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Ph.D Theses

DepartmentApplied Mathematics
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No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Tenetov Evgeny Gershon Wolansky2019 Abstracts  Topics in Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport
 2 Schreier Hallel Ilan Naama Brenner2019 Abstracts  A Random Network Model of Cellular Adaptation
 3 Nebenzal Asaf Barak Fishbain2019 Abstracts  Mathematical Methods for Generating Accurate Dense@Spatiotemporal Maps from Sparse Sensing
 4 Elad Doron Nir Gavish2018 Abstracts  Mathematical Modeling of Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
 5 Frumkin Valeri Alexander Oron2017 Abstracts  Nonlinear Dynamics of Bilayer Fluid Systems@Subjected to Thermocapillarity
 6 Derkach Vadim Amy Novick-Cohen2017 Abstracts  Surface and Grain Boundary Evolution in Thin Single-and@Poly-Crystalline Films
 7 Ofir Yoav Dan Givoli2017 Abstracts  LowD-HighD Hybrid Models in Wave Problems
 8 Mizrahi Yonathan Gershon Elber2017 Abstracts  Subdivision based Solvers: Solutions with Topological@Guarantee of Algebraic Constraints with@Applications
 9 Sigalov Daniel Yaakov Oshman2016 Abstracts  State Estimation in Linear Systems with Random Parameters
 10 Morozov Matvey Alexander Oron

Alexander Nepomniashchy
2015 Abstracts  Interfacial Convection in Surfactant Solutions
 11 Zigelman Anna Amy Novick-Cohen2015 Abstracts  Coupled Grain Boundary and Exterior Surface Motion
 12 Assa Michael Eitan Kimmel2015
 The Frequency Response of the Cell Membrane under@Ultrasound Stimulation
 13 Itai Uri Nira Dyn

Gershon Elber
2014 Abstracts  Two Linearly Asymptotic Subdivision Schemes Refining@Curves and Matrices
 14 Schnitzer Ory Ehud Yariv2014 Abstracts  Nonlinear Electrokinetic Phenomena in the Thin-Double-Layer@Limit
 15 Baum Tomer Ehud Rivlin

Gadi Katzir
2014 Abstracts  Computational Aspects of Compound Eye Systems
 16 Avni Ronen Nadav Liron2014 Abstracts  Cell Motility Powered by Active Gel
 17 Baffet Daniel Dan Givoli2013 Abstracts  Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Elastic Waves
 18 Abu Hamed Mohammad Ehud Yariv2011 Abstracts  Electrokinetic Flows about Polarizable Surfaces
 19 Gitelman Larissa Amy Novick-Cohen2010 Abstracts  Modeling and Simulation of Li-Ion Conduction in Poly@(Ethylene Oxide)
 20 Brook Alexander Ron Kimmel2009 Abstracts  Aspects of Invariant Shape Processing
 21 Kanevsky Yuliya Alexander Nepomniashchy2009 Abstracts  Feedback Control of Pattern-Forming Systems
 22 Nec Yana Alexander Nepomniashchy2009 Abstracts  Pattern Formation in Systems with Anomalous Diffusion
 23 Podolny Alla Alexander Oron

Alexander Nepomniashchy
2008 Abstracts  Marangoni Convection in Binary Liquids and Nanofluids@In the Presence of the Soret Effect
 24 Levy Alon Abraham Zaks2008 Abstracts  A New View on Insurance and Pension
 25 Mar-Or Assaf Dan Givoli2007 Abstracts  Computational Schemes for Incorporating Global Information@in Limited-Area Models
 26 Goldvard Alexander Simeon Reich

David Shoikhet
2007 Abstracts  Semigroups and Geometric Function Theory in J*-Algebras
 27 Lokshin Olga Yoram Lanir2007 Abstracts  Micro-Structural Characterization of the Skin@Constitutive Properties
 28 Kluzner Vladimir Gershon Wolansky

Yehoshua Zeevi
2007 Abstracts  Minimal Surfaces, Measure-Based Distance Functions and@Image Segmentation
 29 Pidgirnyak Anna Moshe Goldberg2007 Abstracts  Stability of Finite Difference Approximations for Parabolic@Systems with Constant Coefficients
 30 Erlihson Michael Boris Granovsky2007 Abstracts  Asymptotics of Multiplicative Measures and Transient@Behavior of Coagulation-Fragmentation Processes
 31 Mounits Beniamin Tuvi Etzion2006 Abstracts  Bounds on Sizes of Nonlinear Codes
 32 Tsabary Guy Yehuda Agnon2005 Abstracts  An Iterative Solution for the Helmholtz Equation above a@Rough Surface
 33 Zelig Daphne Gershon Wolansky

Yehuda Pinchover

Moshe Israeli (Deceased)
2005 Abstracts  Properties of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations@Defined on Human Lung-shaped Domains
 34 Rosenstein Yaron Pinhas Bar-Yoseph2005 Abstracts  Hydrodynamic Stabilty in Czochralski Process of Crystal@Growth
 35 Roitershtein Alexander Eddy Mayer-Wolf

