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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Department Web Site cee.technion.ac.il/?lang=he

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Yosef Lidor Yiska Goldfeld2020 Abstracts  Monitoring the Structural-Electrical Response of@Intelligent Carbon based Textile Reinforced@Concrete Beam
 2 Shalem Shaham Tamar Alex Furman2020 Abstracts Theses Monitoring Soils Contaminated by Heavy Metals Using Induced@Polarization
 3 Cohen Nirrit Dana Adi Radian2020 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Microbial Amyloids on Bacteria-Clay@Interactions
 4 Abu Ahmad Muammar Tomer Toledo

Wafa Elias
2020 Abstracts Theses Light Reflection from Different Asphalt Types
 5 Barth Tamar Rachel Katoshevsky

Yoram Shiftan
2020 Abstracts  Public Transport Mode Preference Among Residents of the@Israeli Periphery
 6 Lapiro Igor Konstantin Kovler2020 Abstracts Theses Automatic Crack Detection for Assessment of Structural@Durability using Combination of Light Beam and@Image Processing Techniques
 7 Jaber Gali Avraham Dancygier

Rami Eid
2020 Abstracts Theses Quantification of the Structural Properties of@Unreinforced Plum Concrete Walls
 8 Braitbart Mor Ester Maxim Shoshany

Ophir Regev Almog
2020 Abstracts Theses Multi-Spectral Edge Detection for Enhanced Extraction and@Classification of Homogeneous Regions in Remotely@Sensed Images
 9 Bauman Tal Sagi Dalyot

Ophir Regev Almog
2020 Abstracts Theses Automatic Detection of Geospatial Changes based on@Local Multi-Resolution Analysis of Digital@Elevation Models Produced by Drone@Imagery
 10 Gips Elad Raphael Linker2020 Abstracts Theses Advanced Mathematical Model for Predicting Quality of@Wine Grapes and its use for Improving Vineyard@Management
 11 Shoham Etna Assaf Klar2020
 Fourier Based Solution for Tunneling Effects on Buried@Infrastructure
 12 Drahler Dana Barak Fishbain2020 Abstracts  Spatiotemporal Distribution of Air Pollution in an Indoor@Environment
 13 Ben Moshe Shany Alex Furman

Noam Veisbrod
2020 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Operational Dynamics on Biogeochemical@Efficiency of a Soil Aquifer Treatment System
 14 Stein Yonatan Raphael Linker2020 Abstracts Theses Stabilization Control of a Standing Motorcycle
 15 Marom Ido Tomer Toledo2019 Abstracts Theses Travel Patterns During Disaster Evacuation
 16 Vidro Yulia Maxim Shoshany2019 Abstracts Theses Shrub's Structure and Biomass Analysis along Climatic@Gradient Based on Photogrammetric Point Cloud
 17 Spicer Matthew Oded Amir2019 Abstracts Theses Reducing Computational Effort in Structural Topology@Optimization using Reanalysis with a Stiff@Reference Matrix
 18 Shechter Chen Sagi Dalyot

Dafna Fisher Gewirtzm
2019 Abstracts  The Importance of Landmark Visibility on the Formation@of a Mental Map during Pedestrian Navigation
 19 Mandelboumm Liad Amnon Katz2019 Abstracts Theses Influence of Old Paste on the Properties of Recycled@Aggregate Concrete
 20 Dagan Chen Youri Gendel2019 Abstracts Theses Hydrogenation of Nitrate in Groundwater using@Microtubular CNT-made Catalytic Membrane Contactor
 21 Lerman Roytblat Sofia Guy Ramon2019 Abstracts Theses Slippery, Liquid-Infused Feed Spacers for Biofouling@Control in Membrane Systems
 22 Keisar Itay Moshe Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2019 Abstracts Theses Denitrification of High Nitrate Concentration in@a Pressurized Hydrogen-Based Reactor
 23 Levi Eliyahu Sagi Filin2019 Abstracts Theses Image Based 3-D Modeling of complex dynamic scenes
 24 Matani Shihab Arieh Sidess

Mark Lloyd Talesnick
2019 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Density and Moisture Content on the@Resilient Modulus of Clayey Subgrdes
 25 Omer Itamar Mark Lloyd Talesnick2019 Abstracts Theses Development of a Methodology for the Use of a Push-In@Pressure Cell in Sand, through Investigation of@the Penetration Mechanism of a Pile
 26 Leb Adam Dan Guy Ramon2019 Abstracts Theses Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Seawater Desalination@Through Osmotic Energy Recovery
 27 Larom Yuval Avi Ostfeld

Shmulik Pinkert
2019 Abstracts Theses Discrete Geometric Modeling of Granular Soils, based on@Statistical Percolative Principles
 28 Ulka Simon Konstantin Kovler

Charles E. Diesendruck
2019 Abstracts Theses Upcycling of Chemical Waste Containing Linear@Alkylbenzenesulfonates(LABS)for Application@in Cementitious Systems
 29 Naamnih Jad Avi Ostfeld2019 Abstracts Theses Events Detection in Water Distribution Systems
 30 Edlerman Eviatar Raphael Linker2019 Abstracts Theses Autonomous Multi-Robot System for use in Vineyards and@Orchards
 31 Allaldin Murad Mark Lloyd Talesnick2019 Abstracts Theses Effect of Wall Friction on Earth Pressures and Deformations@in Geotechnical Modeling
 32 Safadi Yazan Jack Haddad2019 Abstracts Theses Optimal Integrated Routing and Signal Control in Urban@Traffic Networks
 33 Aziz Shany Yiska Goldfeld2019 Abstracts Theses Sensory Stainless-Steel Yarns for Detecting Water@Infiltration through Cracks in Textile Reinforced@Concrete Elements
 34 Hamdan Salah-Eldeen Tomer Toledo2019 Abstracts Theses Control of Signalized Intersections to Reduce Energy@Consumption
 35 Michel-Meyer Itamar Uri Shavit

Ravid Rosenzweig
2019 Abstracts Theses The Role of Water Flow and Dispersion on the Dissolution@of CO2 in Deep Saline Aquifers
 36 Komarovsky Shimon Jack Haddad2019 Abstracts Theses Robust Traffic Signal Control for Uncertain Road Networks
 37 Uwayid Wasim Jack Haddad2019 Abstracts Theses Max-Pressure Traffic Signal Control Based on Bluetooth@Sensor Data
 38 Pestes Yehonatan Mahmood Jabareen2019 Abstracts Theses Development of a Cosserat Point Element for Non-Linear@Dynamic Analysis
 39 Shachar Yedidya Avraham Dancygier2019
 Influence of Exposure to Fire on The Residual Structural@Properties of Reinforced Concrete Beams
 40 Bouwer Bernadette Abraham Shaviv2019 Abstracts Theses Sustainable Use of: Soil - Water - Nutrient Resource to@Secure Crop Production while Minimizing Nitrogen@Environmental Pollution
 41 Netzer Itamar Oren Lavan2019
 Optimal Design of Passively Damped Outriggers Considering@Perimeter Column Flexibility
 42 Elnashef Bashar Sagi Filin2019 Abstracts Theses Linear and Refraction-Invariant Models for Image-Based@Underwater Mapping
 43 Katzman Doron Yael Dubowski2019 Abstracts Theses Assessing the Impact of a Polymeric Spray Drift Retardant@Adjuvant on the Reduction of Airborne Pesticides@Concentrations
 44 Shlomo Bendory Inbar Eran Friedler2019 Abstracts  Novel Oscillatory System for Removal of Colloid@Particles by Flocculation
 45 Frieling Benjamin Yoram Shiftan2019 Abstracts Theses Impact of Suburban Haifa Mass Transit Lines on Residential@Property Values
 46 Sirhan Mai Arieh Sidess

Tomer Toledo
2019 Abstracts Theses Effect of Compaction Method on the Mechanical Properties@of Asphalt Mixtures
 47 Kattel Uri Rafael Sacks2019 Abstracts Theses Semantic Enrichment of Geometry Representation Models@of Highway Bridges
 48 Ladin Geinitz Yoel Gilad Even-Tzur2019 Abstracts Theses GNSS Code Differential Positioning in Smartphones
 49 Epstein Jose Agustin Guy Ramon2019 Abstracts Theses In-Situ Micro-Rheology of a Foulant Layer
 50 Nadav Dvir Avi Ostfeld

Shmulik Pinkert
2019 Abstracts Theses Analytical-Empirical Approach for the Prediction of@Kinematic-Response Relationships between@Hydrate-Bearing Soils and Standard@Soils
 51 Malul Dror Uri Shavit

Roi Holzman
2019 Abstracts Theses Dancing out-of-phase: Coral Tentacle Stiffness Evokes@Out-of-Phase Motion That Improves Mass Transfer
 52 Dror Erez Rafael Sacks2019 Abstracts Theses Improving Information Flow in Construction Projects using@Real-Time Monitoring and Information Visualization
 53 Berkov Anastasia Robert Armon2019 Abstracts Theses Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans Growth and Enumeration on@Different Media
 54 Viner Netanel Mahmood Jabareen2018 Abstracts Theses Multiphysics Modeling of Smooth Muscle Contraction
 55 Assis Doron Yehiel Rosenfeld2018 Abstracts Theses Survey and Analysis of Financing Methods for Urban Renewal@and Redevelopment Projects
 56 Shahin Fadi Yehiel Rosenfeld2018 Abstracts Theses Mitigating Safety and Health Hazards in Construction@Flooring Activities
 57 Barsky Yana Ayelet Galtzur

Shlomo Bekhor
2018 Abstracts Theses Feature Engineering Based Methodology for Congestion@Forecasting
 58 Dabush Razi Mark Lloyd Talesnick2018 Abstracts Theses Development of a Hybrid Soil Pressure Transducer to Reduce@the Effect of Arching
 59 Lloyd Noam Assaf Klar2018 Abstracts Theses Peudo Static Characterization of Slopes Subjected@to Higher Accelerationthan than the Critical One
 60 Amikam Gidon Youri Gendel2018 Abstracts  Chlorine-Free Seawater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
 61 Keblawi Mahmud Tomer Toledo2018 Abstracts Theses Simulation Based Optimization of Adjacent Actuated Traffic@Signals
 62 Shkolnik Tal Alex Furman

Roey Egozi
2018 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Water Saving Means, Mulch and Cover Crops,@in Young Orchards
 63 Segal Hadas Ori Lahav2018 Abstracts Theses Development of a Second Pass and Establishment@of Temperature Dependency, as Part of an Energy@Efficient Seawater RO Desalination@Process Aimed at Boron and TDS
 64 Efraim Rolider Noa Ori Lahav

Liat Birnhack
2018 Abstracts Theses Improvement and Quantitative Assessment of a Physical-@Chemical Approach for Growing Striped-Bass in a@Freshwater and Brackish Water@Redirculated Aquaculture...
 65 Eren Tom Avraham Dancygier2018 Abstracts Theses Revisiting criteria and calculation procedures of@deflections in reinforced concrete beams and slabs
 66 Bshouty Eliana Sagi Dalyot2018 Abstracts Theses Updating OpenStreetMap using LoD1 Building Data Extracted@from Contributed Photographs
 67 Hallac Pauliana Tomer Toledo2018 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Adaptive Cruise Control and Cooperative@Adaptive Cruise Control on Traffic and Safety
 68 Darzi Ran Yael Dubowski

Abraham Shaviv
2018 Abstracts  FTIR Systems for Tracking N2O and NH3 Emmission while@Testing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Greenhouse@Experiments with Advanced Nitrogen@Fertilization
 69 Khwais Miran Jack Haddad2018 Abstracts Theses Optimal Bus Priority Control with Pre-signal
 70 Hindi Mohamad Tomer Toledo

Robert Ishaq
2018 Abstracts Theses The Choice of the Metronit's Access and Egress Modes
 71 Haft Adi Eran Friedler

2018 Abstracts Theses Characterising Stormwater in Israeli Cities Kfar-Saba@as a case study
 72 Hefets Zvi Yehiel Rosenfeld

Stephan Schwarz
2018 Abstracts  Resilience of Structures Against Earthquake - Quantitative@Analysis of Costs and Benefites
 73 Werzberger Shmuel Avraham Dancygier

Yuri Karinski
2018 Abstracts Theses Quantification of the Localization Phenomenon in@Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams with Conventional@Reinforcement
 74 Bergman Bar Yoram Shiftan2018 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Travel-Based Multitasking on Travelers'@Utility, Value of Time and Transport Mode@Choice
 75 Shakour Emad Oded Amir2018 Abstracts Theses Topology Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Elements Using@Continuum Damage Models
 76 Zelickman Yakov Oded Amir2018 Abstracts Theses Topology optimization with strees constraints using material@nonlinearity
 77 Berkover Erez Avraham Dancygier2018 Abstracts Theses Flexural Static Behavior of Normal Strength Reinforced@Concrete Beams with Steel Fibers
 78 Zheng Zhengfei Jack Haddad2018 Abstracts Theses Adaptive Perimeter Control for Large-Scale Urban Networks
 79 Lifshitz Ron Avi Ostfeld2018 Abstracts Theses Dynamic District Metering Areas Optimization for Water@Distribution Systems
 80 Genez Adar Shlomo Bekhor2018 Abstracts  Formulation and Application of a Demand Responsive@Transit Model
 81 Nachum Shay Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Sam Frydman
2018 Abstracts Theses The Relationship Between Three Dimensional Stresses@and Strains During One Dimensional Loading,@Unloading and Swelling of Unsaturated@Clay
 82 Abasi Samah Robert Armon

Abidelfatah Nasser
2018 Abstracts Theses Removal of Cryptosporidium by tertiary wastewater@treatment and it's prevalence in tertiary effluent
 83 Abasi Amal Wafa Elias

Yoram Shiftan
2018 Abstracts Theses Patterns of Drinking Energy Drinks and their Effect on@Driving Performance Among Arab Youth in Israel
 84 Abdelhadi Samya Carlos Dosoretz

Hassan Azaiza
2018 Abstracts Theses Production of Biochar from Olive Mill Solid Waste for@Removal of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic@Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Industrial@Wastewater
 85 Amoyal Yohay Oded Amir2018 Abstracts Theses Investigating the Potential of Reducing the Weight of@Ribbed Concrete Plates Using Structural@Optimization
 86 Segev Mark Naama Guy Ramon2018 Abstracts Theses Colloidal Deposition Polymer-Brush-Coated@NF Membranes
 87 Soffer Gil Yeoshua Frostig2018 Abstracts Theses Tensile Buckling of Rectangular and Full Annular and@Sectorial Plates with Elastic Foundation and@Tensile Post-Buckling of Annular Plates
 88 Marzok Ameer Avraham Dancygier

Oren Lavan
2018 Abstracts Theses Assessment of the Seismic Capacities of RC Shear Walls@to Loads and Displacements
 89 Navon Zeev Avraham Dancygier

Yuri Karinski
2018 Abstracts Theses Tensile Behavior of a Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bar@Containing Conventional Reinforcement
 90 Campagnano Micol Eran Friedler2018
 Fate of Organic Micropollutants in Hydrothermal@carbonization Treatment of Poultry Litter
 91 Zeidan Mohamad Avi Ostfeld2018 Abstracts Theses Multi-Objective Optimization for Trading off Operational@Cost, Leakage, and Water Age in Water Distribution@Systems
 92 Alexander Chanan Oded Rabinovitch2018 Abstracts Theses Fragility Curves Assessment of Seismic Loads as a@Potential Cause of Structural Failure on an@Archaeological Site
 93 Shulman Marina Carlos Dosoretz

Isam Sabbah
2018 Abstracts  Characterization of Nitrogen Removal in Single-Stage@Partial Nitritation/Anammox Process Fed with@Synthetic Medium and Reject Water@from Thermophilic Anaerobic...
 94 Jamal Alaa Raphael Linker

Mashor Housh
2017 Abstracts Theses Utilizing probabilistic weather forecasting for optimal@irrigation scheduling
 95 Aviezer Yaron Ori Lahav

Liat Birnhack
2017 Abstracts Theses A New thermal-Reduction-based Approach for Producing@Mg(s) from Seawater
 96 Shani-Zerbib Almog Dan Liberzon2017 Abstracts Theses New Laser Slope Gauge Design for Laboratory Scale@Wind-Wave Measurements
 97 Elbaz Avihu Aviad Shapira2017 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Tower Crane Cycle Times: Cab-Control Versus@Remote-Control Operation
 98 Zach Solomon Aviv Yohay Carmel2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling the relations between species similarity and@competitive exclusion in ecological communities
 99 Dayan Amit Rafael Sacks

Yasha Jacob Grobman
2017 Abstracts Theses 3D Visualizations as Cognition Enhancers for Apartment@Customization
 100 Hirsch Yogev Mika Joshua S. Greenfeld

Sagi Filin
2017 Abstracts Theses Skeletonization of 3D point clouds for object analysis and@classification
 101 Cohen Achituv Sagi Dalyot

Shiri Azenkot
2017 Abstracts Theses Building a Weighted Graph based on OpenStreetMap Data for@Routing Algorithms for Blind Pedestrians
 102 Gido Ben David Broday

Eran Friedler
2017 Abstracts Theses Atmospheric Moisture Harvesting
 103 Fux Inbal Ori Lahav

Liat Birnhack
2017 Abstracts Theses Removal of Nitrate from Drinking Water by Ion Exchange@Followed by nZVI-Based Reduction and@Electrooxidation of the Ammonia Product@to N2(g)
 104 Bahnasy Abedalkreem Oren Lavan2017 Abstracts Theses Optimal Seismic Design of Buildings using Nonlinear Viscous@Dampers
 105 Itay Uria Dan Liberzon2017 Abstracts Theses In search of a Kinematic criterion for the breaking of@shoaling waves
 106 Drori Oded Eyal Levenberg2017 Abstracts Theses Characterization of moving surface loads with buried@accelerometers
 107 Schmidt Roey Shlomo Bekhor2017 Abstracts Theses Planning a complementary Bus Network for Closed BRT System
 108 Hermann Shoshana Assaf Klar

Raphael Linker
2017 Abstracts Theses Leakage-Induced Pipeline Stressing
 109 Shamir Mizrahi Yael Rachel Katoshevsky

Tomer Toledo
2017 Abstracts Theses Travel Characteristics and Usage Factors of@Matronit Passengers
 110 Katriel Elad Oren Lavan

Oded Amir
2017 Abstracts Theses Optimal Seismic Retrofit of 2D Reinforced Concrete Frames@with Masonry Infill Using Various Technologies
 111 Tzfati Eran Noah Galil (Deceased)

Haim Sheindorf
2017 Abstracts Theses Study of the De-ammonification Process for Nitrogen Removal@from Reject Streams to Reduce Municipal WWTP Load
 112 Loyola Borja Miguel Angel Haim Aviram

