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Ph.D Theses

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No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Irit Cohen Eichen Yoav

Szpilman Alex.m
2018 Abstracts Theses Photo-Assisted Amidation Using Charge-Transfer Complexes:@Direct Photo Amidation of Carboxylic Acids
 2 Erez Zemel Kolodney Eliezer2018
 Impact Interactions of C60 With Metallic Surfaces at@keV Energies: Formation of Core-Shell Nanopillars@and Emission of Secondary Clusters
 3 Jeffrey Bruffaerts Marek Ilan2018
 Remote Functionalization of Alkenes by Merging C-H Bond@Activation and Selective C-C Bond Cleavage
 4 Elvira Haimov Marek Ilan2017
 Stereoselective Formation and Reactivity of Fully@Substituted Ketone Enolates
 5 Anna Rubin-Brusilovski Lifshitz Efrat2017 Abstracts Theses Influence of Interfacial Strain, Shape Anisotropy and@Air Exposure on Electronic and Optical Properties@of IV-VI Collodial Nanocrystals
 6 Maria Baskin Kolodney Eliezer2017
 Fullerene-Fullerene Surface Impact Processes on@Ultra-Thin Membranes: Formation of Carbon@Nano-Structures
 7 Lieby Zborovsky Apeloig Yitzhak

Bravo-Zhivotovs Dmitry
2017 Abstracts  Geometric Isomers of Stable Silenes and their@Interconvertion
 8 Liat Levin Amitay Zohar2017 Abstracts Theses Coherent Control of Bond Making
 9 Shimrit Azulay Brik Ashraf2017 Abstracts Theses Novel Chemical Approaches for Studying and Targeting@Deubiquitinases
 10 Ekaterina Dikarov Blank Aharon2017 Abstracts Theses Advanced Methods in Magnetic Resonance for Studying Physical@Properties and Processes of Paramagentic Centers@in the Solid State
 11 Elina Baranovsky Alexandrowicz Gil2017 Abstracts Theses Magnetically Manipulated Molecular Beams: Studying the@Structure and Dynamics of Water Surfaces
 12 Dana Shoken Eisen Moris2016
 Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Imidazolin-2-Iminato@Complexes
 13 Rami John Batrice Eisen Moris2016 Abstracts Theses Advances in Actinide Catalysis and Coordination Chemistry
 14 Arseni Kostenko Apeloig Yitzhak

Bravo-Zhivotovs Dmitry
2016 Abstracts  Cooperative M1/M2 (M1=Pt,Pd; M2=Hg,Zn) Homogeneous@Catalysis of Hydrosilylation
 15 Yulia Gerchikov Eichen Yoav

Tessler Nir
 Harnessing Organic Semiconductors for Sensing Applications
 16 Evgenya Vestfrid Gross Zeev2016 Abstracts Theses Rational Design of Corroles with Superior Photophysical@and Chemical Properties for a Variety of@Applications
 17 Boris Smolkin Baasov Timor2016 Abstracts  Towards Catalytic Antibiotics
 18 Orel Shneider Szpilman Alex.m2016 Abstracts  Oxidative Umpolung Alpha- Alkylation of Ketones
 19 Ephrath Solel Moroshko Keinan Ehud2016 Abstracts Theses Components for Supramolecluar Architeture
 20 Michal Shavit-Kishkober Baasov Timor2015 Abstracts Theses Novel Strategies to Fight Bacterial Resistance
 21 Isabell Sarah Karmel Eisen Moris2015 Abstracts Theses Synthesis of Organoactinide Complexes Containing N-Donor@Ligands and Their Application in Homogeneous@Catalysis
 22 Elena Domeshek Gross Zeev2015 Abstracts Theses Gold Corroles
 23 Shai Meltzman Eichen Yoav2015 Abstracts Theses Chemo-Mechanical Sensing of Gas Phase Substances
 24 Eliya Shulman Baasov Timor2015 Abstracts Theses Studies towards Defining Biochemical Mechanism(s) for@Aminoglycosides Induced Toxicity in Mammalian@Cells
 25 Gary Zaiats Lifshitz Efrat2015 Abstracts Theses Coupling of Air Stable Colloidal Quantum Dots to Plasmonic@Lens
 26 Polina Smirnov Marek Ilan2015 Abstracts  Stereoselective Synthesis via a Zn-Brook Rearrangement@Followed by an Ene-Allene Carbocyclization@Reaction
 27 Avital Lahav Adir Noam2015 Abstracts Theses Structural Investigations of Proteins Involved in Human@Cellular Metabolism
 28 Faris Salama Adir Noam2015 Abstracts Theses Engineering a Photosystem II Dependet Bio-generator@and the X-Ray Structure of HspA, which Protects@PSII from Thermal Damage
 29 Naama Manor-Korin Eisen Moris2015 Abstracts Theses Trapping of Uremic Toxins
 30 Renana Gershoni Poranne Stanger Amnon2015 Abstracts Theses Aromatic Systems
 31 Izana Nigel-Etinger Gross Zeev2015 Abstracts Theses Early Transition Metal Corrole Complexes
 32 Kseniya Kulbitski Gandelman Mark2015 Abstracts  New Approaches and Reagents for the Synthesis of@Halo-Organic Compounds
 33 Nadav Avidor Alexandrowicz Gil2015 Abstracts Theses Helium Atom Scattering: Instrumentation Development and@Structural Studies of Thin-Films of Water
 34 Tatyana Elkin Eisen Moris2015 Abstracts Theses Designing Octahedral Group 4 Complexes as Catalysts for@Polymerization Processes
 35 Michal Amar Szpilman Alex.m2015 Abstracts Theses Design and Synthesis of Novel Stable Alfa Hydrogen@Nitroxides
 36 Shlomit Avidan-Shlomovich Szpilman Alex.m2015 Abstracts Theses Design and Analysis in Asymmetric Catalysis
 37 Eran Armon Kolodney Eliezer2015 Abstracts  Novel Surface Sputtering Processes Induced By the Impact@of Large Polyatomic Projectile
 38 Roman Vaxenburg Lifshitz Efrat2015 Abstracts Theses Electronic Properties and Auger Processes in Nanoscale@Semiconductors
 39 Yuri Tulchinsky Gandelman Mark2014 Abstracts Theses Coordination Chemistry of N-Heterocyclic Nitrenium@Ligands
 40 Galit Parvari Keinan Ehud

