Abstract of M.Sc Thesis (Eliyahu Bordo)-Physics
M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentEliyahu Bordo
SubjectLight Confinement by a Semiconductor Quantum Dot in
a Planar Microcavity
DepartmentDepartment of Physics
Supervisor Full Professors Gershoni David
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Confining electromagnetic radiation to a volume whose dimensions are smaller than the radiation wavelength has been a long-standing scientific and technological goal.

In this work we present theoretically and experimentally the feasibility of achieving this goal by placing a single semiconductor quantum dot of dimensions which are orders of magnitude smaller than its resonant optical transition wavelength, in a planar microcavity. In one direction, the light is trapped by ordered Bragg reflecting mirrors of a planar, one wavelength long, microcavity. In the cavity plane, the light is localized by a single semiconductor quantum dot, which is located at the antinode of the cavity mode. We used scanning confocal optical microscopy and spectroscopy in order to find such confined modes. Our experimental measurements clearly indicate this type of light localization. To the best of our knowledge, these findings are demonstrated here for the first time.