Yoram Shiftan
2017 Abstracts Theses The Value of Reliability in Public Transport and its@Perception in Different Communities
 113 Lehmann David Ori Lahav2017 Abstracts Theses An electrochemically-Regenerated Ion Exchange Process for@Separation of NH4+ from Wastewater and@its Oxidation to N2(g)
 114 Altshuler Tal Rachel Katoshevsky

Yoram Shiftan
2017 Abstracts Theses Ride Sharing and Dynamic Networks Analysis
 115 Wang Fengzhe Konstantin Kovler2017 Abstracts Theses Assessment of Strength, Hardness and Elastic Properties of@Concrete Using Nondestructive Methods
 116 Moshenberg Shai Barak Fishbain2017 Abstracts Theses Methods for Imputation and Filtering of Air Pollution Data
 117 Nigem Piere Jacob Uzan

Arieh Sidess
2017 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Granular Pavement Materials Behavior under@Cyclic Loading
 118 Fux Gali Guy Ramon2017 Abstracts Theses Deformation, Deposition and Release of Oil Droplets from@a Membrane Surface
 119 Hadas Sagi Guy Ramon2017 Abstracts Theses The Efficacy of Osmosis-Assisted Cleaning of@Scaled Nanofiltration Membranes
 120 Yacobi Tamar Barak Fishbain

Yael Etzion Cohen
2017 Abstracts Theses Development and Utilization of New Methods for Urban Air@Pollution Monitoring
 121 Haronian Eran Rafael Sacks2017 Abstracts Theses Examination of the Feasibility of Use of Relational@Contracts in Transport Infrastructure Projects
 122 Deutsch Aharon Moshe Eisenberger2017 Abstracts Theses Analytical Calculation of Natural Frequencies of Plates
 123 Ukrainsky Ben Guy Ramon2017 Abstracts Theses Direct Microscopic Observation of Membrane Formation In a@Microfluidic Device
 124 Denneboom Dror Abraham Shaviv

Michael Iggy Litaor
2017 Abstracts Theses Modeling of Phosphorous adsorption by Aluminum water@treatment residuals
 125 Torgman Shlomo Sagi Filin2016 Abstracts Theses Accuracy of Laser Scanning Systems and the Components@Affecting them
 126 Asher Shai Uri Shavit2016 Abstracts Theses Vertical Variations of Coral Reef Drag Forces
 127 Drach Uri Amir Degani

Ilan Halachmi
2016 Abstracts  A new concept for herding dairy cows to a milking robot
 128 Manasra Hend Tomer Toledo2016 Abstracts Theses Real Time Control for Transit Systems with Transfers
 129 Rubinstein Oren Barak Fishbain2016 Abstracts Theses Freeway Traffic Level of Service Detemining through@Automated Video Feed Processing
 130 Talisman Arthur Shlomo Bekhor2016 Abstracts Theses Assessment of Public Transport Penalties in the Transit@Assignment Model
 131 Porat Oded Carlos Dosoretz2016 Abstracts Theses Identifying diffusion of organic pollutants across Ionic@Exchange Membranes in Microbial Desalination Cells
 132 Lusztig Schvartz David Dov Guy Ramon2016 Abstracts Theses Heat and Mass Transfer in an Adsorptive Thermoacoustic@System.
 133 Temtsin Sharon Amir Degani2016 Abstracts Theses Decision Making Algorithms for Safe Robotic Disassembling@of Randomly Piled Objects
 134 Nativ Paz Ori Lahav

Liat Birnhack
2016 Abstracts Theses Membrane based methods for selective separation of@Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions from seawater, for improving@the quality of soft and desalinated@waters
 135 Mazuz Ofer Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Aviad Shapira
2016 Abstracts Theses Measurement and analysis of lateral pressure of concrete on@vertical formwork using geotechnical tools
 136 Hilel Roni Dan Liberzon2016 Abstracts Theses Turbulence of anabatic (up-slope) thermally driven@flow
 137 Inibtawi Maisa David Broday

Yael Dubowski
2016 Abstracts Theses Content of Combustion Retardants in Cars' Dust
 138 Mashiach Liat Joshua S. Greenfeld

Sagi Dalyot
2016 Abstracts Theses Statistical-Based Method for Parking Search on the Way@to Destination
 139 Sosko Shay Sagi Dalyot2016 Abstracts Theses Densifying Static Geosensor Weather Networks via@Crowdsourcing of Mobile Sensor Observations
 140 Shahaf Yasuer Rafael Sacks2016 Abstracts Theses The Flow of Process Information and its Impact on the@Workflow of Construction Crews
 141 Nussboim Shulamit David Broday

Alon Rimer
2016 Abstracts Theses Using the Kalman Filter for heat storage and evaporation@estimation in Lake Kinneret
 142 Schwartz Rafael Avi Ostfeld2016 Abstracts Theses Inclusion of Uncertainty in Water Distribution Dystems@Optimal Design and Operation
 143 Sharif Shayma Tomer Toledo2016 Abstracts Theses Modeling Toll Lanes Demand
 144 Sultan Jody Sagi Dalyot2016 Abstracts Theses Extracting spatial patterns of bicycle rides from@crowdsourced data
 145 Fabian Tal Carlos Dosoretz2016 Abstracts Theses Integration of a Submerged Aerated Fixed Biofilm Reactor@with Advanced Oxidation Processes as a@Pretreatment for Membrane Separation@of Wastewater Effluents
 146 Binski Noa Sagi Dalyot2016 Abstracts Theses Wikipedia as a source of survay landmarks for enriching@car navigation
 147 Benaim Shay Sagi Dalyot2016 Abstracts Theses Hierarchical Approach for Extracting Road Network from@Crowdsourced Data
 148 Berger Ari Per-Olof Gutman2016 Abstracts Theses A Novel Approach to Nano Position Control System Design@towards a 450 mm Wafer Inspection X-Y Stage
 149 Teger Ari Amnon Katz2016
 The Minimal Cement Content of Workable Concrete
 150 Massad Ido Sagi Dalyot2016 Abstracts Theses Applying Kalman Filter in Modeling Digital Terrain Model@from Crowdsourced-based GPS Observations
 151 Frolich Levi David Barak Fishbain2016 Abstracts Theses Spectral Methods for Analysis of Bacteria Counts in Water@Wells
 152 Kulisch Daniele Amnon Katz2016 Abstracts Theses Recycled Aggregate as a Replacement for Fine Aggregate in@Concrete Production
 153 Lahav Yotam Guy Ramon

Oz Gazit
2016 Abstracts Theses Stimuli-Induced Surface-Peeling for Fouling Control in@Membrane-Based Water Production
 154 Khadya Nanak Abraham Shaviv

Michael Iggy Litaor
2016 Abstracts Theses The influence of treated and raw olive mill wastewater@on soil chemo-physical properties as measured@by electromagnetic induction
 155 Yogev Daphna Barak Fishbain2016 Abstracts Theses Domestic Water End Users Classification as Potential@Method for Leakage Detection
 156 Haboucha Joanne Chana Yoram Shiftan

Robert Ishaq
2016 Abstracts Theses User Preferences Regarding Autonomous Vehicles:@Implications on Private Vehicle Ownership
 157 Yu Qianli Raphael Semiat2016 Abstracts Theses Modeling of reverse osmosis membrane
 158 Ben-Aarosh Stav Yiska Goldfeld2016 Abstracts Theses Concept Validation of Intelligent Sensory Carbon-Based TRC
 159 Miller Vera Sagi Filin2016 Abstracts Theses Marker Free Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans of@Natural Scenes
 160 Klein Boaz Assaf Klar2016 Abstracts Theses Prediction of 3D Tunneling Induced Ground Displacements@in Saturated Clays using the Mobilized Strength@Design Method
 161 Buhris Eli Tomer Toledo2016 Abstracts Theses Passenger's Preferences towards Spots on the Bus
 162 Ben-Dror Efrat Oded Rabinovitch2016 Abstracts Theses Debonding Processes in Large Scale Structural Elements@Strengthened with Composite Materials - An XFEM@Approach
 163 Goren Yonathan Uri Shavit2016 Abstracts Theses Characterization of the Subsurface Flow Regime of Nahal@Cziv
 164 Goldner Marom Shiran Aviad Shapira2016 Abstracts Theses Culture of Using Tower Cranes for Building Construction
 165 Volk Elazar Nathan Alex Furman

Ravid Rosenzweig
2016 Abstracts Theses Quantifying the Effects of Biofilm on the Hydraulic@Properties of Unsaturated Soils
 166 Mulian Gilad Oded Rabinovitch2016 Abstracts  Dynamic Interfacial Failure in Beams Strengthened with@Composite Materials
 167 Hajaj Roy Yehiel Rosenfeld2016 Abstracts Theses Economic-Engineering Comparative Analysis of Using Very@Large Floating Structures (VLFS) as a Method for@Expanding Coastal Cities
 168 Mouradjalian Hagop Itzhak Shmulevich

Zvi Anosh Asaf
2016 Abstracts Theses Development of a non-destructive testing method of roadside@safety guardrails
 169 Reshef Hagai Viktoriy Gitelmn

Shlomo Bekhor
2016 Abstracts Theses Comparative Analysis of Pedestrian Safety on Collector@Streets
 170 Shefer Idit Alex Furman2016 Abstracts Theses Identifying Contaminants in Soils Using Spectral@Induced Polarization
 171 Borisover Elina Guy Ramon2016 Abstracts Theses Colloid Deposition and Release from Nanofiltration@Membranes
 172 Golub Despina-Diana Dafna Fisher Gewirtzm

Yerach Doytsher
2016 Abstracts Theses Quantitative Model for Three-Dimensional Analysis of Urban@Environments Indicating on Qualitative Aspects
 173 Frank Tal Yiska Goldfeld2016 Abstracts Theses Survey of Global Non-Destructive Testing of Reinforcement@Concrete Bridges
 174 Ilizirov Grigory Sagi Filin2016 Abstracts Theses Photogrammetry Based on Imaging via Mirrors
 175 Levi Nimrod Michal Green

Michael Iggy Litaor
2016 Abstracts Theses Comparative study of synthetic and tuff substrates in@saturated aerobic biofilm reactors for the@treatment of olive mill wastewater
 176 Mozhaeva Sofia Maxim Shoshany2016 Abstracts Theses Time-Series Analysis of Land-Cover Using Spectral Indices@Derived from Remotely Sensed Imagery
 177 Golan Guy Itzhak Shmulevich

Zvi Anosh Asaf
2016 Abstracts Theses Energy Absorption of Encapsulated Granular Materials@under Impact Loading
 178 Ophek Liron Ori Lahav2016 Abstracts Theses Improving Energy Efficiency and Simulation Accuracy of a@Single Step SWRO Process Combining Boron@and TDS Rejection
 179 Pinkesfeld Eran Noah Galil (Deceased)2015 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Potential Renewable Energy Production in@Wastewater Treatment Plant
 180 Tsabari Noa Gilad Even-Tzur2015 Abstracts Theses Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Differential GPS and@Image Processing Techniques
 181 Mansour Omar Tomer Toledo

Jack Haddad
2015 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Tolls for Managed Lanes
 182 Rony Dvir Yiska Goldfeld2015 Abstracts Theses Identification of Cracks in Reinforced Concrete Beams@and Plates with Distributed Fiber Optics
 183 Arnon Adva Yael Dubowski

Raphael Linker
2015 Abstracts Theses Using Open Path FTIR for Real Time Monitoring of@Aerosolized Pesticide Drift
 184 Ghanayim Muhammad Shlomo Bekhor2015 Abstracts Theses Estimating the Willingness to Pay for In-Vehicle e-Safety@Systems
 185 Normand Eitan Assaf Klar2015 Abstracts Theses Reinforced Earth Walls - Inclusion of Advanced Aspects@in Rational Design
 186 Dekel Ben-Yaakov Vered Raphael Linker

Victor Alchanatis
2015 Abstracts Theses Attempt to Detect Water Stress in Melissa Plants Using@hyperspectral Thermal Imaging
 187 Gluska Dror Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2015 Abstracts Theses Nitrate Removal by Ion Exchange and Bio-Regeneration@Focusing on Product Water Quality and Waste Brine@Volume
 188 Amara Ronza Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2015 Abstracts Theses Complementary Treatment for Ion Exchange and Bioregeneration@System to Remove Nitrates from@Groundwater
 189 Kalaev Julia Oren Lavan2015 Abstracts Theses Seismic Retrofitting of Wall Structures Using Viscous@Dampers Mounted on a Few Stories
 190 Zatmeh-Kanj Sunbola Tomer Toledo2015 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Distraction on Driving Behavior
 191 Cohen Lior Maxim Shoshany

Ophir Regev Almog
2015 Abstracts Theses Improving the Spectral Separability between Objects@through Wavelet Transformation
 192 Shteynberg Denis Eran Friedler2015 Abstracts Theses Measurement and Simulation of the Diurnal Pattern of@Domestic Water Demand on Micro-Component Scale
 193 Lifshitz Adi Michal Green2015 Abstracts Theses Combining Nitrification with Storage Driven Denitrification
 194 Kartashevsky Moti Carlos Dosoretz

Raphael Semiat
2015 Abstracts Theses Application of Granular Ferric Hydroxide for Phosphate@Removal as a Complementary Process in Secondary@Effluent Desalination
 195 Zur Omer Yoram Shiftan2015 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Models on Decision Making: The Case of@Transportation Planning
 196 Ronen Hagi Gilad Even-Tzur2015 Abstracts Theses Scheme for a Dynamic Geodetic Datum for Israel
 197 Barak Kohavit Joshua S. Greenfeld

Sagi Filin
2015 Abstracts Theses Fuzzy Logic Based Boundaries Determination of Vectors Based@Polygons
 198 Charas Ziv Assaf Klar2015 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Particle Migration on the Mechanical Behavior@of Methane Hydrate Sediment
 199 Maskit Matan Avi Ostfeld2015 Abstracts Theses Multi-Objective Optimization for Least Cost Operation@and Leakage in Water Distribution Systems
 200 Akrish Gal Oded Rabinovitch

Yehuda Agnon
2015 Abstracts Theses Interaction between a Deformable Wall and Water Waves
 201 Noi Gili David Broday

Yohay Carmel
2015 Abstracts Theses Development of a Quantitative Approach for Environmental@Impact Assessment of a Desalination Plant:@Shavei Zion Case Study
 202 Levy Ella Barak Fishbain2015 Abstracts Theses Early Contamination Detection in Water Supply Systems@through Enhancement of Bio-sensors by Chlorpyrifos@In-Line Oxidation
 203 Karnis Simon Joshua S. Greenfeld

Sagi Filin
2015 Abstracts Theses Geospatial Data Conflation Using Agent Based Modeling and@Simulation
 204 Nof Keren Michal Green2015 Abstracts Theses Nitrogen Compounds Removal From River Water in India Using@MBBR
 205 Peysin Alon Moshe Eisenberger2015 Abstracts Theses Finite Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom - Static@and Dynamic Analysis
 206 Ben-Haim Reut Yoram Shiftan2015
 Scenarios of the Use of ICT and ITS and their Impact on@Activity Patterns and Travel Behavior of People
 207 Ben-Alon Lola Rafael Sacks2015 Abstracts Theses Simulating and Visualizing the Flow of Trade Crews using@Agents and Building Information Models
 208 Vanunu Maimon Lior Rachel Katoshevsky

Yoram Shiftan
2015 Abstracts Theses An Examination of Factors Affecting the Population of@Workers Move from Private Vehicles to Public@Transportation
 209 Kamil Oren Alexander Laufer (Deceased)2015 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the Work of the Formen in an Electro-Mechanic@Projects
 210 Michaeli Nir Eyal Levenberg2015 Abstracts Theses Viscoelastic Characterization of Asphlt-Aggregate Mixes@with the Indirect Tensile Apparatus
 211 Gil Shani Tomer Toledo

Orit Taubman-Ben Ari
2015 Abstracts Theses A Multidimensional Intergenerational Model for the@Explanation of Young Male Novice Drivers` Driving@Style
 212 Hagage Moran Uri Shavit

Alex Furman
2015 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Biochar on the Hydraulic Properties of Soil
 213 Lehmann Katan Orly Ori Lahav2015 Abstracts Theses Selective Magnetic Separation of MG+2 Ions from SWRO@Brine by Adsorption on Magnetite Crystals
 214 Shalev Adva Eran Friedler

Yael Dubowski
2015 Abstracts Theses Removal of Triclosan from Graywater by Innovative V-UV-UV-C@Process
 215 Glickman Inbal Yoram Shiftan2015 Abstracts Theses Integrating Activity-Based Travel Demand Models with Land@Use and Other Long Term Life-Style Decision
 216 Gat Gilad Amir Degani

2015 Abstracts Theses Stable and Robust Vehicle Steering Control Using@an Overhead Guide in Greenhouse Tasks
 217 Koren Irit Robert Armon2015 Abstracts Theses Assessment of the Applicability of Bacteriophages Treatment@in Controlling and Preventing Fireblight in@Peer Trees
 218 Rothman Yaakov Sagi Filin

Itzik Klein
2015 Abstracts Theses Mitigating Navigation Drift using Optical Sensors and@Physical Constraints
 219 Grisaro Hezi Avraham Dancygier2014 Abstracts Theses Effect of a Rear Face Protective Layer on Scabbing in Walls@of RC Protective Structures
 220 Abecassis David Oren Lavan2014 Abstracts Theses Seismic Retrofitting of Frame Structures by Energy@Dissipation Devices Linked to Shear Walls
 221 Boico Lesia Gilad Even-Tzur2014 Abstracts Theses Modeling Tropospheric Delay in GPS Measurements in@Mountainous Areas
 222 Lutaty Tomer Rafael Sacks2014
 Construction Labor Productivity Trends in Light of@Developments in Industrialization and Technology
 223 Blanky Marina Eran Friedler

Malka Halpern
2014 Abstracts Theses Legionella pneumophila in Greywater - Quantification,@Removal during Treatment and Assessment of Human@Exposure via Aerosols
 224 Reches Yonathan Konstantin Kovler2014
 Purification of Phosphogypsum for Use in Construction
 225 Swissa Dana Rafael Sacks2014 Abstracts Theses Safe Construction by Design: Virtual Assessment of@Construction Hazards in Design
 226 Balakhovsky Kirill Konstantin Volokh

Mahmood Jabareen
2014 Abstracts Theses Deformation and Failure of Axisymmetric Membranes Made of@Soft Active Materials
 227 Avraham-Katriel Rachel Mark Lloyd Talesnick2014 Abstracts Theses Measurement of Pressures Acting on and around a Driven@Model of a Pile in Sand
 228 Bloch Tatyana Rafael Sacks

Oded Rabinovitch
2014 Abstracts Theses Towards Building Information Modeling of Damaged Buildings@to Guide Search and Rescue Operations
 229 Dromy Idan Assaf Klar

Raphael Linker
2014 Abstracts Theses Monitoring Tunneling Induced Ground Displacements Using@Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing
 230 Chacha Aaron Avraham Dancygier

