavriela Landau Missing advisors 2000

Living Patterns in High-Rise Buildings in Israel
411 Ehud Justman Missing advisors 2000

Public Participation in Planning: the Effectiveness of Planning and Building Notices
412 Gali Avraham Missing advisors 2000

The Effect of Transportation Control Measures on the Location of Businesses in the Central Business District (Cbd). Case Study:haifa's Cbd-Hadar
413 Natty Leizarowitz Missing advisors 2000

Municipal Ownership of Land as a Tool in Urban Development
414 Dafna Schnitman 2000

Interactions of Information Seeking on the World-Wide Web (Www)
415 Elior Liva Missing advisors 2000

Citizen Organizations in Response to Urban Projects - Action Strategies and Success Criteria
416 Dikla Ady Peretz 2000

Physical-Spatial Patterns of the Post-Industrial Society and Their Manifestation in the Planning of Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area
417 Michal Tepper 2000

Residential Neighborhoods Next to Kibbutzim
418 Ofer Rotter 2000

Designing Mri Device for Use in Brain-Surgery
419 Galit Ben-Natan 2000

Land Use Patterns for Recreation and Tourism in the Kishon Basin as Affected by Different Water Quality Levels
420 Ayellet Parvar 2000

Comparison Between Selective Congestion Toll and Fuel Tax As Alternative Means to Reduce Traffic Congestion Case Study: Haifa Metropolian Area
421 Anthony Braun 2000

The Generation and Evaluation of Landuse Alternatives Using A Geographical Information System And Multi Criteria Evaluation
422 Menachem Adar 2000

Sustainable Use of Agricultural Land in Arab Settlements In Israel
423 Shlomi Militanu 2000

The Issue of the Physical Growth and Change in the Planning Of the New Towns in Israel
424 Ilan Kalati Missing advisors 2000

Inter-Regional Differences in the Factors Affecting the House Prices in Israel
425 Sharon Katz 2000

Enhancement of Rainwater Infiltration by Design of the Urban House Lot
426 Eran Ben-Elia 2000

Transportation Impact Statement (Tis): a New Tool for Transportation and Land Use Planning
427 Sigal Nir-Goldenberg 2000

Development of a Framework of the Identification of Impacts On Natural and Landscape Resources from Visitors' Use of National Parks
428 Yael Avidan-Nehemya Missing advisors 1999

Urban Fringe Uses Trapped Within the Built Areas: a Case Study in Tel-Aviv Conurbation
429 Ronen P"Z Missing advisors 1999

Demand Charactaristics of "Park and Ride" Lots
430 Shoshana Bar-Eli Missing advisors 1999

Pedagogical Approaches in the Architectural Design Studio
431 Noa J. Perl Missing advisors 1999

Development of a Procedure for Reclamation of a Landfill As An Open Space
432 Aviv Beery 1999

Evaluation of the Land Readjustment Process as a Means for Managing Planning Conflicts in Arab Settlements in Israel
433 Amira Sharon 1999

Problem Solving and Vocational Tendencies of Engineering and Design Students
434 Ronie Levy Missing advisors 1999

The Relationships Between Physical Patterns and the Market Value of Housing: the Case of Public Housing in Haifa
435 Naama Zeidenweber Missing advisors 1999

Tourism Development Plan for the North of Israel- Case Study: Synergy Between Dynamic Processes
436 Amitay Har-Lev 1999

A Method for Visual Impact Assessment of Coastal Development
437 Hanita Shuvi 1999

The Role of Immigrants in Renewal Urban Neighborhoods: Two Case Studies in Haifa
438 Limor Shashua-Bar Missing advisors 1999

Vegetation as Climatic Component in Design of An Urban Street
439 Maria Marinov Missing advisors 1999

Non Continuous Spatial Distribution in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area - a Dynamic Simulation Model
440 Michal Rovner Missing advisors 1999

The Development of Gardens and Planting in Tel Aviv 1909-1948
441 Menachem Shturman Missing advisors 1999