Stanger Amnon
 Multifarenes - Novel Macrocyclic Molecules
 41 Ofir Tal Adir Noam2014 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Interactions Leading to Phycobilisome@Assembly
 42 Yury Minko Marek Ilan2014 Abstracts Theses Quaternary Stereocenters in Acyclic Systems: From@Alkynes via Stereodefined Trisubstltuted Enolates
 43 Diana Yanover Lifshitz Efrat2014 Abstracts Theses Semiconductor Quantum Dots Characterization and@Application in Photovoltaic Devices
 44 Moran Shalev Ben-Ami Baasov Timor

Adir Noam
2013 Abstracts Theses Elucidation of Aminoglycosides Modes of Activity in@Eukaryotes: Towards Improved Therapeutic@Derivatives
 45 Leonid Rybak Amitay Zohar2013 Abstracts Theses The Atom-Atom Binary Reaction of Multi-Photon Femtosecond@Photoassociation: Coherence and Control
 46 Irina Ben-Shir Schmidt Asher2013 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Inorganic-Bioorganic Interfaces by Solid@State NMR
 47 Ahmad Masarwa Marek Ilan2013 Abstracts Theses Zirconocene-Mediated and Catalyzed Ring-Opening Reactions@of Alkylidenecyclopropanes
 48 Nataly Vainrot Schechter Israel2013 Abstracts  Multi-Photon Ionization Technique for Direct Analysis of@Organic Compounds
 49 Tatiana Kovalchuk Kogan Schechter Israel2013 Abstracts Theses Optical Breakdown in Liquid Suspensions and its Analytical@Applications
 50 Georgy Maikov Lifshitz Efrat2013 Abstracts Theses Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Dots for@Photo-Voltaic Applications
 51 Ariel Shemesh Eichen Yoav

Nemirovsky Yael
2013 Abstracts Theses Artificial Nose for the Detection of Gas Phase Substances
 52 Adi Haber Gross Zeev

Aviram Michael
2012 Abstracts Theses Metallocorroles for Attenuation of Atherosclerosis
 53 Sharon Penias Navon Adir Noam2012 Abstracts Theses Short Peptide Sequences Inhibit Prokaryotic Translation:@A New Way of Looking at Biological Information
 54 Yuval Elias Mor Tal

Gilboa Haggai
2012 Abstracts Theses Experimental Heat-Bath Cooling of Spins
 55 Elana Slutsky Smith Gandelman Mark2012 Abstracts Theses Novel Triazole-Based Ligands and Metal Complexes: Syntheses,@Properties, and Reactivities
 56 Daria Brisker-Klaiman Peskin Uri2012 Abstracts Theses Coherence, Dissipation and Bond Dissociation in Charge@Transport through Molecular Bridges
 57 Noga Gilboa Marek Ilan2012 Abstracts Theses Preparation and Stereochemistry of Homoallylic Alcohols@Containing Quaternary Stereocenters
 58 Gal Suez Gandelman Mark2012 Abstracts Theses Catalysis with Metal-Free Molecules and by Non-Covalent@Bonds
 59 Liron David Adir Noam2012 Abstracts Theses The Phycobilisome Complex
 60 Zoya Okun Gross Zeev2012 Abstracts Theses Metallocorroles for Therapeutic and Related Applications
 61 Tom Mejuch Marek Ilan2012 Abstracts Theses New and Efficient Methods for the Preparation of Quaternary@Stereocenters
 62 Roie Volkovich Peskin Uri2011 Abstracts Theses Dissipative Molecular Electronic Switches
 63 Yael Schuster Gandelman Mark2011 Abstracts Theses Pincer Click Ligands: Synthesis and Catalysis
 64 Dina Shpasser Eisen Moris2011 Abstracts Theses Group 4 Organometallic Complexes in the Synthesis@of Co-Polymers
 65 Viktoria Kloper Lifshitz Efrat2011 Abstracts Theses Colloidal Synthesis and Optical Charectarization of@Semiconductor CdTe and CdTe/CdTexSe1-x Core-Alloy@Shell NQDs
 66 Victoria Molev Apeloig Yitzhak

Bravo-Zhivotovs Dmitry
2011 Abstracts Theses Reduction Processes of R2E=CR'2 Systems; E=Si,Ge,Sn
 67 Tamar Ratner Keinan Ehud2011 Abstracts Theses Advanced Bio-Molecular Computing Devices and Chemical@Encoding and Processing of Alphanumeric@Information
 68 Margarita Kanteev Adir Noam2011 Abstracts Theses Structure-Function Investigation of Metal Ion Binding@Proteins
 69 Yossi Cohen Kolodney Eliezer2011 Abstracts  Reactive Collisions of C60- Ions at KeV Energies with@Transition Metal Surfaces
 70 Dennis Sheberla Apeloig Yitzhak