Yuri Karinski
2014 Abstracts Theses A Model to Assess the Load Acting on a Buried Structure
 231 Rokhlin Elena Gilad Even-Tzur2014 Abstracts Theses Monitoring Vertical Displacement of TGBM Using GNSS@Measurements and Connect them to the Permanent@GNSS Stations in Israel
 232 Noi Dalit Carlos Dosoretz2014 Abstracts Theses Study of Magnetic Surfaces as a Platform for@Controlling Biofouling in Water Systems
 233 Oliker Nurit Avi Ostfeld2014 Abstracts Theses Multivariate Data Analysis for Contamination Event Detection@in Water Distribution Systems
 234 Atari Gorelik Shulamit Carlos Dosoretz

Sharon Avrahami
2014 Abstracts Theses Study of Biofouling in Dripping Irrigation Systems
 235 Zweig Rachel Sagi Filin

Yoav Avni
2014 Abstracts Theses Quantification and Modeling of Land Degradation Processes@in Arid Environments using Terrestrial Laser@Scanning
 236 Moreno Ziv Alex Furman2014 Abstracts Theses Estimation of Aquifer Recharge below Agriculture Fields@Using Resistivity Methods
 237 Cohen Barak Carlos Dosoretz2014 Abstracts Theses Desalination via a Novel Bio-electrochemical Approach -@Microbial Desalination Cell (MDC)
 238 Shani Michal Raphael Linker

Shaul Gutman
2014 Abstracts Theses Trajectory Planning and Guidance of a Robotic Arm for Tree@Pruning
 239 Kohane Asaf Yoram Shiftan

Haim Aviram
 Assessing Changeable Travel Demand and its Integration into@the Transportation Model
 240 Skulovich Olya Avi Ostfeld

Polina Sela
2014 Abstracts Theses Optimal Layout of Surge Contol Devices in Water@Distribution Systems
 241 Shaked Meital Raphael Linker2014 Abstracts Theses Combination of Coarse and Fine Visual Servoing Control for@a Polar Precision Sprayer
 242 Nir Omer Raphael Linker2014 Abstracts Theses Modeling of Tree Structure Using Robotic Arm for Pruning
 243 Litinetsky Inna Robert Armon2014 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Several Chemical and Physical Factors on@Struvite Sediment Strength under Laboratory@Conditions
 244 Vdov Olga Yohay Carmel

Gil Rilov
2014 Abstracts Theses The Linkage between Environmental Heterogeneity and@Biodiversity in Algal Assemblages on the Rocky@Shore
 245 Nawatha Mayas Gilad Even-Tzur2014 Abstracts Theses Detecting Gross Errors in GNSS Networks by Means@of Spanning Trees
 246 Lehrer Tamar Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
 Bacterial Encapsulation Technologies for Atrazine@Bioremediation
 247 Zimmerman Yaron Per-Olof Gutman2014 Abstracts Theses An Innovative Method for Optimization Based, High Order@Controller Auto-tuning
 248 Felba Hayim Shlomo Bekhor2014 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Drivers' Preferences and Opinions about@the Use of Intelligent Speed Adaptation Systems
 249 Kedem Dor Yehiel Rosenfeld2014 Abstracts Theses Precursory Identification of Safety Hazared in@Industrialized Construction Methods in Concrete
 250 Tobias Yael Uri Shavit2014 Abstracts Theses A Coupled Flow and Dissolution Model for a Soil and@Salt-Rock Environment
 251 Barkay-Arbel Yoav Eran Friedler

Menahem Rebhun
2014 Abstracts Theses Precursors Removal and Reduction of Disinfection By-Products@Formation by Enhanced Coagulation and@Sedimentation in the NWC System
 252 Suchinsky David Shlomo Bekhor2014 Abstracts Theses Investigating Accident Severity and Type on Inter-Urban@Roads in Israel Using Data Mininig
 253 Tune Michal Raphael Linker

Assaf Klar
2014 Abstracts Theses BOTDR Based System for Automated Detection of Sinkhole@Formation
 254 Ben Zvi Shelly Robert Ishaq

Yoram Shiftan
2014 Abstracts Theses Self-Enforcement of Driving Speed
 255 Bahat Oren Shlomo Bekhor2014 Abstracts Theses Incorporating Ride Sharing in the Static Traffic@Assignment Model
 256 Bar Omer Yerach Doytsher2013 Abstracts Theses Non-Linear Transformations between Cartographic Maps:@A Model for a Continuous Correction Surface
 257 Barak Racheli Robert Armon2013 Abstracts Theses Biological Treatment of Wastewater by Suspended Biosolids@Enhanced by Clay
 258 Arad Jonathan Avi Ostfeld2013 Abstracts Theses Water Distribution Systems Contamination Event Detection
 259 Offer Miri Robert Armon2013 Abstracts Theses Use of Bacteriophage to Reduce Human Bacterial@Pathogens in Food
 260 Yeshoula Vered David Mahalel2013 Abstracts Theses The Involvement of Young Drivers in Road Accidents:@Characteristics and Causes
 261 Fried Mordechai Shlomo Bekhor2013
 Investigation of Visual Facilities to Reduce Speed in Curves@and Weak Points
 262 Shashank Judah David Broday

Ilan Levy
2013 Abstracts Theses Utilization of Distributed Wireless Sensor Network for@Assessing Exposure to Air Pollutants
 263 Edri Idan David Yankelevsky2013 Abstracts Theses Pressures Due to an Internal Explosion within a Room with@Different Confining Conditions
 264 Gurevich Uri Rafael Sacks2013 Abstracts Theses Examination of the Effects of a KanBIM System on@Subcontractor Task Choice in Finishing Works
 265 Glassman Reut Alex Furman

Noam Veisbrod
2013 Abstracts  Investigation of the Relationship between Soil Heterogeneity@and Flow Processes in the Vadose Zone
 266 Bak Nitzan Rachel Katoshevsky

Yoram Shiftan
2013 Abstracts Theses Is Free Park and Ride Shuttle an Alternative to the@Private car?
 267 Haas Inbal Shlomo Bekhor2013 Abstracts Theses Investigating the Characteristics Influencing the@Residence Place and the Workplace Choices in@Israel
 268 Dvier Moria Yeoshua Frostig2013 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Design of Segmental Cantilever Bridges
 269 Eyov Erez Assaf Klar

Michael Stiassnie
2013 Abstracts Theses Progressive Acoustic-Gravity Waves on Top of an Elastic@Seabed
 270 Benamou David Avraham Dancygier

Amnon Katz
2013 Abstracts Theses Impact Resistance of Dual-Layered Concrete Barriers
 271 Frenckel Nickolay Itzhak Shmulevich

Dror Rubinshtain
2013 Abstracts Theses Tire-Soil Interaction Model based on Finite Elements Method
 272 Shashkov Alona Dafna Fisher Gewirtzm

Yerach Doytsher
2013 Abstracts Theses Developing a Quantitative Three-Dimensional Visual Analysis@Model for the Urban Environment
 273 Kosman Avraham Uri Shavit2013 Abstracts Theses The Flow of a Line Sink Perpendicular to a Wall:@An Exact Solution, Asymptotic Approximations and@a Description of the Flow
 274 Issawi Lina Mahmood Jabareen2013 Abstracts Theses Coupled Nonlocal Damage-Plasticity Formulation for Modeling@Axisymmetric Concrete and Reinforced Concrete@Specimens
 275 Mor Matan Yerach Doytsher2013 Abstracts Theses A Hierarchal Approach to Integrating Airborne LiDAR and@2D GIS for Creating 3D GIS
 276 Golik Dan Yoram Shiftan2013 Abstracts Theses Relationship between Vertical Alignments and Road Accidents@on Two Lane Highways
 277 Dawas Anwar Carlos Dosoretz

Isam Sabbah
2013 Abstracts Theses Combined Adsorption and Biological Degradation Processes for@Removal of Pharmaceutical Compounds from Effluents@by Nitrifying Bacteria
 278 Arav Reuma Sagi Filin2013 Abstracts Theses Detection of Changes in Dynamic Geomorphological@Environments Using Airborne and Terrestrial Laser@Scanning Datasets
 279 Agmon Ori Maxim Shoshany2013 Abstracts Theses Change Detection Using Unmixing in Transition Zones between@Mediterranean and Semi-Arid Areas
 280 Shem-Tov Tomer Sagi Filin2013 Abstracts Theses Parallel Computational Methods for Laser Scanning Derived@Data Processing
 281 Ben Asher Raz Ori Lahav2013 Abstracts Theses Environmental and Operational Aspects of Electrochemical@Ammonia Removal and CO2(aq) Control in High Head@Recirculated Aquaculture Systems
 282 Winberger Dov Maxim Shoshany

Ophir Regev Almog
2013 Abstracts  Optimized Image Segmentation Based on Evolutionary@Algorithms for a General Evaluation Function
 283 Kamari Ravit Robert Armon

Jeanna Starosvetsky
2013 Abstracts Theses Removal of Rust from Metal Surfaces by Iron Reducing@Bacteria
 284 Schwartz Yuval Ori Lahav2013
 Development of a Process for Ammonia Removal from Swine@Wastes based on Ion Exchange Separation@Followed by Electrochemical Regeneration
 285 Ophir Roee David Mahalel2013 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of "Integreted Street" as a Mean for Better@Integration among Road Users
 286 Zivan Amir Ori Lahav2013 Abstracts Theses Development of a Cost Effective and Environmental Method for@Commercial Breeding of Mullet Fish@(Mugil Cephalus) in Low-Salinity, Low-@Hardness Waters
 287 Greenberg Eitan Roni Yael Dubowski

Lili Heller Grossman

Menahem Rebhun
2013 Abstracts Theses Removal of Trihalomethane Precursors by Nanofiltration in@the National Water Carrier System
 288 Ben-Dov Tali Ori Lahav2013 Abstracts Theses Development of an Electrochemical Process for Regeneration@of Ion Exchange Resins Used for Ammonia Removal in@Industrial Processes
 289 Morik Smadar Sagi Filin2012 Abstracts Theses Quantification of Surface Modifications Using Three-@Dimensional Sensing for Paleo-Seismic Analysis
 290 Krapivka Ariel Avi Ostfeld2012 Abstracts Theses A Hybrid Optimization Model for the Design of Water@Disribution Systems
 291 Sadia Reut Abishai Polus2012
 The Impact of Freeway Interchange and Segment Complexity@on Highway Safety
 292 Latner Erez Aviad Shapira

Yehiel Rosenfeld
2012 Abstracts  Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Selection@of General Contractors for Construction Projects
 293 Tel-Avivi Nissim Mark Lloyd Talesnick2012 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Parameters for the Reliable Analysis of@Rockfall Trajectories
 294 Avishur Meiri Oren Lavan2012 Abstracts Theses Seismic Behavior of Passively Controlled Structures under@Uncertaintes
 295 Furer Guy Noah Galil (Deceased)2012 Abstracts Theses A Decision Support Protocol for Cost-effective Retrofit@Strategy of an Existing WWTP for@Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal@(EBPR)
 296 Erez Sagit Michal Green

Isam Sabbah
2012 Abstracts Theses Envirinmental Aspects of Olive Mill Waste in Israel:@Status Study
 297 Zivan Ohad Yael Dubowski2012 Abstracts Theses Atmospheric Levels and Transport of Organophosphates@Pesticides and their Derivatives at Agricultural@Settlements
 298 Edry Sami David Mahalel2012 Abstracts Theses Red-with-Yellow Signal at Traffic Lights: Aspects of Safety@and Efficiency
 299 Nezer Oded Yohay Carmel

Shirly Bar David
2012 Abstracts Theses Habitat Distribution Model for the Asiatic Wildass (Equus@Hemionus) and the Factors Influencing his@Distribution in Israel
 300 Mejer Anat Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2012 Abstracts Theses Biological Removal of Ammonia Gas from Poultry House
 301 Haick Rana Noah Galil (Deceased)2012 Abstracts Theses Treatment of Nitrogen Compounds in@Petrochemical Wastewater
 302 Elias Dikla Yiska Goldfeld2012 Abstracts Theses Identification of Continuous Damage in Beams through@Changes in Frequencies
 303 Wicnudel Amit Aviad Shapira

Sagi Filin
2012 Abstracts Theses Laser Scanning Based Modeling of Construction Sites for@Tower Crane Blind-Lift Analysis
 304 Kashinsky Dan Doron Balasha2012 Abstracts Theses Study of Safety in Roundabouts in Dual Carriageways
 305 Mansour Sari Shlomo Bekhor2012 Abstracts Theses Impact Investigation of Moving IDF Camps to the Negev@Region on Travel Patterns in the South Region
 306 Jammalieh Nicola Joshua S. Greenfeld

Yerach Doytsher
2012 Abstracts Theses A Heuristic Method for Improving Digital Road Maps Using@Kinematic GPS Data
 307 Timnah Rotem Gilad Even-Tzur

Garry-Haim Zalmanson
2012 Abstracts Theses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping from Aerial@Photography
 308 Tirosh Ronit Arnon Bentur2012 Abstracts Theses Bonding Mechanism Between Cement Matrices and Glass Fabric@Treated by Nano-Particles
 309 Gutman Ravit Yaacov Mamane2012 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Anthropogenic Components in Mineral@Dust during Dust StormsOover the East@Mediterranean
 310 Goren-Bar Tom Joshua S. Greenfeld

Sagi Filin
 3D Reconstruction of Mountain Trails from GPS Tracks
 311 Guthman Eilon Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2012 Abstracts Theses Domestic Wastewater Treatment for Unrestricted Reuse and@Irrigation Based on CEPT and Constructed Wetlands
 312 Kira Oz Raphael Linker

Abraham Shaviv
2012 Abstracts Theses New and Inovative Measuring Method Combining Ftir-Atr@Spectroscopy and Stable Isotopes to Investigate@the Kinetics of Nitrogen@Transformations in Soils
 313 Abutayeh Hiba Carlos Dosoretz

Hassan Azaiza
2012 Abstracts Theses Bioethanol Production from Agriculture Wastes
 314 Birenbaum Haya Noah Galil (Deceased)2012 Abstracts Theses Biological Nutrient Removal by Sequencing Batch Reactor in@Industrial Wastewater
 315 Morgenstern Michal David Broday2012 Abstracts Theses Assessing the Impact of Vehicular Transportation on Nox;@PM2.5 and PM10 Concentrations in Two Metropolitan@Regions: A Case Study of Gush Dan and@Haifa; Israel
 316 Tabul David Oren Lavan2012 Abstracts Theses Implementation of Fracture Mechanics Concepts in Dynamic@Progressive Collapse Analysis by Mixed Lagrangian@Formulation (MLF) Approach
 317 Raviv Gabriel Aviad Shapira

Rafael Sacks
2012 Abstracts Theses Identification and Analysis of Mechanisms for@Constructability Knowledge Transfer from@Contractors to Designers
 318 Alony Avraham Raphael Linker2012 Abstracts Theses System Development of Rhizosphere and Root Imaging by@Laser Induced Fluorescence
 319 Rokhlin Vadim Gilad Even-Tzur2012 Abstracts Theses Attitude Determination by Means of Dual Frequency GPS@Receivers
 320 Bardin Hannah Uri Shavit

Shmuel Assulin
 An Evaluation of the Two-Stage Evaporation Model
 321 Finkelberg Ilya David Mahalel

Ayelet Galtzur
 Operational Evaluation of Signal Timing Plans Incorporating@Transit Priority
 322 Rozenshtein Sofya Abishai Polus2012 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Drivers' Impatience on Two-Lane Rural@Highways
 323 Svidovsky Alona Yael Dubowski2012
 Adsorption and Desorption of Environmental Tobacco Smoke@(ETS) in Indoor Environment
 324 Kovalev Marina Eran Friedler

Ram Porat
2012 Abstracts  Infrared Rays Embedded Fish Instrument as a Tool for@Online Detection of Pollution Intrusion into@Potable Water Systems
 325 Kolik Shmuel Lubov Robert Armon2012 Abstracts Theses Sol-Gel Thin Films Doped with Organic Molecules as a Tool@to Study Prevention of Bacterial Adhesion Onto@Surfaces
 326 Prilutskiy Zakhar Konstantin Kovler2012 Abstracts Theses Determination of Concrete Composition Using Gamma-Ray@Spectrometry
 327 Haroush Dotan Yael Dubowski

Abraham Shaviv
2012 Abstracts Theses Use of FTIR Spectroscopy for Real-Time Monitoring of@Isotopically Labeled N2O Emission from Soils
 328 Pikas Ergo Rafael Sacks2012 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of University-level BIM Education in Construction@Engineering and Management
 329 Becker Leonid Joshua S. Greenfeld

Yerach Doytsher
2012 Abstracts Theses Map Matching Method in High Density Urban Road Networks
 330 Parahovnik Lora Robert Armon2012 Abstracts Theses Mediated and Non-Mediated Microbial Fuel Cell Based on@Different Types of Bacteria
 331 Manevich Alexander Sagi Filin2012 Abstracts Theses Line Based Photogrametric 3D Modeling
 332 Blum Shem Tov Ilil Shlomo Bekhor2012 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Travel Habits Using Cell-Phones Data
 333 Lousky Marc Raphael Linker2012 Abstracts Theses Integration of a Plant Model in a Greenhouse Decision@Support System
 334 Federman Roy Yohay Carmel2011 Abstracts Theses Potential Distribution and Monitoring of the Invasive@Species "The Little Fire Ant" (Wasmannia@Auropunctata)
 335 Vinitsky Irina Abishai Polus2011 Abstracts Theses Flow and Passing-Lanes Characteristics on Two-Lane Highways
 336 Levy-Shalev Odelia Carlos Dosoretz2011 Abstracts Theses Hydrolysis of Mixed Agricultural Wastes to Sugars for@Biofuel Production
 337 Rinot Oshri Abraham Shaviv

Michal Green
2011 Abstracts Theses Hot Water Extraction for Rapid Characterization of Changes@in Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Formations in@Effluent-Irrigated Soils
 338 Penn Roni Eran Friedler2011 Abstracts Theses Quantification of the Influence of On-Site Urban Greywater@Reuse on Sewer Systems
 339 Oren Shaul Ori Lahav2011 Abstracts Theses Development of a Post Treatment Process for Magnesium@Addition to Inorganic-Carbon-Rich Desalinated@Brackish Water
 340 Ashkenazi Aviad Michal Green

Sharon Avrahami
2011 Abstracts Theses Effects of Salinity, Carbon Source and Bioreactor Type@on Community Structure of the Active Denitrifiers
 341 Muklada Hussein Eran Friedler2011 Abstracts Theses On-site Rainwater Harvesting as an Alternative Water Source@for Urban Areas
 342 Mizrahi Roi Carlos Dosoretz

Tom Berman
2011 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Feed Water Parameters to Determine Potential@for Biofilm Development and Membrane Clogging
 343 Dekel Oz Anat Eran Friedler

