Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D StudentZahi Harari
SubjectManagement of Training and Development Projects as
Organizational Change Projects: The Case of
Software Development Managers` Training
and Development in the Israel
DepartmentDepartment of Education in Science and Technology
Supervisor Full Professors Hazzan Orit
Full Thesis text - in Hebrew Full thesis text - Hebrew Version


This PhD research dissertation deals with the management of software development managers' training and development projects in the Israel Defense Forces and in Israel's information technology industry. Analysis of the data collected during this study suggests that such projects should be managed as organizational change projects.

The need to improve training and development (T&D) processes for software development managers is evident also in Israel, both in the information technology (IT) industry and in the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) various computing units including Ofek- the software unit of the Israeli Air Force.

Therefore, due to the significant contribution of IT organizations to the Israeli industry and to the economic strength of the State of Israel, the objective of this study was to design a project management model for the T&D of software development managers in IT organizations in the Israeli military and industry.

During the study, two components of Ofek's software development managers' T&D were designed and implemented: a software development managers' course and a software development managers' peer group. A theory was articulated and a model was developed based, in part, on findings and insights from the implementation and evaluation of these two components .

Analysis of the research data led to the formulation of the following thesis: Major T&D projects in IT organizations, such as software development managers' T&D, are in fact organizational change projects .

The thesis was based on identifying elements of Kotter's Eight Accelerators model for organizational change management as corresponding to components of successful management of major software development managers' T&D projects in military and industrial IT organizations, based on the following findings :

A.    A need exists in the Israeli business sector (ICT industry) and in the IDF's computing units to improve software development managers' T&D processes .

B.     T&D of employees and managers constitutes an organizational change.

C.     T&D of employees and managers is a project.

D.     The Accelerated Learning Project (ALP) model: Based on the above findings, Kotter's Eight Accelerators model for managing organizational change was adopted and modified to apply to the management of software development managers' T&D organizational change projects in the Israeli military and IT organizations.