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M.Sc Theses

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No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Ben Zvi Keren Roy Kishony2020 Abstracts  Stochastic Modelling of the Evolution of Antibiotics@Production
 2 Miller Tal Shlomo S Razamat2020 Abstracts  The Conformal Manifold of Three dimensional N=4@Supersymmetric Star-Shaped-Quiver Theories
 3 Gofman Roni Anna Noam Soker2020 Abstracts  Energizing Supernovae by a Central Engine
 4 Nitzav Yuval Amit Kanigel2020 Abstracts  The Sign Reversal of the Hall Resistance in the Mixed State@of the Bi2212 High Tc Superconductors
 5 Lemberg Yuval Dov Levine2020 Abstracts  Quantifying Order Outside of Equilibrium
 6 Sarid Amit Amos Yarom2020 Abstracts  Aspects of Relativistic Hydrodynamics
 7 Tsinovoy Anatoli Nimrod Moiseyev2019 Abstracts Theses Ab-Initio Potentials and Hyperfine Coupling Constants for@ElectronicallyExcited K-3He
 8 Diringer Asaf Netanel Lindner2019 Abstracts Theses Many Body Localized Systems Subjected to Two-tone Drives
 9 Rabaglia Roy Yariv Kafri2019 Abstracts  Fluctuation Induced Forces from Non-Equilibrium Conservative@Anisotropic Diffusive Dynamics
 10 Rabinovich Aviv Yariv Kafri2019 Abstracts  Equations of Motion for Objects in a Medium of Active@Particles@P
 11 Zewi Oded Mordechai Segev2019 Abstracts Theses Sparse Ptychography
 12 Alfia Ron Dov Levine2019 Abstracts Theses Random Organization and Self Organizing Systems
 13 Moshel Guy David Gershoni2019 Abstracts Theses Initialization and Tomography of a Non-Rotating Qubit in@Diamond
 14 Shevah Jonathan Erez Braun

Kinneret Keren
2019 Abstracts Theses Hydra Regeneration under Mechanical Forces by a Magnetic@Field
 15 Biadsy Tasneem Netanel Lindner2019 Abstracts Theses Studing Many-Body Localization in Disordered@Fermi-Hubbard Models using Spin-Echoes
 16 Rozner Mor Vincent Desjacques2019 Abstracts Theses Signature of BEC Dark Matter on Galactic Scales
 17 Mangel Itay Amit Keren2019 Abstracts Theses Doping Dependent Tc Anisotropy and Coherence Length@Measurements in LSCO
 18 Nazzal Belal Shlomo S Razamat2019 Abstracts Theses Integrable Models and the Index of E-string@Compactifications
 19 Glanz Hila Hagai Perets2019 Abstracts Theses Efficient Common Envelope Ejection through Dust Driven Winds
 20 Wengrowicz Omri Oren Cohen2019 Abstracts Theses Time-Resolved Imaging by Multiplexed Ptychography (TIMP)
 21 Zinman Erez Vincent Desjacques2019 Abstracts Theses Study of Dark Matter Halo Clustering in the Presence of@Massive Neutrinos
 22 Neumann Oren Assa Auerbach2018 Abstracts Theses Calculating the Hall Anomaly in the t-J Model DMRG
 23 Marjieh Raja Amos Yarom2018 Abstracts Theses An Entropy Current in Superspace
 24 Sela Orr Amos Ori2018 Abstracts Theses Analyzing Quantum Effects at the Inner Horizon of a@Reissner-Nordstrom Black Hole
 25 Mikhaloff Diego Nathan Hagai Perets2018 Abstracts Theses Evolution and Dynamics of Stellar Disks Around Massive@Black Holes
 26 Rosochotsky Aviram Vincent Desjacques2018 Abstracts Theses Generating Synthetic Sky Maps in the Far-Infraed to Test@Diffuse Component Seperation Methods
 27 Sabag Evyatar Amos Yarom2018 Abstracts Theses Holographic Turbulence in a Large Number of Dimensions
 28 Cao Yang Yakov Krasik2018 Abstracts Theses Characterization of the Plasma Source for Plasma@Wakefield Research
 29 Nikiforov Daniel Eitan Ehrenfreund2018 Abstracts Theses Magnetic Field Effects in Organic Semicounductor Devices@in High Magnetic Fields
 30 Bairey Eyal Netanel Lindner2018 Abstracts Theses Inducing Many-Body Localization with a Periodic Drive
 31 Ilan Haham Gil Oren Cohen2018 Abstracts Theses multiplexed FROG (Frequency Resolve Optical Gating)
 32 Stav Tomer Mordechai Segev2018 Abstracts Theses Quantum Metamaterials
 33 Lanir Assaf Amos Ori2018 Abstracts Theses Computation of a Scalar-Field Squared Expectation Value@Inside 4-Dimensional Schwarzschild and@Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes
 34 Ness Gal Yoav Sagi2018 Abstracts Theses Non-Adiabatic Optical Transport of a Quantum Degenerate@Fermi Gas
 35 Cohen Niv Roy Kishony2018 Abstracts Theses Externally Induced Fast Oscillations Stabilizes the@Dynamics of Interacting Species
 36 Patsyk Anatoly Mordechai Segev2017 Abstracts Theses Accelerating Beams in Curved Space
 37 Goulinski Nadav Erez Ribak2017 Abstracts Theses Capture of free-floating planets by stellar systems
 38 Almoalem Avior Ophir Auslaender2017 Abstracts Theses Local measurement of the penetration depth across the@superconducting dome in (Ba1-xKx)Fe2As2
 39 Gutelman Benjamin Yoram Rozen2017 Abstracts Theses Search for New Physics through Measurement of Lepton@Universality
 40 Biran Eyal Adi Nusser2017 Abstracts Theses Testing the Weak Equivalence Principle in the Dark Sector@using Satellite Galaxies of the Milky Way
 41 Peniakov Giora Daniel Podolsky

David Gershoni
2017 Abstracts Theses Magneto-optical Study of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
 42 Naim Shim'on Adi Nusser2017 Abstracts Theses Interaction between a Cluster and a Galaxy Under f (R)@Gravity
 43 Florshaim Yanay Yoav Sagi2017 Abstracts Theses Towards Quantum Computation with Ultracold Fermionic@Atoms
 44 Cohen Moshe-Ishay Mordechai Segev2017 Abstracts Theses Self-Imaging of Optical Wavepackets Induced by the Curvature@of Space in Photonic Lattices
 45 Shani-Zerbib Lital Erez Braun

Kinneret Keren
2017 Abstracts Theses Actin Organization in Hydra Regeneration
 46 Afik Yoav Yoram Rozen2017 Abstracts Theses Search for Dark Matter production in nal states with@two leptons, b-jets and missing transverse@momentum in root s= 13TeV proton- proton@collisions using .....
 47 Tsabary Amit Joseph Avron2017 Abstracts Theses Dissipation in Linear and Nonlinear Models of Quantum@Systems
 48 Weiss Yaniv Yael Shadmi2017 Abstracts Theses Supersymmetry Signatures at the LHC
 49 Seemann Omri Ehud Behar

Amnon Fisher
2017 Abstracts Theses Improving Magnetic Mirror Confinement with Radio-Frequency@Modulation
 50 Adler Omri Joan Adler2017 Abstracts Theses Simulation of nanotube width and vibration
 51 Nahshony Alon Netanel Lindner2017 Abstracts Theses Anomalous Weyl Points In Three-Dimensional Topological@Quantum Pumps
 52 Shamai Itamar Daniel Podolsky2017 Abstracts Theses Defect-Mediated Melting in Antiferromagnetic Systems
 53 Yatvetsky Pavel Erez Ribak2016 Abstracts Theses Phasing of a Multi-Aperture Telescope on a Nearby Planet
 54 Timchenko Boris Yariv Kafri2016 Abstracts Theses The Force Exerted by an Actin Filament
 55 Don Yaroslav David Gershoni2016 Abstracts Theses The Optical Activity of the Dark Exciton and its Potential@Use for Generating a Cluster State of Entangled@Photons
 56 Yaari Maayan Amit Keren2016 Abstracts Theses Temperature Change during Fe8 Molecular Magnet Tunneling@and its Implications to the Landau Zener Theory
 57 Danzig Almog Emil Polturak2016 Abstracts Theses Observation of quantum (phonon) friction in hcp solid@4He
 58 Artzi Yaron Joseph Avron