Malka Halpern
2011 Abstracts Theses Study of Bacterial Communities by Molecular Methods as@a Tool for Developing an Attached Growth@Treatment Process for Greywater
 344 Yardeni Anat Eran Friedler

Ram Porat
2011 Abstracts Theses On-Line Biomonitoring for Pollution Detection in Potable@Water Network with the FishToximeter -@A Video Based Early Warning System
 345 Goldstein Nir Carlos Dosoretz

Raphael Semiat
2011 Abstracts Theses Phosphate Removal as Pretreatment for Wastewater@Desalination to Improve Recovery
 346 Keyserman Emiliya Shlomo Bekhor2011 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Train Timetable Schedule Methods
 347 Rosin Elad Yona Uri Shavit

Yehuda Agnon
 Periodic Jet Pump
 348 Waagenaar Asaf Yehiel Rosenfeld2011 Abstracts Theses Civil Engineering Infrastructure Projects: Tailoring@Procurement Methods to Project Characteristics
 349 Khodorkovsky Miriam Yael Dubowski

Eran Friedler
2011 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of@Selected Pesticides (Chlorpyrifos, Methidathion@and Endosulfan) and their Degradation@Products in the Streams of
 350 Primo Hadas Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Arieh Sidess
2011 Abstracts Theses Use of ANSS as a Stabilizer for Fine Grained Swelling Soils
 351 Miller Einat David Mahalel

Tsippy Lotan
2011 Abstracts Theses The influence of accompanying novice-young drivers on their@parents' involvement in road accidents
 352 Hilvert Ofir Tomer Toledo

Shlomo Bekhor
2011 Abstracts Theses Models of Parking Search Behavior
 353 Zalel Amir David Broday2011 Abstracts Theses Estimating Ambient Benzo(a)pyrene Concentrations Using@Monitored Criteria Pollutants
 354 Ohar Ziv Avi Ostfeld2011 Abstracts Theses Optimal Booster Chlorination Stations Layout in Water@Systems for Minimizing Disinfection by Products
 355 Safe Kamal Yiska Goldfeld2011 Abstracts Theses Structural Damage Identification for Plates
 356 Madah Hazem Oded Rabinovitch2011 Abstracts Theses Strengthening of Masonry Walls Subjected to Dynamic@Out-of-Plane Loads with Composite Materials:@Experimental Study and a Tailored Finite@Element
 357 Liberzon Jonathan Yohay Carmel

 Seasonal Dynamics of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter@in Lake Kinneret: An Investigation of Fluorescent@Component Changes in Relation to@Microbial and Phytoplankton
 358 Vasilkov Natalya Yael Dubowski2011 Abstracts Theses Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Surrogates Using In-Situ@Photo-Oxidation Processes
 359 Haim Maayan David Broday2011 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Exposure to Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen@Oxides in the Hadera Region
 360 Zarchi Idit Eran Friedler

Menahem Rebhun
2011 Abstracts Theses Polyaluminum Chloride as an Alternative to Alum for Direct@Filtration of Drinking Water
 361 Yona Efraim Aviad Shapira2011 Abstracts Theses Factors Affecting the Selection of Forming Systems and@other Major Equipment for Multistory Building@Construction
 362 Jahshan Faris Maxim Shoshany

Yohay Carmel
2011 Abstracts Theses Mapping Fire Risk Using Multiple Simulations of Fire@Behavior
 363 Nahmias-Biran Bat-Hen Yoram Shiftan

Nir Shrabi
2011 Abstracts Theses Equity Aspects in Transportation Projects: Case Study of@Transit Fare Change in Haifa
 364 Hikind Yuval Itzhak Shmulevich

Dror Rubinshtain
2011 Abstracts Theses A Man-Machine Interaction Model to Determine the Safety of@Devices for Harvesting at Heights
 365 Orlova Yevgeniya Raphael Linker

Boris Spektor
2011 Abstracts Theses Crack Evolution in Chicken Eggshell during Pressure Drop
 366 Fridman-Bishop Noga Ori Lahav2011 Abstracts Theses Minimization of Bromate Formation as Part of the Operation@of a Non-Thermal-Plasma Method for Oxidation of@Refractory Organic Compounds
 367 Borko Aviram Gilad Even-Tzur2011 Abstracts Theses Ionospheric Delay and its Influence on Long Range VRS@Processing
 368 Ya'ackoby-Hammami Hadar Raphael Linker2011 Abstracts Theses Detection of Diseases in Citrus and Mango fruits by@Hyperspectral Imaging
 369 Nahir Ran Carlos Dosoretz2011 Abstracts Theses Modeling of the Fouling Layer on UF Membranes for@Filtration of Treated Effluents as Function of@Operational Conditions
 370 Shalev Shai Uri Shamir

Naomi Carmon
2011 Abstracts Theses Stormwater Management in an Urban Neighborhood Following@Water Sensitive Planning principles: Comparison@of Alternatives in Givat Zemer on@Mount Carmel
 371 Tobias Joshua Michael Stiassnie2011 Abstracts Theses A Simplified Approach to Tsunami Calculations
 372 Shtain Zachi Sagi Filin2011 Abstracts Theses Models for Analyzing Spaceborne Laser Waveforms
 373 Feldman Einat Doron Balasha2011 Abstracts Theses Safety Equipments in Urban Working Sites
 374 Rybowski Ronen Yerach Doytsher

Aaron Beller
2011 Abstracts Theses Mapping Linear Network from the Location of Cellular Phones
 375 Urinovsky Suzanna Joshua S. Greenfeld

Yerach Doytsher
2011 Abstracts Theses Accuracy Improvement in Existing Maps Using GPS Collected@Data
 376 Weissman Rachel Peter Neumann2011 Abstracts Theses An Investigation of the Physical and Physiological Effects@of Xylem Sap Proteins on Plants
 377 Elias Zoher Tomer Toledo2011 Abstracts Theses A Model for Traffic Event Prediction in Freeways
 378 Sas Tal Assaf Klar2010 Abstracts Theses Rational Design of Reinforced Soil Walls using Kinematic@Constraints
 379 Berger Natalia Eran Friedler

Nurit Kress
2010 Abstracts Theses Determination of Surfactants Concentration in Estuaries and@Seawater and Assessment of their Effects on Corals
 380 Peleg Galia Carlos Dosoretz

Sharon Avrahami
2010 Abstracts Theses Integrating Suspended Carriers in a Membrane Biological@Reactor
 381 Hindawi Ahmad Carlos Dosoretz2010 Abstracts Theses Removal of Phenolic Compounds from Oil Mill Wastewater by@Enzymatic Polymerization
 382 Na'aman Yerucham Carlos Dosoretz2010 Abstracts Theses Forward Osmosis - Development of a Two Dimensional Model@and Examination of a Process for Butanol@Concentration
 383 Ofer Rozovsky Elina Yael Dubowski2010 Abstracts Theses Stabilization of the Ferrite Crystal as Part of a Process@Aimed at Heavy Metals Removal from Industrial@Wastes at Ambient Temperature (ATFP)
 384 Halon Sharona Tomer Toledo2010 Abstracts Theses Enforcement Effects on Road Safety
 385 Kolechkina Tatiana Tomer Toledo2010 Abstracts Theses Off-Line Estimation of Dynamic Origin-Destination Trip@Matrices
 386 Kidron Aviv Robert Armon

Gidon Oron
2010 Abstracts Theses Advanced Physicochemical Treatment of Effluent from@Stabilization Ponds for Purpose of Unlimited@Irrigation
 387 Partouche Rebecca Aviad Shapira

Rafael Sacks
2010 Abstracts Theses A Lean Model for Construction Management of Tall@Office/Commercial Buildings
 388 Stern Sivan Alex Furman

Shmuel Assulin
2010 Abstracts Theses Characterization of Root Uptake and its Dependence on Soil@Environmental Conditions by Geophysical Tools
 389 Baransi Karkaby Katie Yael Dubowski

Isam Sabbah
2010 Abstracts Theses Effect of Photocatalytic Degration and Adsorption Processes@on the Removal of Phenolic Compounds
 390 Bluminov Elena David Mahalel2010 Abstracts Theses Feasibility of Computerized Monitoring System for Flow and@Risk Measurement on the Intersection
 391 Beagon Evgeniy Rachel Becker2010 Abstracts Theses Effect of Transparent Insulation and Phase Change Materials@on Thermal and Energy Performance; Feasibility@Study Applied to School and Office@Buildings in Mountain Region
 392 Schwartz Nimrod Alex Furman2010 Abstracts Theses The Influence of NAPL on the Electrical Properties of@Partially Saturated Soil
 393 Maayan Atir Yehiel Rosenfeld2010 Abstracts Theses Implementation Effect of a Risk Evaluation Model on@Construction Site Safety
 394 Efman Irina Eran Friedler2010 Abstracts Theses Electrocoagulation as a Part of Greywater Treatment and@Reuse
 395 Deri Liad Yael Dubowski

Menahem Rebhun
2010 Abstracts Theses Identification and Quantification of Odorous Compounds in@the National Water Carrier and the Potential to@Remove them by Activated Carbon
 396 Keinan Tamar Yoram Shiftan2010 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Employer Car Taxation Policy on Car Ownership@and Vehicle Kilometer Travel
 397 Iuclea Shabtay Yehiel Rosenfeld2009 Abstracts Theses Initial Root Causes Analysis of Cost Overruns@in Construction
 398 Michaelis Ran Itzhak Shmulevich2009 Abstracts Theses Prediction Model of the Mechanical Damage in Apples during@Transportation and Handling
 399 Falah Somaya Ori Lahav2009 Abstracts Theses Deliberate Struvite Precipitation from the Supernatant of@Sludge Dewatering Facilities for both Phosphorus@Recycling and Decrease in Nutrients Load@on Wastewater Treatment Plants
 400 Kushnir Vladimir Raphael Linker2009 Abstracts Theses Development of an Artificial Vision System For@Estimation of Cow Breathing Rate
 401 Arnon Ali Alex Furman2009 Abstracts Theses Use of Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Study of@Flow and Water Distribution in the Vadose Zone
 402 Goldman Guy Robert Armon2009 Abstracts Theses Prevention of Membrane Biofouling by Use of Bacteriophages
 403 Agmail Waleed Raphael Linker

Avraham Arbel
2009 Abstracts Theses MIMO H-infinity Control of Temperature and Humiditiy inside@Greenhouses Cooled by Fogging Systems
 404 Sabo Naama Noah Galil (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Washing Materials on Kerosene Contaminated@Soils
 405 Levy Naomi Ori Lahav2009 Abstracts Theses Investigation of Low-pH Fe(II) Oxidation and Development@of a Method for Fe(III) Regeneration as Part of@a Process Aimed at H2S(g) Removal
 406 Eid Khalil Eran Friedler2009 Abstracts Theses Quantification, Calibration and Verification of QUEST@Method as a Tool for the Assessment of@Exfiltration from Gravity Sewers
 407 Elmalich Dvir Oded Rabinovitch2009 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Masonry Arches Strengthened with Composite@Materials
 408 Lati Noam David Broday

Yael Dubowski
2009 Abstracts Theses The Spatial Variation of Soluble Particulate Organic@Carbon in the Haifa Area
 409 Elkabetz Meital Itzhak Shmulevich

Raphael Linker
2009 Abstracts Theses Fusion of Non-Destructive Methods for Quality Assessment of@Apples
 410 Iscovitch Orly Shlomo Bekhor2009 Abstracts Theses A Model to Determine the Optimal Noise Level in an Urban@Road System
 411 Ashery Tehila Eran Friedler

Ram Porat
2009 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Low-Intensity Ultrasound Irradiation on Algae@Population in Different Water Bodies
 412 Nenner Uri Raphael Linker

Per-Olof Gutman
2009 Abstracts Theses Control of an Unmanned Motorcycle Robot
 413 Elias Saji' Shlomo Bekhor2009 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Impact Range of Traffic Assignment and@Simulation Models in Transportation Planning
 414 Weinstein Noam Arieh Sidess

Jacob Uzan
2009 Abstracts Theses Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Dense and@S-Asphalt Mixture
 415 Kobo-Greenhut Ayala Raphael Linker2009 Abstracts Theses Integration of Feedback Control and Statistic Process@Control
 416 Nseir Ihsan Robert Levy2009 Abstracts Theses Analysis/Redesign Methodology for Seismic Retrofit of@Framed Structures Using Friction Dampers
 417 Paz-Chen Itay Ronie Navon

Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)
2009 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Financial Ratio for Construction Companies
 418 Shoukier Hadad Lina Shalom Hakkert2009 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Road Characteristics on Road Accidents on@Local Interurban Roads
 419 Kats David Avigdor Rutenberg2009 Abstracts Theses Seismic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Bridges by Means@of Base Isolation
 420 Gutman Gil Noah Galil (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Mass Balance as a Key to Water Quality Management in Rivers@Affected by Sea Water Entry
 421 Farber Yair Robert Armon2009 Abstracts Theses Degradation of Ormosils and Silicate Minerals by the@Silicate Bacterium: Bacillus mucilaginosus
 422 Abergel Shlomo Sagi Filin

Naftali Goldshleger
2009 Abstracts Theses Quantification of Soil Erosion in Agricultural Fields@Using Monoscopic Photogrammetry
 423 Meerovich Ilia Michal Green2009 Abstracts Theses Denitrification of Brines in an Upflow Sludge Blanket (USB)@Reactor
 424 Herer Shay Avi Ostfeld2009 Abstracts Theses Development of tools for evaluating water hammer solutions
 425 Simhony Ronit Nava Narkis

Yehuda Kott (Deceased)
2009 Abstracts  Sonication as a Method for Inactivation of Enteric Bacteria@in Water and Effluent
 426 Meir Arnon Eran Friedler2009 Abstracts Theses Comparative Study of the Effect of Disinfection by UV@Irradiation and Chlorination on Clogging of Drip@Irrigation System Fed with Tertiary@Effluent
 427 Kington Shushanna Uri Shavit

Abraham Shaviv
2009 Abstracts Theses An Examination of the Isotope Pairing Techniques Using@Numerical Simulations of Nitrogen@Processes in Sediments
 428 Lazarev Michael Shlomo Bekhor2008 Abstracts Theses Development of a Timetable Based Transit Assignment@Algorithm
 429 Mayorchik Yuri Avi Ostfeld2008 Abstracts Theses Optimal Design and Operation of Pressure Surge Control@Devices in Water Distribution Systems
 430 Blass Tamir Raphael Linker

Itzhak Shmulevich
2008 Abstracts Theses Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicle Operating in@Orchards
 431 Eshed Lior Carlos Dosoretz

Sima Yaron
2008 Abstracts Theses The Importance of Cross-flow on the Development of the@Biofouling Layer on Membrane Separation Systems
 432 Cats Oded Tomer Toledo2008 Abstracts Theses Mesoscopic Simulation for Transit Operations
 433 Alkalay Yonat David Broday2008 Abstracts Theses Qualitative and Quantitative Characterization of Airborne@Pollutants in Confined Animal Feeding@Operation
 434 Dinerman Efrat Eran Friedler2008 Abstracts Theses Modeling MTBE in Lake Kinneret as a Tool for the Assessment@of the Risk to the Water Quality in the Lake
 435 Mozes Amiel Amnon Katz

Ishay Weissman
2008 Abstracts Theses Determination of the "Concrete Families" for Quality Control@of Ready Mixed Concrete
 436 Kizel Fadi Maxim Shoshany2008 Abstracts Theses Dynamic Adaptive Hyper-Spectral Unmixing
 437 Larianovsky Pavel Konstantin Kovler2008 Abstracts Theses Internal Curing of Concrete Using Super Absorbent Polymers
 438 Funk Tal Gilad Even-Tzur

Maxim Shoshany
2008 Abstracts Theses Knowledge Discovery within Spatial Databases Searching for@Action Patterns in Time and Space Using Data@Mining Techniques
 439 Levin Shahaf Sagi Filin2008 Abstracts Theses Close-Range Photogrammetry Using DTM as Control Surfaces
 440 Goldwasser Karnit Avi Ostfeld

Eran Friedler
2008 Abstracts Theses Calibration and Application of AVGWLF to Lake Kinneret@Watershed
 441 Zeibak-Shini Reem Sagi Filin2008 Abstracts Theses Change Detection via Terrestrial Laser Scanning
 442 Shkolnik Rami Raphael Linker

Rami Guetta
2008 Abstracts Theses Shrouded Turbine Control in "Energy Towers"
 443 Maklada Rabia Gilad Even-Tzur2008 Abstracts Theses Electromagnetic Interferences Effect on GPS Receivers and@Total Stations
 444 Vilnay Margalite Robert Levy2008 Abstracts Theses Using Shape Memory Alloys for Seismic Upgrading@of Structures
 445 Opher Tamar Eran Friedler2008 Abstracts Theses Development of a Data Driven Model for Estimation of@Pollutant Levels in Highway Stormwater Runoff
 446 Reisfeld Eran Abishai Polus

Yoram Shiftan
2008 Abstracts Theses Delay Analysis at Signalized Intersections and Development@of Warrants for Interchanges on Rural Highways
 447 Katz Ada Romina Tomer Toledo2008 Abstracts Theses State Dependence in Lane Changing Models
 448 Badran Maa'moon David Mahalel2008 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Temporary Traffic Control in Day Light@Work Zone
 449 Graif Hagit Noah Galil (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Energy Balance on Selected Wastewater Treatment Plants
 450 Epshtein Marina Robert Armon

Jeanna Starosvetsky
2008 Abstracts Theses Photocatalytic Inactivation of Microorganisms in Water Using@Embedded TiO2 and Anodic Bias
 451 Tardi-Ovadia Rinat Robert Armon2008 Abstracts Theses Microbial Characterization of Bacillus mucilaginosus@Involved in Silicate Degradation and its Impact@on a Sol-Gel Matrix
 452 Binyamin-Rozenfeld Lirit Shlomo Bekhor2008 Abstracts Theses Route Choics Modeling Using Combined Data from@GPS and GIS
 453 Kaner Israel Rafael Sacks2008 Abstracts Theses Interoperability and Building Information Model Exchange@between Architects and Engineers for Precast@Facades
 454 Vered Yoav Sagi Filin2008 Abstracts Theses Evaluating the Effect of Physical Constrains on Spatial@Connectivity
 455 Khoury Simon Ronie Navon

Yerach Doytsher
2008 Abstracts Theses Development of an Automated Model for Road Construction@Control in a Geographical Information System@Environment
 456 Khair Hani Yehiel Rosenfeld2008 Abstracts Theses Development of an Advanced Maneuvering System for Tower@Cranes
 457 Mor Meital Peter Neumann