Ofer Zeitouni
2004 Abstracts  Random Walks in Random Environments
 36 Surazhsky Tatiana Gershon Elber2003 Abstracts  Matching and Morphing Freeform Surfaces
 37 Leshansky Alexander Avinoam Nir

Leonid Pismen
2002 Abstracts  Nonlinear Interaction in Thermocapillary or Inertial@Motion of Suspensions
 38 Gabour Manal Simeon Reich2002 Abstracts  Some Methods for Solving Convex Feasibility and@Optimization Problems
 39 Yariv Ehud Itzchak Frankel2001 Abstracts  Dynamics of Particle Suspensions in Ideal Fluid
 40 Shtalov Oxana Yuri Lyubich2001
 Isometric Embaddings L2M-LPN and Cubature Formulas over@Classical Fields
 41 Adam Amit Ehud Rivlin

Ilan Shimshoni
2001 Abstracts  Vision-Based Navigation Packages
 42 Levit-Gurevich Konstantin Shay Gueron2000
 Theoretical Modeling of Ciliary Motion
 43 Arav Marina Daniel Hershkowitz2000
 Recursive Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
 44 Musslimani Ziad Alexander Nepomniashchy

Mordechai Segev

Leonid Pismen
 Composite Solitons and Pattern Formation in Nonlinear Optics
 45 Yacobzon Fiana Dan Givoli1999
 Finite Element Method for Visual Reconstruction
 46 Biryukov Alex Shimon Even (Deceased)

Eyal Kushilevitz
 Methods of Cryptanalysis
 47 Balinsky Yelena Leonid Pismen1999
 Chemical Instability Induced by a Differential Flow in@Realistic Flow Systems
 48 Rotstein Horacio Alexander Nepomniashchy

Simon Brandon
 Phase Transitions Dynamics with Memory
 49 Mendelson Shahar Gershon Wolansky

Jacob Rubinstein

 Mathematical Aspects of Learning in Neural Networks
 50 Peres Lydia Jacob Rubinstein

Dan Givoli
 Willmore Surfaces - Applications and Numerical Computations
 51 Nuz Alexander Alexander Nepomniashchy

Leonid Pismen
 Non-Potential Effects in Pattern Formation
 52 Yang Jia-Zhong Michail Zhitomirskii1997
 Polynomial Normal Forms of Vector Fields
 53 Nutov Zeev Yefim Dinitz

Michal Penn
 Structures of Cuts and Cycles in Graphs;@Algorithms and Applications@Algorithms and Applications
 54 Hari Assaf Alexander Nepomniashchy1997
 Dynamics of Domain Boundaries in Convection Patterns
 55 Khosid Savely Jerrold Greenberg

Yoram Tambour
 A Theoretical Study of Evaporating Sprays Suspended in@Spatially Periodic Developing Gas Flows in Ducts
 56 Ginsburg Boris Alexander Yoffe1997
 Optimal Control of Distributed Systems
 57 Bar Doron Alexander Nepomniashchy

Yehuda Agnon
 The Weakly Nonlinear Theory of Long Waves@Generated by Instabilities
 58 Katoshevski David Yoram Tambour1995
 Theoretical Investigation of Evaporating Polydisperse@Fuel Sprays in Shear-Layer Flows
 59 Vadensky Dimitry Marius Ungarish1994
 On the Dynamics of Particles in Rotating Fluid Flow Fields
 60 Krupnik Mark Abraham Berman1994
 Spectral Characteristics of Some Additive Pertorbations@of Matrices
 61 Markus Shim0n Yehuda Stavsky (Deceased)

Jerrold Greenberg
 Coupled Thermoelasticity in Some Dynamic and Stability@Problems for Composite Plates and Shells
 62 Almog Yaniv Itzchak Frankel1994
 Dynamics and Transport Phenomena of Brownian Particles@Possessing Internal Degrees of Freedom in@Homogeneous Shear Flows
 63 Kitron-Belinkov Myra Nadav Liron

Amy Novick-Cohen
 On the Force Paradox in Fluid Flow
 64 Shapira Yair Moshe Israeli (Deceased)

Avram Sidi
 Iterative Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential@Equations and Implementation on Parallel Computers
 65 Godin Yluri David Durban1994
 Interaction of Inclusions in an Elastic Medium
 66 Efrat Ilan Moshe Israeli (Deceased)1993
 Numerical and Hybrid Methods for Semiconductor Device Model
 67 Gueron Shay Nadav Liron1991
 Ciliary Beating and the Symchronization
 68 Belitsky Vladimir Boris Granovsky1991
 Dynamics of Spin Systems on Finite and Infinite Lattices
 69 Segman Joseph Jacob Rubinstein1991
 Analysis of Deformed Patterns: Theoretical and Computationa
 70 Dgani Ruth Mario Livio1989
 Local Effects in Accretion Flows
 71 Paldi Hedi Shaul Gutman1989
 Polynomial Root Clustering in Algebraic Domains

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