Bravo-Zhivotovs Dmitry
2011 Abstracts Theses Stable Silyl Radicals - Preparation and Properties
 71 Revital Halevy Blank Aharon2011 Abstracts Theses Mapping of Oxygen Concentration in Biological Samples by@Electron Spin Resonance Microscopy
 72 Roman Dobrovetsky Apeloig Yitzhak2011 Abstracts Theses Preparation, Structure and Reactivity of Functionalized@Silyl Metal Reagents
 73 Ailie Marx Adir Noam2011 Abstracts Theses Elucidation of Phycobilisome Functionalities Using High@Resolution Structures of Phycobiliproteins
 74 Igor Nudelman Baasov Timor2011 Abstracts Theses Redesign of Aminoglycosides for Treatment of Human@Genetic Diseases Caused by Premature Stop@Mutations
 75 Andrey Gandman Amitay Zohar2011
 Femtosecond Two-Photon Excitation of Nanocrystals in the@Multi-Excitonic Regime
 76 Michal Firstenberg Eichen Yoav2010 Abstracts Theses Sequence Independent Synthesis of Organic Pi-Conjugated@Oligomers and Polymers
 77 Anat Shahar Adir Noam2010 Abstracts Theses Structural Studies on Protein Involved in Human Health: The@M. tuberculosis Cpn60.2 Chaperonin and the@Mitochondrial TSPO Receptor Protein
 78 Mantosh Sinha Keinan Ehud2010 Abstracts Theses Supramolecular Chemistry of Cucurbit(6)uril
 79 Anat Levin Marek Ilan2010 Abstracts Theses Carbometalation Reactions - An Efficient Tool in Organic@Synthesis
 80 Varvara Pokrovskaya Baasov Timor2010 Abstracts Theses Hybrid Antibiotics: A Novel Approach to Delay Development@of Bacterial Resistance
 81 Jane-Evgenia Levinson Schechter Israel2010 Abstracts Theses New Analytical Methods for Particulate Contaminants in@Water
 82 Gregory Molev Apeloig Yitzhak2010 Abstracts Theses Paramagnetic Metallosilanes
 83 Shachar Klaiman Moiseyev Nimrod2010 Abstracts Theses Resonances in Mesoscopic Systems
 84 Rozalia Unger Marek Ilan2010 Abstracts Theses Zn-Brook Rearrangement in Carbocyclization Reaction
 85 Lilach Chen Baasov Timor2010 Abstracts Theses Structure-Toxicity Relationship Study of Aminoglycosides:@Towards New Generation of Antibiotics
 86 Sinai Aharonovich Eisen Moris2010 Abstracts Theses Hetero-aza-allyl Complexes of Li, Ti, Zr, and V:@Structure, Reactivity and Catalytic Propylene@Polymerization
 87 Alexander Shterenberg Marek Ilan2010
 Stereoselective Synthesis of Polyketide Fragments via@Sequential One-Pot Reaction
 88 Meirav Saraf Lifshitz Efrat2010 Abstracts Theses Optical and Electrical Studies of Semiconductors@Nanocrystals with Various Shapes and Structures
 89 Elena Borzin Eichen Yoav

Ehrenfreund Eitan
2010 Abstracts Theses Bio-Inspired Functional Materials for Electronic and@Electro-Optic Applications
 90 Ariel Kigel Lifshitz Efrat2009 Abstracts Theses Synthesis and Optical Characterization of IV-VI@Semiconductor Nanocrystals
 91 Ilya Ruderfer Apeloig Yitzhak2009 Abstracts Theses Synthesis of Silicon Containing Amino Acids and Proteins@via Novel Alpha-Aminosilylithiums
 92 Maytal Toroker Peskin Uri2009 Abstracts Theses New Rate Expressions: Formulation and Applications to@Electron Transfer Processes
 93 Lev Chuntonov Amitay Zohar2009 Abstracts Theses Rational Femtosecond Coherent Control of Multiphoton@Excitations: From Weak-Field to Intermediate-Field@Regime
 94 Hadar Nir Eichen Yoav

Schuster Gadi
2009 Abstracts Theses DNA Manipulations for Sensing and Scaffolding
 95 Batya Blumer-Ganon Eichen Yoav2009 Abstracts Theses Electrooptic Amino Acids and Peptides
 96 Yonatan Manor Kolodney Eliezer2009
 New Types of Impulsive (pick-up) Surface Scattering@Processes: Fullerenes Single Collision Events of@Multiple Coalescence and Endohedral@Formation
 97 Carmit Hertzog-Ronen Eichen Yoav2009 Abstracts Theses Preparation and Characterization of Novel Pi Conjugated@Systems that Respond to the Presence of Alkylating@Reagents
 98 Adi Abramovich Marek Ilan2008 Abstracts Theses Convergent Preparation of Chiral Polysubstituted@Cyclopropanes
 99 Ido Gilary Moiseyev Nimrod2008 Abstracts Theses Dynamics of Wavepackets in Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
 100 Ruth Osovsky Lifshitz Efrat2008 Abstracts Theses Optical Spectroscopy of a Single and an Ensemble of CdTe@Semiconductor Nanocrystal Quantum Dots
 101 Yael Abraham Eichen Yoav2008 Abstracts Theses Design, Preparation and Characterization of New Receptors@for Anions
 102 Ron Piran Keinan Ehud