Carlos Dosoretz
2008 Abstracts Theses In Vitro Effects of Boron on Enzyme Reactions involved in@Lignin Synthesis
 458 Shaked Doron Gilad Even-Tzur2008 Abstracts Theses Multipath Effect on GPS Antennas
 459 Abutbul David Amir David Yankelevsky2008 Abstracts Theses Development and Implementation of Analytical Models to@Predict the Two-Dimensional Response of@Reinforced Concrete Panels
 460 Grisi Alon Yehiel Rosenfeld2008 Abstracts Theses Comparison of Labor Input in Industrialized versus@Conventional Methods for Selected Works in@Residential Construction
 461 Keinan Eran Yerach Doytsher2008 Abstracts Theses Using LiDAR Data and Generation True Digital Orthophoto by@Automatic Methods
 462 Barak Ronen Rafael Sacks2008 Abstracts Theses Specification and Development of an Object Schema for@Building Information Modeling of Cast-in-Place@Reinforced Concrete Structures
 463 Mashrikov Anton Dimitry Val2008 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Quantitative Demands for Performance-Based@Design of Moment-Resisting Frames
 464 Bar-Ya'akov Nadav Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Avraham Dancygier
2008 Abstracts Theses Pressure Distribution on a Buried Structure under Static@Pressure at Ground Level
 465 Avraham Green Nazima-Neta Carlos Dosoretz

Raphael Semiat
2008 Abstracts Theses Examination of Backwash in Membrane Separation Processes for@Water and Wastewater Desalination
 466 Zananiri Issa Yoram Shiftan

Shlomo Bekhor
2007 Abstracts Theses Empirical Study on the Effects of Information and@Communication Technology on Travel Behavior
 467 Abukhadra Fady Rafael Baker (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Coupled PS Analysis - Effect of Critical Slip Surfaces on@Pseudo Static Coefficients Used in Slope Stability@Calculations
 468 Shwartzman Zohar Eran Friedler

Avi Ostfeld
2007 Abstracts Theses Reliability Assessment of In-House Graywater Reuse
 469 Trapper Pavel Konstantin Volokh

Dimitry Val
2007 Abstracts Theses A Simple Theory of Gradient Plasticity with Two@Characteristic Lengths
 470 Miller Tamar Peter Neumann

Shimon Gepstein
2007 Abstracts Theses Genes Involved in Regulation of Root Elongation under Water@Deficit in Arabidopsis
 471 Ejgenberg Eduardo Yiska Goldfeld2007 Abstracts Theses Buckling of Laminated Cylindrical Shells
 472 Goldin Maxim Rafael Sacks2007 Abstracts Theses Lean Construction Management of High-Rise Apartment@Buildings with Late Change Orders
 473 Offir Yaron David Yankelevsky

Stephan Schwarz
2007 Abstracts Theses Efficient Earthquake Vulnerability and Damage Assessment of@Typical Residential Buildings in Israel
 474 Zohar David Tomer Toledo2007 Abstracts Theses Modeling the Duration of Lane Changes
 475 Sadigov Izhak Michal Green

Sheldon Tarre
2007 Abstracts Theses Effect of Salt Concentration on the Kinetic Parameters@of Ammonia Oxidation at Different pH@Values
 476 Mor Tsabar Ori Lahav2007 Abstracts Theses Removal of NH3(g) from Broiler House Emissions and its@Subsequence Use as Fertilizer
 477 Isaac Shabtai Ronie Navon2007 Abstracts Theses Automated Control of Design and Construction Changes Using@Building Programs
 478 Hamoudeh Wafa Abishai Polus2007 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Models to Estimate Capacity of Two-Lane@Roundabouts
 479 Dachkovsky Yakov Dimitry Val

Konstantin Volokh
2007 Abstracts Theses Geometrically Non-linear Behavior of Plane Frames
 480 Bar Alexander Sam Frydman

Shmuel Paikowsky
2007 Abstracts Theses Prediction of Pile Behavior Using a Rehological Model
 481 Israel Gali Avishai Ceder2007 Abstracts Theses Development of an Efficient Bus Operational Parking Model
 482 Amir Oded Izhak Sheinman

Uri Kirsch
2007 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Analysis and Reanalysis of Structures Using@Combined Approximations
 483 Haskiya Isam Ronie Navon2007 Abstracts Theses A Feasibility Analysis of Using Data from the Daily Site@Reports to Control the Construction Process
 484 Ben-David Keren Noah Galil (Deceased)

Haim Sheindorf
2007 Abstracts Theses Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphours Compounds by Biological@Process with Membrane Separation
 485 Reznikov Elena Tomer Toledo

Shlomo Bekhor
2007 Abstracts Theses Algorithms for Cross Nested Logit Stochastic User@Equilibrium
 486 Schreiber Joseph Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Wastewater Purification by Aquatic Plants
 487 Wattad Mowafak David Mahalel

Shlomo Bekhor
2007 Abstracts Theses Travel Demand Conditioned by Travel Time and Toll
 488 Massalha Nedal Abraham Shaviv

Isam Sabbah
2007 Abstracts Theses Effect of Bacteria Immobilization on the Rate of@Biodegradation of Phenol at High Concentration
 489 Gilboa Ben-David Yael Eran Friedler2007 Abstracts Theses Study of the Effects of UV Disinfection on the@Microbial Quality of Greywater
 490 Bar Massada Iris Ori Lahav2007 Abstracts Theses Study of the Parameters that Affect Anaerobic Ammonia@Oxidation (Anammox) as Part of a Process Aimed at@Complete Removal of Nitrogen Species@from Recirculating Aquaculture
 491 Levit Aviel Konstantin Kovler

Rachel Becker
2007 Abstracts Theses Effect of Ambient Conditions on the 222Rn Exhalation Rate@from Cementitious Building Blocks
 492 Arbuzov Andrey Yehiel Rosenfeld2007 Abstracts Theses Development of a Synergetic Model for Integrated Quality@and Safety Management in Construction
 493 Zrourr Nisreen Abishai Polus2007 Abstracts Theses Analysis and Evaluation of the Methodology to Determine@Level-of Service and Flow Characteristics on@Two-Lane Highways
 494 Azzam Shirin Avishai Ceder2007 Abstracts Theses Optimal Transit Scheduling with Multiple Vehicle Types
 495 Kadmon Avry Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Aeration, Circulation and Effluents Level on@Removal of Organic Substrat from Domestic Sewage,@by Aquatic Plants
 496 Yurovsky Areh Rafael Sacks

Amnon Katz
2007 Abstracts Theses Identification and Characterization of Waste in Private@Construction in Israel in Light of Lean@Construction Principles
 497 Zeisel Amit Michael Stiassnie

Yehuda Agnon
2007 Abstracts Theses Wind Waves Generation
 498 Tokarev Dmitry Hillel Rubin2007 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Durability of the Rigid Force Mains
 499 Gezik Yulia Nava Narkis2006 Abstracts  Removal of Boron Compounds from Aqueous Solutions
 500 Even-Paz Asaf Maxim Shoshany

Shlomo Bekhor
2006 Abstracts  Knowledge Discovery from Databases (KDD) of Dynamic Spatial@Patterns
 501 Gilelah Alexander Peter Neumann

David Broday
2006 Abstracts  Characterization of Plant Cell Walls as Filtration and@Sorption Media for Toxic Gases and Fine Aerosols
 502 Hanum Eran Izhak Sheinman2006 Abstracts  Dynamic Characterization of Structures to Man Induced@Vibrations
 503 Goldberger Itamar Rachel Becker2006 Abstracts  Development of a Methodology and Database for Energy@Conscious Design of School Buildings while@Withstanding in Thermal Comfort and@Indoor Air Quality Demands
 504 Esquenazi Alberto Rafael Sacks2006 Abstracts  Evaluation of Lean Construction Improvements Using Computer@Simulation
 505 Shahar Lior Gilad Even-Tzur2006 Abstracts  Vertical Deformation in the Carmel Mountain
 506 Gold Saggy Maxim Shoshany

Yerach Doytsher
2006 Abstracts  Image Processing Methods for Edge Detection and Symmetry@Axes in Elongated Features from Medium Resolution@Satellite Images
 507 Zelkha Moshe Avigdor Rutenberg2006 Abstracts  Seismic Behavior of Cylindrical Water Tanks
 508 Firer Dan Eran Friedler

Ori Lahav
2006 Abstracts  Investigation of the Use of Iron Salts to Control Odour@and Corrosion in Urban Sewer Systems
 509 Omer Eyal Ilya Ioslovich

Per-Olof Gutman

Rami Guetta
2006 Abstracts  Optimal Design and Operation of "Energy Tower" Combined with@Pumped Storage and Desalination
 510 Turgeman Hayim Avraham Dancygier2006 Abstracts  Behavior and Bearing Capacity Characteristics of Internal@Coating Systems in Sheltered Spaces
 511 Benyamin Rana Avraham Dancygier2006 Abstracts  Shear Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements with Circular@Cross-Sections
 512 Eppel Galina Michal Green

Carlos Dosoretz
2006 Abstracts  Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Effluents of@Membrane Bioreactors as a Function of their@Configuration, Membrane Type and@Operating Conditions
 513 Ganon Tomer Moshe Eisenberger2006 Abstracts  Dynamic Analysis and Buckling of a Rotating Variable Cross@Section Beam
 514 Zaide Michael Uri Shamir2006 Abstracts  A Model for Multi-Year Combined Optimal Management of@Quantity and Quality in the Israeli National Water@Supply System
 515 Yaacobi Avishag Noah Galil (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Study of Chemically Enhanced Primary Sedimentation of Raw@Wastewater
 516 Levin Doron Noah Galil (Deceased)

Avi Ostfeld
2006 Abstracts  Analysis of Primary-secondary Sludge Ratio and Influences on@Wastewater Treatment Costs
 517 Horany Hanna Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Avraham Dancygier
2006 Abstracts  An Experimental Study to Predict Static Contact Pressure on@a Buried Structure under Static Loads at the@Ground Surface
 518 Wexler Uri Avraham Dancygier

Amnon Katz
2006 Abstracts  Effect of Steel Fibers and Concrete Strength on the Bond@of Deformed Reinforcing Steel Bars
 519 Kot Natalia Igal Shohet2006 Abstracts  Examination of Parameters for Facility Management of Clinics
 520 Even Ezra Itay Michal Green

Carlos Dosoretz
2006 Abstracts  Membrane Filtration of Wastewater Following Chemical@Precipitation
 521 Binyamin Keren Ilan Ishai

Mario Hoffman
2006 Abstracts  The Use of Fly Ash as Hydraulic Road Binder for Production@and Strengthening of Structural Pavement Layers
 522 Awidat Rabeea Rafael Baker (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Effect of Non-Linear Strength Laws on Stability of@Non-Homogeneous Slopes
 523 Simcha Meir Aviad Shapira2006 Abstracts  Quantitative-Comparative Evaluation of Safety@Risk at Construction Sites with Tower Cranes
 524 Marek Orly Noah Galil (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Comparative Study of Soil Bioremediation by Internal and@External in Situ Treatment
 525 Fux Ravit Shlomo Bekhor2006 Abstracts Theses Integration of Road Network Reliability into the Traffic@Assignment Problem
 526 Solomon Shiri Uri Shavit2006 Abstracts Theses The Salinization Mechanism of Inclined Aquifers; the Case@of the Israeli Coastal Aquifer
 527 Nesterenko Anastasia Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Use of Aquatic Plants for Treatment of Wastewater Streams
 528 Keilani Moua'taz David Mahalel

Gilad Even-Tzur
2006 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Traffic Flow Characteristics Based on Traffic@Data Collected by Probe Vehicle Equipped with@GPS
 529 Basher Loai Uzi Ethrog2006 Abstracts  Determining the Photogrammetric Model Orientation by Using@Geodetic Observations and Geometric Constrains
 530 Bruker Yehuda Noah Galil (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Study of External and Internal Factors Affecting Water@Separation from Biological Sludge
 531 Haddad Jack David Mahalel2006 Abstracts  A Model for Estimating Traffic Performance of Paired@Signalised Intersections
 532 Khanakhis Boris Michal Green2006 Abstracts  Comparison of Aquatic Plants Based Systems for Wastewater@Treatment
 533 Shehadeh Sharbel Mark Lloyd Talesnick2005 Abstracts  Determination of Mechanical Parameters of an Anisotropic@Chalk as a Function of Degree of Saturation
 534 Pinto Erez Yeoshua Frostig2005 Abstracts  Tile-Wall System in Precast Walls-Stress Analysis and@Failure Criteria
 535 Qadi Khaldoun Robert Levy

Avigdor Rutenberg
2005 Abstracts  Seismic Non-Linear Response of Single Degree of Freedom@Systems Approximate Methods
 536 Zuabi Shua'a David Mahalel2005 Abstracts  Evaluation Based on Detectors of Traffic Quality in Urban@Streets
 537 Buller Osnat Yeoshua Frostig2005 Abstracts  Special Finite Element for the Analysis of Sandwich Panels@with a Transversly Flexible Core
 538 Halevy Yosef Avraham Pisanty (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Modeling of Shear and Punching using Shear Friction
 539 Weiss Anat Yoram Shiftan

Shlomo Bekhor
2005 Abstracts  Modeling the Generation of Shopping Trips and their@Integration in the Travel Pattern
 540 Lev Yoav Dimitry Val

Konstantin Volokh
2005 Abstracts  Studies of a New Model of Tissue Growth Based on Continuum@Mechanics
 541 Khoury Aammar Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Rafael Baker (Deceased)
2005 Abstracts  Computation of Sheet Pile Walls Based on the Subgrade@Reaction Method
 542 Livertovsky Vladislav Shalom Hakkert2005 Abstracts  Incident Detection Algorithms on a Freeway
 543 Sharon Uri Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)

Rachel Becker
2005 Abstracts  The Economic Aspect of Service Systems in Residential@High Rise Building in Israel
 544 Geffen Nitzan Carlos Dosoretz2005 Abstracts  Boron Removal from Water by Complexation to Polyol@Compounds
 545 Sela Polina Avi Ostfeld2005
 Multi-objective Design of Water Distribution Systems
 546 Tilles Eli Uzi Ethrog2005 Abstracts  Precise 3D Mapping by Close-Range Photogrammetry@Supported Laser Scanning
 547 Sadan Eran Avishai Ceder

Abishai Polus
2005 Abstracts  Traffic Flow Characteristics of Israel Compared to other@Countries
 548 Kovalio Rakefet Eran Friedler2005 Abstracts  Study of Three Systems for Treatment and Reuse of Greywater@for Toilet Flushing
 549 Avishur Menahem Sam Frydman2005 Abstracts  Physical Models for Soil-Pile Interaction under Seismic@Loading
 550 Gur-Reznik Shirra Carlos Dosoretz2005 Abstracts  the impact of Activated Carbon on the@Removal of Dissolved Organic Material (DOM) as a@Pretreatment to Desalination of@Secondary Effluents
 551 Geller Arie Ilan Ishai2005 Abstracts  Recycling of Glass Waste in Bituminous Mixtures for@Pavements
 552 Alwely Fisal Avigdor Rutenberg

Robert Levy
2005 Abstracts  Seismic Behavior of Ductile Wall-Frame Structural Systems
 553 Ben-Michael Chai Gilad Even-Tzur2005 Abstracts  Monitoring Sea Level Using GPS
 554 Zeiger Dror Yeoshua Frostig2005 Abstracts  Inelastic Non-Linear Dynamic Behavior of Cable-Stayed@Bridges
 555 Lichtenstein Alon Yerach Doytsher2004 Abstracts  Accuracy Analysis of DTMs Combined with Breaklines
 556 Danziger Yoav David Mahalel2004 Abstracts  Analysis of Various Methods for Calculating the Clearance@Interval in Signalized Intersections
 557 Shlomi Shahar Hillel Rubin

Avi Ostfeld
2004 Abstracts  Development of Methodologies for Optimal Groundwater Quality@Monitoring
 558 Khoury Waseem Robert Levy

Avigdor Rutenberg
2004 Abstracts  Seismic Response of Perimeter Steel Frames Structures:@Asymmetric and Setback Buildings
 559 Bossel Jacob Yehuda Agnon2004 Abstracts  Water Waves Propagation on Variable Depth in the Wave@Number Domain and Frequency Domain
 560 Nsieri Emad Avigdor Rutenberg

Robert Levy
2004 Abstracts  Seismic Behavior of Ductile Structural Walls: Shear Forces
 561 Ezon Meirav Nava Narkis2004 Abstracts  Pre-Oxidation by Fenton's Reagent to Enhance@Biodegradability of Aminophenols
 562 Farah Haneen Abishai Polus

Moshe Pollatschek (Deceased)
2004 Abstracts  Impact of Infrastructure Characteristics on Road Crashes
 563 Adika Noam Missing advisors 2004
 Matching between Polygon Maps of Geographical Information
 564 Blum Adi Yehuda Kott (Deceased)

Nava Narkis
2004 Abstracts  Resistance of E.coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Shigella@sonnie to Various Disinfectants in Different Water@Qualities
 565 Namouz Adell Avishai Ceder2004 Abstracts  Investigation of the Impact of Speed Limiters on Driver's@Behavior and Freeway Safety Level
 566 Ganor Dov Ofer Zilberstain

Gideon Tibor
2004 Abstracts  An Object Oriented Model for Identifying and Tracking@Marine Pollution from Satellite Images in a@Coastal Zone Information System
 567 Safdi Hebah Avishai Ceder

Yoram Shiftan
2004 Abstracts  The Effect of H.O.V. & Parking Business in the Central@Business District (C.B.D.)@Case Study: Paolous the VI - Nazareth
 568 Savir Zvi Avraham Dancygier2004
 Analysis of Static Behavior and Development of Guidelines@for the Design of High Strength Steel Fiber@Reinforced Concrete Beams
 569 Eden Niv David Mahalel2004 Abstracts  Adaptive Signal Control under Congestion based on Fuzzy@Logic
 570 Bitton Yitzahk Izhak Sheinman2004 Abstracts  Elasto-Plastic Dynamic Behavior of Plane Frames by@Finite Number of Degrees
 571 Zinger Ayelet Amnon Katz2004 Abstracts  Implementation of Environmental Aspects in the Design of@Bulidings by Using the LCA Method
 572 Preis Amitsur Avi Ostfeld2004 Abstracts  A Machine Learning Model for Quantity-Quality flow@Predictions in Watersheds
 573 Bassan Amir Abishai Polus2004 Abstracts  Comparative Evaluation between a Conventional Diamond and@Single-Point Urban Interchanges
 574 Abo Akel Nizar Ofer Zilberstain

Yerach Doytsher
2004 Abstracts  Automatic Road and Terrain Surface Extraction from LIDAR@Data
 575 Masarwe Ashraf Abishai Polus2004 Abstracts  Capacity Comparisons of Unsignalized Intersections and@Roundabouts and Feasible Operating Ranges
 576 Ratner Evgeniy Rachel Becker2004 Abstracts  Fire Behavior of Conventional Steel Structures and with@Concrete Cores - Comparative Study
 577 Hamzy Mendy Abishai Polus