Policy Decision Making for Coastal Planning in Israel: Case Study of the Herzliah and Haifa Marinas
442 Boaz Ronen 1999

Adoption of Recommendations of Environmental Impact Statements and Their Implementation in Outline Plans in Israel
443 Nurit Bartoov-Rozental Missing advisors 1999

The Effect of Quantitative and Qualitative Variables on the Value of Housing in the Three Main Cities: An Hedonic Analysis
444 Naief Abo Sharkia Missing advisors 1999

Small Businesses and Their Networks Among the Arab Minority In Israel
445 Merav Elharar Missing advisors 1999

Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Methods to Reduce Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles
446 Lior Apt Missing advisors 1999

The Betterment Tax Burden in Israel
447 Ofer Rahamim Missing advisors 1999

Characteristics Analysis of Field-Vehicle-Cabin Design
448 Laura Marcela Rotstein Missing advisors 1999

Employer-Provided Transport and Its Impact on Air Quality- The Case of Haifa
449 Anat Sarid 1999

Shared Dynamic Interactive Representation of Architectural Precedents on the Internet
450 Amram Korren Missing advisors 1999

Reriodic 2-Manifolds Surfaces Which Divide the Space Into Two Identical Subspaces
451 Avi Rosen 1999

Art Internet Interaction
452 Vered Shaviv 1998

The Comprehension Level of Animated Icons as a Function of Complexity
453 Tamar Canetti 1998

The Evaluation of the Status of Israel in the Middle East Air Transport Network
454 Tamar Zinguer 1998

Minimalism in Architecture
455 Sara Gazit Waizman 1998

Design Supplements to Statutory Plans
456 Ada Harel 1998

Physical Parameters in the Development of the Neighborhood Unit Idea: a Comparison of New Towns in Britain And Israel
457 Vittorio Modena 1998

Technological Incubators as a Tool for Creating High-Tech Industries in Israel
458 Oleg -Itshak Moldavsky 1998

Diverse Perception of Programs for Neighborhood Planning: Translation of Abstract Information Into Tools for Concretisation for Density and Land Coverage
459 Oded Borenchtain 1998

Suburbanization of Offices in a Metropolitan Region: A Case Study in Metropolotan Tel-Aviv
460 Hava Erlich-Roginsky 1998

Levels of Discretion in Plans According to the Israel Planning and Building Law: Flexibility, Form and Content
461 Yossi Amir 1998

Travel and Tourists Services Centers Toward's An Integrative Model for Decision Making for Location, and Architectural Planning and Design
462 Hadas Druker 1998

Homogeneous Or Heterogeneous Housing: Attitudes and Behaviour Among "Modern Religious" Jews in the City of Ra'anana
463 Yael Izhaki 1998

Neighborhood Public Open Space at the Statutory Plan Level: Examination of Potential for Use as Public Parks
464 Liat Peled-Baruch 1997 Abstracts
Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Support in Israel
465 Yael Rosner 1997 Abstracts
The Perception of the Environment through Concrete Experience Versus the Audio Visual Experience
466 Gabriela Seremet Galambos 1997

A Cad Method for the Design of Shading Elements Covering Large Open Or Glazed Areas
467 Liza Tangy-Fridberg 1997

Tourism Development and Social Carrying Capacity: the Case Study of Zefat
468 Tamar Noam 1997

Stages and Attributes of Land Use Changes: a Case Study at Hertzelia Pituach (Developemt) Industrial Park
469 David Shefer 1997

Transport Infrastructure and Regional Development A Review of the Literature with Reference to Construction of the Cross-Israel Highway
470 Ilan Taichman 1997 Abstracts
Evaluation of the Functioning and Efficiency of the Priority Lanes for Public Transport in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area
471 Tamar Laks 1997