Aharon Blank
2016 Abstracts Theses Advances in High Sensitivity and High Spatial Resolution@Electron Spin Resonance towards Implementation@of Quantum Gate Operations
 59 Yair Omer Assa Auerbach2016 Abstracts Theses Calculation of the Hall Conductivity of the 2D t-j@Model using Exact Diagonalization
 60 Donskoy Moshe Yakov Krasik

2016 Abstracts Theses Numerical Simulations of Plasma Formation in High-Power@Microwave Compressor
 61 Telem Ofri Yael Shadmi2016 Abstracts Theses Beyond the Standard Model: Naturalness and Flavor
 62 Grishin Evgeni Hagai Perets2016 Abstracts Theses Dynamics and Evalution of Planetesimals in Gaseos@Protoplanetary Disks - The Role of Gas Dynamical@Friction
 63 Streltsin Vladislav Netanel Lindner2016 Abstracts Theses Braiding Majoranas away From the Adiabatic Regime
 64 Shaham Roy Michael Reznikov2016 Abstracts Theses Nuclear Hyperpolarization through Coherent Spin Exchange
 65 Izraeli Tzipora Yael Joan Adler

Yuval Yaish
2016 Abstracts  Non-Volatile Memory based on MOS Capacitors and Metallic@Nanoparticles
 66 Raginski Igor Ari Laor2016 Abstracts Theses Emission from Magnetized Hot Coronae above AGN@Accretion Discs
 67 Rahin Roi Hagai Perets2016 Abstracts Theses Formation and dynamical evolution of moons around gas giant@planets
 68 Diskin Tzvi Oren Cohen2016 Abstracts Theses Quasi Phase Matching of High Harmonic Generation
 69 Shoulga Georgiy Erez Ribak

Pinchas Gurfil
2016 Abstracts Theses Towards Spectral Intensity Interferometry in Space
 70 Orr Itai Oren Cohen2016 Abstracts Theses Long-Lived Atmospheric Waveguides in the Wake of Laser@Filaments
 71 Karl David Stephen Lipson

Aner Lev
2016 Abstracts  Extreme Far Field Remote Sensing Using Laser Speckle:@Theory and Application
 72 Klempner Anat Daniel Podolsky2016 Abstracts Theses Thermalization in Open Quantum Systems and Density Matrix@in Steady States far from Equilibrium
 73 Yagil Alon Ophir Auslaender2016 Abstracts Theses Diamagnetic Vortex Barrier Stripes in Underdoped@BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
 74 Hazan Yoav Mordechai Segev2016 Abstracts Theses Light induced shock-wave interaction in opaque suspensions
 75 Cohen Jonathan Gad Eilam (Deceased)

Shaouly Bar Shalom
2016 Abstracts Theses Contact Interactions in Higgs-Vector Boson Associated@Production at the ILC
 76 Siman-Tov Meytal Yakov Krasik2016 Abstracts Theses Explosive Emission Cathodes as a Source for Hollow@High-Current Electron Beam; Applied for Microwaves@Generation in a Backward Wave@Oscillation
 77 Peretz Uria Ehud Behar2015 Abstracts Theses The First lonization Potential Effect and Stellar@Photospheric Abundances
 78 Batkilin Itshac Oren Cohen2015 Abstracts Theses Scalar and Vector Localized Leaky Waves through@Self-defocusing Nonlinearity
 79 Livne Ethan Emil Polturak2015 Abstracts Theses Listening to Friction in a Quantum Solid
 80 Hillel Ori Erez Braun

Shimon Marom
2015 Abstracts  Excitability Dynamics of Isolated Neuron at Different@Stimulation Frequencies
 81 Rotenberg Matias Hagai Perets2015 Abstracts Theses Planet-Planet Scattering and the Dynamical Evolution of@Multi-Planet Systems
 82 Mcley Liron Noam Soker2015 Abstracts Theses Stellar Instability and Intermediate Luminosity Optical@Transients (ILOTs)
 83 Bar-Ziv Uri Mordechai Segev2015 Abstracts Theses Accelerating Non Diffracting Acoustic Beams in Liquids:@Theory and Experiment
 84 Ribak Amit Amit Kanigel2015 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Electrochemical Intercalation of Copper@and Bulk Doping of Iron Impurities on the@Topological Insulator Bi25e3
 85 Malik Omri Ariel Kaplan2015 Abstracts  Mechanism of Secondary Structure Unwinding by@Reverse Transcriptase
 86 Nepomnyashy Vera Yael Shadmi2015 Abstracts Theses Aspects of Flavored Gauge Mediation
 87 Livshits Anton Erez Braun

Kinneret Keren
2015 Abstracts Theses Influence of External Physical Fields on Symmetry-Breaking@in Regenerating Hydra
 88 Avnat Zohar Oren Cohen2015 Abstracts Theses Super Resolution in Frequency Resovled Optical@Gating (FROG)
 89 Ierushalmi Niv Yael Shadmi2015 Abstracts Theses Physics beyond The Standard Model and Flavor
 90 Mishlovsky Idan Erez Ribak2015 Abstracts Theses Studies of Light Scattering from the Human Retina
 91 Sabach Efrat Noam Soker2014 Abstracts Theses Transient Event from a Core-WD Merger
 92 Bordo Eliyahu David Gershoni2014 Abstracts Theses Light Confinement by a Semiconductor Quantum Dot in@a Planar Microcavity
 93 Cogan Dan David Gershoni2014 Abstracts Theses High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Semiconductor Quantum@Dots Using Fabry-Perot Interferometer
 94 Avinadav Chen David Gershoni2014 Abstracts Theses Time-Optimal Universal Control of Two-Level Systems@under Strong Driving
 95 Yanuka David Yakov Krasik2014 Abstracts Theses Generation of Strong Converging Shock Waves by Underwater@Electrical Explosion of a Wire Array
 96 Martiskainen Hanna Nimrod Moiseyev2014 Abstracts Theses Applicability of the Adiabatic Theory for Atomic Systems@in Strong Laser Fields
 97 Fleishon Gal Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2014 Abstracts Theses Long Time Behavior in Non-Linear Dynamics
 98 Abravanel Ronen Daniel Podolsky2014 Abstracts Theses Intermediate Phase in a Pinned Superconducting Vortex@Lattice
 99 Shaverin Evgeny Amos Yarom2014 Abstracts Theses Second Order Hydrodynamics via AdS/CFT
 100 Ovdat Omrie Amos Yarom2014 Abstracts  Linear Response in 4D Spatially Modulated Phases
 101 Bakman Alexandra Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2014 Abstracts Theses Effects of Interactions on the Dynamics of Driven Cold@Atoms
 102 Zvulun Eran Yakov Krasik2014 Abstracts Theses Shockwave Generation by Electrical Explosion of a@Semiconductor Thin Film Sub-Millimeter Bridge
 103 Reichental Israel Daniel Podolsky2014 Abstracts Theses Quatum Spin-Orbital Liquids in Three Dimensions
 104 Shulamy Yaron Erez Ribak2014 Abstracts Theses Advanced Methods for Improvement of Stellar Intensity@Interferometry
 105 Paykin Irina Joan Adler

Erez Ribak
2014 Abstracts Theses Simulated Annealing of Multiple-Aperture Telescopes
 106 Hassine Yuli Michael Reznikov2014 Abstracts Theses PID Controller
 107 Schley Ran Mordechai Segev2014 Abstracts Theses Loss-Proof Self-Accelerating Beams
 108 Rinott Shahar Jeff Steinhauer2013 Abstracts Theses A Phonon Lock-In Measurement of the Critical Temperature@for Bose-Einstein Condensation
 109 Asban Shahaf Amit Keren2013 Abstracts Theses 2D Hard Core Bosons Paradigm for Cuprates Superconductivity
 110 Morag Jonathan Uri Sivan2013 Abstracts Theses Progress towards the Resolution of the Hofmeister@Adsorption Universality
 111 Tarboush Sirhan Shahrazad Shlomit Tarem2013 Abstracts Theses The Measurement of Stable Sleptons in the ATLAS Detector
 112 Kreiserman Roman Mordechai Segev2013 Abstracts Theses Wavepackets in Dynamically-Evolving Disordered Potentials
 113 Dikopoltsev Mark Jeff Steinhauer