Moshe Pollatschek (Deceased)
2004 Abstracts  Microscopic Analysis of Dense Flow on Freeways
 578 Brodetskaia Irina Ronie Navon

Rafael Sacks
2004 Abstracts  An Examination of the Potential for Monitoring Construction@Project Performance by Monitoring Lifting@Equipment
 579 Nawatha Hana Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Sam Frydman
2004 Abstracts  A Study of the Behavior and Strength of Undisturbed Sand@Samples in Drained Triaxial Tests
 580 Souslikov Andrew Konstantin Kovler2004 Abstracts  Optimization of Using Pre-Saturated Lightweight Aggregate@to Counteract Autogenous Shrinkage of@High Strength Concrete
 581 Chernin Leonid Konstantin Volokh2004 Abstracts  Delamination Buckling of a Beam Attached to a Rigid@Substrate
 582 Shukha Robert Rafael Baker (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Effect of a Nonlinear Strength Law on Static and Pseudo-@Static Slope Stability Problems
 583 Habib Alla Mohamed Rafael Baker (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Strength Properties of Compacted Israeli Clay at Low@Normal Stresses - an Experimental Study
 584 Ben Oz Chanan Yehiel Rosenfeld2004 Abstracts  Identification and Analysis of Root Causes for Construction@Defects
 585 Meckler Pnina Nava Narkis2004 Abstracts  Investigating the Use of MEXEL 432 to Prevent the@Development of Biofouling in Water Cooling System,@at the Haifa Power Station
 586 Asli Sare Shlomo Kimchie

Carlos Dosoretz
2004 Abstracts  Review of the Environmental Problem of Olive Mills Effluents@and of the Technologies Proposed for its Solution
 587 Mehr Arilon Sam Frydman2004 Abstracts  Saturated Sand Behavior during Earthquakes
 588 Elias Wafa Shalom Hakkert

Pnina Plaut
2004 Abstracts  Effects of Bypasses on Urban Development, Majd-Alkroom -@A Case Study
 589 Kolton Oren Ronie Navon2004 Abstracts  A Model for Monitoring Fall Hazards in Construction Projects
 590 Pisanty Ehud Eran Friedler2004 Abstracts  Analysis of the Relations between Construction or Upgrading@Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, WWTP, Costs@and their Design Capacity
 591 Tsviyak Dmitry Ron Adler

Yerach Doytsher
2004 Abstracts  Cartographic Representation of the Statistical Census Data@in GIS Environment
 592 Burshtein Leonid Robert Levy

Avigdor Rutenberg
2004 Abstracts  Optimal Strength Distribution for Seismic Design of@Frames Satisfying Ductility Demands
 593 Lyachin Beniamin Aviad Shapira2004 Abstracts  Detection and Analysis of Safety Hazards at Construction@Sites with Tower Cranes
 594 Motola Yael Jacob Uzan2003 Abstracts  A Study of the Effect of Shear Stress Reversal on the@Behavior of Asphalt Concrete
 595 Ravid Tamar Uri Shamir2003 Abstracts  Reliability and Efficiency in Operating a Water Supply@System with Adjustment to Random Demands
 596 Salomons Shani Avi Ostfeld2003 Abstracts  Development of a Calibration Model for CE-QUAL-W2
 597 Jarroush Jad Gilad Even-Tzur2003 Abstracts  Reinstating Parcel Boundaries by Real Time@Kinematic GPS
 598 Jabarin Nizar Yehiel Rosenfeld2003 Abstracts  Estimation of Non-Quality Costs in Construction in Israel
 599 Hollander Yaron Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

David Mahalel
2003 Abstracts  Determining the Desired Amount of Parking Using Game Theory
 600 Shriki Mordechay Aviad Shapira2003 Abstracts  Investigation of Tower-Crane Cycle Times as a Basis for@Productivity Improvement in Construction Projects
 601 Halpern Oren Uzi Ethrog2003 Abstracts  Self Calibration of an Airial Camera, Using Airborn GPS Data@and Accurate Control Points@Distances
 602 Gavrieli Benjamin Robert Armon2003 Abstracts  The Quality of Drinking Water in Canteens of Field Soldiers@as a Probable Source of Intestinal Disorders
 603 Shufrin Igor Moshe Eisenberger2003 Abstracts  Stability and Vibration of Thick Plates with Variable@Thickness
 604 Ginzburg Yulia Yaacov Mamane2003 Abstracts  Predicting of Ozone Levels Using Meteorological and Air@Quality Data in Urban Sites of Israel
 605 Bronstein Marina Carlos Dosoretz

Robert Armon
2003 Abstracts  Degradation of Atrazine to Cyanuric Acid by an Enzymatic@System Entrapped in Sol-Gel Glass Matrix
 606 Hamed Ehab Yeoshua Frostig2003 Abstracts  Dynamic Frequencies of Prestressed Bridges with@Prestressing, Cracking and Transverse@Deformations Effects
 607 Bar Uri Hillel Rubin2003 Abstracts  Reclamation of Fractured Aquifers Contaminated by Non-@Aqueous-Phase-Liquids (NAPL)
 608 Postolov Yuri Amnon Krupnik2003 Abstracts  Accurate and Reliable Surface Reconstruction Using@Photogrammetry and Laser Altimery
 609 Bheri Aisar Gilad Even-Tzur2003 Abstracts  Monitoring Vertical Deformation of Buildings in the Dead@Sea Area
 610 Yusim Svetlana Nava Narkis2003 Abstracts  Tertiary Treatment of Effluents by Flocculation in the@Presence of Powdered Activated Carbon
 611 Galil Ittamar Igal Shohet

Moshe Puterman
2003 Abstracts  Decision Support System for Waterproofing of Below-Grade@Structures
 612 Rammah Khader Dimitry Val2003 Abstracts  Effect of Ageing on the Behavior of Overconsolidated Clay
 613 Tartakovsky Dmitry David Noah Galil (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Examination of the Influence of Absorption and@Biodegradation Parameters on Bioremediation of@Soil
 614 Bar-Maor Amir Uzi Ethrog

Gilad Even-Tzur
2003 Abstracts  The Solution of the Airborne Video Camera Orientation@Using Aerial GPS
 615 Berkovich Ofer Ronie Navon2003 Abstracts  Development of Materials Management and Control Model for@Construction Projects
 616 Shotnitsky Yaniv Ronie Navon2003 Abstracts  Feasibility Analysis of Automated Control of Earthmoving@Equipment in Road Construction
 617 Ambarsumian Hachatur Moshe Eisenberger2003 Abstracts  Buckling and Vibration of variable Thickness Continuous@Plates with Internal Line Hinges and Line@Slides
 618 Klein Jossi Rafael Baker (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Rational Analysis of Reinforced Retaining Walls
 619 Beit-Yaakov Yochai Amnon Krupnik

Yerach Doytsher
2003 Abstracts  Integrating Multi-Spectral Images and Aerial Photographs@for Urban Change Detection
 620 Goldenberg Marat Aviad Shapira2003 Abstracts  Analytic-Hierachy-Process-Based Model for Equipment@Selection in Construction Project
 621 Bogomolny Michael Uri Kirsch2003 Abstracts  Approximate Vibration Reanalysis of Structures
 622 Bet-El Meira Gedaliahu Shelef2002
 Wastewater Treatment for Industrial Zones in Israel@Situated over Sensitive Aquifers (Drinking Water@Quality)
 623 Shalge Doron Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Utilization of Management Control System in Construction@Companies
 624 Persovsky Diego Moshe Eisenberger2002 Abstracts  The Natural Factor Method in Structural Analysis
 625 Yefet Pniela Noah Galil (Deceased)

Abraham Shaviv
2002 Abstracts  Interaction of Halo-Organic Compounds and Soil
 626 Katz Dov Ron Adler

Yerach Doytsher
2002 Abstracts  Application of Scale Factor in Conformal Transverse Mercator@Projections in Israel
 627 Lovinger Zev Yeoshua Frostig2002 Abstracts Theses Bonded Tile Wall Systems - Failure Criteria and a Two@Dimensional (2D) Analysis
 628 Lerner Mark Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)2002
 Cultivation of Nitrifying Bacteria to be Entrapped in Gel@of the Immobilized Nitrification Process
 629 Almog Ophir Gershon Steinberg

Yerach Doytsher
 Accuracy and Reliability of Transformations: Geometrical@and Topological Aspects
 630 Lavy-Leibovich Sarel Igal Shohet2002 Abstracts  Integrated Maintenance of System-Rich buildings:@A Detailed Look at Hospital Buildings
 631 Yaniv Sharon Hillel Rubin2002 Abstracts  Simulation of the Reclamation of Aquifers@Contaminated by NAPL
 632 Yovel-Pudim Ilanit Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Nitrates Removal from Water Using Denitrifying Immobilized@Biomass
 633 Kaplan Sigal Yoram Shiftan

Shalom Hakkert
 Scenario Building for Sustainable Transportation in@the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area Using the@Delphi Method
 634 Abramovich Tal-Yaaqov Amnon Krupnik2002
 A Quantitative Measure for the Similarity between Features@Extracted from Different Sources
 635 Ishaq Robert Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Yoram Shiftan
2002 Abstracts  Characteristics of Travel to Shopping Malls: Determinants@of Trip Destination and Mode Choice
 636 Schwartz Keren Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Sam Frydman
2002 Abstracts  The Behaviour of Undisturbed, Saturated Sand during@Undrained Shear
 637 Kats Nataly Ilan Ishai2002 Abstracts  The Effect of the Residence Patterns on the Trip Generation
 638 Grinstein Ronen Yair Gabay2002 Abstracts  Research and Implementation of Transformations between@Horizontal Geodetic Datums for Geographic@Databases
 639 Konovalov Sergey Alexander Puzrin2002
 Comparison of Techniques for Small Strain Stiffness@Measurement of Soil
 640 Bar Lior Abishai Polus2002 Abstracts  Traffic Flow Characteristics and Capacity on Freeways
 641 Menaged Yaron Gedaliahu Shelef2002 Abstracts  The Transporting and Hauling of Dangerous and Hazardous@Materials in Israel
 642 Edery-Azulay Lucy Avraham Pisanty (Deceased)2002
 Analytical Model for Punching Shear Resistance with Shear@Reinforcement, Under Symmetrical Loading
 643 Mattar Caroline Abishai Polus2002 Abstracts  Developing Models for Consistent Design of Highways
 644 Cotrus Adrian Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Yoram Shiftan
2002 Abstracts  Analysis of Trip Generation Characteristics in Israel for@the Years 1984, 1996/7 and Spatial and Temporal@Transferability of Trip Generation@Demand Models
 645 Krys Alexandr Robert Levy

Avigdor Rutenberg
 Inelastic Behavior of Elevator-Counterweight-Rails Systems@under Earthquakes
 646 Belinsky Michael Hillel Rubin2002 Abstracts  Characteristics of Advection and Diffusion of Particulate@in a Water Column of lakes
 647 Ben- Asher Lea Uri Shamir2002 Abstracts  Optimization of in Sitn Bioremediation of a Contaminated@Aquifer
 648 Telem Gil Uzi Ethrog

Haim Papo
 Datum Definition in a Noisy Environment by Non-Cartesian@Models
 649 Atalla Ihab Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Yoram Shiftan
2002 Abstracts  Comparison of Methods to Evaluate the Demand for New@Transport Public Systems
 650 Agmon Eran Gilad Even-Tzur

Haim Papo
 Algorithm for the Analysis of Deformations Monitoring@Networks
 651 Gurevich Tatiana Samuel Hassid

Michael Poreh (Deceased)
 Using Smoke Control in High Rise Buildings by Stairway@Pressurization
 652 Azruel Amihay Yeoshua Frostig2001
 Externally Prestressed Beams with Frp Tendons
 653 Manassa Ramez Robert Levy

Avigdor Rutenberg
 The Equivalent Bar Method for Evaluation of Forces@Distribution at the Edges of Heavy Steel@Connection
 654 Lavi Tsvi Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)2001
 A Comparison Between Combined and Separate Treatment of@Industrial and Municipal Wastewater in an@Activated Sludge System
 655 Lavi )Leibovich( Guy Uzi Ethrog

Haim Papo
 GPS-Supported Close-Range Photogrammetry
 656 Weidman Avi Amnon Krupnik2001
 Reliability of Automatic Surface Reconstruction Procedures
 657 Levin Anna Uri Shamir

Shmuel Burmil
 Water Sensitive Urban Planning: Analysis of Alternatives for@Increasing Infilteration in Urban Public Spaces
 658 Levi Mishel Igal Shohet2001
 A Techno-Economic Analysis of Alternative Water Supply@Installation in Residential Buildings
 659 Gourgy Tamir Raphael Semiat2001
 Examination of Processes for Nitrates Removal from@Underground Water
 660 Turgeman Sari Alexander Laufer (Deceased)2001
 The Principles of Project Management in the Private@Sector: Learning from the Experience of Project@Managers in Construction and Hi-Tech
 661 Morhaim Zeev Rafael Baker (Deceased)2001
 Flow Regime in Embankment During Rain
 662 Marmur Amit Yaacov Mamane2001
 An Evaluation of Vehicular Pollutant Emission and Dispersion@Models in Israel
 663 Moyal Hadas Moshe Eisenberger2001
 Natural Frequencies of Rectangular Plates with@Variable Thickness
 664 Wagner Ehud Yehuda Agnon

Hillel Rubin
 Analysis of Transport and Diffusion of Solid Particles in@the Water Column of Lakes and Reservoirs
 665 Soria Gabriel Igal Shohet2001
 A Techno-Economic Comparison of Ready Mixed vs. In-Situ@Mortars for Exterior Rendering
 666 Busool Wisam Moshe Eisenberger2001
 Free Vibration of Helicoidal Beams with Arbitrary Shape@and Variable Cross Section
 667 Gadot Asael Abishai Polus2001
 Analysis and Evaluation of Methods for Speed Reconstruction@Prior to Severe Accidents
 668 Belsky Michael Oren Vilnay

Konstantin Volokh
 The Statical Behaviour of Tensegric Cells
 669 Schwarts-Givli Hilla Yeoshua Frostig2001
 Behavior of Sandwich Structure with Transversely Non-Linear@Flexible Core - A Closed Form - High Order Theory
 670 Regev Amir Samuel Hassid

Michael Poreh (Deceased)
 Smoke Movement in Horizontal Channels
 671 Raz Yoram Aviad Shapira2001
 Comparative Analysis of Shoring-Tower-Based@Support Systems for Concrete Elements
 672 Perry Michal Alexander Laufer (Deceased)2001
 The Principles of Project Management in the Public Sector@Compared with those of the Private Sector:@Learning from the Experience of Project@Managers
 673 Pushkar Svetlana Konstantin Kovler2001
 Destructive and Non-Destructive Control of the Development@of Concrete Properties in Situ
 674 Salomons Elad Uri Shamir2001
 Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems Facilities@and Operation
 675 Zinno Birk Haya Sam Frydman2001
 Characteristics and Site Effects during Earthquakes@in Israel
 676 Fahoum Eihab Shalom Hakkert2001
 Levels of Service and Traffic Characteristics on a Freeway@In Israel
 677 Weltsch-Cohen Galit Robert Armon

Gedaliahu Shelef
 Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis and Bacilus cereus Spores@in Water and Soil by TiO2 photocatalysis, as a@Model for Bacillus anthracis@Decontamination
 678 Cohen Nili Gedaliahu Shelef2001
 Environmental Aspects of Establishing Industrial Parks@in Groundwater Pollution-Sensitive Regions of the@Western Galilee (Israel)
 679 Zhutovsky Semion Konstantin Kovler2001
 Influence of Wet Lightweight Aggregate on Autogenous Curing@of High Strength Concrete
 680 Gavish Johanan Yerach Doytsher2001
 Analytical Cadastre in Israel: Restoring Land Boundaries@Using Previous and Current Aerial Photographs
 681 Gelberg Nir Robert Levy

Ariel Hanaor
 The Effects of Joint Flexibility on the Design of Space@Grid Structures
 682 Inbar Raz Maya Nava Narkis

Yehuda Kott (Deceased)
 Combinations of Adsorption on Granular Activated Carbon and@Biological Treatment for Removal of Toxic Organic@Materials
 683 Hershkovitch Pazit Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Yoram Shiftan
 Residential Choice Model as a Function of Work Location and@the Individual Characteristics
 684 Doron Guy Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)2001
 Examination of Methods for Information Transfer between the@Owner and the Concessionaire in BOT Projects
 685 Hussein Amal Gedaliahu Shelef2001
 686 Dekel Gilad Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)2001
 The Sources and the Cost of Financing in Building Projects
 687 Nimre Saleem Yerach Doytsher2001
 An Alignment Process of Master Plans at Large Scale in a@GIS Environment
 688 Moiseev Nadejda Rachel Becker

Yehiel Rosenfeld
 An Economic Approach to Evaluate Quality Improvement of@Existing Buildings
 689 Joubran Abu Daoud Jacqueleen Yair Gabay2001
 Research of Applications of 2d Hulls for Cartographic@Purposes
 690 Alexandrov Alexander Moshe Eisenberger2001
 Buckling of Thin Tapered Plates by the Exact Element@Method
 691 Jabareen Mahmood David Yankelevsky2001
 Membrane Behavior of a Cracked Reinforced Concrete Specimen@Subjected to Uniaxial Tension
 692 Zilberman Alla Robert Armon

Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)
 Development of Methods for Isolation and Concentration of@Cryptosporidium Oocyst from Soil Samples as a@Result of Irrigation with Wastewater
 693 Cohen Yaniv Vered Robert Armon

Nava Narkis
 Photocatalytic Inactivation of Model Bacteria in Water by@TiO2 in a Suspended Medium and Immobilized Medium
 694 Zolkov Chen Robert Armon

Yael Laor
 Humic Substances Entrapped in Sol-Gel Matrix: A New Tool@for Sorption Studies
 695 Bendit Edward Yoram Shiftan2001
 Analysis of the Relationship between Monitored Air Pollution@Levels and Transportation Variables
 696 Bloch Eloise Ann Sam Frydman2001
 Determination of Mechanical Properties for Anisotropic Rocks@by Comparing Different Testing Methods
 697 Cohen Shlomi Sam Frydman2001
 Model for Studying the Compression and Uplift Capacity of@Driven Piles in Sand
 698 Salus Tamir Gilad Even-Tzur

Haim Papo

Gershon Steinberg
 Ellipsoidal Vertical Geodetic Control Based on Gps
 699 Abu Dogosh Yousef Moshe Eisenberger2001
 Vibration of Non-Uniform Continuous Beam under Moving@Load
 700 Asta Eyal Yehiel Rosenfeld2000
 Examining the Implementation of Quality Programs Iso-9000@In Israeli Construction Firms
 701 Perelstein Eldad Igal Shohet2000
 Decision Support System for Prioritizing Renovation Projects
 702 Beno-Ayash Efrat Noah Galil (Deceased)2000
 Complementary Treatment of Aerated Ponds' Effluent for@Removal of Residual Organic Matter and for@Nitrification
 703 Manasherov Alof Ester Missing advisors 2000
 Disinfection of Raw and Flocculated-Clarified Effluents@By Combinations of Chlorine-Dioxide and@Chlorine
 704 Bialkovitch Gil Missing advisors 2000
 Eliminating Matching Errors in Automatic Relative@Orientation
 705 Gabbay Meir Yerach Doytsher