The Suitability of Land Use Plans and Approval Process For Environmental Assessment in Israel
472 Sigal Calderon 1997 Abstracts
Planning Justifications in Outline Schemes
473 Daphna Trainin-Mangan 1997 Abstracts
A Window Into the World of Integrated Models
474 Michal Tuchler 1997 Abstracts
The Impact of the Ayalon Througways on the Structure of the Cbd in the Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area - the Yigal Alon Road Case
475 Orly Rechtman 1997

Institutional Intervention in Landscape Formation In Israel: the Role of the Jewish National Fund
476 Michael Lobovikov 1997 Abstracts
The Influence of Facist Ideology on Italian Architecture in 1918-1942
477 Inbal Gozes-Sharvit 1997 Abstracts
Realization of Human Rights in Statutory Planning in Israel
478 Tamar Bleiberg 1997

Sunshades and Their Acoustical Performance
479 Hilla Tur Ruimi 1997 Abstracts
The Influence of Design Parameters on the Thermal Performance of Residential Buildings in the Hot Climate in Israel
480 Lirit Margalit 1997

Shifting the Supply of Public Services to Developers
481 Ofer Fridberg 1997 Abstracts
Private Rental Housing in Israel - Between Economic Feasibility and Social Need
482 Ekaterina Klevitsky 1997 Abstracts
Three-Dimensional Composition in Architectural Education in The 1920's (Bauhaus and Vkhutemas)
483 Hagit Bezalel 1997

Evaluation of the Local Authority's Organizational Structure On Domestic Solid Waste Recycling System
484 Aviva Tsubary 1997 Abstracts
Development Agreements Between Developers and Planning Authorities
485 Ruth Sharvit 1997 Abstracts
Computerized Tutorial System for the Teaching Building Details
486 Eila Brand 1996 Abstracts
Marine Architecture - Application of Morphological Classification System to Projects in the Marine Environment
487 Idit Hod 1996 Abstracts
A Process for Evaluating the Implementation of Planning and Operating Landfills Policy
488 Arik Shapir 1996 Abstracts
An Hedonic Price Model of the Office Building Market in Tel-Aviv
489 Ornit Nachmani-Wender 1996 Abstracts
The Effect of Choosing Workplace and Residence Location on Travel Patterns in Selected Suburbs of the Haifa Metropolitan Area
490 Idit Meirovitch 1996 Abstracts
The Implications of Suburbs Types for the Characteristics Of Employment and the Use of Services Among Men And Women.
491 Tirtsa Abramoviz-Kosen 1996 Abstracts
Buffer Zones Between Pollution Sources and Residential Areas According to "Zoning of Industries in Israel"
492 Ilana Budiscky 1996 Abstracts
Acoustic Aspects Involved with Schools in Residential Areas
493 Yousef Gabaren 1996 Abstracts
Evaluation of the Policies for Allocation of Land for Public Purposes in the Arab Sector
494 Laurie Goldman 1996 Abstracts
Residents' Perspectives on the Difference That Housing Tenure Makes: the Case of Beit Shean's Amidar Neighborhoods
495 Ron Mishory 1996 Abstracts
A New Road Connectivity Index and Application as An Evaluator for Transportation Planning.
496 Sigalit Miron-Phstiner 1996 Abstracts
Water Sensitive Urban Planning Towards Planning Guidelines.
497 Tamar Eres 1996 Abstracts
Revitalization in the Central City the Case of Florentin Neighborhood in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
498 Nachum David 1996 Abstracts
Entrepreneurship as An Avenue in Creating Jobs for Women in The Kibbutz
499 Dalit Zilber 1996 Abstracts
The Influence of Advanced Telecommunications on High-Tech Industries in Israel 1984-1994.
500 Razia Zahavi 1996 Abstracts
Home Telematics: Preliminary Evaluation of Social Influences
501 Ofra Rahav 1996

