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Masters Degree

Process of studies towards a masters degree

Requirements for receipt of the masters degree

Study track for masters degree Duration of studies in semesters* Course study** Expanded English - in semester 1 Performance of research / project Giving seminar lecture Submission of final paper Final examination
Research thesis 8 V Scope of 20 credits V V V
Project 8   V Scope of 20 credits V VV
Final paper 8  V Scope of 12 credits V V V
Without thesis 8 At least 40 V _ _ _ _

*   Duration of the studies will be reduced or increased based on the supplementations / credits / reductions determined upon admission to studies.
** Contingent on the study plan of the academic department set forth on the table: Tracks of study and academic requirements for masters degree
Course study

Transfer to status of ordinary student

Expanded English

Study track with thesis
  • The research
    The purpose of the research towards a masters degree is to train the student in research methods, including critical review, the performance of research in a limited scope and the submission of a paper. The research will be theoretical or experimental, basic or applied, with emphasis on the analytic scientific approach. The number of credits designated for the research is 20.
  • The project
    The purpose of the project is to train in engineering design methods, including critical review, the performance of research in a limited scope, the submission of a paper, while emphasizing the practical engineering approach. The project will be an extensive engineering project devoted to engineering design, theoretical or critical engineering analysis, lab or field experimentation, critical review of existing methods or knowledge that may promote comprehension, updating knowledge and the like. The number of credits designated for the project is 20.
  • Final paper
    The purpose of the final paper is to consolidate the knowledge acquired by the student by applying theoretical knowledge to solve a practical problem, a detailed analysis of a research problem and ways to solve it, including a critical review or by a solution to a limited research problem, such as: the performance and detailed reporting of a complex experiment in the framework of group research. The final paper will be theoretical, computational or experimental. The number of credits designated for the final paper is 12.
  • Roles of the advisor
  • Instructions for Finding an Advisor
  • Areas of research and researchers in graduate studies
  • Timelines for Approval of Research Topic
    except for scholarship recipients)

    The timeline will be determined by the academic unit.

    In the lack of request from the academic unit, up to half of the duration of the course of study.

    Timeline for approval of research topic for scholarship recipients
  • The terms for the submission of the research topic / project / final paper
    • Research ethics
      A student of a masters degree in a research track must pass the exam in research ethics before submitting the research topic. A student who does not pass the exam will not be permitted to submit a research topic.
    • Research keywords
  • Suggestion of a Research Topic
    Grade for research progress
    Change of the name of the research topic
    Suggestion of a new research topic
  • Change of study track
    • From a research track to a final paper track
      When the progress of the research does not meet the criteria for reasons due to the student or for objective reasons, you may request to change the scope of the research by transferring to a final paper track. A details request will be submitted to the school, after being approved by the advisor and the Committee. Upon the approval of the transfer to the final paper work, the student must accrue 8.00 additional credits.
    • From a final paper track to a research track
    • From a research track to a non-thesis track

Transfer to a direct doctorate track

Transfer to a direct doctorate track

Non-thesis track

In this track, the requirements are fulfilled by course study alone, provided that the study program includes project and/or seminar courses. In a general Technion non-thesis track: by taking courses.

A person with a four year bachelors degree will be required to complete at least 40 study credits in advanced courses. Other than the above, any committee may determine a prerequisite of core courses.

A person with a three year bachelors degree will be required, in addition to accruing 40 credits in advanced courses, to take prerequisite courses in a scope of at least 20 credits.

A detail of the credits requirement is on the table at: Study tracks and study requirements for masters degree.

Registration for courses is on a semester basis, in coordination and with the approval of the advisor appointed to the student upon the admission to studies. A student must register for prerequisite courses at the beginning of the course of study, as determined in the acceptance letter.

Processes of completing the degree in a non-thesis track