Yair Gabay
 The Effect of Scale on Representation of Buildings in a@Gis Environment
 706 Rabkin Demitri Igal Shohet

Moshe Puterman
 Roof Waterproofing Systems - a Techno-Economic Analysis
 707 Sagov Dan Izhak Sheinman2000
 The Effect of Shear Deformation on the Buckling of@Delaminated Laminates
 708 Shahar Yaron Missing advisors 2000
 Behavior of Narrow Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
 709 Rabinovitch Eyal Amnon Krupnik

Yerach Doytsher
 Using Orthophoto for Preparation and Reviewing of@Registration Plans
 710 Efraim Elia Moshe Eisenberger2000
 Vibrations of Variable Cross-Section Curved Beams
 711 Shinderman Julia Missing advisors 2000
 Behaviour of Bacteriophages in Water Systems with Presence@Of Biofilms
 712 Dalyot Sagi Haim Papo2000
 The Footprint Network as a Solution to the Representation@Problem in Monitoring Deformations
 713 Mamane Hadas Missing advisors 2000
 Sorption and Biodegradation of Phenol in Suspended-Biomass@And Fixed Systems, on Sandy Soil
 714 Sarid Yechzkel Haim Papo

Dan Sharni
 Modeling Geoid Undulations in Israel
 715 Heifetz Doron Missing advisors 2000
 Application of Receptor Modeling to Identify Mercury@Sources in the Atmosphere
 716 Shulman Arina Missing advisors 2000
 Combinations of Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine for@Disinfection of Effluents After Flocculation@Filtration and Adsorption
 717 Schiren Amos Alexander Puzrin2000
 Kinematic Seismic Response of Piles in Sand
 718 Kojevnikov Svetlana Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)2000
 Motion of Charged Polydisperse Droplets in Gravitational@And Flow Fields
 719 Goldschmidt Eitan Ronie Navon2000
 Automated Real Time Manpower Control in@Construction
 720 Mezer Ofir Shalom Hakkert

Yoram Shiftan
 Considerations for Roadside Safety Improvements
 721 Gino Efrat Missing advisors 2000
 Bacteriophages Ecology in Sewage and Their Indicative@Relation to Sewage Pollution of Drinking Water@Sources
 722 Dekel Maya Missing advisors 2000
 Pathogenic Microorganisms Survival on Vegetables and Fruits@Irrigated by Contaminated Water
 723 Kassim Firas Missing advisors 2000
 New Proposal for the Israeli Code for Earthquake Resistance@Design of Structures
 724 Shemer Hilla Missing advisors 2000
 Oxidation Pre-Treatment by Hydrogen Peroxide to Enhance@Biodegradability of Chlorophenols
 725 Halloumi Salah Gedaliahu Shelef2000
 Composting of Sludges (Biosolids) from Municipal@Wastewater Treatment Plants.
 726 Wolkenfeld David Sorina Missing advisors 2000
 Flocculation Processes in the Presence of Organic Matter@By Aluminum Salts in Conjunction with@Polyelectrolytes
 727 Benjo Moshe Missing advisors 2000
 Risk Estimation in Construction Projects
 728 Ben-Shachar Judith Missing advisors 2000
 The Effectiveness of Speed Humps in Residential Streets
 729 Gonen Alon Avraham Pisanty (Deceased)2000
 Assessment of the Design Criteria for High Strength@Concrete Vs. Normal Strength Concrete
 730 Shchorri Yoram Ronie Navon

Aviad Shapira
 Rebar Constructability System
 731 Malik Adi Missing advisors 2000
 Management and Restoration of Streams in Israel
 732 Wenger Iosyf Noah Galil (Deceased)2000
 Study of Trickling Filters for Biodegradation of Toluene@By Recycling of Liquid and Gas Phases
 733 Eid Rami Avraham Dancygier2000
 Criteria for Setting An Upper Limit to the Compression@Reinforcement Ratio in Reinforced Concrete@Elements
 734 Burd Rachel Yoram Shiftan2000
 The Effect of Parking Policy on Travel Behavior to@Business Districts
 735 Triger Alexey Missing advisors 2000
 Calibration of Construction Robots by Photogrammetric@Analysis of Digital Images
 736 Levi (Ben-Yakov) Tal David Mahalel2000
 Analysis of Signal Coordination
 737 Levinger Oded Yehiel Rosenfeld2000
 Contractual Arrangements in Public Construction Projects -@Early Identification and Prevention of Potential@Conflicts
 738 Jacob Lila Noah Galil (Deceased)2000
 Comprehensive Study of Environmental Effects Caused by@Domestic Use Garbage Grinders
 739 Naveh Nir Uri Shamir2000
 Decision Support System for Managing Groundwater Levels@In the the Hula Project
 740 Wolf Doron Noah Galil (Deceased)1999
 Dissolved Air Flotation for the Removal of Organic Matter@From Petrochemical Wastewater
 741 Coren Itzhak Yerach Doytsher1999
 Cartographical Edge Matching of Digitized Vector Map Layers
 742 Katzil Yaron Yerach Doytsher1999
 The Contiguous Aspects of Terrain Databases
 743 Kremen Arie Missing advisors 1999
 Landfill Leachate Flux Prediction by Modeling Liquid@Flow and Solute Transport
 744 Greenberg Gil Missing advisors 1999
 Flat Shielded Spaces Contribution to Earthquake Resistance@Of Multistory Residential Structures
 745 Goldberg Yair Missing advisors 1999
 Nondestructive Tests for Quality Control of Pavement@Construction
 746 Giz Jonathan Missing advisors 1999
 Evaluation of Strategies for Transit Priority at Signalized@Intersections in Co-Ordination with a Centralized@Control System
 747 Katz Sari Missing advisors 1999
 Study of Site Bioremediation Based on Attached Biomass
 748 Meir Smadar Missing advisors 1999
 Using Homic Acid to Remove Hydrophobic Contaminants from@Water by Complexation-Flocculation. a Novel@Process for Water Treatment
 749 Yenon Rona Missing advisors 1999
 The Feasibility and Criteria for the Construction of An@Offshore Airport in Israel
 750 Bassan Shy Missing advisors 1999
 Analysis of Traffic Flow Characteristics on Freeways
 751 Sarig Amir Missing advisors 1999
 Evaluation of Sludge Dewatering Methods for Israel
 752 Shem-Tov Osnat Missing advisors 1999
 Nonlinear Perturbation Buckling Analysis of Uniaxial@Member Structures
 753 Mzorcki-Berman Noa Missing advisors 1999
 Dynamics of Flocculation with Polyaluminium Chloride
 754 Shwarz Eliezer Missing advisors 1999
 Trip and Parking Characteristics in Shopping Centers
 755 Matalon Tzion Missing advisors 1999
 Application Method of Seismic Isolation for Concrete Frame@Structures According to the Israeli Codes
 756 Wang Chen Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)

Igal Shohet
 Sensor Driven Mapping of Reinforcement Bars
 757 Gudovich Gad Missing advisors 1999
 Design Examples of Seismic Detailing for Reinforced@Concrete Structures According to the New Israeli@Standard Is 413
 758 Birnbaum Ilan Missing advisors 1999
 Use of Models for Studying the Capacity of Driven Piles in@Sand
 759 Ben-Yosef Avraham Missing advisors 1999
 Flood Water Treatment for Domestic Use
 760 Gilboa Eran Igal Shohet

Yehiel Rosenfeld
 Methodology for Characterizing Deterioration Patterns of@Building Components
 761 Abu Saleh Khaled Gedaliahu Shelef1999
 Microbial Degradation of Aromatic and Polyaromatic Toxic@Compounds Adsorbed on Powdered Activated Carbon
 762 Kirshenboim Ehud Missing advisors 1999
 Evaluation of Constitutive Model for the Small Strain@Behavior of Clays
 763 Ruchaevsky Gay Missing advisors 1999
 Experimental Study of Gravitation Effects on@Horizontal Diffuser Flows
 764 Bartov Yaacov David Mahalel1998
 Evaluation of Interchanges Influence on Transportation@Characteristics in Freeways
 765 Shmulevich Vyacheslav Noah Galil (Deceased)

Robert Armon
 A Comparative Study of Phenol Biodegradation by Fixed Film@Biomass with and Without Addition of Adapted@Bacteria
 766 Adda Gil Dan Sharni1998
 Geoid Computation Over Limited Areas
 767 Blank Svetlana Robert Levy

Jacob Gluck (Deceased)
 The Capacity Method in Earthquake Resistant Design of@Structures Amd Damage Evaluation
 768 Geller Yaron Uri Shamir1998
 Comparison of Methods for Determing Runoff in Urban Areas
 769 Mataev Stanislav Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)

Avi Ostfeld
 Inclusion of Demand-Pressure Head Relations in Simulation@Of Water Distribution Systems
 770 Ben-Hamu Moshe Yerach Doytsher1998
 A Temporal Land Information System
 771 Avineri Erel Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Avishai Ceder
 Transportation Projects Selection Using Fuzzy Sets Theory
 772 Kronaveter Lea Uri Shamir

Avner Kessler
 Hydrologic Response of Urban Watersheds: the Effects of@Spatial Discretization, Physical Parameters and@Some Planning Alternatives
 773 Laout Natalia Nava Narkis

Robert Armon
 Photocatalytic Inactivation of Microorganisms in Presence@Of Titanium Dioxide
 774 Lazarev Svetlana Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1998
 Air Pollution Control of Particles by Foam Technology
 775 Sahar Liora Amnon Krupnik1998
 Semiautomatic Extraction of Buildings from Digital Aerial@Images
 776 Shmoueli Sitvanit Abishai Polus1997
 Operational Analysis and Evaluation of Roundabouts
 777 Finkelstein Amir Yehiel Rosenfeld1997
 Upgrading of Existing Buildings - Techno-Econonic Analysis
 778 Caspit Nurit David Mahalel

Moshe Livneh (Deceased)
 The Effect of Speed Limit on Road Safety
 779 Croitoru Arie Uzi Ethrog1997
 Relative Orientation Solution for Non-Metric Close Range@Photographs in Unstable Conditions
 780 Calderon Sarit Israel Lin (Deceased)1997
 Alumina Recovery from Coal Fly Ash: Processes and Methods@Based on Sintering and Leaching
 781 Katzenelson Sarah Abishai Polus

Joseph Craus (Deceased)
 Safety and Flow Characteristics of Paved Shoulders on Two-@Lane Highways
 782 Toiber-Yasur Inbar Nava Narkis

 A Comparison Between Bromacil and Terbuthylazine Dispersion@And Disappearance - in Soil Laboratory and Field@Studies
 783 Abadi Yaron Noah Galil (Deceased)1997
 Accumulation of Low Biodegradability Hydrocarbons in@Attached Growth Reactor
 784 Kaner Yan Michael Poreh (Deceased)1997
 Wind Tunnel Simulation of Flows and Pressures in Energy@Towers
 785 Libov-Ulitsky Irina Moshe Eisenberger1997
 Application of the Reduced Basis Method for the Analysis@Of Large Scale Structures
 786 Kunitsa Dmitry Michael Stiassnie1997
 Application of An Advanced Forecasting Model to the@Study of the Wave Climate at the Israel Coast
 787 Ivnitsky Hanan Samuel Hassid

Yaacov Mamane
 Comparison of Indoor Air Pollution Models
 788 Abelev Andrey Mark Lloyd Talesnick

Sam Frydman
 The Stress-Strain-Strength Behaviour of Clayey Sand Under@General Loading Conditions
 789 Sosnin Galia Joseph Golecki (Deceased)1997
 An Analytical Foundation of the Brazilian Test
 790 Lisenker Anna Yehuda Kott (Deceased)1997
 Comparison of Microbiological Methods to Computerized@Measurements for the Evaluation of Bacterial@Growth in Various Water Quality
 791 Levinsky Evgeni Samuel Hassid1997
 Combined Heat-Transfer by Conduction, Convection and@Radiation in Buildings
 792 Farhi Jitomirskaja Irina Dan Rom (Deceased)

Michal Green
 Establishment of Nitrifying Biofilm in a Fluidized Bed@Reactor
 793 Komornik Uri Sam Frydman

Jacob Uzan
 Measurement of Soil Suction Using Different Methods
 794 Ehrenfreund Dganit Noah Galil (Deceased)

Yoram Avnimelech
 Utilization of Magnesium for the Efficacy of Phosphorus@Fertilization
 795 Shenfeld Malka Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Ury Passy
 Optimizing Urban Rtaffic Police Resources for Enforcement@And Accident Reduction
 796 Schwartzman Hezi Abishai Polus1997
 Traffic Flow Characterstics During Recurrent Incidents
 797 Raz Sigalit Yaacov Mamane1997
 Determination of Nitrogen Oxides Sources in Hadera Using Air@Quality Measurements
 798 Krasovitski Leonid Jacob Bear1997
 Mathematical Modelling of Soil Salinization Processes
 799 Shpiner Ram Noah Galil (Deceased)1997
 The Effect of Domestic Garbage Grinding on Sewerage Systems@And Wastewater Treatment Plants
 800 Blat Alexandra Yehuda Kott (Deceased)1997
 Survival of Pollution Indicator Bacteria in Water
 801 Karni Yaakov Jacob Uzan1997
 Comparison Between Different Test Results of Asphalt@Concrete
 802 Agranati Galit Jacob Gluck (Deceased)

Robert Levy
 Seismic Retrofitting of R/c Highway Bridges by Seismic@Isolation
 803 Sadi Ibraheem Robert Armon1997
 Development of a Method to Study Bacteria in Water Using@Sol-Gel Process as a Reaction Surface
 804 Shoham-Frider Efrat Gedaliahu Shelef

Nurit Kress
 Changes in Chemical Composition of Coal Fly Ash During@Prolonged Contact with Sea Water
 805 Shoshany Perrygay Nava Narkis1997
 Evaluation of Mercury Emissions from Coal Power Plant with@Flue Gas Desulfurization Unit
 806 Cohen Ronen Abishai Polus1996
 Split Singnalized Rural Intersections
 807 Kogan Vladimirsky Sergei Abishai Polus1996
 Measures and Definitions of Congestion and Flow on@Freeways
 808 Cohen Edna Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)

Raphael Semiat
 Behaviour and Motion of Particles in Magnetically@Stabilized Fluidized Bed.
 809 Ettner Sharon Yaacov Mamane

Samuel Hassid
 Analysis of Air Pollution Episodes in the Ashdod Area, as@A Function of Meterological Conditions.
 810 Zeira-Blum Dafna Noah Galil (Deceased)1996
 Characterization of Hydrocarbons in Refinery Wastewater
 811 Hameiri Avikam Gdalyah Wiseman (Deceased)1996
 Interaction Between Granular Soils and Flexible Polymeric@Geogrids
 812 Bach Horacio Michal Green1996
 Post Treatment for Denitrification Reactor Effluents to@Achieve Drinking Water Quality.
 813 Yaron Joseph Yerach Doytsher

Benjamin Shmutter (Deceased)
 Selecting An Optimal Cartographic Representation of@Altimetric Information for Terrestrial Navigation
 814 Evron Yaron Alexander Laufer (Deceased)1996
 Case Studies of Construction Projects
 815 Rogozinski Nir Yeoshua Frostig1996
 Behavior of Precast Prestressed Concrete Horizontally Curved@Girders Including Transverse Deformations
 816 Arbel Tamar Robert Armon

Michal Green
 Biofilm Development in Water System on Different Adsorption@Surfaces and Effect of Disinfectants.
 817 Goldfinger Dov Aviad Shapira1996
 Model for Determining Assembly and Dismantling Work Inputs@Of High Shoring Towers
 818 Mezer Oz Abishai Polus1996
 Analysis of Demand and Accessibility to Parking Facilities
 819 Osetinsky Isabella Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)1996
 Forecasting the Dead Sea Levels by Harmonic Analysis
 820 Sarousy Orly Noah Galil (Deceased)1996
 Biological Damages Caused by Phenol to Suspended Biomass
 821 Berenstein Yair Moshe Eisenberger

Izhak Sheinman
 Analysis of Laminated Plane Frames and Beams by the Exact@Element Method.
 822 Marynchik Eduard Avigdor Rutenberg

Robert Levy
 Lateral Seismic Response of Structure-Elevator Systems
 823 Feller Doron Yehiel Rosenfeld1996
 Quality Management in Construction: Initial Lessons.
 824 Berger Amikam Alexander Laufer (Deceased)1996
 Progaamming for Construction Prosect Under Conditions of@Uncent
 825 Abu Shqara Farah Robert Armon1996
 The Effect of Fatty Acid Composition in Bacteria on@Disinfection Resistance and Adaptation
 826 Filin Sagi Yerach Doytsher1996
 Accuracy of Dtm Databases and of Derived Applications
 827 Brafman Marcelo Mark Lloyd Talesnick1996
 Determination of Elastic Parameters of Transversely@Isotropic Rocks
 828 Haj-Yehia Basheer Ammatzia Peled

Shalom Hakkert
 Development of a Geographical Information Sistem (Gis) for@Urban Transportation Management
 829 Behar Mario Avraham Pisanty (Deceased)1995
 Reassessment of the Procedure for Loading Tests of Concrete@Beams and Slabs
 830 Katsman Regina Rachel Becker1995
 Dynamic Behavior of Various Thermal Bridge
 831 Dayan Prosper Giora Rosenhouse1995
 Non Destructive Acustic Evaluation of Defects in Multi-@Phase Materials
 832 Gordon Ekaterina Uri Shamir1995
 A Methodology and Model for River Water Quality Nanagment
 833 Azaria Gil Moshe Livneh (Deceased)1995
 The Use of Roller Compacted Concrete for Pavements@Construction in Israel
 834 Katyshev Anatoly Israel Lin (Deceased)1995
 Particle Trajectories in Electrostatic Separation
 835 Cameo Shay Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)1995
 The Factors That Influence the Value of Land in Israel
 836 Kravitz Beryl Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)1995
 Development of Expert Rules for a Wastewater Treatment Plant
 837 Hadas Yuval Avishai Ceder1995
 Emergency Vehicle Routing through Urban Transportation@Network
 838 Winterman Chen Israel Lin (Deceased)1995
 Size Reduction:operational Parameters in Planetary Mill.
 839 Mensah Abraham Shalom Hakkert1995
 Highwry Design Standards and Operational Characteristics@In Relation to Levels of Safety on Interurban@Roads in Israel
 840 Marselly Anat Menahem Rebhun1995
 Adsorption of Organic Matter from Lake Kinneret Water and@Nwc and Derivation of Design Criteria for Organic@Removal
 841 Albert Gila David Mahalel1995
 Evaluation of Congestion and Parking Tolls on Travel@Demand:_case Study at the Technion
 842 Burg Itzhak Hillel Arkin