Tourist Sites as Generators of Urban Structure Within Small And Medium Towns in Israel
502 Liora Erlich 1996 Abstracts
The Effect of Family Ties on Residential Distribution in Arab Settlements in Israel
503 Aharon Viks 1996 Abstracts
The Effects of Room-Coupling, Surface-Area Enlargement and Asymmetry on the Acoustical Quality of Halls. An Architectural-Acoustical Approach
504 Pnina Naor 1996 Abstracts
Evaluation of Alternative Municipal Managerial Structures Of New Industrial Areas in Peripheral Regions
505 Hadas Shadar 1996 Abstracts
Architectural Design of Israeli Hi Tech Industry Plants
506 Ariel Hadary 1995 Abstracts
The Changes in the Characteristics of Passengers and Travel Patterns in the Carmelit During the Years 1974-1993 and the Implications for Its Operation
507 Claudio Osengar 1995 Abstracts
A CAD Model for Evaluating the Shading of Buildings by Various Elements
508 Bilu Blich 1995 Abstracts
The Architectural Model-a Historical Study of Its Uses and Purposes
509 Yossef Dagan 1995 Abstracts
A Study of Air Temptrature Variation in the Space Between Buildings
510 Ilana Szafran 1995 Abstracts
Urbanization in Moshavim of the Jerusalem Region
511 Ariela Prengler 1995 Abstracts
Planning and Building Process )Provision( Law 1990- Achievements and Results
512 Monique Wilner 1995 Abstracts
The Inpact of the Physical Features of the Route to School On Children's Evaluation and Behavior
513 Anat Carmeli 1995 Abstracts
Framework for Inter Settlement Cooperation:analysis of Success and Failure Towards a More Effeicient Framework
514 Tslach-Tzvi Sarti 1995 Abstracts
Development of Settlements in Dead Sea Valley on the Basis Of Trapped Flood Waters
515 Daniel Baron 1995 Abstracts
Preservation of Components and of the Spirit of Place of Jerusalem Landscape as Part of the Development Process
516 Ram Noham 1995 Abstracts
The Influence of the Design Parameters on the Thermal Performance of Residential Buildings in Lower Inland in Israel
517 Inbar Strul-Dabull 1995 Abstracts
Mapping of So2 Concentrations in Metropolitan Haifa and the Impact of New Standards on Regional Planning.
518 Tal Ehrlich 1995 Abstracts
Exploration of the Meaning Invested by New Immigrants from Former Soviet Union in Their Home Environment.
519 Michal Givoli 1995 Abstracts
The Cegining of Physical Planning in Israel:analysis of the First Comprehensive Plan of Israel
520 Stacey Wolf 1995 Abstracts
Meanings Invested in the Homes of Arab Villagers: a Case .tudy of Spontaneous Settlements of Sedentarized Bedouins in Northern Israel.
521 Michal Mitrany 1994 Abstracts
Pilace Attachment Motivation for Migration and Gaps
522 Amos Brandeis 1994 Abstracts
Planning of Science and Research Parks
523 Bilha Cohen 1994 Abstracts
Women's Employment in Rural Areas Factors of Influence at a
524 Irit Tsaraf-Netanyahu 1994 Abstracts
Typology of the Articulation Between Old and New Urban Tissu
525 Rosa Rozental 1994 Abstracts
Analysis and Principles for Improveing Spatial Aspects of
526 Limor Rotiz 1994 Abstracts
The Outboor Play of Ultra-Orthodox Children in Jerusalem:
527 Debora Simons 1994 Abstracts
An Evaluation of Current Efforts to Promote: Entepreurship I
528 Tamir Ben Shahar 1994 Abstracts
Privatization Potential of Muncipal Services
529 Tzvi Kosower 1994 Abstracts
A Computeriged Model for Land Allocation in the Kinneret
530 Bernie Ludmir 1994 Abstracts
The Use of Color for Realizing Design Intentions
531 Eran Shraga 1994 Abstracts
Educational Enuironment for Handicapped Children: Design
532 Patricia Lazarus 1994 Abstracts
A Pian for the Promotion of Non Agricultural Entrepeneurship
533 David Yelin 1994 Abstracts
Kibbuts Nursing Home
534 Roni Alperin 1994 Abstracts
Recreational Satisfaction of Seashores
535 Juanita Leibu 1994 Abstracts
Demonstration of An Energetic Economical Analysis for
536 Shulamith Shemer 1994 Abstracts
A Plan for Neighborhood Revitalization in Tel-Giborim Holon
537 Uri Gidron 1993 Abstracts