Moshe Schuker
2013 Abstracts Theses A Study of the Spin Exchange Relaxation-Free Regime@in Magnetometry
 114 Shalyt Michael Joseph Avron2013 Abstracts Theses Control of a 2-Level System to Reduce Colored Noise
 115 Bliumkin Alexander Jeff Steinhauer2013 Abstracts Theses Acoustic Black Holes in the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC)
 116 Edry Haim Ehud Behar2013 Abstracts Theses Broad Band Photometric Reverbration Mapping
 117 Oved Amit Stephen Lipson

Yoav Schechner
2013 Abstracts Theses Weak Coupling of Spectral-Dimensional Scattering Functions@for Atmospheric Recovery and Correction
 118 Katzir Itay Amiram Ron

Ofer Firstenberg
2013 Abstracts Theses Diffraction Manipulation of Arbitrary Images by@Four-Wave-Mixing
 119 Vaserman Yosef Michael Reznikov2013
 Fluctuations in High-Tc Superconductors
 120 Nikola Nikolai Dov Levine2013 Abstracts Theses Stastistical Mechanics of an Aperiodic Tiling Model
 121 Yacobi Lee Erez Ribak2013 Abstracts Theses Phasing Stellar Interferometer by Simulated Annealing
 122 Eitan Assaf Ehud Behar2012 Abstracts Theses X-ray Absorption of High Redshift Quasars
 123 Michaely Erez Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2012 Abstracts Theses Effective Noise Theory for the Nonlinear Schrodinger@Equation
 124 Tradonsky Chene David Gershoni2012 Abstracts Theses Two-Photon Time Resolved Optical Excitation of@Semiconductor Quantom Dots
 125 Shpielberg Ohad Yariv Kafri2012
 Dragging Vortices in Type II Superconductors
 126 Lahav Carmit Noam Soker2012 Abstracts Theses Correlations of Black Hole Mass with Host Galaxy Properties
 127 Gilkis Avishai Noam Soker2012 Abstracts Theses Heating of the ICM by Jets through Mixing and Inflation of@Bubbles
 128 Yankelev Dimitry Amiram Ron

Moshe Shuker
 Spatial Phenomena of Finite Beams in Electromagnetically@Induced Transparency Medium
 129 Ben-Bassat Eyal Mordechai Segev2012 Abstracts Theses Spontaneous Pattern Formation upon Incoherent Waves@and Rabi-Oscillations between Discrete Solitons
 130 Harari Gal Jacob Ben-Aryeh

Ady Mann
2012 Abstracts Theses Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Harmonic Oscillator with@Time-Dependent Parameters with Application to Ion@Trap
 131 Gissis Itay Ehud Behar

Amnon Fisher
2012 Abstracts Theses Spectroscopy of N Capillary Discharge Plasma for@Recombination Pumped X-ray Laser
 132 Talmi Orion Giora Shaviv2012 Abstracts Theses The Influence of UV Radiation on Exoplanetes' Habitability
 133 Schwartz Ido David Gershoni2012 Abstracts Theses Life and Coherence Times of the Dark Exciton in@Semiconductor Quantum Dots
 134 Parahovnik Pavel Giora Shaviv2012 Abstracts Theses Atmospheric and Ocean's Interaction in Earth-Like Planets
 135 Finkelstein Alexander Yariv Kafri2012 Abstracts Theses Statistical Physics of Homologous Recombination
 136 Rivkind Alexandr Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2012 Abstracts Theses Some Rigorous Bounds for the Anderson Model and Their@Applications
 137 Lifshitz Asaf Amiram Ron

Amnon Fisher
2012 Abstracts Theses Active Feedback Stabilization of the Flute Instability in@a Mirror Machine Using Field-Aligned Coils
 138 Gilburd Leonid Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2012 Abstracts Theses Underwater Electrical Explosion of Modified Wire Array
 139 Zamir Aviad Michael Reznikov2012 Abstracts Theses Effect of Contact Magnetoresistance on Thermodynamic@Magnetization Measurements of a Two Dimensional@Electron Gas
 140 Cohen Fishel Ari Laor2012 Abstracts Theses The Origin of Radio Emission in Radio Quit Active Galaxies
 141 Scaly Ori Elisha Cohen2012 Abstracts Theses Polariton Dispersion in Semiconducting Planer Microcavity
 142 Ilkov Marjan Noam Soker2012 Abstracts Theses Common Envelope WD-core Merger as Type Ia Supernova@Progenitors
 143 Shafer Daniel Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2012 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Cu, AL and W Conductivity during@Underwater Wire Explosion
 144 Presman Ruslan David Gershoni2012 Abstracts Theses Optical Control of the Charge State of Semiconductor@Quantum Dots
 145 Refaelovich Michael Noam Soker2012 Abstracts Theses Chains of X-ray Deficient Bubbles as a Consequence of@Vortices Fragmentation
 146 Ginzburg Dimitry Ady Mann2012 Abstracts Theses Time Evolution of a Class of Quasi-Distribution Functions
 147 Portman Danny Noam Soker2012 Abstracts Theses Interaction of Stellar Winds with Circumstellar Matter
 148 Khachatryan Bagrat Eitan Ehrenfreund2011 Abstracts Theses Phosphorescence of Triplet Excitons in Pt-Containing Polymer@Vibronic Structure and Recombination Kinetics
 149 Grauer Yoav Erez Ribak2011 Abstracts Theses Blooming Suppression in Active Imaging by an Optical@Modulator
 150 Drachuck Gil Amit Keren2011 Abstracts Theses 2D Superconductivity in La2-xSrxCuO4 Single Crystals
 151 Naamneh Muntaser Amit Kanigel2011 Abstracts Theses Critical Current in Bi2Sr2CaCu2o8+ Thin Films
 152 Kalaev Dima Ilan Riess2011 Abstracts Theses Effect of Motion of Donors and Acceptors on the Current-@Voltage Relations in Simple@Semiconducting Devices
 153 Zafrir Gabi Oren Bergman2011 Abstracts Theses Holographic Phases of Matter in 3D from AdS/CFT
 154 Michaeli Yosef Elisha Cohen2011 Abstracts Theses Fermi Edge Polaritons Formed by Electron-Hole Pairs@Interacting with Cavity-Confined Photons
 155 Kirzhner Tal Gad Koren2011 Abstracts Theses Interface Effects in D-wave Superconductor-Ferromagnet@Junctions in the Vicinity of Domain walls
 156 Kfir Ofer Oren Cohen2011 Abstracts Theses Attosecond Pulses with Sophisticate Waveforms:@Spatio-Spectral Airy and Auto-Focusing Beams
 157 Leshem Amir Ilan Riess2011 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Time Dependent Phenomena in Metal/Mixed-Ionic-@Electronic-Conductor/Metal Devices
 158 Gurgov Hassid Oren Cohen2011 Abstracts Theses Decoupling the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in 3D@Nonlinear Wave Propagation
 159 Kvietny Lev Joseph Avron2011 Abstracts Theses Entanglement in Quantum States
 160 Palacio Jorge Yakov Krasik

Ehud Behar
2011 Abstracts Theses Simulation of Plasma Parameters during Hollow Cathode@Operation
 161 Itah Amir Jeff Steinhauer2011 Abstracts Theses Ultra Cold Rubidium Atoms at Bose-Einstein Condensation@Loaded into External Periodic Potential
 162 Szabo Peter Zoltan Yael Shadmi2011 Abstracts Theses New Physics and Flavor
 163 Tordjman Moshe Rafael Kalish2010 Abstracts  Electron Field Emission from Ultra Nano Crystalline Diamond
 164 Marcipar Goldstein Lital Amit Keren2010 Abstracts Theses The Ground State and Excitation of the Spin 1/2 Kagome@Lattice
 165 Diamant Moshe Eric Akkermans2010 Abstracts Theses Effect of Polarization on Coherent Back Scattering
 166 Beilin Leonid Boris Shapiro2010 Abstracts Theses Expansion of Ultracold Atoms in the Presence of Random@Potential
 167 Tenenbaum Katan Yaniv David Shlomit Tarem2010 Abstracts Theses Identification of Sleptons in the ATLAS Detector
 168 Yom-Tov Nir Rafael Kalish

Yuval Yaish
2010 Abstracts Theses Accurate Electrical Measurements of Doped Diamond@Layers
 169 Simkhovich Boris Michael Revzen