Reiter Yoram
2008 Abstracts Theses Biocatalysis with Antibody Heavy Chain and Myogenesis as@a Computational Process
 103 Helena Chechik Marek Ilan2008 Abstracts Theses Multicomponent Condensation Reactions as an Efficient@Route to Aldol Product
 104 Tali Lavy Kaftory Menahem2008 Abstracts Theses Photochemical Reactions of Inclusion Compounds in the@Solid State
 105 Norman Metanis Keinan Ehud2008 Abstracts Theses Tailoring Enzyme Catalysis Using Synthetic Protein Chemistry
 106 Tamer Andrea Eisen Moris2008 Abstracts Theses Organoactinide Complexes Containing CP and Non-Cp Ligands:@Synthesis and Reactivity
 107 Husein Slman Speiser Shammai

Eichen Yoav
2008 Abstracts Theses Design, Preparation and Characterization of New Receptors@and Detectors for Anions and Cations
 108 Oshrat Cabri Schmidt Asher2008 Abstracts Theses Solid State and Solution NMR Investigation of Structure-@Function Relationship in Biomacromolecules
 109 Meirav Fleischer Kolodney Eliezer2008
 New Fragmentation Mechanisms in Fullerene@Surface Collisions
 110 Emilia Rabkin Denekamp Chagit2008 Abstracts Theses Charge Derivatization of Peptides for Mass Spectrometry@Analysis
 111 Irena Zouev Kaftory Menahem2008 Abstracts Theses Homogeneous Photochemistry in the Solid State
 112 Shaul Michaelson Hoffman Alon2007 Abstracts Theses Hydrogen Bonding and Formation Mechanism of Carbon Films@with Nano-Diamond Character Deposited from@Energetic Species
 113 Tatyana Kravchuk Hoffman Alon2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Adsorption Phenomena and Various@Properties of alpha-Cu-Al Alloys, Cu and Al@Oriented Single Crystal Surfaces Using@Electron and Ion Spectroscopy
 114 Elena Smolensky Eisen Moris2007 Abstracts Theses Hydroamination and Hydrosilylation Catalyzed by Group IV@Metal Complexes
 115 Inna Luobeznov Gross Zeev2007 Abstracts Theses Activation of Small Molecules by Low Valent@Corrole Metal Complexes
 116 Genia Sklute Marek Ilan2007 Abstracts Theses Development of Allylation Reactions for the Asymmetric@Construction of Quaternary Stereocenters
 117 Monica Dines Adir Noam2007 Abstracts Theses Structure Determination of Proteins Involved in the@Stability of the Phycobilisomes during@Environmental Stress
 118 Bella Dolgin Schechter Israel2007 Abstracts Theses Parchment Characterization by Complex Analytical Method
 119 Sharon Perl Olshvang Stanger Amnon2007 Abstracts Theses Aromatic Strained Systems: Aspects of Basic Research and@Aspects of Apllied Research
 120 Tal Gueta Neyroud Eisen Moris2007 Abstracts Theses Titanium Complexes for the Polymerization of Alpha-Olefins@and Cyclic Esters: Homogeneous and@Heterogeneous Catalysis
 121 Mohammed Bashouti Lifshitz Efrat2007 Abstracts Theses Synthesis and Physical Characterization of Semiconductor@Nanocrystals with Anisotropic Shape
 122 Iris Aviv Gross Zeev2007 Abstracts Theses Catalysis Based on Unique Coordination@Chemistry of Metallocorroles
 123 Lilac Amirav Lifshitz Efrat2007 Abstracts Theses A Novel Technique for the Production of Semiconductor@Nanocrystals
 124 Avner Fleischer Moiseyev Nimrod2007 Abstracts Theses High-Harmonic Generation from Atoms Subjected to@Two-Color laser Field
 125 Ella Shaviv Eisen Moris2007 Abstracts Theses Early Transition Metal Complexes Containing Oxygen and@Nitrogen Based Ligands in the Polymerization of@Olefins
 126 Monica Kosa Apeloig Yitzhak2007 Abstracts Theses Theoretical Studies of Silicon and Metallasilicon@Compounds
 127 Orna Ternyak Hoffman Alon2007 Abstracts Theses Formation of CVD Diamond Films and Correlation of@Structural, Electron Emission and Electron@Transport Properties with Film Thickness
 128 Yana Sandlers Denekamp Chagit2007 Abstracts Theses Study of the Reactive Cationic Intermediates@in the Gas Phase
 129 Eyal Barnea Eisen Moris2006 Abstracts  Organoactinide Complexes@Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity
 130 Shay Tal Eichen Yoav

Schuster Gadi
2006 Abstracts  Bio-Inspired Functional Materials
 131 Natalya Fridman Kaftory Menahem

Speiser Shammai
2006 Abstracts  Chromotropism and Fluorescence Behavior of Imidazole@Derivatives
 132 Sameer Abu Saleh Eyal Yehuda2006 Abstracts  Structure and Reactivity of Heavy-Ion Tracks in Dielectric@Solids
 133 Elena Tenetov Denekamp Chagit2006 Abstracts  Gas Phase Reactions of pi-Conjugated Systems
 134 Maya Brumer Gilary Lifshitz Efrat2006 Abstracts  Optical and Magneto-Optical Studies of Lead Salts@Nanocrystals
 135 Leonid Fradkin Lifshitz Efrat2005 Abstracts  Magneto-Optical Properties of Composite Semiconductor@Quantum Dots
 136 Eilnor Zohar Marek Ilan

