Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D StudentPetra Scudo
SubjectQuantum Information and Reference Frames
DepartmentDepartment of Physics
Supervisors Professor Emeritus Avron Joseph
Mr. Peres Asher (Deceased)


The thesis is structured as a collection of articles, forwarded by an abstract in which the general framework of the subject is outlined. The research presented focusses on techniques for transmitting physical parameters by means of quantum particle

systems. Specifically, the first half of the work (papers I and II) develops the problem of quantum transmission of geometric

coordinates (spatial directions and Euler angles) using correlated spin states. The characteristics of the encoding states and the

decoding (measurement) procedures are studied and the performance of the optimal protocol is computed in terms of the system's space dimension. Paper III extends the above results to the case in which the degrees of freedom relate two subsystems of a larger

composite system and provides optimal bounds for transmitting relative angles between two spins. In paper IV the problem of

transmitting classical information with quantum states is extended to the domain of special relativity. It is shown that physical

quantities related only to a subsystem of a larger system do not exhibit, in general, Lorentz invariance. The works here presented were carried out under the supervision of Prof. Asher Peres, in the Faculty of Physics of the Technion.