The Interrelationships Between Rural Towrist Accommooation
538 Vered Miran 1993 Abstracts
The Changing Structure of the Moshav Past and Future
539 Smadar Amir 1993 Abstracts
Neighborhood Revitaligation in Hadar Hacarmel Haifa:
540 Miri Ahavan 1993 Abstracts
Planning of a Regional Greenways System
541 Esther Levinson 1993 Abstracts
Desert Landscape Perception of Urban Settlement in the Nege
542 Andrea Aizenberg 1993 Abstracts
Climatic-Orban Guide Developed with Cttc Temperature Model
543 David Milson 1993 Abstracts
An Empiricar Study of the Factors Affecting Headquarter
544 Tamar Trop 1993 Abstracts
Estimating Willingness to Pay for the Vse of Roads
545 Yosi Ofer 1993 Abstracts
New Residential Construction in Neighbrhood Revitalization
546 Ofer Zilker 1993 Abstracts
Characteristics of Plans Approved Under the Qlanning
547 Michal Segal 1993 Abstracts
Deep Land Conflicts and the Planning System - the Case of Bet Jan
548 Hernan Casakin 1993 Abstracts
Modeling Design as a Top-Downrefinement Process: the Court
549 Nira Orni 1993 Abstracts
Land Expropriation for Urban Development: a Cross National
550 Samuel Akpa-Yeboah 1993 Abstracts
Risk and Return in the Greater Tel-Aviv Residential Market
551 Gilat Benchetrit 1993 Abstracts
The Local Tax Burden on Manufacturing Industries Israel
552 Miriam Peleg 1993 Abstracts
Thermal Performance of Light and Transportable Buildings
553 Dafna Fisher Gewir 1993 Abstracts
Computer Based Documentation inArchitecture: Documenting Formal Connections in the Villas of Le Corbusier
554 Yehudit Moseri 1993 Abstracts
Evaluation of Israels' Enyironmental Impact
555 Merav Sharoni 1993 Abstracts
Work Travel Pattedns of Mare and Female Spouses in Israel:
556 Smadar Avischai 1993 Abstracts
Illegal Construction in the Arab Sectorin Israel Case Study
557 Avi Sela 1992 Abstracts
Infinite Polyhedra and Their Application to Wide Span Spac
558 Dorit Hochner 1992 Abstracts
Evaluation of the Planning and Implementation Process of Statutory Local Plans in Three Case Studies
559 Isaac Capeluto 1992 Abstracts
A Cad System for Passive Solar Multy-Family Buildings
560 Shahar Leshem 1992 Abstracts
Evaeuation of the Demand for Residential Revitalization
561 Amir Vider 1992 Abstracts
High-Tech Location and Knowledge Centers
562 Orly Hadas 1992 Abstracts
Planning Gvidelines for a Mixed Neighborhood in Jaffa
563 Daniel Bar-Kama 1992 Abstracts
Congeuence Between Kibbutz Lifestyle and Physical Environmen
564 Ariel Tibi 1992 Abstracts
Feraocemet Space Structures - Concepts for Application
565 David Bar-on 1992 Abstracts
Teaching Building Technology with Computer Aid-An Analysis
566 Rachel Katoshevsky 1992 Abstracts
Children in Community Settlemenis and Children in Urban
567 Dalit Lila 1992 Abstracts
The Effect of Canion Ayalon Shopping Center on the Pattern
568 Ofer Aharon 1992 Abstracts
The Ramification of Amalgamating Two Medium Size Cities in
569 Ester Azati 1992 Abstracts
The Use of An Expert System for Planning Multi-Purpose
570 Shraga Kirshner 1992 Abstracts
The Modern Office Work-Station a Paradigm of Functional
571 Daniel Wiernik 1992 Abstracts
Structural and Morphological Developmet of Geodesic
572 David Renov 1992 Abstracts
The Architecture of Shmuel Bickels )1909-1975(
573 Anna Lobovikov-Katz 1992 Abstracts
Aspects of Preseroation Conseroation and Restoration of
574 Michelle Porat 1992 Abstracts
Evaluation of Scenic Resources in Environmental Impact Statements
575 Tovi Alfandari 1992 Abstracts
Causes and Reasons Affecting Households Decisions to Migrate
576 Iris Efrat 1992 Abstracts
The Effect of Spatial Job-Housing Mismatch on Travel Patter
577 Miri Yunger 1992 Abstracts
Socio-Economic Implications of the Distribktion of Water
578 Erela Enden 1992 Abstracts
Israel's National Land Policy Analysis of Interest Group Po
579 Ayala Retter 1991 Abstracts
Development and Application of An Evaluation Process of Imp.
580 Tamar Farnik 1991