Stanger Amnon
2005 Abstracts  C-H and C-C Bond Formation as a New and General Approach@for the Preparation of Chiral Cyclopropanes
 137 Nicka Chinkov Marek Ilan2005 Abstracts  Stereoselective Synthesis of Metallated Dienyl Derivatives
 138 Michal Rodensky Eisen Moris2005 Abstracts  Catalytic Activity of Group 4 Octahedral Complexes
 139 Valeria Rukhman Adir Noam2005 Abstracts  Determination of the Three Dimensional Structure of MntC:@A Periplasmic Manganese Transport Protein@from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
 140 Daniella Tenne Marek Ilan2005 Abstracts  Diastereoselective Intramolecular Carbometallation@Reaction for the Synthesis of@Five-Membered Rings
 141 Micha Fridman Baasov Timor2005 Abstracts  New Approaches towards the Development of Neomycin B Based@Aminoglycoside Antibiotics
 142 Elza Nelkenbaum Eisen Moris2005 Abstracts  Novel Ni(II)-Based Organometallic Complexes:@Synthesis, Structures and Catalytic Activities
 143 Edith Valder Eisen Moris2005 Abstracts  Chiral Organometallic Complexes Containing Heteroallylic@Ligands and their Activity as@Homogenous Catalysts
 144 Galina Golubkov Gross Zeev2005 Abstracts  Catalysis of Atom - and Group - Transfer by Metal Corroles
 145 Alexander Zakrassov Kaftory Menahem

Keren Amit
2005 Abstracts  Molecular-Based Magnetic Materials
 146 Ron Intrater Hoffman Alon

Eitan Grossman
2005 Abstracts  Ultra Violet Radiation and Atomic Oxygen Effects on@Different Types of Polyethylene
 147 Elena Tkachenko Gross Zeev2005 Abstracts  Selective Substitution of Corroles as a Synthetic Tool for@the Preparation of Novel Derivatives
 148 Eli Gordon Kolodney Eliezer2004 Abstracts  Collisions of Fullerenes with Bare and Overlayer Covered@Surfaces
 149 Oded Godsi Eichen Yoav

Peskin Uri
2004 Abstracts  A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach to the@Investigation of the Effect of the Chemical@Environment and Supramolecular Structure@on Thermal and Photochemi...
 150 Julius Ben Ari Mandelbaum Asher2004 Abstracts  Steric Effects in Mass Spectrometry@Experiment and Theory
 151 Michael Yuzefovich Apeloig Yitzhak2003 Abstracts  Branched Polysilyl Radicals and Polysilanes -@Generation, Structure and Reaction Mechanisms
 152 Gadi Korogodsky Apeloig Yitzhak2003 Abstracts  Branched Polysilyl Anions and Their Applications to the@Synthesis of Novel Silenes
 153 Alexander Laikhtman Hoffman Alon2003 Abstracts  Chemical and Physical Processes on Diamond Surfaces Induced@by Low Energy Photon, Electron and Ion@Irradiation
 154 Ofra Levy Keinan Ehud

Erez Mordechai
2003 Abstracts  The Design and Synthesis of Novel Ventricular Defibrillating@Agents
 155 Iris Barzilai Schechter Israel2003 Abstracts  Direct Multiphoton Ionization Analysis of Organic Compounds@in Ambient Air
 156 Tsippora Tamiri Mandelbaum Asher

Shmuel Zitrin
2003 Abstracts  Specific Hydrogen Transfer in Difunctional Systems under@Electron and Chemical Ionization
 157 Rivka Krasniker Schechter Israel2003 Abstracts  Environmental Analysis by Laser Induced Breakdown@Spectroscopy
 158 Alexey Heiman Hoffman Alon2003 Abstracts  Mechanism of Formation and Properties of Nanocrystalline@Diamond Films
 159 Inessa Belostotsky Schechter Israel