Ady Mann

Joshua Zak
2010 Abstracts Theses Factorization Properties of Finite Spaces
 170 Hirshfeld Shahar Stephen Lipson2010 Abstracts Theses Proving the Relation of Angular Momentum and Number of@Photons in a Beam with Angular Momentum
 171 Raikhlin Vladimir Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2010 Abstracts Theses Ferroelectric Plasma Source Modeling Using the Particle-@in-Cell Method
 172 Feldman Sarit Stephen Lipson

Eli Raz
2010 Abstracts Theses Pattern Formation of Pentane on a Water Substrate near@Phase Transition
 173 Hershenhorn Alon David Yoram Rozen2010 Abstracts Theses Bc Lifetime Measurements Using the ATLAS Detector
 174 Elisha Yossef Stephen Lipson

Pinchas Gurfil
2010 Abstracts Theses Relative Satellite Attitude Determination Using GPS with@Applications to Astronomical Observations
 175 Embon Lior Emil Polturak2010 Abstracts Theses Crystal Growth and Search for Supersolidity in BCC Solid@He4
 176 Mihlin Alexander Assa Auerbach2010 Abstracts Theses Temperature Dependence of the Order Parameter of Cuprate@Superconductors
 177 London Paz Amiram Ron2010 Abstracts Theses All-Optical Reconstruction of atomic Ground-State@Population
 178 Labin Amichai Moshe Erez Ribak2010 Abstracts Theses Vision Effects Caused by Retinal Structure
 179 Meitav Nizan Erez Ribak2010 Abstracts Theses High Resolution Retinal Imaging and Pattern Analysis without@Adaptive Optics
 180 Dikarov Ekaterina Amit Keren

Aharon Blank
2010 Abstracts Theses Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance Imaging Study of Paramagnetic@Centers in the Solid Phase
 181 Sinay Asif Jeff Steinhauer

Amit Ben-Kish
2009 Abstracts Theses Mechanisms that Influence the Performance of Coherent@Population Trapping Atomic Clocks
 182 Rosner Shahar Ari Laor2009 Abstracts Theses Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of Active Galactic@Nuclei Variability
 183 Zohar Yotam Amiram Ron

Amnon Fisher
2009 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Repumping on EIT Resonance
 184 Bavli Pavel Emil Polturak2009 Abstracts Theses Melting in HCP Lattices
 185 Hexner Daniel Yariv Kafri2009 Abstracts Theses Tug-of-War in Motility Assay Experiments
 186 Meirom Eli Joseph Avron

David Gershoni
2009 Abstracts Theses Entanglement in Radiative Cascades
 187 Zaberchik Moran Amit Kanigel2009 Abstracts Theses Superconducting properties of TiSe2Cux
 188 Kraus Yaacov Assa Auerbach2009 Abstracts Theses Majorana States of a Px+iPy Superconductor
 189 Greenfield Elad Uri Sivan2009 Abstracts Theses Direct Mapping of the Way Surface Potential Varies when@Charged Bodies Approach in Electrolyte Solution
 190 Leiser Irad Yakov Krasik2009 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Plasma Parameters During the Explosion@of a Semiconductor Bridge(SCB)
 191 Subag Eyal Ady Mann

Ehud Moshe Baruch
2009 Abstracts Theses Contractions of SO(4) Representations
 192 Schwartz Eyal Stephen Lipson2009 Abstracts Theses Oscillations in Banding of Suspended Particles in a Rotating@Horizontal Tube
 193 Nussinson Dan Yuval Yaish

Michael Reznikov
2009 Abstracts Theses Field Effect Transistors Based on Carbon Nano-Tubes
 194 Warszawski Eduardo Joan Adler

Alon Hoffman
2009 Abstracts Theses Density of States Calculations for Carbon Allotropes and@Mixtures
 195 Galon Iftah Yael Shadmi2009 Abstracts Theses Understanding New Physics at the LHC
 196 Svidovsky Polina Boris Ashkinadze

Elisha Cohen
2009 Abstracts Theses Optical Study of Wide GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells Containing@a Two Dimensional Electron Gas
 197 Veksler Hagar Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Localization of the Generalized Non-Linear Schrodinger@Equation in a Random Potential
 198 Kouniavsky Alexander Joel Seligson

Vladimir Levinski
2009 Abstracts Theses Performance Improvement of Optical Instrumentation by@Control of Illumination and Diffraction Orders -@Theory and Experiment
 199 Veksler Dekel Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2008 Abstracts Theses Strong Shock Wave Generation Using Underwater Electrical@Wire Explosion
 200 Bisker Gili Joseph Avron2008 Abstracts Theses The World of Two Qubits
 201 Shemesh Jonathan David Gershoni2008 Abstracts Theses Polarization Sensitive Spectroscopy of Charge@Tunable GaAs/InGaAs Quantum Dots
 202 Berkovitch Nikolai Stephen Lipson

Meir Orenstein
2008 Abstracts Theses Dipole and Surface Plasmons in Metallic Nanostructures
 203 Ben-Ami Sagi Yoram Rozen2008 Abstracts Theses Experimental B Physics at ATLAS
 204 Aharonovich Gil Gad Koren2008 Abstracts Theses A Study of Injected Carriers in Bilayers of Y Ba2Cu3Ox@and SrRuO3 in the Pseudogap Regime
 205 Brod Elad Uri Sivan2008 Abstracts Theses Electrical Control over Antibody Antigen Interaction
 206 Raz Oren Joseph Avron

Alexander Leshansky
2008 Abstracts Theses Swimming and Pumping at Low Reynolds Number
 207 Mor Yoash Gad Koren2008 Abstracts Theses Quantum Tunneling of Vortices in the High Temperature@Superconductor
 208 Tessler Renana Cecile Saguy

Alon Hoffman
2008 Abstracts Theses Investigation of InSb (001) Native Oxide Desorption and@Surface Smoothing Induced by Hydrogen and Thermal@Annealing for Molecular Beam Epitaxial@Growth
 209 Olejnik Ella Eitan Ehrenfreund

Efrat Lifshitz
2008 Abstracts Theses Photoinduced Absorption Studies of Alkyl Sensing@Co-Polymer Systems
 210 Shomroni Itay Jeff Steinhauer2008 Abstracts Theses Observation of the d.c. Josephson Effect in a Bose-Einstein@Condensate of Dilute Atomic Vapor
 211 Vekselman Vladislav Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2008 Abstracts Theses Thomson Scattering Measurements of the Plasma Parameters in@a Hollow-Anode with Ferroelectric Plasma Source
 212 Lazar Assaf Amiram Ron

Amit Ben-Kish
2008 Abstracts Theses A Method to Improve the Accuracy of Velocity@Interferometer
 213 Lahoud Elias Jeff Steinhauer2008 Abstracts Theses Thermal Damping of Macroscopic Quantum Self-Trapping in@Bose-Einstein Condensate
 214 Kajomovitz Enrique Yoram Rozen2008 Abstracts Theses Bos Oscillations Measurement at Atlas
 215 Schtalheim Amos Eric Akkermans2007 Abstracts Theses Screw Dislocations in a Mesoscopic Smectic A Liquid Crystal@Phase
 216 Holczer Tomer Ehud Behar2007 Abstracts Theses Studies of X-ray Absorption Spectra Due to Active Galactic@Nuclei Outflows
 217 Farkash Keren Naama Brenner

Erez Braun
2007 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Gene Expression Variation in Yeast Cell@Population
 218 Rotem Sagi Uri Sivan2007 Abstracts Theses Light Controlled Self Assembly of Structures from Silicon@Bricks
 219 Lubashevsky Yuval Amit Keren2007 Abstracts Theses The Origin of the Pseudogap
 220 Gad Raanan Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2007 Abstracts Theses Investigation of a Hollow Anode with an Incorporated@Ferroelectric Plasma Source in Millisecond Time@Scale
 221 Hihinashvili Rivka Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Quantum Accelerator Modes
 222 Benny Yael Erez Ribak2007 Abstracts Theses Study of the Optics of the Human Eye
 223 Baum Itzhak Gad Eilam (Deceased)

Shaouly Bar Shalom
2007 Abstracts Theses Top Quark Rare Decays in a Two Higgs Doublet Model@for the Top
 224 Bahat-Treidel Omri Yuval Grossman