Quality of Life in the New Settlements in the Galile
581 Rosemarie Hitzig 1991 Abstracts
Prruention and Control of Enuironmentae Deterioration
582 Korah Giladi 1991 Abstracts
The Wrban Khan in the Ottoman Period in Reiation to Accd:
583 Yosiphia Michalak 1991 Abstracts
Development of Climatic Design Guidelines for Homes for the
584 Obeng Gyan Busia 1991 Abstracts
A Comparative Analysis of Selfhelp Housing Policies in
585 Sergio Cleiman 1991 Abstracts
Purchasing Benagiour of Pedestrtans in Hadar Cbd. Haifa
586 Adriana Plotkin 1991 Abstracts
Post Occupancy Evaluation of Nofim-Housing for the Llderly
587 Hila Ben-Dory 1991 Abstracts
Behavior Patterns and Attitudes of Community Settlement
588 Adriana Slomiansky 1991 Abstracts
Use Patterns in Public Housing Jewish Arab Population Haifa
589 Nurit Corren 1991 Abstracts
The Sketch Tool of Conception and Representation in the Earl
590 Arza Pinchak 1991 Abstracts
Business Seruices in Development Towns An Example
591 Ruth Cohen 1991 Abstracts
The Impact of Changes in Air Pollution Levels on Residentia
592 Avi Mosseri 1991 Abstracts
A Study of the Integration of the Courtyard Principle
593 Morris Sapiro 1991 Abstracts
A Model for the Analysis of Mutual Shading Inside a Cluster
594 Shulamith Gertel-Groome 1991 Abstracts
Ethics for Planners Amidst Political Conflict
595 Zila Magura 1991 Abstracts
The Influence of Settlement Type on Entrepreneurial
596 Yael Aspis 1991 Abstracts
Application of the "Value Stretch"Model in Defining
597 Yudith Schmidt 1991 Abstracts
Approaches of the Development of Tourism in Acre
598 Andrew Kygi 1990 Abstracts
Entrepreneurship Risk-Taking Innovation and Levels of Econo
599 Dapaah Gabriel 1990 Abstracts
Enterpreneuriae Actioity in Rural Setteements
600 Tamar Eyal 1990