Licht Stuart
2003 Abstracts  Monitoring of Contaminants in Air with High Flow Rate@On-Line System
 160 Dmitry Solomon Baasov Timor2003 Abstracts  Towards Carbohydrate-Based Catalytic Systems: Design,@Synthesis and Evaluation of the First Catalytic@Pentasaccharide
 161 Ran Tel-Vered Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Licht Stuart
2003 Abstracts  Enhanced Fe(VI) Electrochemical Energy Storage
 162 Michal Fisher Schechter Israel2003 Abstracts  Optical Methods for Chemical and Morphological@Charecterization of Polycyclic Aromatic@Hydrocarbon (PAH) Aerosols
 163 Edvardas Narevicius Moiseyev Nimrod2002 Abstracts  Non Hermitian Quantum Mechanics: Fingerprints of Overlapping@Resonances in Observable Quantities
 164 Tatyana Bendikov Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Licht Stuart
2002 Abstracts  Novel Aqueous Zinc-Sulfur Battery
 165 Andrey Kaplan Kolodney Eliezer2002 Abstracts  Ion-Surface Impact Phenomena: Disintegration of C60@Ions and Formation of Endohedral Fullerenes
 166 Dorit Canfi Eichen Yoav2002 Abstracts  Preparation and Characterization of New Models for@Molecular Switches
 167 Boaz Terner Eichen Yoav2002
 Preparation and Characterization of Extended-Cavity@Calixpyrroles - New Host for Anions and Other@Guest Molecules
 168 Sigal Saphier Keinan Ehud2002 Abstracts  Antibody-Catalyzed Reactions Based on Conformational@Effects
 169 Rina Anati Adir Noam2002 Abstracts  Progress in Determination of 3D structures of Proteins@Involved in Manganese Functions in Photosynthetic@Organisms
 170 Joseph Hayon Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Yahalom Joseph
2002 Abstracts  Study of Copper Corrosion Processes in Surfactants@Solutions
 171 Liliya Simkhovich Gross Zeev2002 Abstracts  Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Applications@of Novel Porphyrins and Corroles and Their Metal@Complexes
 172 Igor Ruhman Gutman Arie2002 Abstracts  Methods for Glycosidation of Biologically Active Compounds
 173 Viktoria Mizrachi Mandelbaum Asher2001
 Interactions between Functional Groups in@Organic Gas Phase Ions
 174 Ofir Alon Moiseyev Nimrod2001 Abstracts  Selection Rules for the High Harmonic Generation Spectra@by Dynamical Symmetry Analysis
 175 Avidor Shulman Keinan Ehud2001
 Applications of Catalytic Antibodies
 176 Soleeman Khateep Eichen Yoav2001 Abstracts  Molecular and Environmental Effects in Tautomerization@and Protonation Processes in Crystals and other@Organized Systems
 177 Marina Edelson Mandelbaum Asher2001
 Chemistry and Stereochemistry of Benzyl-Benzyl Interactions@in MH+ ions of Polyfunctional Derivatives
 178 Rahamim Guliamov Lifshitz Efrat2001 Abstracts  Microwave and Magneto-Optical Studies of the GaAs Quantum@Structures
 179 Marina Sirota Lifshitz Efrat2001 Abstracts  Synthesis and Optical Studies of Nanoscaled Semiconductors
 180 Grigori Nakhmanovich Eichen Yoav2001 Abstracts  Perparation and Characterization of New Conjugated@Polymers
 181 Victoria Volkis Eisen Moris2001
 Benzamidinate Complexes as Active Catalysts for the@Polymerization of alpha-Olefins and Silanes
 182 Ashraf Breek Keinan Ehud2001 Abstracts  Design and Synthesis of Novel Catalytic Proteins Based on@Polypeptide Scaffolds
 183 Vladimir Zhuravlev Maniv Tsofar2001 Abstracts  Conventional Extremely Type-II Superconductors under Strong@Magnetic Field
 184 Lilia Kaustov Schmidt Asher2001 Abstracts  Solid State MMR Structural and Mechanistic Investigation@of KDO8P Synthase
 185 Michael Bendikov Apeloig Yitzhak2001 Abstracts  Silenes - Synthesis, Reaction Mechanisms and Theory
 186 Dorit Plat Eisen Moris2001
 The Reactivity of Group-IV Aminophosphine Complexes
 187 Santosh Sinha Keinan Ehud2001 Abstracts  Tandem Oxidative Polycyclization Reaction of@Hydroxypolyenes with Rhenium (VII) Oxide
 188 Chanan Sluszny Schechter Israel2001 Abstracts  Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in@Heterogeneous Samples
 189 Alexander Gluzman Lifshitz Efrat2001
 Magneto-Optical Studies of Composite Semiconducting@Nanoparticles
 190 Vitali Averbukh Moiseyev Nimrod2001 Abstracts  Multiphoton Processes Induced by High Intensity Fields
 191 Galit Levitin Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Licht Stuart
 Novel Anodic Chemistry of Al and Mg in Organic Media
 192 Michael Grishko Eichen Yoav

Haddad Nizar
 Studies Directed towards a Total Synthesis of Borrelidin
 193 Hagit Shulman Keinan Ehud2001
 Catalytic Antibodies for Organic Synthesis@via Reactive Immunization
 194 Ake Edlund Peskin Uri2000
 Multidimensional Quantum Scattering Calculations by a@Parallel Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Method
 195 Shai Nimri Keinan Ehud2000
 Catalytic Antibodies in Hemoprotein Chemistry
 196 Vladimir Vais Mandelbaum Asher2000
 Steric Effects in the Fragmentation of Bifunctional Ring@Systems upon Chemical Ionization
 197 Ariel Haskel Keinan Ehud2000
 Towards Antibody-Catalyzed Organometallic Reactions
 198 Harel Itzhaky Keinan Ehud2000
 Biocatalysis via Molecular Distortion of a Substrate by@its Host Protein
 199 Marc Grinberg Kaftory Menahem2000
 Chemical Reactions in the Solid State@Methyl Rearrangements in Solid Organic Compounds
 200 Santiago Ini Gross Zeev2000
 New Chiral Metalloporphyrins as Catalysts for Asymmetric@Oxygenation of Hydrocarbons
 201 Ruth Shima Edelstein Hoffman Alon