Yoram Rozen
2007 Abstracts Theses Experimental Probes of the Standard Model
 225 Chekulaev Dimitri Michael Reznikov2007 Abstracts Theses Thermodynamic Chemical Potential of a Two-Dimensional@Electron Gas
 226 Kampel Nir Amiram Ron

Amnon Fisher
2007 Abstracts Theses Towards Nitrogen Recombination X-Ray Laser Using Capillary@Discharge Z-Pinch
 227 Bressler Shikma Shlomit Tarem2007 Abstracts Theses Search for Long Lived Heavy Charged Super-Symmetric@Particles at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) with@the ATLAS Experiment
 228 Bunin Guy Dov Levine2007 Abstracts Theses Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations in Driven-Dissipative@Systems
 229 Preezant Yulia Elisha Cohen2007 Abstracts Theses Excitons and Polaritons in Modulation Doped Quantum Wells@Embedded in a Microcavity
 230 Mutat Tali Joan Adler

Moshe Sheintuch
2007 Abstracts Theses Atomistic Simulation of Diffusion and Separation of Small@Molecules in Carbon Nanotubes
 231 Kodriano Yaron David Gershoni2007 Abstracts Theses Optical Studies of Quantum Dots in Photonic Structures
 232 Pariente Udi Michael Reznikov2007 Abstracts Theses Chemical Potential Measurement of a Two Dimensional@Electron Gas with AC Modulation of the Magnetic@Field
 233 Bar-on Tomer Joseph Avron2006 Abstracts  Euler's Disk and its Finit-Time Singularity
 234 Vilan Sahar David Gershoni

Eitan Ehrenfreund
2006 Abstracts  Electrical and Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantom@Dots
 235 Levanony Dana Dov Levine2006 Abstracts  Correlations and Heat Transfer in a Sthochastic@Model out of Equilibrium
 236 Aronov Pavel Gad Koren2006 Abstracts  Crossed Andreev Reflection Effect in YBa2Cu3O7-Gama@Junctions with the Itinerant Ferromagnet SrRuO3
 237 Stolovicki Elad Erez Braun2006 Abstracts  Adaptation and Gene Regulation in Yeast Populations
 238 Ben Isaac Eyal Elisha Cohen2006 Abstracts  Effect of Excitation Intensity on the Polariton Spectrum in@Microcavities Containing a 2D Electron Gas
 239 Shoham Amir Stephen Lipson2006 Abstracts  New Method for Accurate Refractive Index Measurement with@High Spatial Resolution
 240 Sagie Hila Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2006 Abstracts  Generation of A high-Intensity Micro-particle Flux during@Operation of A Ferroelectric plasma Source
 241 Yarmolich Dmitry Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2006 Abstracts  Passive and Active Cathodes for High Current Electron Beam@Generation at Moderate Electric Fields
 242 Firstenberg Ofer Amiram Ron

Amit Ben-Kish
2006 Abstracts  Interference of Non-classical Sources
 243 Hillel Shlomi Joshua Feinberg2006 Abstracts  Fermion Bag Solitons in the Massive Gross-Neveu Model
 244 Kadosh Avihay Michael Gronau

Paul Singer (Deceased)
2006 Abstracts  Two-Photon Exclusive Decays of d0 Mesons
 245 Shaked Yaniv Adi Nusser2006 Abstracts  Parameters of the Local Group of Galaxies Using N-Body@Simulation with MOND
 246 Poem-Kalogerakis Eilon David Gershoni2006 Abstracts  Many Carrier Energy Levels in Semiconductor Quantum Dots,@and Selection Rules for Optical@Transitions between Them
 247 Alon-Braitbart Shlomo David Gershoni

Eitan Ehrenfreund
2006 Abstracts  Magneto-optical Studies of Single Semiconductor Quantum@Dots in Microcavity
 248 Beha-Harpaz Silvia Erez Braun2006 Abstracts  Population Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Networks
 249 Kellarev Alexander Stephen Lipson2005 Abstracts  Wetting-Dewetting Transitions
 250 Rubin Shimon Ady Mann

Joshua Feinberg

Michael Revzen
2005 Abstracts  Casimir Effect
 251 Drori Tomer Eitan Ehrenfreund

Yoav Eichen
2005 Abstracts  Recombination Dynamics of Long-lived Photoexcitations in@Conjugated Polymers
 252 Bar-Lev Yevgeny Ady Mann2005 Abstracts  Analysis of a Boson Model for Cuprate Superconductors
 253 Segev Yehonathan Yael Shadmi2005 Abstracts  Flavor in Product-Group Grand Unified Theories
 254 Kushnir Maria Eric Akkermans2005 Abstracts  Transport and Weak Localization of Spin S Particles:@Application to the Atom-Photon System
 255 Sheinman Michael Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Decay of Quantum Accelerator Modes
 256 Surujon Ze'ev Yael Shadmi

Yuval Grossman
2005 Abstracts  Phenomenology of Models with Extra Dimensions
 257 Akashi Muhammad Adi Nusser2005 Abstracts  Nonlinear Coupled Cosmological Perturbations
 258 Sternberg Assaf Oded Regev2005 Abstracts  A Search for Hydrodynamical Instabilities in Accretion Disks
 259 Shpilman Ze'ev Alon Hoffman

Rafael Kalish
2005 Abstracts  Electron Field Emission Measurement and Surface@Characterization of Micron to Nano Grain@Size Diamond Films
 260 Peleg Or Yakov Krasik

Joshua Felsteiner
2005 Abstracts  Spectroscopic Study of the Plasma Produced by a@Ferroelectric Plasma Source
 261 Lindner Netanel Asher Peres (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Elliptic Rydberg States as Direction Indicators
 262 Zickel Ben Joshua Feinberg2005 Abstracts  Random Non-Hermitian Matrix Models and Their Applications@to Disordered Systems
 263 Gabbay Alon Elisha Cohen2005 Abstracts  The Effect of Magnetic Field on Charged Polaritons in@Microcavities
 264 Zommer Shahaf Stephen Lipson

Joan Adler
2005 Abstracts  Simulated Annealing in Adaptive Optics for Imaging the@Eye Retina
 265 Katz Omer Mordechai Segev2005 Abstracts  Elliptic Incoherent Solitons
 266 Shafir Oren Missing advisors 2004
 Probing the Quantum Nature of Fe8 High Spin Molecules@Using Mu-SR
 267 Gur Yaniv Ady Mann2004 Abstracts  SO(2,1) Lie Algebra and Radial Coherent States - from the@Harmonic Oscillator to the Hydrogen Atom
 268 Baskin Alexei Ari Laor2004 Abstracts  Some Constraints on the Physical Properties of the Narrow@Line and the Broad Line Regions in Active Galactic@Nuclei
 269 Divinsky Alon Elisha Cohen

Arza Ron
2004 Abstracts  Optical Transitions in Mixed Type I - Type II@Quantum Wells under a Magnetic Field
 270 Smolkin Michael Moshe Moshe

Joshua Feinberg
2004 Abstracts  Scale Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Field Theory
 271 Panikashvili Natalia Shlomit Tarem2004 Abstracts  Low pt Muon Identification for B Physics in the ATLAS@Detector
 272 Berman Rotem Sara Erez Braun

Uri Sivan
2004 Abstracts  Sequence Specific Patterning of DNA-Templated Electronics
 273 Shuhmaher Natalia Michael Gronau

Yuval Grossman
2004 Abstracts  Probing Fundamental Physics Using B Decays
 274 Ofer Rinat Amit Keren2004 Abstracts  Correlation between the Critical Temperature of Cuprate@Superconductors and their Magnetic@Interaction
 275 Ofer Oren Joan Adler

Alon Hoffman
2004 Abstracts  Computational Study of Hydrogen in Nanodiamond
 276 Budnik Ran Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)

Assa Auerbach
2004 Abstracts  Effective Hamiltonians for the Kagone and Triangular@Lattices
 277 Naipak Victoria Yael Shadmi2004 Abstracts  Lepton Number Violation in Supersymmetric Models
 278 Hilsenrat Marcos Ari Laor2004 Abstracts  Highly Photoionized Dusty Gas: Theory and Applications
 279 Schreiber Nir Joan Adler2004 Abstracts  Monte-Carlo Study of the Baxter-Wu Model
 280 Sagi Eva Amit Keren2004 Abstracts  Frustration Driven Lattice Distortion in Y2M02O7
 281 Rutman Jeremy Ilan Riess2003 Abstracts  Study of Electrical Properties of Bismuth-Based Oxides for@Possible Use in High Temperature Fuel Cells
 282 Gorbonos Dan Gershon Wolansky