Ronie Navon
 Optimization of the Design and Operation for Hvac Systems@With Storage of Ice
 843 Nazimov Nikolai Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)

Dan Rom (Deceased)
 Developing a Conceptual Model to Describe the Infiltation@Process
 844 Hershkovich Daniela Israel Lin (Deceased)

Vera Rohrlich (Deceased)
 A Study of Raw Perlite Properties for the Extention of Its@Industrial Use
 845 From Ruth Oren Vilnay

Robert Levy
 Intial Configuration of Cable Nets and Tensegric Shells
 846 Buchbinder Uzi Moshe Livneh (Deceased)1995
 Processes for Preparation of Pauement Maintenance Programs
 847 Mevorach Shaul Noah Galil (Deceased)1995
 Characterization of Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Based@On Sorption Ability
 848 Shvartsman Asia Sam Frydman

Mark Lloyd Talesnick
 Residual Strength of Cohesive Soils in Israel
 849 Kreisel Itay Noah Galil (Deceased)1995
 A Review of Sorption Characteristics of Heavy Metals by@Activated Sludge
 850 Khinich Marina Gedaliahu Shelef1995
 Algal Growth Potertial of Effluent After Soil Aquifer@Treatment
 851 Cohen Rony Moshe Eisenberger1995
 Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Variable and Open Cross@Section Members
 852 Lahav Ory Dan Rom (Deceased)1995
 Effluent Reuse in the Urban Sector
 853 Goldgefter Ludmila Ephraim Bljuger1995
 Shear in Composite Concrete Elements with Non Deformable@Interface
 854 Sluszny Ariel Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1995
 Mass Transfer in Dissolution Phenomena of Matter from@Particles to the Environment
 855 Matsa Diamado Shalom Hakkert1995
 Evaluation of Safety at Roundabouts
 856 Rabinovici Ariela Noah Galil (Deceased)1995
 Adsorption of Hydrocarbons of Mineral Origin by Biomass@In Biological Treatment of Wastewater
 857 Liu Shenghu Robert Levy

Uri Kirsch
 Approximation Concepts in Layout Optimization
 858 Gazit Boaz Menahem Rebhun1995
 Pre-Treatment Methods to Surface Sea Water Before Feeding@To Reverse Osmosis Dasalination Plant
 859 Zalmanson Garry Uzi Ethrog1995
 Mapping from Spot Images.
 860 Avraham Jaacov Gedaliahu Shelef1995
 Engineering, Environmental and Operational Aspects of@Landfills in Quarries and Strip Mines
 861 Sheatrit Eythan Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)1994
 Direct and Indirect Evaluation of Intagibles in Civel Engin
 862 Fradkin Kirill Ammatzia Peled1994
 Automatic Digital Capture of Hypsographic Data of Topo Maps
 863 Libman Vacheslav Noah Galil (Deceased)

Menahem Rebhun
 The Effect of Phenol on the Biomass Activity in the
 864 Katz Eran Ronie Navon1994
 Resource-Level Cash-Flow Management Model at the Company
 865 Kheifets Alexander Israel Lin (Deceased)1994
 Energetical Consideration in Planetary Grinding Mill.
 866 Abraham Neta Sam Frydman1994
 The Principle of Effective Stress Applied to Swelling Clay
 867 Coffler Mendi Ronie Navon

Jacob Rubinovitz (Deceased)
 Rebar Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing
 868 Granovsky Victor Dan Rom (Deceased)1994
 Performance of Trickling Filterfeeded by Act Suldge Effluent
 869 Leonov Josef Izhak Sheinman1994
 Localization and Prediction of Nonelastic Behaviour
 870 Meshulam Moshe Joseph Craus (Deceased)

Ilan Ishai
 Investigation of Slurrx Seal Characteristics
 871 Fradkin Maxim Ammatzia Peled1994
 Extraction of Digital Mapping Data from Satellite Images
 872 Rozenfeld Ilan Abishai Polus1994
 Comparative Analysis of Freewaycontrol Methods.
 873 Haimovitz Gili Sam Frydman

Rafael Baker (Deceased)
 Stability of Soil Slopes Stabilized with Rocueries
 874 Lokshin Eugene Yaacov Mamane1994
 Mathematical Model for Indoor Air Pollution
 875 David Rachel Yehuda Kott (Deceased)1994
 Survival and Regrowth of Pathogenic Bacteria in Water
 876 Bejar Daniel Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)1994
 Biodegradation of Phenols in Activ Ated Sludge Systems
 877 Tarabeih Hosein Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1994
 Metals Leaching from Solids by Biotechnological Methods
 878 Sasky Ezequiel Giora Rosenhouse1994
 Noise Cancellation by Array of Active Noise Sources
 879 Ashour Michal Uri Kirsch1994
 Aproximate Methods for Structural Analysis
 880 Leibovitz Moshe Joseph Craus (Deceased)

Abishai Polus
 Turning Lanes in Unsignalized Urban Intersections
 881 Trumper Boris Noah Galil (Deceased)1994
 Wasfewater Treatment Cost as Influenced by Sludge Treatment
 882 Doktofsky Michael Amos Komornik (Deceased)1994
 Geotechnical Properties of Marls in Israel
 883 Eliosov Boris Yerachmiel Argaman (Deceased)1994
 The Fate of Particulate Organics in Actiuated Sludge System
 884 Regev Doron Dan Rom (Deceased)

Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)
 Otilization of Storm Runoff by Sewerage Systems
 885 Elhadad Eliezer Moshe Livneh (Deceased)1994
 The Use of the Loadman - Portable Falling Wieght Deflectomet
 886 Chen David Izhak Sheinman1994
 Upoating of Mass and Stiffness Matrices Using Test Data
 887 Shnitzer Michel Michal Green

Gedaliahu Shelef
 Ground Water Denitrification Using Fluidized Bed Reactor
 888 Mechta Moshe Amos Komornik (Deceased)1993
 Study of Interaction Soil-Structure to Power Station
 889 Gilad Jonathan Aviad Shapira1993
 Production and Ereltion of Portable
 890 Berditchevsky Gabriel Amos Komornik (Deceased)1993
 Friction at the Base of Retaining Structures
 891 Maor David Ronie Navon1993
 Elonomic and Organizational Considerations in Shaping C.e.e.
 892 Stoler-Kats Anat Nava Narkis1993
 Effluents' Disinfection by Combinations of Chlorine Dioxide
 893 Cohen Thelma Moshe Eisenberger1993
 Beams in Nonuniform Thermal Field
 894 Kief Offer Moshe Livneh (Deceased)1993
 The Use of Bitumi Nous Felts for Retarding Reflaction Cracks
 895 Franco Ovadia Sam Frydman1993
 Cyclic and Static Behauiour of a Preconsolidated Marine
 896 Sokolinski Vladimir Giora Rosenhouse

Robert Levy
 Shear Buckling Optimization of Rectangular Plates
 897 Rotenberg Eyal Yaacov Mamane1993
 Coal Fly Ash Filter Gases from Waste-Laboratory
 898 Shwartz Doron Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1993
 The Use of Fly Ash for Hazardous Waste Fixation
 899 Goren Yitzhak Alexander Laufer (Deceased)

Aviad Shapira
 The Duration of Construction Projects
 900 Goffer Danit Yerach Doytsher1993
 Digital Definition of Impact Maps
 901 Spillinger Hezy Moshe Livneh (Deceased)1992
 Fast Method in Evaluating Pavement Conpitions in Israel
 902 Tal Ameer Michael Poreh (Deceased)

Samuel Hassid
 Natural Ventilation of a Parked Vehicle
 903 Carmel Robert Avishai Ceder1992
 Efficeint Routing Planning for Collecting Raffuse Papers
 904 Khazon Shay Yehiel Rosenfeld1992
 Development of a Semi-Automatlcnavigation System for Cranes
 905 Fouks Ishak Alexander Laufer (Deceased)1992
 Analysis of the Early Stages of the Process of Planning
 906 Ziedan Jamal Yerach Doytsher1992
 Topological Aspects of Topographic Data
 907 Masiah Nezah Rafael Baker (Deceased)1992
 Analysis of Pile Loading Tests
 908 Sabbah Isam Menahem Rebhun1992
 Adsorption Desorption of of Trichlorphenol in Soil-Water@Systems
 909 Shoval Mordechai David Mahalel

Joseph Prashker (Deceased)
 Geometric Design of Bus Facilities
 910 Grinberg Avishay Yehiel Rosenfeld1992
 Comperative Review of Residential Construction Methods
 911 Salomon Yoseph Michael Poreh (Deceased)1992
 Simulation of Smoke and Heat Movement Using Physical Model
 912 Affum Juseph Shalom Hakkert

Ammatzia Peled
 A Pc Orienteb Gis Database for Road Safetr Improvements
 913 Bloom Ronit Arnon Bentur1992
 Cement Microsilica Systems Reinforced with Fibres and Polyme
 914 Kohn Jorge David Yankelevsky

Ephraim Bljuger
 Analysis of Circular Cross Section Beams on Elastic Foun
 915 Gluck Nicolae Jacob Gluck (Deceased)1992
 The Seismic Response of Framed Strvctures with Infills
 916 Zajicek Uri Yehiel Rosenfeld

Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)
 Development of Building Application in Robotics Technology
 917 Beager Diego Carol Braester (Deceased)

Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)
 Obstacles Influence on Flow Andheat Transfer Processes
 918 Stekel Allan Moshe Eisenberger1992
 Analysis of Circular Cross Section Beams on Elastic Fundatio
 919 Cohen Lionella Yehiel Rosenfeld1992
 Technology Improvement as a Method to Smorten Construction
 920 Ben-David Meir Samuel Hassid1992
 Simplified Method for Thermal Bridge Calculations in Buildi
 921 Sheremet Alexandru Yehuda Agnon1992
 Interaction of Waves in Shallow Water
 922 Zajicek Anat Arnon Bentur

Itzhak Soroka (Deceased)

Rachel Becker
 Cladding of Walls and Facades with Ceramic Wall-Tiles
 923 Mermelstein Raquel Milo-Emil Hoffman1991
 A Model for Rook Bed Seasonal Energy Storage
 924 Liran Avital Gedaliahu Shelef

 The Remoual of Indicator Microorganisms in Stabicization
 925 Bekhor Shlomo Joseph Prashker (Deceased)

Shalom Hakkert
 Evaluation of Air Traffic Control Models
 926 Afful Joseph Uzi Ethrog1991
 Automatic Targeting in Digital Photographs
 927 Even-Tzur Gilad Haim Papo1991
 Monitoring Deformations in the Carmel Mountain Region by Gps
 928 Rafaeli Dolev David Mahalel

Joseph Prashker (Deceased)
 Tasks Scheduling Algorithm in Transportation Systems
 929 Levy Arieh Sam Frydman

Rafael Baker (Deceased)
 A Study of the Stability of Nailed Vertieal Exeavations
 930 Hevron Joseph Dan Rom (Deceased)1991
 Influence of Ammonium and Chloride on the Growth of Lemna
 931 Peretz Abraham Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)1991
 Mangerial and Economical Acpectof Erection Temple Mound Site
 932 Landman Jaime Alexander Laufer (Deceased)1991
 Using a Knowledge-Based System for Planning and Organizing@the construction project at the conceptual@planning stage
 933 Ornai David Joseph Golecki (Deceased)1991
 Numerical Evaluation of Singular Integrals in Crack Theory
 934 Benbenishti Avitzur Avigdor Rutenberg1991
 Nonlinear Behavior of One Story Asymmetric Buildings
 935 Drimer Nitai Michael Stiassnie

Yehuda Agnon
 Floating Breakwaters in Water of Finite Depth
 936 Jerais Naama Amos Komornik (Deceased)1991
 Consistency Limits of Israeli Soils by Various Methods
 937 Gerby Yochananan Jacob Bear1991
 A Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Sea Intrusion
 938 Ganz Amnon Robert Levy1991
 Buckling Analysis of Orthotropic Plates of Uarying Thicknes
 939 Maor Itzhak Samuel Hassid1991
 Thermal Performance of Air-Conditioned Isreli Buildings
 940 Avrahami Shlomo Izhak Sheinman1991
 Effect of Boundary Condition on Buckling Behevior of Panels
 941 Osias Hanna Yehuda Kott (Deceased)

Yaacov Mamane
 Effect of Cover Materials as Sorbents for Emission Gases in
 942 Acheampong Kofi Robert Levy1990
 Liner Optimal Design of Trusses and Some Nonlinear Analysis
 943 Lavi Yosi Giora Rosenhouse

Pinhas Bar-Yoseph
 Mixed Hybrid Finite Strip Formulation and Its Application
 944 Zolkov Gidon Avigdor Rutenberg1990
 Amplification Factors in Biamcolumn Interaction Equations
 945 Levinsky Yael Noah Galil (Deceased)1990
 Influence of Design and Operational Parameters on Wastewater
 946 Staal Natan Noah Galil (Deceased)

Menahem Rebhun
 The Influences of Specific Power Input in Mixing on the
 947 Harel Oded Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1990
 Separation of Particles in Magnetically Stabilized Fluidized
 948 Gidron Shmuel Ilan Ishai

Moshe Livneh (Deceased)
 Examination of Runway Roughness for Fighter Aircrafts
 949 Mozes Noam Yoram Avnimelech1990
 Effects of Agitation and Aeration on Biological and
 950 Ifrach Meir Chanoch Jaegermann (Deceased)1990
 Maintenance of Reinforced Concr in Hot Narine Llimate
 951 Asante Seth Adu Shalom Hakkert

David Mahalel
 Comparing Capacity at Non Signalised Junctions and Circles
 952 Krupnik Amnon Benjamin Shmutter (Deceased)1990
 Automatic Recognition of Lots from Scanned Data of Block Map
 953 Marjieh Hesham Giora Rosenhouse1990
 Two-Dimensional Analysis of Elastic Mountings by the Bounda
 954 Aviram Haim Joseph Craus (Deceased)

David Mahalel
 Economic Consideration in Determining Geometric Characteris
 955 Farhat Rina Elisha Tatsa (Deceased)

Avraham Pisanty (Deceased)
 Stability, Deformability and Ductility in Congrete Frames
 956 Shaked Ory Abraham Warszawski (Deceased)1990
 Development of An Expert System for Scheduling Repetitive
 957 Ostfeld Avi Uri Shamir1990
 Management of a Water System with Different Qvalities
 958 Hazzan Basim Amos Komornik (Deceased)1990
 Behavior of Shallow Foundations Under Eccentric Loads in
 959 Kamon Yechiel Abishai Polus1990
 Models and Methods of Climbing Lames Desigm with Relation to
 960 Leibovich Orit David Yankelevsky1989
 Symmetric Punching Shear of a Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab
 961 Kornberg Yair Nava Narkis1989
 An Assessment of Hazardous Wastes in Israel
 962 Hadad Avichay Hillel Rubin1989
 Simulation of Multiphase Immiscible Flow in Oil Contaminte
 963 Meltzer Yosef Uzi Ethrog

Yoseph Forrai
 Simulation and Accvracies in Gps System
 964 Wiezel Avi Rachel Becker1989
 Computerisation of the Buildingperforman Evaluation
 965 Barzily Ahuva Yehuda Kott (Deceased)1989
 The Effect of Temperature on Enteric Bacteria in
 966 Ananga Nyarba Haim Papo1989
 Study of Characteristic Motionsof Vertical Control Points in
 967 Roth Zipora Yaacov Mamane

Yehuda Kott (Deceased)
 Microbial Activity in Biofilterserving Rendering System
 968 Weitz Ofra Giora Rosenhouse1989
 The Use of Descrete Systems to Vibration Control of Structnr
 969 Bercovich Sivan Yehiel Rosenfeld1989
 Automation of Tower Cranes - Technological and Economical
 970 Sofer Michael Izhak Sheinman1989
 The Erffect of Delamination on the Non-Linear Rehavior of
 971 Dickmann Yair Avigdor Rutenberg1989
 Laterml Ldad Response of Setback Multistory Buildings
 972 Ben-Ishai Eyal Avigdor Rutenberg1989
 The Seismic Behaviour and Influenle of Stairways on the
 973 B Yehiel Rosenfeld1989
 Developing a Light Foldable Structure for Quick Sheltering
 974 Aldad David Moshe Livneh (Deceased)

Jacob Uzan
 Principles for Development of Pavement Management System for
 975 Leibovich Eduard Avigdor Rutenberg1989
 Guyed Towers Behaviour Under Asymmetric Static Loading
 976 Assif Eliezer Shalom Hakkert

David Mahalel
 Evaluation of Heuristic Methodsfor Operating Actuated Signal
 977 Regueros Andres Avishai Ceder1989
 Automatic Control Model for a Pair of Portable Traffic Ligh
 978 Hoino Salvador Avigdor Rutenberg1989
 Gusset Plates in Industrial Buildings
 979 Weisberg Efraim Sam Frydman1989
 One Dimensional Development of Swelling and Wetting of
 980 Feldman Carlos Yoram Zimmels (Deceased)1989
 Economic Aspects of Beneficiat Ion of Solids
 981 Stoica Alexandru Israel Lin (Deceased)1989
 Underground Cemeteries Conceptual Design
 982 Goldfarb Yakov Avigdor Rutenberg

Giora Rosenhouse
 Stress and Strain Transmission through Joints of Frames
 983 Shechner Ronen Avishai Ceder

Shalom Hakkert
 Urban Safety Belt Usage Patterns
 984 Sella Zeev Moshe Adin (Deceased)1989
 Active Form Structures
 985 Milman Tal Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)1989
 Calibration of Parameters of Cell Model for Rainfall
 986 Gabay Yair Benjamin Shmutter (Deceased)1989
 Self Calibration in Determining Positions of Trajectory Poin
 987 Bensabat Elia Yehuda Gur1988
 Optimization of Data Demand to Estimate O.d. Matrices
 988 Shiftan Yoram Yehuda Gur

David Mahalel
 Police Involuement in Operating Signalized Intersections
 989 Nahhas Janette Yaacov Mamane1988
 Apportionment of Particulate Matter to Air Polltion Sourcas
 990 Srebro Haim Benjamin Shmutter (Deceased)1988
 D.t.m. Collecting Methods and Quality Control
 991 Cofie Emmanuel Uri Kirsch1988
 Optimal Design of Flexural Systems by Passive Control
 992 Hernandez Maria Yoram Avnimelech1988
 On the Effects of Added Nitrates on Chemical and Microbial
 993 Katz Amnon Rachel Becker1988
 Thermal Conductivity and Moisture Content-Masonary Materials
 994 Kadjo Yao Mordechai Diskin (Deceased)1988
 Hydrology of Moving Storms

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