Folman Mordechai (Deceased)
 Heterogeneous Chemical Effects in CVD Polycrystalline@Diamond Film Formation
 202 Irina Kuzmenkov Mandelbaum Asher2000
 Configurational and Conformational Effects on Fragmentation@of Gas-Phase Difunctional Cations
 203 Atif Mahammed Gross Zeev2000
 Exploration of the Chemistry of Osmium Porphyrins
 204 Marina Etinger Gutman Arie2000
 Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Benzocyclic Amines
 205 Ilia Litvin Lifshitz Efrat2000
 Magneto-Optical Studies of the CdS and CdSe Nanocrystals
 206 Ilya Vorobeichik Moiseyev Nimrod1999
 Study of Electro-Magnetic Wave Propagation in Optical@Devices by Quantum Mechanical Approaches and@Computational Methods
 207 Shoucheng Du Baasov Timor1999
 Studies on the Reaction Catalyzed by the Enzyme Kdo8p@Synthase: Catalytic Mechanism and the Design of@Mechanism-Based Inhibitors
 208 Kiril Bobrov Hoffman Alon1999
 Surface Properties and Adsorption Studies on Diamond@Single Crystal Surfaces
 209 Natali Morlender Mandelbaum Asher1999
 The Steric Effects in the Fragmentation of Alicyclic@Bifunctional Systems upon Chemical Ionization
 210 Olga Gluzman Hoffman Alon1999
 Study of Growth and Properties of Diamond Films Deposited@on Iron-Base Substrates
 211 David Groswasser Speiser Shammai1999
 Photophysics of Naphthalene Bichromophoric Molecules and@Clusters in Supersonic Jets
 212 Irina Gouzman Hoffman Alon1999
 The Influence of Electric Bias on the Nucleation and@Initial Growth Stages of CVD Diamond Films
 213 Ahmed Yazbek Keinan Ehud1999
 Asymmetric Synthesis of Annonaceous Acetogenins
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 Group IV and F-Element Organometallics in@Homogeneous Catalysis
 215 Nissan Ashkenazi Stanger Amnon1998
 Organometallic Complexes of Benzocyclobutenes:@Preparation and Structure
 216 Claudia Barzilay Gross Zeev1998
 Less Common Oxidation States and Unique Metal-Ligand@Interactions in Iron and Ruthenium@Porphyrin Complexes
 217 Juli Chakk Hoffman Alon

Folman Mordechai (Deceased)
 Studies of Nucleation and Initial Growth Stages@of a CVD Diamond
 218 Awad Abu Frieh Apeloig Yitzhak1997
 Reaction Mechanisms of Organosilicon Compounds -@The Search for the Silicenium Ion
 219 Doron Shabatt Keinan Ehud1997
 Antibody-Catalyzed Organic and Organometallic Reactions
 220 Nitsa Galili Gutman Arie

Haddad Nizar
 Mechanistic Studies on the Intramolecular (2+2)@Photocycloaddition of Cyclopropylethylenes@to Enones
 221 Irina Rosenblum Nikitin Evgueni1997
 Trajectory Study of Energy Transfer in Collisions@of Triatomic Molecules with Atoms
 222 Moshe Nakash Apeloig Yitzhak1997
 Addition Reactions to Silicon-Silicon Double Bonds@(Disilenes)
 223 Gershon Rosenblum Speiser Shammai1997
 Electronic Energy Transfer in the Naphthalene-Anthracene@Bichromophoric System under Supersonic@Jet Cooling Conditions
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 Cyclobutabenzenes: An Entry to a New Synthetic Methodology
 225 Asad Sakhnini Gilboa Haggai1997
 Adaptation of Halophilic Bacteria Stress Conditions -@Magnetic Resonance Studies
 226 Ronit Shvily Mandelbaum Asher1996
 Anchimeric and Steric Effects in Fragmentation of Organic@Ions in the Gas Phase Under Chemical Ionization
 227 Yoram Karni Nikitin Evgueni1996
 Application of the Landau Method to the Study of@Classically Forbidden Transitions
 228 Inbar Dag Lifshitz Efrat1996
 Optical Properties of PbI2 Nanocrystals
 229 Chagit Denekamp Mandelbaum Asher1996
 Steric Effects in Gas Phase Protonation Processes@upon Chemical Ionization
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 Theory of Phase Transitions in Biaxial Smectic@Liquid Crystals
 231 Nona Khaselev Mandelbaum Asher1996
 Gas Phase Ion Chemistry of Stereoisomeric Substituted@Cyclohexanols and Their Derivatives
 232 Eleonora Shkolnik-Bogdan Gutman Arie1996
 Enzymatic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols
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 The Mechanism of (2+2) Intramolecular@Photocycloaddition Reactions
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 Magneto-Optical Studies of the Semiconducting@Layered Iodides
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 The Nonlinear Optics of Smectic a Liquid Crystals
 236 Andrew Budrevich Kolodney Eliezer1996
 The Decay Dynamics and Hyperthermal (10-50 Ev) Surface@Scattering of Superhot C60 Molecular Beams
 237 Ziva Chen-Esterlit Lifshitz Efrat1996
 Microwave Modulated Photoluminescence of@GaAs/AlAs Quantum Wells
 238 Rachel Edrei Kimel Sol1996
 Oxygen Consumption as a Measure for the Efficiency of@Photodynamic Therapy in Cell Cultures:@The Influence of the Phthalocyanine@Structure as a Sensitizer
 239 Abraham(Rami) Rom Maniv Tsofar1995
 Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Electrons in Type@II Superconductors under a Strong Magnetic Field
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 The Photodynamic Damage to Artificial Membranes and@Red Blood Cells
 241 Alex Perelman Oref Izhack1995
 Photo-Induced Uni-Molecular and Enhancement of@Bi-Molecular Reactions of Conjugated Diens
 242 Halely Otbans Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

 Automatic Flow Titrator
 243 Naomi Rom Moiseyev Nimrod1995
 Determination of Tunneling Rates through Potential Barriers
 244 Rivka Biton Apeloig Yitzhak1995
 Enzymes and Organosilicon Compounds - the Effect of Silyl@Substituents on Enzymatic Catalytic Mechanisms
 245 Yaron Greenwald Speiser Shammai