Amos Ori
2003 Abstracts  Singularity Formation in a Wave System Motivated by@Einstein Equations
 283 Assaf Ohad Jacob Ben-Aryeh2003 Abstracts  Quantum Noise in Length Measurements Using a Michelson@Interferometer
 284 Levy Shahar Amit Keren

Emil Polturak
2003 Abstracts  Development of a Nuclear Quadrupole Based Technique for@Measuring Charge Homogeneity, and its Application@for YBCO
 285 Moed Shulamit Shlomo Dado

Yoram Rozen
2003 Abstracts  A Search for Rare B Decays with the Opal Detector@at LEP
 286 Yasin Michael Dan Fekete2003 Abstracts  High Power Integrated Laser Amplifier
 287 Shir Eran Asher Peres (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  The Nature of Hawking Radiation and General Curved 2D@Metrics
 288 Akopian Nikolay David Gershoni2003 Abstracts  Optical Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in@Nitride Compound Heterostructures
 289 Weinstein Yossi Tal Mor

Amiram Ron
2003 Abstracts  Quantum Computation and Algorithmic Cooling by Nuclear@Magnetic Resonance
 290 Uzdin Raam Mordechai Segev2003 Abstracts  Aspects of Solitons
 291 Bar-Gill Nir Amiram Ron

Mordechai Botton
2003 Abstracts  Dynamics of a Lasing Atom in Hot Plasma
 292 Sorkin Anastasia Joan Adler

Rafael Kalish
2003 Abstracts  Computational Study of Structures of Diamond and@Amorphous Carbon under Extreme Heating and Cooling
 293 Vander Roman Stephen Lipson2003 Abstracts  Fourier Fringe Analysis with Improved Spatial Reslosoution
 294 Sorkin Viacheslav Joan Adler

Emil Polturak
2003 Abstracts  Point Defects, Lattice Structure and Melting
 295 Shusterman Olga Eitan Ehrenfreund

Yoav Eichen
2003 Abstracts  Photoinduced Charge Transfer in (Tetrathiophene/Acceptor)@Systems
 296 Aizenshtark Nitsan Moshe Moshe

Joshua Feinberg
2003 Abstracts  Quasiexactly Solvable Potentials
 297 Segalis Ehud Ari Laor

Arnon Dar
2002 Abstracts  Emission of Gravitational Radiation from Ultrarelativistic@Sources
 298 Marderfeld Ilia David Gershoni2002 Abstracts  Determination of the Intrinsic Radiative Lifetime of@Excitons Using Time Resolved Photoinduced@Intersubband Absorption
 299 Ezra Uri David Gershoni

Eitan Ehrenfreund
2002 Abstracts  Intersubband Electro and Photo-induced Absorption in@InGaAs/InP Quantum Wells
 300 Berg Erez Assa Auerbach2002 Abstracts  Effective Hamiltonians for Frustrated Antiferromagnets
 301 Sagi Yoav Amiram Ron

Amnon Fisher
2002 Abstracts  Optical Interference with Non Coherent States
 302 Lifshitz Ronen Shlomit Tarem2002 Abstracts  The ATLAS Muon Detector and its Detector Control System
 303 Qarry Angie Elisha Cohen

Arza Ron
 The Interaction between Exciton States near the Quantum@Well Bandgap and Confined Photones in GaAs/AlAs@Microcavities
 304 Dori Liora Amos Ori2001
 Non-Monotonous Singularity inside Spherically-@Symmetric Black Holes
 305 Groshaus Javier Elisha Cohen

Gad Bahir

Meir Orenstein
 Light Emission Mechanisms in InGaN MQW Laser Diodes
 306 Rosenthal Eran Joshua Felsteiner

Michael Marinov (Deceased)

Bilha Segev
 A Barrier Traversal Process in a Waveguide: Time Evolution@And Causality
 307 Osadchy Daniel Joseph Avron2001
 Hofstadter Butterfly as a Quantum Phase Diagram
 308 Nemirovsky Aleksandra Giora Shaviv

Oded Regev
 Dynamics of the Vertical Structure of Accretion Discs
 309 Levy Niv Gad Koren2001
 Anisotropy of YBa2Cu3O7- Thin Films
 310 Ludwin Doron Moshe Jacob Ben-Aryeh2001
 Quantum Effects in Interference
 311 Zhuk Vladislav David Gershoni2001
 Spectroscopy of Photonic Quantum Structures
 312 Retzker Alex Boris Shapiro2001
 Correlations and Multiple Scattering of Waves
 313 Paz Gil Michael Gronau2001
 SU(3) - Flavour Symmetry in B-VP Decays
 314 Ben-Ezra Shmuel Amiram Ron2001
 Photo-Ionization of Metal Clusters
 315 Shkedy Lior Stephen Lipson2000
 Insb Focal Plane Arrays - Non Uniformity Correction
 316 Harel Amnon Yoram Rozen2000
 Study of Bs Meson Oscillation
 317 Rafaeli Izhak Eli Altus

Stephen Lipson
 Vibration Analysis of Piezoelectric Beams
 318 Rahav Saar Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2000
 The Accuracy of Semiclassical Methods
 319 Gordon Ariel Joseph Avron2000
 Born-Oppenheimer Approximation Near a Level Crossing
 320 Levy Yoav Baruch Rosner

Isak Gertner
 Investigation of Existence, Mean Lifetime and Cross Section@For Neutral and Charged Fragments Produced from@Chn+ and Cdn+ Beams in Gas Target
 321 Blanga Leonardo Boris Ashkinadze

Elisha Cohen
 Optical and Midrowave Study of Semiconductor Quantum@Wells
 322 Khodas Mexim Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)2000
 Relaxation and Diffusion for the Kicked Rotor
 323 Shuker Moshe Missing advisors 2000
 Titanuum Plasma Source for Short Wavelength@Laser
 324 Vinidman Shirly Erez Ribak

Yosef Salzman
 Flexible Mirrors for Adaptive Optics
 325 Landsman Hagar-Yael Missing advisors 2000
 Measurement of Gluon Splitting to C Quark Pairs
 326 Kidan Tal Dan Fekete2000
 Delta Doped Semiconductor Quantom Well Lasers
 327 Mizrahi Udi Missing advisors 1999
 Time Resolved Photoinduced Vibrational Absorption in@Conjugated Polymers
 328 Lahav Assaf Missing advisors 1999
 Noise Mechanisms in Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector
 329 Samid-Marzel Nirit Missing advisors 1999
 Evaporation of Thin Wetting Films
 330 Carmon Tal Missing advisors 1999
 Verification of a Monte Carlo Model for Radiation@Scattering in the Atmosphere
 331 Hay Ori Missing advisors 1999
 Quantum and Classical Descriptions of a Measuring Apparatus
 332 Ben-Shahar Eran Amos Ori1999
 Gravitational Bounce of Charged Dust Spheres
 333 Langof Lidia Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)

 The Effect of the Absorption Properties of the Aerosols on@Their Scattering and on the Psf of the Atmosphere
 334 Altman Ehud Missing advisors 1999
 Quantum Magnetism Approach to Phase Fluctuations in@Superconductors
 335 Leizerson Ilya Stephen Lipson1999
 Super-Resolution in Far Field
 336 Terno Daniel Missing advisors 1999
 Accessible Information in Quantum Measurement
 337 Kons Zvi Missing advisors 1999
 A Search for Hall Effect Breakdown in Single Electron@Models
 338 Kapon Shulamit Missing advisors 1999
 Intersubband Absorption in Straind Layer Quantum Structures
 339 Kanigel Amit Joan Adler

Emil Polturak
 The Role of Defects in the Melting Transition
 340 Cohen Oren Missing advisors 1999
 Strained Quantum Wells with High Piezoelectric Field
 341 Zoubi Hashem Jacob Ben-Aryeh1998
 Time Development of Wigner Function for One Mode of@Electromagnetic Field
 342 Elgart Vladislav Raphael Semiat

Avinoam Nir
 Signals from Particles in Flowing Concentrated Suspensions
 343 Lublinsky Michael Moshe Moshe

