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Graduate Degree Studies at Technion

Studies towards graduate degrees have been taking place at Technion since 1948, and the Graduate School was officially established in 1956. Studies towards masters degrees and PhDs exist in almost all of Technions academic departments. Since its establishment, the school has granted 18,636 masters degrees and 4,565 PhDs to students in engineering, sciences, architecture, medicine and teaching, who have made an impact on all areas of life in the State of Israel.

Degrees awarded by the Jacobs Graduate School:

Master of Science (with a thesis)     MSc      
Master of Engineering     ME  
Doctor of Philosophy     PhD  

Studies towards a masters degree

 Studies towards a Master of Science degree (with a thesis) give students broad, high level knowledge of expertise in a specific field. The student is required to take classes based on a unique program and perform research, an engineering project or a final paper. The research or project for a masters degree can be theoretical or experimental, focus on research of unique phenomena in pure or applied science, or can present a more practical approach in engineering design or manufacturing processes.

The Master of Engineering degree is a non-thesis degree and is offered in almost all of the engineering faculties. The non-thesis masters degree is also offered in some of the non-engineering faculties, such as city and regional planning, and business administration. In these cases, the degree is not known as a Master of Engineering degree, but rather a Master of... in the designated field. This degree is comprised of courses and a final seminar paper.

Minimum requirements for applying for a masters degree

Individuals with a bachelors degree from an accredited academic institution in Israel or abroad, whose GPA is not lower than a 75 (or a parallel grade), may apply. Each department has the right to determine requirements that are greater than the minimum requirements.
Applicants for an MSc degree in: Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., Physics, Chemistry, and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are required to take the GRE (general exam). Technion GRE code: 0343.

For additional details, please review the Graduate School Regulations.

Studies towards a PhD

Studies towards a PhD span three to four years, and generally require full time study at Technion. The students devote their time primarily to research, and participate in seminars on advanced matters and courses based on a personal study program. At the end of the first year of their studies, they are required to submit a short description of their research topic and pass the candidacy examination. In this examination, they must demonstrate their ability to perform independent and original research on the selected topic. In the last year of their studies, the students must present their work in a faculty-wide seminar, submit the paper on their research and pass the final exams held orally.

Minimum requirements for applying for a PhD degree

Candidates with a masters degree who studied at Technion or an accredited academic institution in Israel or abroad, whose average grades and the grade on the thesis paper are not lower than an 80, may apply. Each unit has the right to determine requirements that are greater than the minimum requirements.PLease consult the department's requirements appearing here.

Students who studied abroad are required to take the general GRE examination. Technions exam code is: 0343.

Graduates of non-research masters degrees who wish to study towards a PhD may review the information appearing under Exploratory Research.

For additional details, please review the Graduate School Regulations.

For students who study full time for Master of Science degrees (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees (PhD), the School offers excellent terms, a large number of scholarships (from amongst the best in Israel), excellent grants and prizes, dorms on the green campus and a large number of scholarships for participation in conferences abroad.