Ehrenfreund Eitan
 Spectroscopic and Photoconductivity Investigation of the@Electronic Properties of New@Polythiophene Derivatives
 246 Eidit Handelsman-Benory Kaftory Menahem1995
 Thermal Rearrangements in the Solid State
 247 Inna Lukomskaya Kimel Sol1995
 The Influence of the Microenvironment on the@Lifetime of Excited Porphyrins
 248 Rivka Goldik Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Ron Arza
 A Novel Source for Atomic Emission
 249 Victor Stancovschi Yarnitzky Chaim (Deceased)

Folman Mordechai (Deceased)
 Ionic Conductivity in Beta-Alumina and Strengthening@- Related Phenomena
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 Reaction Mechanisms of Organosilicon Compounds.@Cationic Intermediates
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 Solid Liquid Interface in Multicomponents Systems
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 Enzymatic Synthesis of Optically Active Malonates
 253 Shani Sheffer Dee-Noor Baasov Timor1994
 Mechanistic Studies on the Reaction Catalysed by the Enzyme@3-Deoxy-D-Manno-2-Octulosonate-8-Phosphate@Synthase:@Synthetic Approaches
 254 David Dantsker Speiser Shammai1994
 Model Systems for Molecular Optoelectronic Devices
 255 Ornit Amir Lifshitz Efrat1994
 Doping of the Layered Semiconductor SNS2
 256 Eynat Matzner Apeloig Yitzhak1994
 Cyclopropenes, Cycloproparenes and Their Reactions
 257 Uri Peskin Moiseyev Nimrod1994
 Resonances, Transition Probabilities and Partial Widths@by the Complex Coordinate Method
 258 Amnon Kohen Baasov Timor1994
 Mechanistic Studies of the Reaction Catalyzed by the Enzyme:@3-Deoxy-D-Manno-2-Octulosonate-8-Phosphate@Synthase
 259 Ofer Klein Loewenthal Eli1994
 A New Approach towards the Synthesis of the Morphinan System
 260 Eyal Benory Keinan Ehud1993
 Catalytic Antibodies Raised Against Organometalic Complexes
 261 Jairo Guerrero Dallos Cais Michael (Deceased)1993
 Studies in the Determination of Biogenic Amines@and Their Metabolites in Biological Fluids@for Medical Diagnosis
 262 Abed Haiek Dori Zvi (Deceased)1993
 The Interaction of Macrocyclic Cobalt Complexes with@Apomyoglobin and Metmyoglobin
 263 Michal Fastow Folman Mordechai (Deceased)1993
 A Study of the IR Spectra of Gas Molecules Adsorbed on C6o,@Graphite and Diamond, and Calculations of the@Adsorption Potential
 264 Jaime Gordon Folman Mordechai (Deceased)1993
 Investigation of Negative Electron Affinity (NEA) in CdTe@Activated with Electropositive Ultra Thin Films
 265 Mouna Noufi Ariel Magda1993
 Polarographic Sfudy of Uranyl in the Presence of Various Ani
 266 Nir Ben-Tal Moiseyev Nimrod1992
 Non Linear Dynamics of Time Independent and Temporally
 267 Ilan Vidawsky Mandelbaum Asher1992
 Fragmentation of Substituted Succinates Under Electronimpact
 268 Elazar Meyer Gutman Arie1992
 Resolution of Amines and Amino Esters with Enzymes in
 269 Aaron Roni Mcmurray Ben-Ishai Dov (Deceased)1992
 The Chemistry of Conformationally Restricted Peptide Analog
 270 Aviv Boltanski Gutman Arie1992
 Lise of Enzymes for Synthesis of Optically Active Compounds
 271 Yocheved Yorkovsky-Shwartz Silver Brian (Deceased)1992
 Studies of the Superoxide-Dismatase Enzyme from Ba1 Bacteri
 272 Nurit Lipkin Moiseyev Nimrod1992
 Resonances by the Complex Coordinate Method Novel Approaches
 273 Amal Rabi Ben-Ishai Dov (Deceased)1991
 The Chemistry of Pexideamides and Glyoxylic Acid Adducts
 274 Dafna Knani (Deceased)1991
 Enzymatic Polymerization of Hydroxyesters in Organic Media
 275 Rosa Cyion Becker Dan (Deceased)

Keinan Ehud
 Isolation Identification and Synthesis of Pheromones
 276 Ilana Agmon Kaftory Menahem1990
 Inorganic Chemistry
 277 Amnon Pashuski Folman Mordechai (Deceased)1990
 Low Temperature Electron Spectroscopy Studies of O2, and
 278 Amira Rottman Silver Brian (Deceased)1990
 Interaction Between Electrolytes and Phospholipid Vesicles
 279 Judith Oliker Kventsel Gabriel1990
 Phase Transitions in Anisotropic Magnets and Liquid Crystal
 280 Khere Zoubi Gutman Arie1990
 Enzyme-Catalysed Synthesis of Chiral - Butyrolactones
 281 Dorit Kellner Loewenthal Eli1989
 Experiments Toward a Total Synthesis of Kempane
 282 Amira Birnbaum Dori Zvi (Deceased)1989
 Chemical Reactions of Trinuclear Clusters of Molyboenum
 283 Nizar Haddad Becker Dan (Deceased)1989
 The Stereochemistry of {2+2} Intramolecular Phhtocycloaddit

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