Boris Blok
 Low Energy Hadron Properties in Qcd
 344 Salman Zaher Joan Adler

Moshe Moshe
 Series Expansion Analysis for Multicritical Points
 345 Markovich Tuvy Emil Polturak1998
 Dynamics of Liquid Bubbles in 3he-4he Mixture Crystals
 346 Levy Moshe Robert Beserman1997
 Characterization of Cdte Substrates and Cdznte@Epitaxial Thin Films
 347 Shi Yan Eitan Ehrenfreund1997
 Study of Photo-Excitations of Conjugated Polymers@And Oligomers
 348 Gurevich Evgeni Boris Shapiro1997
 Mesoscopic Orbital Magnetism
 349 Kreynin Maxim Boris Shapiro1997
 Statistical Characteristics of Rosenzweig-Porter@Ensemble of Random Matrices
 350 Gemintern Alexander Stephen Lipson1997
 Simulations of Roughening Transition in Quantum Crystals
 351 Hashibon Adham Stephen Lipson

Joan Adler
 Effects of Higher Neighbour Interactions on Roughenting@Models
 352 Terliuc Gadi Uri Sivan1997
 Injection, Transport and Detection of Spin-Polarized@Electrons by Electrical Measurements
 353 Kravitz Asher David Tannhauser (Deceased)

 Atmospheric Physics and the Migration of@Soaring Birds
 354 Raz Shaul Ilan Riess1997
 Gas Solid Interaction in Mixed Gas Fuel Cells
 355 Ran Boaz Rafael Kalish1997
 Doping Diamonds by Ion-Implantation
 356 Dekel Erez Eitan Ehrenfreund

David Gershoni
 Optical Studies of Si/ge Quantum Heterostructures
 357 Shenker Noam Eliezer Finkman

Elisha Cohen
 Resonant Raman Scattering from Gaas/algaas@Asymmetric Quantum Wells
 358 Ish Shalom Shlomo Joshua Felsteiner1997
 The Behavior of a Hollow-Cathode Discharge Device as a@Powerful High-Frequency Generator
 359 Arbel David Meir Orenstein1997
 Temporal/spatial Solitons in Optical Ring Oscillators
 360 Rosenstock Zvi David Tannhauser (Deceased)

Yoram Tambour
 The Influence of Electric Charge on the Collision and@Coalescence of Large Droplets (Diameter of 270@Microns) with Small Droplets@((Diameter of 130 Microns)
 361 Salman Hanna Erez Braun1997
 Collective Effects in Ion-Channels Protein Ensembles
 362 Auslaender Ophir Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)1997
 Wave Functions of Some Chaotic Systems with Negative@Curvature
 363 Shemen Heela Reuven Brener

Alon Hoffman
 Low Energy Ion Irradiation of Carbon Allotropes
 364 Nazimov Anna Elisha Cohen1996
 Resonant Microwave Absorption by a Two-Dimensional@Electron Gas in Gaas/algaas Quantum Wells
 365 Prus Oleg Assa Auerbach1996
 Capacitance Fluctuations in the Quantum Dots
 366 Bukshpun Michael Charles Kuper (Deceased)

Michael Revzen
 Search for the Kind of Pairing in Exotic Superconductors
 367 Kenis Alexander Ady Mann

Michael Revzen
 Unusual Doppler Effect in Superfluid 3he and Sounds in@4he - 3he Mixture
 368 Mediouni Avner Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)1996
 Polarization Properties in the Infrared
 369 Harel Roey Elisha Cohen1996
 Absolute Transmission, Reflection and Absorption in Mixed@Type I - Type 2 Quantum Wells Containing a Two@Dimensional Electron Gas.
 370 Gangardt Dimitry Eric Akkermans1996
 Semiclassical Analysis of Interacting Electrons
 371 Epshtein Olga Eitan Ehrenfreund1996
 Intersubband Absorption Between Impurity Levels in@GaAs/AlGaAs Multi Quantum Wells
 372 Bar-David Aharon Isak Gertner1996
 Investigation of Charge Collection Time and Energy@Resolution of Silicon Solid-State Detectors
 373 Saada David Joan Adler

Rafael Kalish
 Structural Transformation of Diamond Induced by Ion-Impact
 374 Musslimani Ziad Ady Mann

Michael Revzen
 Squeezed States with Thermal Noise
 375 Klecner Michael Amiram Ron1996
 Van Der Pol Model for the Cherenkov Maser
 376 Schechner Yoav Joseph Joseph Shamir1996
 Rotation Phenomena in Waves
 377 Bar-Lev Zvi Joshua Felsteiner1995
 Application of a Hollow-Cathode Discharge Device as a High@Power Rf Generator
 378 Cohen Netta Michael Revzen

 Limitations to Squeezing in Parametric Amplifiers with@Quantum Pumps
 379 Eyal Galit Moshe Moshe1995
 Double Scaling Limit in O(N) Vector Field Theories
 380 Oreg Yoav Stephen Lipson1995
 Thermodynamic Roughning of Naphthalene Crystals
 381 David Ofer Emil Polturak1995
 Noise Properties of Optimized High Tc Josephson Junctions
 382 Samoiloff Alon Rafael Kalish1995
 Boron Doping of Cvd Diamond Films
 383 Nachlieli Hila Dov Levine1995
 Description of Granular Flow
 384 Ultchin Yigal Oded Regev1995
 Magnetic Effects in Accretion Disks Boundary Layers
 385 Lipson Michal Elisha Cohen1995
 Shallow Acceptors Un Qantum Wells Under An@Applied Magnetic Field
 386 Brif Constantin Jacob Ben-Aryeh1995
 Quantum Description of the Optical Phase
 387 Baum Gideon Joan Adler

Stephen Lipson
 Equilibrium Shapes for Hcp Crystals
 388 Burko Lior.m Amos Ori1995
 On the Internal Structure of Black Holes
 389 Berengolts Alexander Evgueni Nikitin1995
 Locking of Intrinsic Angular Momentum in Collision Complexes
 390 Kozhevnikov Michael Elisha Cohen1995
 Self Oscillations of Electron Density at Photoinduced@Impact Ionization of Shallow Donors in Gaas
 391 Shtrichman Itay Rafael Kalish

David Gershoni
 Optical Studies of Ion Implanted and Annealed Gaas/algaas@Quantum Wells.
 392 Ilouz Igal Eitan Ehrenfreund1994
 Optical Light Hole Intersubband Transitions in Ingaas/inp
 393 Gekhtman Dmitry Elisha Cohen1994
 Subband Mixing and Landau Level Broadening in Quantum@Structures
 394 Goldenshten Alexander David Gershoni1994
 Optical Properties of Quantum Wells Grown Along Different
 395 Bouhnik Jean-Paul Isak Gertner1994
 The Stopping Power of H and He Ions in Solide in the
 396 Aloni Yoram Uri Sivan1994
 Spectroscopy of a Quantum Dot
 397 Weinshall Roni Joshua Zak1994
 Effective Hamiltonian for Electrons-Magnetic Field-Lattice
 398 Yitzhaki Ronen Isak Gertner1994
 Properties of Pin Photodiode Asan Ionizing Radiation Detelto
 399 Zait Eitan Moshe Fibich1994
 Effect of Electron-Phonon Interaction on Resonant Tunne
 400 Abramovich Yoram Eitan Ehrenfreund1994
 Intersubband L-Valley and Heavy-Hole Transitions in Undoped
 401 Krausz Nurit Jacques Goldberg1994
 Study of Scintillation in Dopedglass for Detection of Neutri
 402 Toren Mooki Jacob Ben-Aryeh1994
 The Problem of Propagation in Quantum Optios and
 403 Shachar Eyal Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)

 Responsivity of Photoconductors at Low Temperatures
 404 Maurer Ron Elisha Cohen

David Gershoni
 Excitons in Strained Superlattices of Cdte/cd1-X Znx Te
 405 Gov Nir Michael Revzen1993
 Non Kinematic Corrections to the Doppler Shifts in Helium
 406 Nemirovsky Yonatan Joseph Avron1993
 Driven Multiply Connected Systems and Stark Hamiltonians
 407 Buchinsky Oded Oren Brafman (Deceased)1993
 Study of Strained Quantum Wells
 408 Oiknine Schlesinger Joelle Eitan Ehrenfreund