Design Evaluation of An Old Agettome: a Case Study
601 Miriam Rozenshtein 1990 Abstracts
Israels Agricultural Land Preservation Policy through
602 Samuel Bahat 1990 Abstracts
The Identification of Factors that Promote or Impede Local Entrepreneurship in Development Towns in Israel
603 Hauoota Dubnov 1990 Abstracts
The Relationship Between Environmental Factorsdactivity of T
604 Frit Gil 1990 Abstracts
The Land Betterment Tax: the Law in Israel and Its Implemen
605 Debra Gould 1990 Abstracts
The Application of Location Tasks in the Study of the
606 ? 1990 Abstracts
The Use of Controlled Grazing as a Principle Factor in the
607 Aileen Klurfan Volman 1990 Abstracts
Problems of Figure Gaound Relationship in the Design of
608 Sari Klaus-Aviram 1990 Abstracts
Problems Of Constancy And Change In The Design Of Historical Cities. Acco - A Multiple Layer Case Study
609 Orly Hacohen 1990 Abstracts
Evaluation of Project Renewal Program for Self-Help Externa
610 Mi Chael Bar-El 1990 Abstracts
Analysis of the Conoitions to Obtaim a Pleasing Urban
611 Uriel Peleg 1990 Abstracts
A Caad System for the Schematicdesigndevaluation of a Passiv
612 Clara Tujman 1990 Abstracts
Lighting Systems Concerning Psychological and Technical
613 Noga Akerman 1990 Abstracts
The Child's Place In The Bedouin Home As A Reflection Of His Status In The Family
614 Avital Avni 1990 Abstracts
Planners Politicians Bureaucrats: the Israeli Experience
615 Abraham Yezioro 1989 Abstracts
Continuity and Discontinuity in the Urban Design Process
616 Atalia Karni 1989 Abstracts
An Analysis of Selected Critigues of the Modern Movement
617 Amy Holzer 1989 Abstracts
The Elderlys Decision to Enroll Into An Old Age Home as a
618 Eliezer Schwartz 1989 Abstracts
Optimal Use of Abandoned Quarry: the Benyamina Quarry
619 Joseph Reichman 1989 Abstracts
Factors Influencing the Public Attitude Towards Housing
620 Yifat Rosenfeld 1989 Abstracts
Human Factors in Laboratory Planning
621 Gil Gordon 1989 Abstracts
The Development of An Histooric Site in a City: Schneller
622 Anat Carmi-Kampf 1989 Abstracts
The Effect of Conditions in the Room of the Elderly Individa
623 Vera Tsubary 1989 Abstracts
Estimting the Demand Functions for Housing Characteristics
624 Arie Erner 1989 Abstracts
The Organization and Location of Plants in Upper Galilee
625 Caryn Yaakov 1989 Abstracts
The Control of Environmental Quality through Land-Use
626 Nirit Brenner 1989 Abstracts
Architects In Israel - Professional Image
627 Dennis-Hen Seidel-Heilborn 1989 Abstracts
Integration of Componets for Active Utilization of Solar En
628 Elizabeth Lambert 1989 Abstracts
Suitability of Higa-Tech Indus for Israel Peripheral
629 Shimon Heimann 1989 Abstracts
Approacn to Rural Regional Planning Application to Galil
630 Michael Gorelik 1989 Abstracts
High-Tech Industries in Development Towns:policy and Impact
631 Lisa Kaess 1989 Abstracts
Eֹןְ€ןָקֲֳ Mףָצֳעַ Iֲ Uִנןֲ ¸ Rףץקֲֳןְ Pְןֲֲקֲץ: Tצףֳִµ ןֲע Pִןסָקסף
632 Doron Magid 1989 Abstracts
Road Capacity Constraint-Land Vae Model Application to Hai
633 Cinthia Bigio 1989 Abstracts
Visual Perception Of The Interior Space-Geometry
634 Daniel Chvdak 1989 Abstracts
Integration of Lightweight Facabe Components in Heaoy Concr
635 Rebecca Shliselberg 1989 Abstracts
The Effects of Accessibility on Womens Participation in the
636 Michal Halevy 1988 Abstracts
The Process of the Development of the Open Spaces of the Moshavot in the Eastern Galilee
637 Flavio Hazan 1988 Abstracts
Study of Architectural Patterns for Hotel Buildings: Suiting Thermal Comfort Conditions and Energy Conservation in Several Israel Climatic Zones
638 Amalia Karp 1988 Abstracts
Subsidy Induced Inefficiency in Industrial Piants in Periphe
639 Esther Levy 1988 Abstracts
Development of Simulation and Calculation Method for the
640 Ayala Misgav 1988 Abstracts
A Process for Planning and Management of Street Trees

641 abstract theses title found in the Department Architecture and Town Planning
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