David Gershoni
 Photo-Modulation of Ingaas/inp Multiple Quantum Wells
 409 Bar Shalom Shaouly Gad Eilam (Deceased)1993
 New Non Abnelian Couplings and Radiative Corrections to the
 410 Eyal Alon Robert Beserman

Yosef Salzman
 Influenoe of Ga Concentration on the Ordering Process of
 411 Reisin Carina Stephen Lipson1993
 Optical Imaging of Dynamic Magnetic Fields
 412 Berkowicz Eyal Dov Levine1993
 Dynamic Segregation in a Two-Dimensional Granular System
 413 Gilor Joseph Dan Fekete1993
 The Gallium Indium Arsenids Quantum Well Channelled Shadowe
 414 Zoabi Abid Essam Oded Regev1993
 Inner Accretion Disk Structure
 415 Feiner Joram Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)1993
 Polarization Check in Optical Systems in Infra Red Range
 416 Schwartz Chaim Stephen Lipson1993
 A Theoretical and Experimntal Study of Bimorph Mirror
 417 Manassen Amnon Giora Shaviv

 A Method Find Solar Direction Using the Polarization of
 418 Cohen Sally Raoul Weil (Deceased)1993
 Optical and Electrical Characteristices of Cdse 0.18 Te0.82
 419 Israelit Shlomo Bertina Fisher

Gad Koren
 Th Competition Botween Superconductivity and Localization
 420 Ben-Horin Yochai Michael Marinov (Deceased)1993
 Application of Integral Equation in Quantum Mechanics
 421 Katz Matityahu Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)1993
 High Tc Superconducting Detect Ors in the Infrared
 422 Dag Ayelet Isak Gertner1992
 Energetic and Spatial Resolution of Silicon Detectors Array
 423 Bendayan Michael Robert Beserman1992
 Crystallization Process of Amorphous Ge and Si Thin Layers
 424 Katz Sharon Robert Beserman1992
 Lattice Dynamigs of Znse/znte Strained-Layer Superlattices
 425 Aharonson Vered Oded Regev1992
 Non Linear Patterns in Thermally Unstable Astrophys Fluids
 426 Agam Oded Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)1992
 Chaos and Localigation Optical Waveguides
 427 Segev Bilha Moshe Moshe1992
 Appoximation Methods in Quantum Field Theores
 428 Ben-Dor Baruch Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)1992
 Polarization Properties of Infrared Radiation
 429 Rim Ari Rafael Robert Beserman1992
 Oxidation Process in Pure Gaas and in Si Doped Gaas
 430 Haskel Daniel Hanan Shechter1992
 The Effect of Impurities on Dynamical Properties of Alloys
 431 Hag Yehya Khaled Hanan Shechter1992
 Effect of Substrate on Dynamical Properties of Physisorbed
 432 Cohen Dan Emil Polturak1992
 Investigation of the Proximity Efect in High Tc Super
 433 Gian Albert Ady Mann1992
 Coherent States Thermofield Dynamics and Phase Operators in
 434 Freiman Willie Robert Beserman1992
 Stability of So0ge Strained Supe Rlattices in Ion Implanta
 435 Ben-Israel Dvirah Hanan Shechter

Mordechai Folman (Deceased)
 Structure and Transitions of Tmt/mgo Films:substrate Effects
 436 Oz Yasmin Michael Revzen1991
 Applications of Tfd to Thermal Coherent States
 437 Fredj Erick Raoul Weil (Deceased)1991
 The Optical and Ferroelectric Characteristics of Znxcd1-Xte
 438 Malina Yehoshua Arnon Dar1991
 Neutrino Oscillations and the Solar Neutrino Problem
 439 Fortus David Ady Mann1991
 The Bcs Model of Superconductivity in Thermofield Dynamics
 440 Halevi Yehuda Shlomo Dado

Jacques Goldberg
 Measurents of Cross Section for Photoproduction of Ds+ds
 441 Elbert Dan Eitan Ehrenfreund1991
 Study of Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells
 442 Mangan Shmuel Stephen Lipson1991
 Experimental Investigation of the Quantum Kicked Rotor
 443 Shapira Shye Joan Adler1991
 Critical Properties of a Dilute Spin Glass
 444 Bortman Dafna Isak Gertner1991
 Research on Exotic Ions
 445 Finkelstein Yuval Emil Polturak1991
 Surface Waves and Normal Density Measurements in He Ii,
 446 Batkilin Eduard Michael Revzen1991
 Extension of Approximations on Finite Temperatres
 447 Guvari Asaf Mario Livio1991
 Physical Processes in Cataclysmic Uariables
 448 Danovich Tatiana Emanuel Levitan1991
 Characterization of a Binary Inage by Aphysical Z-D Lattice
 449 Zahler Mordechay Jacob Ben-Aryeh1991
 Classical and Quantum Effects in Parametric Amplifier and
 450 Reuven-Lelong Ilan Jan Genossar1990
 Transport Properties of Htsc at High Temperatures
 451 Dantsker David Shammai Speiser1990
 Theortical Model of Molecular Spatial Light Modulator
 452 Zaaroor Elyhu Michael Gronau1990
 Fermion Masses and Cp Violationbeyond the Standard Model
 453 Yeger Amir Robert Beserman1990
 Interdiffusion and Dxidation Process in Gaas/gaa
 454 Amir Ornit Rafael Kalish1990
 Electrical Properties of Doped Diamond-Like Films
 455 Cohen Yoel Ilan Riess1990
 Investigation of Nitridation Processes in Mixtures of Oxide
 456 Serulnik Sergio Jacob Ben-Aryeh1990
 Quantwm and Classical Analysis of Electromagnetic Waves
 457 Levin Orit Amiram Ron1990
 Phase Conjugation in Magnetizedplasma
 458 Ben Michael Rephael David Tannhauser (Deceased)1990
 Electromagnetic Radiation Absorption of Zirconia Defects
 459 Idan Irit Giora Shaviv1990
 The Problem Of26 Al Formation
 460 Epstein Abraham Eitan Ehrenfreund

Oren Brafman (Deceased)
 Raman Scattering and Photoinduced Aborption of Finite
 461 Ophir-Arad Einat Rafael Kalish1990
 Crystal Surface Investigation by Electron Channeling
 462 Porat Ofer Ilan Riess1990
 Determination of Thermodynamic Properties of Ybaku X by
 463 Gareini Yuval Elisha Cohen

Arza Ron
 Exciton-Phonon Interaction in Superlattices of Cdte/znte
 464 Busso Arturo Raoul Weil (Deceased)1990
 Light Influence on the Effusion of Deoterium from
 465 Iliescu Doron Shmuel Fishman (Deceased)1990
 Secondary Quantal Effects in Josephson Junctions
 466 Silverman Amihai Raoul Weil (Deceased)

Joan Adler
 Diffusion of Fluorine in Amorphous Silicon
 467 Levinsohn Natalie Robert Beserman1989
 The Effect of Doping on the Onidation Process of Gallium
 468 Oz Yaron Moshe Moshe1989
 Quantum Fields with Chiral Anomaly as Constrained Systems
 469 Zaroubi Saleem Colman Altman1989
 Generation of Narrow-Band Electromgnetic Radiation in the
 470 Feinberg Joshua Moshe Moshe1989
 Quantization of Constrained Dynamical Systems: the Brink
 471 Godon Patrick Giora Shaviv1989
 The Equations of State of a Hydrogen Helium-Mixture in White
 472 Rozen Yoram Jacques Goldberg1989
 Three Dimantional Imuge of B Meson Decays
 473 Pnini Reuven Boris Shapiro1989
 Fluctoations in Transmission of Wawes through Disordered
 474 Aharoni Efraim Uri Oppenheim (Deceased)

Gad Koren
 Infra-Red Spectroscopy in the Interaction of Eximer Laser
 475 Bar-Ad Shimshon Bertina Fisher1989
 Transport Properties of Y1ba2cu307
 476 Bar-Moshe David Moshe Moshe1989
 Approximation Methods in Quantum Field Theories
 477 Cohen David Emil Polturak1989
 Symthsis and Investigation of the Thin Films of High Temper
 478 Eldar Osnat Giora Shaviv1989
 Changes in Star Formation Rate
 479 Peleg Yoav Asher Peres (Deceased)1989
 Accelerated Quantum Systems

479 abstract theses title found in the Department Physics
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